St Thomas Upholland MI'S

Monumental Inscriptions

St Thomas Upholland


Edith daughter of William and Margaret ASHCROFT

D, Nov 7th, 1898, aged 3yrs 7mths

William son of above, D, Aug 13th 1901, aged 8mths

Willie son of above, D, Jan 3rd 1924, aged 18


Abraham hus of Elizabeth ASHCROFT

D, Nov 23rd 1898, aged 52

Elizabeth D, Mar 30th 1903, aged 53/58?

Son Abraham, D, May 17th 1905, aged 29

William son above, D, Sept 10th, 1903, aged 7mths


William ASHCROFT son of Peter and Margaret

D, Feb 4th 1892, aged 4yrs ?mths

Peter ASHCROFT, D, Jul 20th 1896, aged 51

Margaret wife above, D, Nov 22nd 1926, aged 83

Alice daughter of above, D, Mar 1st 1942, aged 65


Henry husband of Ann ASHCROFT

D, Sep 9th 1909, aged 61

Ann D, Dec 12th 1909, aged 61

Jemima, D, Dec 14th 1888, aged 10mths

Elizabeth wife of Alfred ASHCROFT

D, Jan 8th 1918, aged 34

Jane D, Nov 7th 1929 aged 52

John D, May 29th 1926, aged 51


Ellen 2nd daughter of John and Ann ASHCROFT

D, Jan 21st 1883, aged 16mths

Ann wife, D, Apr 11th, 1906, aged 51

John Husband, D, Aug 1st 1923, aged 69

John Henry son above, D, Feb 4th 1934, aged 56

Elsie daughter of above D, Dec 28th 1989, aged 72


James William only son of James and Ann ASHCROFT of Orrell

D, Jul 18th 1889, aged 24

James father of above, D, Sept 12th, 1902, aged 68

Hannah ASHCROFT wife above D, Dec 25th 1904, aged 71

Miriam daughter of above D, June 24th 1946, aged 78


Thomas and Ann ASHCROFT

Thomas D, Aug 2nd 1860, aged 32

Annie D, Aug 25th 1878 aged 4yrs 8mths

Annie wife above D, Jan 18th 1905, aged 74


The burial place of William and Jane ASHCROFT 1836


Burial place of ASHCROFT William and Betty

William D, Feb 26th 1961, aged 60

Bessie D, Jan 6th, 1974, aged 65

Son William, D, Sep 11th 1988, aged 49


Burial place of Robert and Sarah ASHCROFT

Sarah, D, Jan 13th 1861 aged 37

Robert D, Jul 29th 1891, aged 65


Burial place of Peter and Margaret ASHCROFT

Son Thomas D, Jun 9th 1873, aged 4

Son Edward D, Jan 7th 1874, aged 1yr 7mths

Margaret above, D, Mar 31st 1902 aged 55

Peter above D, Mar 22nd 1925, aged 77


Burial place of John and Alice ASHCROFT

John D, Nov 3rd 1876 aged 32

Alice, wife of Arthur ALLEN, D, Jan 19th 1931, aged 85

Arthur ALLEN D, Jan 11th 1936, aged 77

Abraham grandson of John died in infancy

Margaret wife of Abraham ASHCROFT, D, Jul 14th 1952, aged 80

Abraham ASHCROFT husband of above, D, Jul 17th 1961, aged 84


Dear daughter Hilda ASHCROFT, D, in infancy 1934

Richard ASHCROFT father of above, D, 31st Jan 1982, aged 75

Elizabeth wife of above D, Sept 14th 1985, aged 81


Thomas ASHCROFT, D, 8th Feb 1937, aged 77

Also our dear parents

William Edward HICKMAN, D, 18th Nov 1945, aged 58

Elizabeth HICKMAN, D, 2nd Apr 1958, aged 73


Thomas ASHCROFT, husband of Mary, D, Feb 17th 1923, aged 78

Also Mary Eleanor [Aunt Minnie] daughter of above, D, Dec 28th 1952, aged 79

Also Margaret their daughter D, Mar 31st 1946

And her husband Robert SUTCH, D, Feb 7th 1949


Hetty wife of Thomas Edward ASHCROFT, D, June 25th 1931, aged 45

Also the above Thomas Edward ASHCROFT, D, May 19th 1954, aged 69

Alice GASKELL daughter of above and wife of James GASKELL, who D, March 22nd 1950 aged 43


Ann wife of Roger ASHCROFT, D, Mar 9th 1918, aged 62

Also Roger ASHCROFT, Grandson of above, D, Jan 12th 1927, aged 34

Also the above Roger ASHCROFT, D, Aug 3rd 1929, aged 81

Also Hannah wife of Thomas ASHCROFT, D, Jul 8th 1936, aged 64

Thomas son of above, D, Sept 2nd 1969, aged 71

Richard son of the above Hannah, D, Feb 25th 1970, aged 74 [cremated in Doncaster]


Mary wife of William ASHURST

John and Ellen ASHURST 1870


Burial place of Samuel and Martha BETLEY

Samuel D, Aug 21st 1880, aged 70

Martha D, Apr 3rd 1874 aged 68

Mary wife of son Abraham, D, May 23rd 1880, aged 21

Martha daughter of above, D, Jul 7th 1881, aged 22mths

Abraham, D, Mar 18th 1890, aged 42

Ralph brother of above D, Oct 27th 1892, aged 55

Emma Louisa wife of above D, Dec 31st 1895 aged 67


BOARDMAN, Thomas son of T and M. BOARDMAN,

D, Apr 11th, 1801 aged 22

Son of above, John, D, May 29th 1801, aged 10mths


The burial place of Richard and Alice CHISNALL 1753


The burial place of Isaac and Elizabeth GASKELL 1855


Samuel and Catherine GASKELL 18?2

In memory of Henry PARKINGSON D, Jan 5th 1884, aged 35


Burial place of Thomas and Elizabeth GASKELL

Son Josiah, D, May 16th, 1891, aged 15mths

Son William, D, Mar 18th 1893, aged 5

Son Norman, D, Jul 16th 1893, aged 17mths

Elizabeth PARKINSON, Cousin of above, D, Jul 5th 1893, aged 9mths

Son Albert, D, Feb 11th 1902, aged 8mths

Gunner R. GASKELL [916147] D, Nov 5th 1917 at 47 Casualty Station France

From wounds received in action, aged 22

Elizabeth, mother, D, Nov 5th 1929, aged 59

Thomas father, D, Feb 22nd 1942, aged 82


Burial place of William and Agnes GASKELL

Agnes D, Mar 1st 1887, aged 38

Daughter Ada, D, Aug 4th 1882, aged 3

William husband of Agnes, D, May 8th 1903, aged 56

Son George, D, May 11th 1929, aged 52

Son John D, Jul 7th 1934, aged 49


Burial place of William and Nancy GASKELL

William D, May 24th 1905, aged 44

Nancy D, May 11th 1955, aged 92

Daughter Margaret D, Nov 1st 1888, aged 16 mths

Son George Henry D, Aug 2nd 1896, aged 8mths

Daughter Jane, D, 0ct 1st 1897, aged 3

Daughter Edith D, Jun 24th 1904 aged 6


Burial place of Frank and Margaret GASKELL

Son William D, Jun 5th 1881, aged 2

Margaret D, Jan 3rd 1909, aged 61

Frank D, Dec 1st 1913, aged 66



William D, May 29th 1897, aged 40

Isabella D, June 7th 1903, aged 18

Jane d, May 24th 1934, aged 77


John William and Jane GASKELL

Also their son Frederick GASKELL


Thomas GASKELL 1861

Richard son of above D, Apr 5th 1873, aged 20


Alice daughter of Thomas and Ellen GASKELL

D, Oct 18th 1918, aged 14

Also little Eric son of Mary Ellen GASKELL

Grandson of above

D, Apr 17th 1920, aged 1yr 4mths

Ellen wife of Thomas GASKELL D, May 15th 1930, aged 57

Thomas husband of Ellen D, Aug 10th 1942, aged 72

Sarah Elizabeth daughter of above

D, Feb 12th, 1955, aged 61


John Husband of Ellen GASKELL

D, Oct 13th 1911, aged 59

Ellen wife above, D, Apr 7th 1918 aged ?


William GASKELL, D, June 27th 1894, aged 48

Mary SWIFT, sister of above, D, Nov 30th, 1897, aged 48


Joseph GASKELL, D, Feb 24th 1880, aged 53

Esther his wife, D, Mar 15th 1902, aged 75

Son, Richard, D, May 5th 1903, aged 45

Margaret wife of John SIMPKIN of Southport

Daughter of above, D, Oct 26th 1909, aged 59

Daughter, Esther D, Dec 24th, 1934, aged 24

Daughter of Joseph and Esther GASKELL,

buried in the old yard, Alice D, Apr 5th 1863, aged 7


Henry husband of Elizabeth GASKELL

D, Dec 29th, 1892, aged 60 William husband of Elizabeth GASKELL

D, Jan 20th 1893, aged 52

Son William, D, Feb 21st 1908, aged 27

Elizabeth wife of William

D, Jul 3rd 1908, aged 65/85?

Thomas son of above, D, Jul 24th 1914, aged 35


Elizabeth wife of Joseph GASKELL

D, May 15th 1885, aged 39

Joseph hus of above D, Apr 19th 1915, aged 70

Daughter Mary Jane, D, Oct 29th 1915, aged 40

Daughter Sarah Anne, D, Aug 1st, 1957, aged 75

Son Richard, D, Dec 23rd, 1959, aged 80


Richard son of Isaac and Ellen GASKELL

D, Jan 18th 1898, aged 11

Isaac D, May 14th 1914, aged 68

Ellen D, Feb 5th 1940, aged 84


Peter husband of Elizabeth GASKELL

D, Sep 16th 1905, aged 63

Elizabeth D, Jan 12th, 1916, aged 24


The burial place of

Hugh and Ann GASKELL


The burial place of John and Ruth GASKELL 1843


Peter and Rachel GASKELL 2 Breadths

Thomas ATHERTON died 10th Nov 1787, age 25

Peter GASKELL, son of Peter and Rachel, departed this life 22nd Oct 1848, aged 62

William and Margaret GASKELL

Edward and Ann GASKELL of Pemberton




John and Jane GASKELL 1860


Burial place of

Thomas GASKELL 1861

In Memory

Richard GASKELL son of above died Apr 5th 1873, aged 20



In memory of

Mary Ann GASKELL wife of above, died Sept 8th 1877, aged 46

Henry son of above, died May 1st 1896, aged 42

Letitia GASKELL wife of above died Nov 13th 1899, aged 67

The above Joseph GASKELL died Oct 24th 1902, aged 70

Also Richard RIMMER died Apr 20th 1904, aged 4


Peter GASKELL husband of Nancy, died Nov 2nd 1936, aged 69

Also, Richard, John and Annie children of above, died in infancy

Alice daughter of above died Jun 22nd 1926, aged 28

Nancy wife of Peter, died Mar 18th, 1943, aged 67

Also Joseph son of above , husband, Dad and Grandad, died Dec 17th 1989, aged 74


Paul and Elizabeth GASKELL



William GASKELL,, 1899 - 1970

Clara Alice GASKELL 1901 - 1984

Beatrice Ellen LAITHEWAITE 1899 - 1979

Mary Bessie LIPTROT 1903 - 1982


Jane wife of Edward RASBURN D, 9th June 1959, aged 61

Edward RASBURN, D, 23rd Apr 1962, aged 66

James SHARROCK, father of Jane above, D, 24th Jul 1929, aged 65

Norman GREEN, Son-in-Law of Jane above, D, 29th Jan 1946, aged 24

Elsie GASKELL, D, Nov 20th 1998, aged 68


John Arthur CADMAN 1907 - 1983

Maggie CADMAN Nee GASKELL 1906 - 1986


John husband of Ellen GASKELL D, Oct 13th 1911, aged 59

Ellen D, Apr 7th 1918, aged ?7


James GASKELL, D, Feb 21st, 1955, aged 71

Mary wife of above, D, Sept 24th 1965, aged 84

Lynn WILSON grand daughter of above, D, Sep 18th 1953, aged 2 days

Mary WILSON, D, Dec 11th 1987, aged 78

Husband of above George Robert WILSON, D, Dec 12th 2000, aged 84


Ellen wife of Thomas GASKELL, D, Feb 23rd 1960, aged 79

Thomas GASKELL D, Apr 16th 1961, aged 81


Peter GASKELL, husband of Winifred, D, Nov 5th 1937, aged 30

Beatrice Maud, wife of Frederick GASKELL, D, June 2nd 1986, aged 79

Frederick GASKELL d, Feb 10th 1994, aged 88


Sarah Ann wife of Joseph GASKELL, D, Feb 27th 1931, aged 54

Joseph husband of above D, Apr 18th 1944, aged 70


William GASKELL D, 6th Mar 1924, aged 14

James GASKELL father of above, D, 22nd Sep 1986, aged 84

Also Ann Jane GASKELL


Arthur GASKELL, D, 20th May 1989 aged 81

Wife of above Annie, D, 12th Aug, 2001, aged 93


Alice daughter of Thomas and Ellen GASKELL , D, Oct 18th 1918, aged 14

Also little Eric son of Mary Ellen GASKELL, grandson of above, D, Apr 17th, 1920, aged 1yr 4mths

Also Ellen wife of Thomas GASKELL, D, May 15th 1930, aged 57

Also Thomas husband of Ellen D, Aug 10th 1942, aged 72

Also Sarah Elizabeth GASKELL daughter of above, D, Feb 12th 1955, aged 61


Maggie GASKELL, D, Jan 5th 1959, aged 45

John William GASKELL, D, Aug 15th 1987, aged 79


Thomas husband of Mary Ellen GASKELL, Sexton of this church for 27 yrs, D, Jan 17th 1925, aged 62

Harold son of above killed in France, Mar 10th 1918, aged 24

Frederick Hulme, son of above, died whilst a P.O.W, Sept 27th 1918, aged 21

Also Mary Ellen D, Oct 28th 1942, aged 79

Lindsay husband of Ellen GASKELL, D, May 13th 1927, aged 26

Also Harry, D, Oct 7th 1979, aged 76

Jane A. GASKELL wife of above died Dec 11th 1995, aged 91

Margaret Alice daughter of above D, May 22nd 1945, aged 62

Dora daughter of above, D, Nov 13th 1954, aged 59


Gertrude wife of the late John GASKELL, 22nd Feb 1946, aged 84

Dorothy CARRINGTON, D, 13th Apr 1972, aged 46

Oswald GASKELL, D, 6th Jan 1977, aged 67

Elizabeth GASKELL, D, 2nd Mar 1978, aged 81

Elsie GASKELL, Lost at sea, June 1986, aged 55

Robert GASKELL, D, 26th Nov 1990, aged 88


Bessie daughter of Joseph and Margaret Alice GASKELL D, Oct 1926, aged 7

Joseph GASKELL, D, Oct 11th, 1940, aged 62

Margaret Alice, D, May 10th 1967, aged 77


John husband of Alice GASKELL, D, Mar 3rd 1919, aged 34

Harold son of above died Mar 29th 1915, aged 6mths

Alice wife of William HOWARD, D, Jun 26th 1966, aged 76

William HOWARD, D, Jan 30th 1970, aged 69


Joseph GASKELL, D, Apr 5th 1955, aged 49

Sarah wife of above D, Jan 18th 1984, aged 80


Margaret GASKELL, Nee RIGBY, D, 5th Feb 1960, aged 51

Alice GERRARD, sister of above, D, 30th Nov 1990, aged 79 [Cremated]


Henry husband of Martha J. R. GASKELL, D, Dec 7th 1947, aged 75

Martha J. R. GASKELL, D, June 11th, 1948, aged 76


Thomas husband of Margaret GASKELL, D, Jan 5th 1948, aged 58

Margaret D, June 29th 1958, aged 73

Margaret daughter of above, D, Aug 18th 1954, aged 43


Agnes wife of George RANDALL, D, Non 27th 1908, aged 59

George RANDALL, D, May 27th 1916, aged 70/76

James GASKELL Grandson of above D, Jun 4th 1916, aged 18 mths

Walter GASKELL, D, May 20th 1923, aged 5yrs


Elizabeth wife of Thomas GASKELL, D, Mar 27th 1906, aged 52

Thomas GASKELL D, Mar 16th 1908, aged 60

John husband of Jane GASKELL, D, Jul 16th 1934, aged 66

Henry son of above, D, 23rd Dec 1912, aged 1

Jane GASKELL, D, May 14th 1972, aged 97


Frank Stephenson HICKSON, D, Nov 1st 1939, aged 68

Elizabeth HICKSON, D, Dec 7th 1955, aged 76

Amelia HICKSON, D, Jan 19th 1959, aged 77

Henry Lee HICKSON, D, Sept 25th 1966, aged 92


Burial place of John and Ann KIRBY

John D, Feb 7th 1887, aged 57

Grandson John, D, Nov 7th 1881, aged 4mths

Granddaughter Margaret D, Nov 8th 1892 aged 3

Ann above, D, Jan 10th 1905, aged 75

Son Thomas D, June 18th 1936, aged 77


James husband of Margaret KIRBY, D, Mar 19th 1906, aged 68

Thomas KIRBY son of above D, Jul 14th 1909, aged 50

Margaret Wife above D, Feb 22nd 1911, aged 77

Richard KIRBY son above D, Jan 4th 1925, aged 57

Ellen KIRBY, D, Sep 18th 1934, aged 71


Richard husband of Lily KIRBY, D, May 4th 1937, aged 53

Lily KIRBY, D, Dec 8th 1958, aged 66

John son of above, D, Jul 4th 1965, aged 43


Mary Anne LOWE, wife of William

D, Feb 8th 1900, aged 40

In memory of C.S.M William Henry son of William and Mary

Killed in action in France

Aug 18th 1917, aged 24


George Ezra son of George and Mary Elizabeth ROBY

D, Oct 23rd 1899, aged 7

George D, Jun 1st, 1932, aged 70

Mary Elizabeth D, Feb 13th 1946, aged 85


Jane SHARP, wife of Henry

D, 19th, Oct 1867, aged 37

Frederick Sharp GOULDING

D, 26th Jul 1889, aged 1mth


Joseph son of William and Mary SHARROCK

D, June 26th 1891, aged 13mths

Mary wife of William D, Nov 28th 1897, aged 44

William D, Mar 13th 1930, aged 82


William son of Thomas and Margaret SHARROCK

D, Mar 18th 1898, aged 1

Daughter Mary, D, Apr 13th 1900, aged 5

Son John, D, Feb 12th, 1919, aged 16

Son Robert D, Oct 8th, 1922, aged 23

Thomas husband of Margaret, D, Mar 23rd 1932, aged 65

Son James D, ? 3rd, 1937, aged 35


Robert SMITH D, 20th Apr 1826, aged 67

Ann , D, 26th Apr 1828, aged 60


Henry husband of Elizabeth SMITH, D, Nov 5th 1900, aged 70

Elizabeth D, May 19th 1902, aged 78

Henry son above D, Sep 24th 1945, aged 85

Edward husband of Elizabeth Ann GASKELL

D, Dec 22nd 1952, aged 75

Elizabeth Ann GASKELL, D, Apr 30th 1971, aged 92


Alice daughter of Frederick and Jane SUMNER

D, June 1st 1898 aged 2yrs 6mths

Daughter, Mary Alice, D, Nov 6th 1900, aged 27mths

Daughter, Sarah Alice, D, Feb 25th 1906, aged 5wks

Son, Thomas, killed in action, Sept 14th 1916, aged 31

Daughter Clara, D, Apr 15th 1923, aged 31

Jane wife of Frederick D, Mar 21st 1935, aged 71

Frederick, husband, D, Dec 24th 1943, aged 79

Also Thomas MAYOR, D, Jul 29th 1895, aged 36


John Henry, husband of Elizabeth SUMNER

D, Jan 19th, 1946, aged 73

Also Elizabeth SUMNER, D, Jun 1st 1950, aged 77


Ellen daughter of William and Mary SWIFT

D, May 13th 1905, aged 10

William husband of Mary

D, Sept 30th 1929, aged 75


The burial place of Thomas and Elizabeth SWIFT 1860


The burial place of John and Elizabeth SWIFT 1845


Burial place of Nehemiah SWIFT

Martha SWIFT 1860

In memory of

Emanuel SWIFT, died Dec 3rd 1856, aged 32


Emanuel son of above who departed this life Dec 4th 1883 aged 17yrs 9mths

Stop dear friends as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now you must be

Prepare yourself to follow me.


The burial place of Henry and Elizabeth SWIFT

Elizabeth, D, Jul 9th 1901, aged 56

Son William D, Nov 1st 1921, aged 45

Henry Husband of Elizabeth D, Jan 22nd 1926, aged 84

Daughter, Elizabeth Ellan, D, June 30th 1945, aged 67

Son James Eaves SWIFT, D,Nov 27th 1947, aged 76


John Thomas husband of Ellen SWIFT, D, Mar 15th 1909, aged 44

Ellen SWIFT, D, Aug 11th 1949, aged 81


Mary wife of Henry Edward SWIFT, D, 22nd Sep 1940, aged 67

Henry Edward SWIFT, D, 11th Dec 1949, aged 81

Daughter Ada Gertrude SWIFT, D, 6th Jul 1962, aged 68


Christian wife of William TICKLE

Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth DALE

D, Feb 10th, 1819, aged 59

William TICKLE, husband, D, Apr 2nd 1844, aged 79

Also John WORTHINGTON D, Jan 10th 1861, aged 61

Edith Neild, daughter of Elizabeth Bradbury WORTHINGTON

Born Sept 16th 1871, D, Dec 19th 1873

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