Holy Trinity Burials [St Anne St]

Burials in the Parish of Liverpool at Holy Trinity Church [St Annes St]


James BROOKFIELD, Cazneau St, May 9th, aged 72

Mary RUTHFORD, Pleasant St, May 20th, aged 64

Marion WALLACE, Warwick St, Toxteth Park, May 23rd, aged 2

Anne WILSON, Beau St, May 29th, aged 66

Ellen LINNEY, Portland St, June 6th, aged 9mths

Elizabeth EYRES, Grenville St, North, June 9th, aged 62

Catherine INGLEFIELD, N???? St, June 11th, aged 74

Henry Johnson WHATTON, Bevington Bush, June 14th, aged 21


John CARTER Elliott St, May 21st, aged 50

John AMMES, Peach St, May 25th, aged 50

Richard TAYLOR, Soho St, June 5th, aged 64

William Livingston HUSON, York Terrace, Everton, June 12th, aged 5

John Charles PHILLIPS, Lawton St, June 12th, aged 6

Robert JOHNSON, Church St, June 17th, aged 30

Mary Jane PRESTON, Old Haymarket, June 18th, 9weeks

William THOMPSON, Linacre Parish of Walton, June 24th, aged 62

Mary DAVIES, Lime St, June 25th, aged 82

John HARRISON, Tempest Hey, June 25th, aged 31

Joseph BISLEY, Hackins Hey, June 25th, aged 49

Henry JONES, Moon St, June 28th, aged 1

George GEO, Fontenoy St, June 28th, aged 3yrs 6mths

Thomas THORNBURROW, West Derby St, July 1st, aged 21yrs 11mths

Alice BEDSON, Christian St, July 2nd, aged 60

Sarah DOWLING, Christian St, July 9th, aged 60


Elizabeth Williams LLOYD, White Mill St, June 17th, aged 2

James BROOKFIELD, Cazneau St, June 28th, aged 17

Arthur Wesley WALTHEW, Mary Anne St, July 5th, aged 4

Isabella LINNEY, Cross Hall St, July 6th, aged 65

Sarah DEWHURST, St Helens, July 10th, aged 70

Mary JONES, Moon St, July 17th, aged 30

Joseph WELSHCHURCH, Marble St, July 28th, aged 5yrs 8mths

John Higham SWAIN, Earl St, July 28th, aged 2yrs 6mths


Agnes SHARPS, Leece St, May 1st, aged 17mths

Elias Croft WYLIE, Slater St, May 4th, aged 2yrs 8mths

Thomas Thornburrow MANIFOLD, Miott St, May 7th, aged 3

William BOURNE, Northumberland St, Toxteth Park, May 8th, aged 2

John Charles PHILLIPS, Fontenoy St, May 11th, aged 38

Ellen CASHEN, Paradise St, May 11th, aged 72

Griffin Shute DAVIS, Anson St, ,ay 14th, aged 3mths

William PAYNE, Argyle St, May 15th, aged 55


George ATKINSON, Birkett St, June 1st, aged 4yrs

Agnes ATKINSON, Birkett St, June 5th, aged 10yrs

James WALLWORTH, Bispham St, June 13th, aged 16 days

Jane ??LIUS, [?LO] Elizabeth St, June 23rd, aged 54

Elizabeth ANDERSON, Circus St, Jul 6th, aged 72

Mary Ann ATKINSON, Henry Edward St, Jul 17th, aged 8mths

William HAWORTH, Hatton Garden, Aug 10th, aged 21

Rachel HUNT, Chancer St, Aug 10th, aged 59


Mary CHRISTIAN, Lionel St, Jan 15th, aged 53

Mary Ann GASKELL, Richmond St, Feb 11th, aged 39

Hannah BAYLEY, Union St, Feb 13th, aged 64

Sarah Charlotte LEE, St Pauls Square, Feb 25th, aged 10mths

Richard TATHAM, Norfield St, Mar 7th, aged 69

Martha DANSON, Mulberry St, Mar 7th, aged 52

Eliza VOSE, Hale, Mar 15th, aged 74

William GOADSLEY, Warwick St, Toxteth Park, aged 76

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