ST MARY'S, Prescot

St Marys Prescot

Arall, eldest daughter of Samuel and Sarah ALCOCK, Late of Newcastle-0n-Tyne, D, Mar 26th 1850, aged 19

Sarah wife of Samuel, D, Oct 20th, 1855, aged 44


Richard and Ann ANDERTON

Ann ANDERTON, D, Sep 23rd, 1846, aged 42


James and Elizabeth ASHTON

John son of above, D, 6th Nov 1835, aged 1


Ellen wife of George BELL, D, Mar 10th 1832, aged 60

George BELL, D, Aug 31st, 1835, aged 65

Ellen daughter of above


Elsie wife of David BELL of Prescot, D, Jun 16th, 1780, aged 37

David BELL, D, Aug 19th, 1710

John BELL, D, Jan 31st 1766, aged 6

David BELL, D, Apr 11th, 1764, aged 62

Mary BELL, wife of Hamlet BELL, D, Jan 10th 1810, aged 80

Hamlet BELL, D, Nov 10th 1820, aged 82

Ann daughter of Hamlet and Mary BELL, D, Apr 3rd 1828, aged 49


William BOWNBALL, D, Apr 27th 1745, aged 50


Alice CASE, D, 4th Sep 1790

And child of above


Rev Benjamin CLARK, D, 13th May 1730


William CROUGHLEY, D, May 20th 1740

Henry CROUGHLEY, D, Oct 20th 1765, aged 71

Alice wife of above, D, Sep 9th 1780, aged 86


Sarah and Mary Anne CROW / CAVE

Alice CROW mother of above and wife of Mark CROW, formerly Bolton le Moore, D, Jan 20th 1850, aged 62

William CROW, D, Jan 18th, 1853, aged 53


Edward Wollaston Septimus DRIFFIELD, B - 22nd Nov 1827 - D - 7th May, 1855, 7th son of the late Rev Charles George DRIFFIELD, former fellow of Kings College Cambridge - D - aged 88, this Parish.


John ELLIS - D - March 1775


Elizabeth EYTON


Anne, wife of James FINNEY, D - April 7th, 1828, Aged 43


Thomas Sharrock GASKELL - D - Aug 29th 1852, aged 28

Ann daughter of above - D - Mar 25th 1853, aged 16mths


Mary GASKELL - D - May 16th, 1780, Aged 36

John GASKELL - D - June, 1802, aged 42

James son of Thomas GASKELL - D - Oct 21st, 1822, aged 2

James GASKELL - D - aged 6mths

Son Thomas - D - In infancy

Son William - D - May 27th, 1831, aged 12

Daughter, Elizabeth - D - Dec 3rd 1831, aged 2

Ann -D - Dec 25th, 1844 aged 17

John GASKELL Brother of Thomas - D - Dec 23rd, 1832 aged 42


John and Elizabeth GASKELL

Thomas, son - D - May 1845, aged 3mths

John Lambert GASKELL - D - May 13th, 1850 aged 15mths

John Father, died, Feb 22nd 1853, aged 38

Fanny, daughter, died, Mar 16th, 1853, aged 1yr 10mths


Mary wife of Joshua HEYES, D, Oct 3rd 1775, aged 58


Miles son of John and Mary HOUGHTON, D, Dec 29th 1781, aged 9mths


John and Sarah HUNT, John HUNT - D - Mar 23rd 1846, aged 62


Mary, daughter of James and Hannah HUNTER - D - March 19th 184?, aged 81/2. also daughter Rachael - D - Dec 18th, 1845, aged 5yrs 1mth


James JOHNSON, D, 12th Nov 1784, aged 55

Also Ellen wife of above, D, Apr 6th 1793, aged 60


Isaac? [Iisec] JUMP, D, 2nd Feb 1750, aged 36

Mary JUMP, D, 6th Jan 1792, [daughter of Henry JUMP, Knowsley, infant]

Joseph JUMP


Thomas and Elizabeth LEYLAND

Ellen daughter of above, D, Sep 9th 1811, aged 16


Ann NARCH / MARCH, D, Sep 26th 1831, aged 31


James Eason MORRIS, D, Feb 1850, aged 50


Richard OWEN

His daughter D, Jan 1st

Also Doughel, D, aged 8mths

Ethel his wife, D, Feb 20th 1850, aged 67

Mary daughter D, Nov 29th, 1810, aged 55

Mary daughter, D, Feb 12th 1813, aged 54

Richard OWEN, D, Oct 23rd 1849, aged 85

Esther SEGER, Daughter of John and Ellen OWEN, D, Mar 15th 1853, aged 20

[above dates don’t make sense must be 2 families]



Catherine his mother, D, Feb 7th 1787, aged 52

James son of Henry and Betty PARKINSON, D, Mar 4th 1789, aged 2

Henry PARKINSON, D, Aug 11th, 1803, aged 40

Elizabeth wife of Henry, D, 18TH Jun 1805, aged 30/39


Thomas and Betty, PATTON or BETTON

James son D, 9th Sep 1811, aged 3yrs 2mths

Thomas father of above, D, 15th Jan 1842, aged 36



Thomas ROBINSON, D, 14th Jan 1791, aged 52, also his 4 children

Margaret wife of above, D, 21st, Jan 1805, aged 67


Joseph son of Samuel and Ann SAMUEL, D, Mar 1880


Thomas SEDGWICK, son of John and Liz, th, SEDGEWICK, D, Aug 31st 1778, aged 5

Son John, D, 11th Nov 1783, aged 1

William, D, Jan 25th 1789

Sarah, D, Jan 5th, 1799

John, D, 25th Mar 1821

Liz, th, D, 4th May 1823, aged 76


Richard ??ward SEDGWICK, son of Thomas and Mary, D, Sep 6th, 1811, aged 3mths

Caroline daughter of Thomas and Mary, D, 21st, Nov 1813/[8] aged 20mths

Caroline daughter of Thomas and Mary, D, 5th Dec 1819, aged 12mths

John, D, Jan 19th 1827, aged 17yrs 2mths

Mary wife of Thomas, D, Nov 7th 1828, aged 49yrs 9mths

Thomas hus of above, D, Jun 28th 1829, aged 49yrs 7mths

Also Elizabeth PRESTON, D, 17th, Apr 1850, aged 47

John, Joseph and Alice PRESTON, D, young


Richard QUICK, D, 6th Jul 1759


Peter SWAINSON, D, May 1st 1771

Robert SWAINSON, D, Jun 24th 1771

Elizabeth wife of Thomas SWAINSON, D, Feb 6th 1837, aged 75

Thomas SWAINSON, D, May 15th 1811, aged 70



James father of above, D, May 9th 1841, aged 60

Jane widow of last named, D, 4th Nov 1849, aged 76


Joseph and Esther WITTINGHAM

Joseph, D, Jan 28th, 1853, aged 67


John and Sophie WILL

John son of above, D, Jun 17th 1830, aged 11


Kindly submitted by Sylvia WALKER

St Mary’s Prescot


Sacred to the memory of William Range who departed this life August 29th 1877 age 53 years.

Also Elizabeth wife of the above William Range died 8th May 1902 aged 80 years.

Also Elizabeth wife of Edmund Range died 23rd January 1891

aged 37 years. Margaret Evelyn their daughter died September 26th 1891 aged 10 months.

Also the above Edmund Range who died 28th January 1912 aged 60.

Also William Hewson son of the above Edmund Range and beloved husband of Amy Roselle Range born 23rd May 1881 died 13th April 1920.

The burial place of Edmund and Margery Range

Edmund departed March 31 1849 aged 35



In loving memory of Thomas Saggerson who d 30 th June 1898 aged 56 years

also Eliza widow of the above who d June 20 1904 aged 62 years

also Mary Ferrier Saggerson who d April 8 ???? aged 50 years

also Ann Coffey who d March 1843

In loving memory of Ella Kale 79 years beloved wife of Walter Jowett who d Dec 11 1903 aged 37 yearsAlso Thomas Saggerson d August 13 1920 aged 45 years



In loving memory of Joseph Taylor File Manufacturer who died August 19th 1898 aged 64 years

Also Ellen wife of the above who died June 25th 1904 aged 57 years

Also their daughter Agnes Annie who died July 28th 1959 aged 84 years

' We know not Lord thy purpose be but all is well that's done by thee'


Thomas the beloved husband of Charlotte Taylor died April 18th 1898 aged 60 years

Also of Charlotte wife of the above died July 23rd 1901 aged 63 years

Also of Walter nephew of the above and beloved husband of Elizabeth Taylor died Decmber 10th 19?? aged 85 years

When the day dawns and we meet again

Also the above Elizabeth Taylor died September 16th 1985 aged 87 years


The burial place of William Hulme of Prescot.

Charlotte Taylor departed this life 7th December 1845 aged 71 years


The burial place of Ellen Taylor and her son ? May 2 1823 aged?


Peter? and Ann Taylor ? father of the ? October?4 Ann daughter ? Taylor died April 31 aged 5 years

Peter died August 30 aged 52


Alice wife of Peter Taylor died 6 January 1799 aged 56


Thomas Taylor departed January 1763 aged?

Also John Taylor departed? May? aged 73years

Also Peter Taylor departed 4 February 179? aged 7 years


In memory of Ellen wife of Peter Taylor died 2 August 1873 aged 36 years

Also Emily daughter of above 17 March 1874 aged 4 years

William E. son died 27th September 1877 aged 16 years

Above Peter died 5 July 1880

Also William Thompson son-in law died January 17 1910 aged 54 years


James and Elizabeth Taylor 7 May 1879 aged 58 years


'The burial place of Henry and Sarah and Robert Critchley of Prescot late of London son of the above who died Dec 1877 aged 58'


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