Liverpool and Merseyside Graveyards

Liverpool and Merseyside Graveyards

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The opening of Liverpool graveyards:-

By the 1820,s church yards were overcrowded three privately run cemeteries were opened.

Necropolis in 1825, St. James Cemetery in 1829 and St Marys Cemetery, Kirkdale in 1837.

In the 1850s overcrowded parish graveyards were closed and large municipal cemeteries were opened on the outskirts of the town.

Toxteth Park in 1856, Kirkdale in 1881, Anfield in 1863, West Derby 1884, Everton in 1880, Allerton in 1909. Also Walton Parochial cemetery, Rice Lane, opened 1856

Some of the cemeteries had separate denominational sections, C of E, R.C, and Nonconformist.

R.C, cemeteries, Ford opened 1859, Ainsdale 1884, Yew Tree, West Derby in 1893

Until 1885 cremation was illegal in this country. The Liverpool Crematorium was opened at Anfield Cemetery in 1896.

Low Hill cemetery, Liverpool Mercury, April 1825


Burial grounds closed in Liverpool by Act of Parliament 1854/1855
St John the Evangelist, Knotty Ash interments in newspapers family notices, also St James Cemetery, on going project, photographs to be adde

Allerton Cemetery Interments in newspaper

Anfield Cemetery Interments in newspaper obituaries, history etc

Liverpool graveyard snippets

Misc Mounumental Inscriptions

Mounumental Inscriptions St Marys Prescot

St Bartholomews Roby burials up to 1900

St Bartholomews Roby burials 1900-1918

St Bartholomews Roby burials after 1918

Inscriptions Huyton Graveyard, St Michaels

Extracts from Childwall burial index and some MIS

Windleshaw Chantry MI'S , St Helens

Burials Independant Chapel, St Helens

St Thomas, Upholland, Burials, SWIFT / GASKELL

MIS St Thomas Upholland

Burials St Marys Walton-on-the-Hill

Burials Walton Park, cemetery, Rice lane

Burials the Necropolis

MI'S from Kirkdale cemetery, Longmoor Lane and newspaper obituaries

MI'S Everton Cemetery, Long Lane and newspaper obituaries

St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Burials

Ford R.C, cemetery, Gorsey Lane, Litherland, MI,s

St James Cemetery MIS

Misc burials Holy Trinity, [St Annes St]

Desecration of St James churchyard, Toxteth Park

Monument Inscriptions and Misc, Toxteth Park cemetery

Re-interment of bodies from St Peters churchyard.

Re-interment of bodies from St Johns churchyard.1828

Cholera and the burial of cholera victims, 1866

Graveyard snippet

A philosophic and self-possessed ships captain was passing through a graveyard at midnight, when a sheeted ghost rose up from behind a tombstone, and approached him with menacing gestures. The Ancient Mariner coolly raised his stick and gave it a crack over the head, asking, What it meant being out of its grave at so late an hour?

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