All Saints Childwall
Childwall Burial register

Childwall Burial register

CHILDWALL Burial index



27th, James HICKSON, Childwall, aged 25

28th, Richard GORE, Wavertree, aged 51

28th, Mary MACCERTH, Wavertree, aged 7

28th, John HAND, Wavertree, aged 52


10th, Peter TAYLOR, Wavertree, aged 4

12th, Richard HIGHAM, Wavertree, aged 71

14th, Ellen SMITH, Wavertree, aged 7

14th, William GORE, Wavertree, aged 22

18th, Elizabeth PROPHET, Wavertree, aged 27

27th, William STOCK, 107 Duke St, Liverpool, aged 28

29th, Mary NORMAN, Liverpool, aged 100


4th, Jonathan DICKENSON, Wavertree, aged 42

6th, Ann EATON, Huyton, aged 69

8th, William BROWN, Wavertree, aged 2

11th, Ann DAVIES, Wavertree, aged 19

14th, Joseph BROWN, Liverpool, aged 35

14th, Martha DITCHFIELD, Liverpool, aged 84

27th, Mary PINNINGTON, Halewood, aged 29

28th, Ann CLARKE, Wavertree, aged 50


4th, Ellen HOWARD, Morton, aged 14

6th, Louisa LOWE Wavertree, aged 2mths

18th, William LEATHER, Liverpool, aged 5

21st, Elizabeth COLQUITT, Liverpool, aged 68



1st, Ellen BROWN, Wavertree, aged 20

3rd, Mary RUSSELL, Sephton, aged 23

11th, Ann OWEN, Little Woolton, aged 11

12th, Joseph MERCER, West Derby, aged 12

22nd, Thomas LUNT, Liverpool, aged 43

22nd, Elizabeth HILL, Much Woolton, aged 34

26th, Margaret WHITWORTH, Much Woolton, aged 6


3rd, Samuel WHITLEY, Wavertree, aged 50

4th, Ann WAINWRIGHT, Liverpool, aged 6

6th, Louisa KOSTIN, Tranmere, aged 18

14th, George RYLANDS, Little Woolton, aged 2

20th, Mary POTTER, Wavertree, aged 39

24th, John LEECH, Much Woolton, aged 11mths

25th, John WRIGHT, Liverpool, aged 57


11th, John HOLCROFT, Much Woolton, aged 61

12th, John GANDY, Liverpool, aged 2

13th, Richard COLLINS, Much Woolton, aged 2

23rd, Elizabeth SIMPSON, Much Woolton, aged 80

24th, Alice BIRCH, Much Woolton, aged 67

30th, Sarah RIGBY, Speke, aged 54


1st, Edward VOSE, Wavertree, aged 76

4th, William WAINWRIGHT, Liverpool, aged 64

5th, Elizabeth MAFSAM ?, Wavertree, aged 19mths

7th, Jane GANDY, Wavertree, aged 29

22nd, John WELCH, Much Woolton, aged 6wks

23rd, Henry EDDLESTON, Huyton, aged 67


1st, Emma WATTS, Liverpool, aged 18mths

6th, Lydia HOULGRAVE, Much Woolton, aged 47

31st, Sarah SMITH, Halewood, aged 69


2nd, William LAWRENSON, Wavertree, aged 4 days

4th, Richard TARBUCK, Much Woolton, aged 24

5th, Judy DEAN, Liverpool, aged 75

6th, Marcia Jane KENDALL, Liverpool, aged 16

14th, James LANGFORD, Garston, aged 3

21st, William WELCH, Wavertree, aged 5

23rd, Henry WAINWRIGHT, Toxteth Park, aged 75


9th, Elizabeth ISLEY, Much Woolton, aged 6 days

10th, John MILLS, Little Woolton, aged 34

14th, Margaret TAYLOR, Wavertree, aged 6 days


8th, Henry CHALLINER, Allerton, aged 48

9th, Ann HOULGRAVE, Halewood, aged 38



11th, James CHALLINOR, Toxteth Park, aged 12

16th, Thomas CHALLINOR, Toxteth Park, aged 10


6th, John PHYTHIAN, Halewood, aged 12

13th, Margaret PHYTHIAN, Wavertree, aged 22mths

13th, Ann PHYTHIAN, Woolton, aged 22mths


22nd, Thomas GANDY, Liverpool, aged 10



20th, Elizabeth HICKSON, Wavertree, aged 38?


28th, John GANDY, Toxteth Park, aged 2


23rd, John PHYTHIAN, Wavertree, aged 45


20th, Joshua SWIFT, Liverpool, aged 20



1st, James HICKSON, Liverpool, aged 36


8th, Joseph HIGNET, Liverpool, aged 26

10th, John PYE, Halewood, aged 49

22nd, Richard PILLFOLD, Liverpool, aged 59

27th, William GORE, Wavertree, aged 60


6th, Thomas JONES, Wavertree, aged 48

8th, Elizabeth WARD, Much Woolton, aged 17

12th, Ellen PYE, Halewood, aged 9mths

14th, Marianne PARKIN, Wavertree, aged 4

24th, Ellen PHYTHIAN, Halewood, aged 6 wks


18th, Mary WOLF, Wavertree, aged 7 mths



15th, John PHYTHIAN, Halewood, aged 3mths


7th, John GANDY, Liverpool, aged 48

11th, Jane OWEN, Halewood, aged 28


19th, John Leigh PHILIPS, Childwall, aged 8

20th, Ellen SMITH, Halewood, aged 79



6th, Nathaniel George PHILIPS, Childwall, aged 36/56



4th, Elizabeth WOOFS / WOLF, Wavertree, aged 5mths



30th, Elizabeth SWIFT, Much Woolton, aged 76


13th, George GASKELL, Wavertree, aged 50



23rd, Caroline PHILIPS, Liverpool, aged 66



28th, Joseph CRAGG, Much Woolton, aged 12

28th, Thomas CRAGG, Much Woolton, aged 7


8th, John PHILIPS, Walton, aged 45



17th, Nathaniel GORE, Allerton, aged 42

20th, Richard GORE, Huyton, aged 5



26th, Elizabeth PHILLIPS, Wavertree, aged 1yr 3mths


21st, Jonathan SWIFT, Lower Bebington, aged 30


12th, Joseph KIRBY, Halewood, aged 80


19th, Mary SWIFT, Wavertree, aged 10 mths



20th, Augustus CAMPBELL, Childwall, vicar of Childwall, aged 84


20th, Mary OLIPHANT, Much Woolton, aged 9mths


13th, Elizabeth SUMNER, Huyton, aged 59

23rd, William Sharp SERGEANT, Walton, aged 11

23rd, Frederick George SERGEANT, Walton, aged 1



14th, Elizabeth GASKELL, Much Woolton, aged 7


10th, Tryphora Mary OLIPHANT, Much Woolton, aged 5mths


3rd, Annie Elizabeth GASKELL, Gateacre, aged 2

14th, Ann MACKIE, St Helens, aged 50



22nd, Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Barton Hall, ?rton, aged 78


11th, Peter GASKELL, 19 Branswick Sq, Camberwell, Surrey, aged 60


Oct 10th, MAKIN Thomas, North Western Hotel, Liverpool, aged 79

Nov 2nd, ORTON Thomas Henry, Allerton, aged 54

Nov 7th, KILLINER John, Wavertree Vale, aged 60

Nov 12th, ROCK William, Botanic Rd, Liverpool [died on board the S. S. Teutonic at sea] aged 54

Nov 12th, RABY Annie Phillips, 2 Church Mount, Edge Hill, aged 84

Nov 14th, WEBSTER Ann Ellen, Dwerryhouse Lane, aged 43

Nov 19th, TYLER Mary Ann, The Royal Infirmary, aged 49

Nov 21st, LYSTER Leslie Marcella Irene, Princes Park, Liverpool, aged 15 mths

Nov 21st, HARKER Timothy, Newland St, Everton, aged 66

Dec 2nd, HARRISON James, Woodlands Cromptons Lane, aged 69

Dec 2nd, FOXLEY Eliza, 69 Picton Rd, Wavertree, aged 77

Dec 4th, WRIGHT Robert, Wavertree, aged 69

Dec 12th, O’BRIEN Elizabeth, 13 Ellison St, aged 61

Dec 15th, BEAVAN Jeffrey, Ullet Rd, Liverpool, aged 45

Dec 16th, BAYLIFF Herbert, Liscard, aged 34

Dec 17th, SCOTSON William, Allerton, aged 69


Jan 11th, HEBLETHWAITE Annie, Eaton Rd, Chester, aged 68

Jan 14th, GREENOUGH, Geoffrey B, 11 Heywood Rd, Wavertree, aged 18mths

Jan 18th, WALLACE David Stuart, 29 Sydenham Ave, Liverpool, aged 62

Jan 23rd, HAWKINS Annie, Wavertree, aged 19

Jan 28th, MASON Albert, Gateacre, aged 20hrs

Feb 8th, MASON Esther, Gateacre, aged 14

Feb 13th, MAYE Henry Stanton, Fairfiekld Vicarage, aged 63

Feb 13th, SMITH Mary, Prescot Rd, aged 76


Aug 12th, THOMAS Ann, 3 Dudlow Lane, Wavertree, aged 46

Aug 16th, CARTER Benjamin, 15 Flynn St Wavertree, aged 6mths

Aug 23rd, BLACKBURN John, Gateacre, aged 19

Sept 9th, DYKE Alfred Brittlebank, Rainhill, aged 38

Sept 14th, EATON John, Gladstone St, Woolton, aged 75

Sept 23rd, CURETON Jane, Woodlands Rd, Aigburth, aged 58

Sept 28th, BANFORD, Frances E, 35 Oxford St, Wavertree, aged 34

Sept 30th, FORWOOD Arthur B, The Priory, Gateacre, aged 62


Feb 13th, EATON Mary, 16 Gladstone St, Much Woolton, aged 74

Feb 15th, HARRISON Mary, Cromptons Lane, Childwall, aged 74

Feb 18th, CROSS Elizabeth, 4 Sandfield Rd, Much Woolton, aged 53

Feb 21st, POOLEY Elizabeth Patterson, 48 Bidston Rd, Oxton, aged 58

Feb 22nd, GILL Chapple, Lower Lee, Little Woolton, aged 65

Feb 25th, TURTON James, Gateacre, aged 56

Mar 1st, MOTTRAM Frances, Victoria Rd, Wavertree, aged 80

Mar 20th, BASSI Margaret Caroline, Grange Lane, Much Woolton, aged 3 wks

Mar 25th, GUINEVER Elizabeth, Ash Grove, Wavertree, aged 63

Mar 29th, WEBSTER Henry, Gardener’s Arms, Broadgreen, aged 75

Apr 1st, POTTER William, Wavertree, aged 48

Apr 6th, HOLMES John, Woolton, aged 83

Apr 11th, CORKHILL Lilian, Liverpool, aged 15

Apr 12th, LOWE Jane, Wavertree, aged 70

May 6th, MULLENEYE Hannah, 8 Couyers Ave, Birkdale, aged 81

May 6th, BROOKFIELD Samuel, 86 St Mary’s Rd, Garston, aged 57


Jul 19th, BRIDGE William Brew, Liverpool, aged 62

Jul 22nd, HEDGCOCK John, 81 Picton Rd, Wavertree, aged 57

Aug 7th, WILSON Andrew, Edge Hill, Liverpool, aged 76

Sep 4th, ROSS Gordon, Birch House, aged 79

Sep 4th, SMITH Annie, 11 Evelyn St, Liverpool, aged 64

Sep 7th, GAMBLE Sarah, Workhouse, aged 89

Sep 9th, CROFT Ann, Cronton, aged 82

Sep 15th, NEWTON Elizabeth, The Northern Hospital, aged 25

Sep 16th, SMITH William John, Much Woolton, aged 37

Sep 16th, MERCER Elizabeth Daniels, 10 Peter Rd, Walton, aged 67

Sep 16th, HULL [?NEILL], Mary Jane, 24 Waterloo St, Wavertree, aged 59

Sep 18th, GUY Frances Margaret, School Lane, Woolton, aged 20mths

Sep 28th, SMITH Edward Charles, Liverpool, aged 64

Sep 28th, VAUGHAN Jane, Much Woolton, aged 79

Oct 4th, ATKINSON Robert, 28 Dodge St, Liverpool, aged 63

Oct 14th, DAVIES Dorothy, Much Woolton, aged 18 mths

Nov 4th, WEBSTER Ann, Liverpool Workhouse, aged 64

Nov 6th, LEES Thomas Henry, 3 Haptford Rd, Litherland, aged 49

Nov 16th, BARKER James, Wavertree, aged 72

Nov 25th, HIGNETT Thomas, Prescot Workhouse, aged 77

Dec 8th, MEADOWS Richard Rockford Knowles, Childwall, aged 27

Dec 18th, STEVENSON Walter W, Wavertree, aged 37


Jan 15th, MORPHET Charles Richard, 15 Castle St, Much Woolton, aged 13 mths

Nov 16th, LEDSON George, Gateacre, aged 7 days

Nov 20th, CUDDY Elizabeth Gertrude, ? Morsey, Rd, Blundellsands, aged 67

Nov 29th, LUNT Peter, Edge Lane, West Derby, aged 78

Nov 29th, STOCKWELL Sarah, Wavertree, aged 23

Dec 1st, MC GAGHEY George Lancelot, 225 Prescot Rd, aged 3

Dec 3rd, WILSON Fanny, Elmhurst Cottage, aged 41

Dec 4th, MC GAGHEY Hilda Mary, 225 Prescot Rd, aged 18mths

Dec 4th, MC GAGHEY Gordon Eric, 225 Prescot Rd, aged 6 mths


Sep 19th, VALENTINE Joseph, 14 Gordon Terrace, Aigburth, aged 79

Oct 4th, TEMPLE Zdette Marion, Elmside, Calderstones Rd, Allerton, aged 3 mths

Oct 15th, LEDSON Henry C, Gorsey Cop Farm, aged 4 hrs

Oct 17th, PEERS George, Gateacre, aged 69

Oct 20th, BARTON John, Childwall, aged 67

Oct 21st, BROOKFIELD Phoebe Jeanette, P.O, 129 Aigburth Rd, aged 24

Oct 23rd, BURROWS William, Workhouse West Derby, aged 81

Nov 2nd, HORNBY Ellen, 143 Wavertree Rd, aged 75


Mar 4th, STEWART Frederick, Green Lane, Wavertree, aged 51

Mar 8th, ORTON Margaret, 27 Church Rd, Walton, aged 21

Mar 11th, TAYLOR Thomas, 63 Eastdale Rd, Wavertree, aged 48

Mar 17th, BROWN James Campbell, 8 Abercromby Square, Liverpool, aged 67

Mar 26th, GREGORY Mary, Home for Incurables, Liverpool, aged 43

Mar 26th, BART [BURT], Nathaniel K. F, Turner Home, Liverpool, aged 67

Apr 4th, SEDDON James, Wavertree, aged 68

Apr 27th, KENT William Frederick, Wallasey, aged 17


Mar 24th, WILKINSON William Solomon, 16 Eastfield Drive, Sefton Park, aged 59

Mar 24th, MOORES William, Little Shetton, Church Shetton, aged 72

Mar 27th LOWE Hannah, Aigburth, aged 70

Mar 29th, MAKIN Charles, 14 Woolton Rd, aged 66

Apr 8th, TAYLOR Jane, Aigburth, aged 79

Apr 12th, PEERS John, 220 Aigburth Rd, aged 85

Apr 15th, JONES Alan. D. J, Wavertree, aged 8mths

Apr 27th CAMPBELL Agnes, Sefton Park, aged 70


Feb 10th, GREENWOOD Susannah, Little Woolton, aged 64

Feb 25th, MAGUIRE George, Workhouse, aged 58

Feb 27th, BRODESSEN Claus, 68 Knowsley Rd, Cressington Park, aged 72

Mar 9th, SMALLHAGE Percival Mansell, Broadgreen, aged 54

Mar 17th, MC PHAIL Kate, Wavertree Nook Rd, Garden City, aged 65

Mar 20th, LAWTON Jane, Chatham St, Liverpool, aged 70

Mar 28th, MAY Thomas Walton, Manchester, aged 24

Mar 28th, FINNEY Elizabeth, Much Woolton, aged 73


Jan 24th, WILSON Cyril H, Broad Green Hall, aged 1 day

Jan 30th, HARRISON Thomas, Granby St, Liverpool, aged 68

Jan 31st, WEBSTER Thomas Henry, Brownlow Hill, aged 65

Feb 5th, SMITH Henry, 2 Fairview Cottages, Broadgreen Rd, Liverpool, aged 56

Feb 8th, TOTTEY Hannah, 10 Rose Lane, Allerton, aged 75

Feb 19th, PEERS John, 1 Rose Brow, Gateacre, aged 73

Feb 20th, BEAVAN Ellen Catherine, 1 Gambier Terrace, Liverpool, aged 65

Mar 24th, BROWN Ellen Fullerton Campbell, Liverpool, aged 78


All Saints, Childwall

All Saints, Childwall

All Saints Childwall inscriptions


Jane Simon, daughter of Thomas and Jane WRIGHT

Died Aug 29th 1866, aged 3

John WRIGHT, D, Nov 9th 1886, aged 10

Alice eldest daughter died April 6th 1887, aged 47

Jane wife of above D, May 20th 1887, aged 62


At base Edward WRIGHT

William WRIGHT 1820

Thomas son of William WRIGHT and Margaret

Died July 25th 1820 aged ?mths

William WRIGHT, D, Oct 6th 1855, aged 72

Margaret WRIGHT died Aug 18th 1851 aged ?mths

Thomas WRIGHT died May 29th 1859, aged 19

John WRIGHT, died Dec 15th 1819, aged 16

William WRIGHT, died Dec 15th 1810, aged 11

Joseph HAMPSON, died Dec 24th 1810, aged 57

Martha wife of above died Dec 28th 1813, aged 31

Their daughter Martha, died Sept 8th 1819, aged 1?yrs


In Memory of

John WILLIAMSON, D, Aug 21st 1850, aged 47


The burial place of James and Maria LYDIATH

James husband of above departed

25th Dec 1819, aged 56


In memory of

Margaret RICHMOND, departed this life at

Druid Cross, Aug 26th 1849, aged 54


In memory of

Frances SWIFT of Little Woolton

Died March 9th 1859, aged 72

Also Richard Swift STANLEY late of Little Woolton

Died March 28th 1846, aged 84

Catherine Isabella STARKEY

Widowed sister of Frances SWIFT

Died April 12th 18?8 aged 79


John PHILLIPS, Lieut R.N, eldest son of the late John Leigh PHILLIPS Esq

Died at his residence Belle Vue Walton-on-the-Hill June 2nd 1835, aged 45

Anne relict of above and eldest daughter of the late Gilbert HENDERSON Esq

of St Anns Hill, Walton-on-the-Hill, died March 24th 1858, aged 59

Jane eldest daughter of above died Dec ?, 1820, aged 2yrs 6mths

John Leigh eldest son of above, died 14th May 1828, aged 7yrs 10mths

Caroline relict of the late John Leigh PHILLIPS, died Sept 18th 1834, aged 66

Nathaniel Geer youngest son of John Leigh PHILLIPS, died Aug 1st 1831, aged 34


In loving memory of Margaret CHRISTIAN

Who departed this life 6th Dec 1898, aged 54


Thomas James WRIGHT

Who departed this life 28th Oct 1911, aged 41

Also Hannah wife of above died 4th July 1943, aged 73


In loving memory

Of my husband


Died 2nd April 1942, aged 64

Also Harriet wife of above

Died 5th March 1963, aged 91


In memory of

John William JINKS, M.N, died 6th May 1942


Kindly forwarded by Jeff Jones

In loving memory of Richard, beloved husband of Ada P. Roberts who died 13th April 1934, aged 69 years. Also Ada Pauline, beloved wife of above who died 7th Dec 1940.

Cherished memories of Louie dearly beloved wife of Robert Wynne Roberts who died 20th January 1942 aged 66 years.

In treasured memory of Richard the beloved eldest son of Richard R. & Susannah Roberts accidentally killed 7th May 1951 aged 35 years. Also his parents Richard R. Roberts died 10th May 1961 aged 73 years and Susannah Roberts died 13th May 1972 aged 84 years. Until we meet again.

In memory of our beloved parents George Arthur Roberts born 17th February 1901 died 17th February 1952 and his beloved wife Florence Elizabeth burn 14th February 1909 died 21st August 1969.

In loving memory of David Roberts 1880 - 1954 and his beloved wife Sarah Arabella 1887 - 1972.

Roberts Alan Keith accidentally killed 9th January 1970 aged 22 years. The beloved son of Muriel and the late George and dearest brother of Peter. For ever in our thoughts. Also Muriel devoted wife of Charles Simmons died 31st May 1971 aged 57 years.

In affectionate remembrance of Isabella wife of Isaac Roberts who died October 16th 1889 aged 68 years. Also Isaac Roberts, husband of the above who died December 1st 1893 aged 73 years. Also Emily the dearly beloved wife of Henry Greenhough, and daughter of the above, who departed this life January 8th 1908, aged 59 years. "Peace perfect peace". Also Henry Greehough, beloved husband of the above, who passed away 2nd July 1927 aged 83 years. "At rest".

In loving memory of John Bryn Roberts 1891 - 1960 and his wife Esther Roberts 1892 - 1976.

In loving memory of John Roberts departed this life January 24th 1879 aged 48 years. Also Ann wife of the above John Roberts who died May 11th 1881 aged 54. In affectionate remembrance of Sarah Jane the beloved wife of Francis Henry Roberts, who died May 28th 1882 aged 32 years. Also Annie wife of the above who died February 15th 1885 aged 34 years. Thy will be done. Also Alice Okill, sister of the above, who died June 14th 1896, aged 54 years. Also Elizabeth R. Okill, sister of the above, who died March 27th 1915, aged 62 years. Also Francis Henry Roberts who died November 12th 1918, aged 64 years. At rest.

Burial place of Francis Henry Roberts.

In loving memory of Alan J. Oldfield who fell asleep on 31st July 1998 aged 56 years. Forever in our thoughts. Dad and family. Rest in peace. Abide with me. Doris Oldfield died 4th February 2001 aged 86 years beloved wife of Stephen and loving Mum of Glynis. Loved and remembered always.


All Saints Ch, Childwall, War memorial


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