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Picton's Memorials of Liverpool

A Liverpool Church Builder

Near the corner of Cheapside, on the south side of Tithebarn St, stood the ancient tithe-barn erected in the reign of Vlll. It passed from the possession of the Molyneux family and was converted into shops, the main structure of the old oak roof remaining. The land behind was for a long period a public bowling green. In the early part of the present century the Mersey Iron Foundry was established on the site. The principal partner in the firm was Mr John CRAGG, and enterprising man who had a penchant for church building, and on the principle of the currier in the fable, who believed under all circumstances that there was "nothing like leather" Mr CRAGG introduced cast iron very largely into the construction of his churches. Thomas RICKMAN, who afterwards became celebrated as a pioneer in the rival of Gothic architecture, resided about that time [1812] in Liverpool, and was diligently perusing his researches. Mr CRAGG obtained his assistance in designing Everton Church, St Philip's Hardman St, and St Michael's Toxteth Park, in all of which cast iron enters very largely into the construction. It would be unfair to the architect to criticise too severely the results of conditions to restricted. It may suffice to observe that the example so set has not been followed generally. Mr CRAGG, after retiring from business, resided for many years in St Michael's-hamlet, and died on the 17th July 1854, aged 87.


Death register for St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet



April 4th

Mary Ellen ELSTON, Church Lane, aged 4mths

April 6th

Elizabeth HEWITT, Holden St, aged 70

Mary Elizabeth LAMB, Hunter St, aged 11

Joshua DIXON, Shaws Brow, aged 4mths

April 7th

Henry PEARSON, College Lane, aged 65

April 9th

Richard PRICE, Prince William St, Toxteth Park, aged 62

Alice CHARNLEY, Gerard St, aged 53

April 10th

Jane CUMMINS, Infirmary, aged 64

William CHERRY, Stewart St, aged 53

April 13th

Jane THOMPSON, Bond St, aged 64

Mary Ann OLDFIELD, Northern Hospital, aged 43

April 14th

Frederick WALLBURN, Westmoreland St, aged 40

Ann THOMPSON, Albion St, aged 43

April 15th

Margaret JAMES, Bexteth St, aged 33

April 16th

James HESKETH, Dinorbin St, Windsor, aged 44

April 18th

Elizabeth BLAKE, Charles St, aged 7weeks

April 24th

John Isaac JOHNSTON, Craven St, aged 13days

April 27th

Frances QUIGGIN, Cable St, aged 11

Margaret PARKER, Byrom Terrace, aged 1

April 30th

Thomas MADDOCKS, Ray St, aged 19mths

Margaret ADAMS, Gibraltar Row, aged 6

Thomas BAGOT, Cartwright Place, aged 62

Margaret ROBERTS, Pownall Square, aged 1

Mary Ann PLASS / HASS, Fever Maid, aged 44


May 1st

William CRITCHLEY, Nigel St, aged 31

Henry BURROWS, Sgt in East ? Artillery, Shaws Brow, aged 43

William MC GUFFIE, Silver St, aged 81

James BOHAMMAH, Lower Thurslow St, aged 57 / 51

Sarah MARTIN, Grovesnor St, aged 35

Mary BOLSHAW / BALSHAW, Wapping, aged 30

Caroline HARRISON, Peters Lane, aged 25

Edward EDWARDS, Union St, aged 7days

May 7th

Ann SMITH, Whitechapel, aged 3mths

May 8th

Ann HAZELHURST, Peter St, aged 66

May 9th

Ann DUFFY, Hunter St, aged 26

Fanny EVEREST, Blake St, aged 75

John WALTHAM, Trueman St, aged 2

May 11th

Esther PARRY, Ryleys Gardens, aged 47

May 12th

Elizabeth JONES, Shaws Brow, aged 34

May 14th

John HARGREAVES, Carruthers St, aged 56

Caroline HIBBETT, Tempest Hey, aged 3

May 15th

Sarah HORNE, London Rd, aged 3

May 16th

Anne BURROWS, Nash Grove, aged 23

Mary ROBERTS, Naylor St, aged 15mths

May 19th

Catherine PHILLIPS, Crooked Lane, aged 75

Catherine FLOOD, North St, aged 5mths

May 20th

Hannah OíBRIEN, White Mill St, aged 55

May 21st

Margaret DAVIES, Nash Grove, aged 61

Henry MYANSKE, Gun St, aged 38

Thomas INGHAM, Jenkinson St, Everton, aged 27

May 22nd

Elizabeth SALE, Gerrard St, aged 42

Selina LEATON, Richmond St, aged 8mths

May 23rd

John MILLWARD, Stanley St, aged 2

Thomas RYAN, Dead House, Princes Dock, L.H.M 28th Regiment

John French CARTNEY, Chancer St, aged 41

May 25th

Isaac ROBERTS, Maguire St, aged 3


July 16th

Joseph PHILLIPS, London Rd, aged 43

July 17th

Jane WILLIAMS, Clayton St, aged 25

Mary WILLIAMS, Leveson St, aged 13

Charles Henry HALL, Hunter St, aged 4

July 20th

William JONES, Penrhyn St, aged 36

Sarah TILDSLEY, Brighton St, Toxteth Park, aged 24

Margaret LEA, Cunliffe St, aged 7

July 21st

Ann Bennett LEWIS, Penrhyn St, aged 5mths


Sept 5th

Thomas Hope COWELL, Back Mansfield St, aged 20mths

Sept 7th

? ny ECCLESTON, Derby St, aged 58

Jane DOYLE, Tempest Hey, aged 75

Sept 8th

George BRAZIER, Kent Square, aged 42

Sept 9th

Jane PARKS, Portland St, aged 60

Margaret Ann FRYER, Scotland Rd, aged 11mths

Sept 10th

Elizabeth MC VEIGH / VEAGH, Redman Place, Circus St, aged 17days

Patrick MC VEIGH / VEAGH, Redman Place, Circus St, aged 14 days


Oct 17th

Elizabeth Jane MC CRACKEN, Gomer St, aged 2yrs 11mths

Oct 19th

William DEAN, Gloucester St, aged 43

James NELSON, Ford St, aged 3

Oct 20th

Mary Eliza MEACOCK, Islington, aged 28

Edward HUMPHREYS, Gildart Gardens, aged 28

Oct 21st

Robert HARRISON, Warren St, aged 4yrs 6mths

William HAWLEY, Manfred St, aged 55

Agnes RAE, Cable St, aged 26


Dec 23rd

John BLOCK, Duncan St, aged 59

Susan JAMES, Great Nelson St, aged 50

Dec 24th

Jane PEPPER, Kitchen St, aged 2

Dec 25th

Thomas WOODS, Cuerdon St, aged 10mths

James LACKEY, Cunliffe St, aged 65

Dec 26th

John FERRIE, Clayton St, aged 41

Dec 28th

Frederic SALT, Edge Lane, West Derby, aged 35

John DENNET, Harford St, aged 37




Jan 1st

William NULTY, Cuerdon St, aged 2

Jan 2nd

Ann SMITH, Vernon St, aged 42

Jan 3rd

Robert MC KEE, Hood St, Queens Square, aged 88

Eliza MC KEE, Hood St, Queens Square, aged 48

Jan 4th

George DAWSON, Lionel St, aged 60

Henry NIVEN, Russell St, aged 8mths

William CURRY, Springfields, aged 68

Ellen URE, Hodson St, aged 2yrs 6mths

Jan 5th

Mary Elizabeth NOBLE, Moorfields. Aged 9mths

Jan 6th

Susannah EVANS, Clayton St, aged 69

Elizabeth NORRIS, Hotham St, aged 5

Thomas NORRIS, Hotham St, aged 2

Jan 8th

Mary Ellen CROW, North St, aged 76

Mary DEACON, Beau St, aged 74

Harriet SIMON, Hood St, aged 37

Annie PEPPER, Kitchen St, aged 9mths

Jan 14th

Thomas Henry KNOX, St Anne St, aged 1

James Allen LOVELADY, Derby St, aged 9

Jan 16th

David CRICKARD, Northern Hospital, aged 45

Jan 17th

Joseph KENDRICK, James St, aged 48

Sarah GALLAGHER, Byrom St, aged 2 days

Jan 20th

Ann Jane GALLAGHER, Byrom St, aged 5days

James LANE, Cazneau St, aged 2wks

Jan 21st

Richard CROSS, Spitalfields, aged 6yrs 6mths

Jan 25th

Agnes GALLAGHER, Byrom St, aged 6days

Jane SINGLETON, Drury Lane, aged 17

Robert CAMPBELL, Richmond St, aged 5mths

James WESTCOTT, Clermout St, aged 55

Jan 27th

Richard ASTON, Cazneau St, aged 35

William SIMON, Hope St, Toxteth Park, aged 7

David SIMMS, Trowbridge St, aged 34

Jan 28th

Benjamin SLATER, Vine St, aged 46

Hannah ELLIS, Francis St, Toxteth Park, aged 61

William MC VEAGH, Beckwith St, aged 2

Jan 29th

Ellen JONES, Plumb St, aged 23

William SKERRETT, Jenkinson St, Everton, Sgt in 4th Regt on Foot, aged 52

Jan 30th

John CURRAN, Fitchfield St, aged 47

Jan 31st

Martha WEBSTER, Upper Pitt St, aged 83


Feb 1st

Thomas WILLIAMS, St Andrew St, aged 36

Feb 2nd

John HUGHES, Renshaw St, aged 10

Feb 3rd

John DENTITH, Baptise St, aged 39

Feb 4th

Robert ROBERTS, Naylor St, aged 6yrs 6mths


June 7th

William REEVES, Bootle, aged 86

Jun 8th

Jane MARTIN, Hornby St, aged 22

Jun 9th

Alice UPTON, High St, Edge Hill, aged 20

Edward HILL, Gladstone St, aged 15mths

Jun 11th

John COVIAN, Lime Kiln Lane, aged 9

Jun 13th

William WESTGARTH, Rose Place, aged 20

Agnes WALKER, Blake St, aged 2yrs 11mths

Hannah BROOKS, Button St, aged 40




Jan 25th

Ellen BIRCHELL, Finch St, aged 2

Caroline HARVEY, Clare St, aged 27

Jan 28th

James HARVEY, Brownlow Hill, aged 7wks


Feb 1st

Mary BRADY, Whale St, aged 54

Feb 3rd

Thomas Teal BOWER, Grafton St, aged 13

Charlotte Harvey RATCLIFFE, Old Hall St, aged 4

Feb 7th

Catherine COLE, Upper Pitt St, aged 90

Feb 8th

Henry BUNTING, Vulcan St, Bootle, aged 37


June 28th

Margaret GRIMES, Price St, Soho, aged 5

John MOORE, Bright St, Toxteth Park, aged 75

Jun 29th

Margaret RILEY, Stanhope St, aged 87


Jul 1st

Jane NORRIS, Hill St, aged 2wks

James MITCHELL, Pleasant St, aged 36

Jul 2nd

George BULMAN, Prescott St, aged 37

Jul 5th

Richard HARRISON, Burlington St, aged 93

Jul 6th

Martha THOMAS, Beau St, aged 21




Aug 8th

Edwin Herbert WILLIAMS, Grafton St, Toxteth Park, aged 13

Mary SIMPSON, Bevington St, aged 10

Aug 15th

Mary Catherine PRICE, Watkinson St, aged 3

Aug 17th

Elizabeth BUSHELL, New Wapping, aged 13days

Margaret SIMPSON, Bevington St, aged 5

Aug 19th

Margaret BUSHELL, New Wapping, aged 16days

Aug 23rd

Sarah SLATER, Peach St, aged 54

Aug 29th

David PHOENIX, John St, Toxteth Park, aged 11mths




May 12th

John CRITCHLEY, Ilford St, aged 69

May 16th

Peter HEASHAW, Hunter St, aged 28

Dorothy HUMPHREYS, Marlborough St, aged 51

May 19th

Mary HEIGHLEY, St Vincent St, aged 4

May 20th

Isabella Adelaide CAMPBELL, Chapel Walks, aged 15

May 21st

Mary MC FALL, Albert St, Everton, aged 19days

May 22nd

Richard RIGBY, Cumbermore St, aged 64

May 25th

? PRITCHARD, Bagot St, aged 39


Aug 29th

Jane TAYBWIN, Mc Kewsie St, Everton, aged 6hrs

Aug 31st

Edward GREEN, Fleet St, aged 67


Sept 4th

Elizabeth Jane HICKSON, John St, Toxteth Park, aged 4

Ann HOTSON, Taylor St, aged 68

Sept 11th

Emma JONES, Blake St, aged 3mths

Sept 13th

Sarah KENNEY, Warren St, aged 42

Sept 16th

Henry HOSKINSON, Northern Hospital, aged 16

Sept 21st

Elizabeth WHITESIDE, Vine St, aged 82




Oct 7th

John RAILTON, Fleet St, aged 76

Oct 12th

James EVANS, Lodge Lane, aged 37

Oct 14th

Adelaide REDMAN, Salop St, Kirkdale, aged 6wks

Oct 16th

William JONES, Mill Lane, Old Swan, aged 19

Oct 17th

Ann BARTON, Brownlow Hill, aged 9mths

Oct 18th

Mary Elizabeth ORMANDY, Boundary St, aged 58

Oct 22nd

Robert BARTON, Brownlow Hill, aged 3


Nov 4th

Ann KENNEDY, Rhyl St, Toxteth Park, aged 60




Aug 20th

Jane JONES, Mill St, East, aged 11

Aug 21st

Ellen GUTHRIE, Mill Rd, Everton, aged 57

Aug 24th

Jane JOHNSON, Matthew St, aged 56

Aug 26th

William John PHILLIPS, Clare St, aged 20mths/mins

Aug 29th

Mary ECKERSLEY, Lower Myrtle St, aged 56

Aug 30th

James WILKIE, Portland Place, Everton, age 11mths


Sept 1st

Thomas ROBERTS, Harrison St, aged 19mths

Sept 8th

Martha THOMPSON, Lower Harrington St, Toxteth Park, aged 2


Dec 20th

Mary Ellen HADFIELD, Fleet St, aged 11mths

Dec 22nd

John JACKSON, Paddington, aged 51 / 57

Dec 24th

Jane TROW, Benson St, aged 78




Jan 3rd

Eleanor Jessie DUNN, Upper Frederick St, aged 23mths

Jan 12th

Richard MC GUFFIE, Webster St, aged 31

Jan 18th

Betty PETERSON, Bridgewater St, aged 74

Jan 19th

Jane SLACK, Northumberland St, aged 4

Jan 24th

Mary HOLMES, Blake St, aged 71




Jan 8th

James RILEY, Workhouse, aged 74

Jan 11th

Emma EVANS, London Rd, aged 10mths

Jan 16th

Jane PHILLIPS, Park Rd, aged 44

Jan 17th

Catherine WILLIAMS, Button St, aged 56


Feb 8th

Harriet LEECH, Chester St, South, aged 27

Feb 10th

Margaret MATTHEWS, Burroughs Gardens, aged 1

Feb 12th

Joseph GREEN, Walton Rd, aged 54

Feb 14th

Mary HORNBY, Webster St, aged 55

Ann Jane BOOTH, Haigh St, aged 4

Feb 15th

James MC KENNA, Mersey View, aged 54

Feb 21st

Patrick Peter KENNEDY, Circus St, aged 47


Mar 5th

William WILLIAMS, Queen Anne St, aged 62

William MAYBRICK, Haigh St, Everton, aged 9mths

Mar 6th

Thomas WRIGHT, Seymour St, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire, aged 83

Mar 10th

Elizabeth HALL, Scotland Rd, aged 3

Mar 29th

Esther DENNETT, William St, West Derby, aged 44


Apr 16th

Elizabeth DODD, Mann St, Toxteth Park, aged 3

Apr 18th

Robert EVANS, Park St, Toxteth Park, aged 78

Apr 25th

Jane KITCHEN, Hill St, aged 58

Apr 26th

Mary RIMMER, Breck Rd, Everton, aged 63

Apr 27th

Thomas Stanley MYLCRIST, Avon St, aged 4mths


May 11th

Hannah GRIFFITHS, Noon / Moon St, aged 70

May 16th

Ann CLARKE, Park Rd, aged 73

May 25th

Ellen MC CARTNEY, Blundell St, aged 68

May 29th

John DALE, Church Way, aged 69


Jun 11th

Andrew FRYER, Scotland Rd, aged 47

The foregoing is the last burial that took place in St Johnís Churchyard, before being closed by order in Council.

Tho OMALLEY.M.A, Incumbent


I am surmising these burials took place in St Johnís graveyard, confirmation is welcomed.


Soon after the work commenced on St George's Hall in 1854, developments began which led to the demolition of St John's Church and later to the laying out of St John's Garden. In 1865 the churchyard was closed for burials In 1897 under the Liverpool Churches Act St John's was closed

St Michaels, Toxteth Park, Clergy

Monument to Jeremiah HORROX


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