Necropolis burial ground

Necropolis burial ground, Day Book


January, 25th, Annie CAMPBELL, Hannah HERBERT

1867, October, 1st, BENSON, Stillborn

Oct, 2nd, Ann WILLIAMS, Elizabeth DAVIES, Mary DARCY, Stillborn

Oct, 3rd, John WARD, Hind ATKINS, Richard WILSON, Joseph HARRISON

Oct, 4th, Samuel BOOTH, John SCOTT, Humphrey OWENS

Oct, 6th, Ann FERGUSON

Oct, 7th, William BRANENAN, Mrs GORDON, Stillborn

Oct, 8th, George LOGAN

Oct, 9th, William WADE

Oct, 10th, Sarah LEWIS, Benjamin BARTON

Oct, 11th, Catherine JONES

Oct, 12th, John TAYLOR

Oct, 14th, Elizabeth JONES, Samuel ALLDRIFT, Admin of Margaret PORTER, 3 Stillborn

Oct, 15th, Mary PHILLIPS, Stillborn

Oct, 16th, Mrs AUSTIN, Hannah MASON, Stillborn

Oct, 18th, Elizabeth OWENS, Sarah TOPHAM, Mary POWELL, Richard Whittle BIRCHALL, Stillborn

Oct, 19th, Ann Jane MORRIS, Mary WILLIAMS, Frances ? SCOTT

Oct, 21st, William DAVIES, John Railton GREAVES, Edward Heinchman COLE

Oct, 22nd, Edward MC GREAVEY

Oct, 23rd, Ann HALE, William DAVIES

Oct, 24th, Charles CARR

Oct, 25th, George Frederick NORMAN, Mary MC MASTER, Stillborn

Oct, 27th, Joseph FRANCE

Oct, 29th, Mrs SAMUELS, Joseph WARD, William MC BRYDE


November 1867

Nov, 2nd, William SMALLING, Alfred WARD

Nov, 4th, William HUGHES, Peter WEST

Nov, 5th, Amy Sarah TURNER, Frances BRAMPTON

Nov, 6th, Hannah E. WILSON, Stillborn

Nov, 7th, Elizabeth SUDLOW, Benjamin COTHAM, Hugh JONES, Rhodes BRAMWELL, Stillborn

Nov, 8th, Henry FOSTER

Nov, 12th, David CRAWFORD

Nov, 13th, Edward PRESTON, Mrs HOWARD

Nov, 14th, James Baliner EVANS, Euphemia KIRBY, William SIMPSON, Miss LOGAN

Nov, 15th, Susannah DAGGS

Nov, 16th, Richard WILLIAMS

Nov, 19th, John SAINSBURY, Harriet MARTIN, John, Mr Donald ASHTON, Mary TIPPING

Nov, 20th, Arthur BLYTON, Stillborn

Nov, 22nd, George HASWELL and Mary MASSIE, Mrs ASHTON, 2 Stillborn

Nov, 23rd, Margaret HUGHES, Mary JONES, Stillborn

Nov, 26th, Mrs GODFREY, Mary Louisa WOODS, Hannah ROBERTS

Nov, 28th, Elizabeth BIRKETT, Elizabeth HULBERT, Joseph ALLDRETT, John WARD

Nov, 29th, Thomas LOUTHIAN, Barbara EVANS

December 1867

Dec, 1st, Ellen EDGAR

Dec, 2nd, Ruth CLEGG, Walter Stanley MC CABE, Jane ROBINSON



25th, Jan 1913


Little time has been spent in transforming the NECROPOLIS, 4 acres in extent. The space at present bears the appearance of a neatly tilled field. All the monuments have been removed and the smaller slabs lowered and covered. Now the surface has been levelled, all in readiness for the design of the gardens. Shrubs are to be planted and a series of walks flanked with green. When the high walls are demolished and low railings put in the view from the roadway will be improved.

May 3rd 1913

New public garden

No time is being lost in transforming the Necropolis into a public garden but the widening of Everton Rd has not yet been commenced.

Already the surface covering the remains of over 80,000 citizens has been reduced to its new level, while the entrance lodge, the gates, and part of the massive front wall of stone have vanished.

When the long side wall disappears the new street line will be visible. The access of light and air is daily becoming more perceptible.


Interments from Newspapers

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 15, 1825


Saturday 2nd inst, Owen THOMAS, Bolton St, aged 33, the deceased being a fireman was borne to his narrow house, Low Hill, Cemetery, upon a fire engine belonging to the Norwich Union Company, drawn by four horses, and attended by the firemen in their uniforms, also by the officers and committee of the Ancient Britons Society

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 25, 1845

13th April, interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill, one of the Ioway Indians, who died in the infirmary of consumption.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 25, 1848

Henry HOLMES Esq, interred on Saturday morning interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill, in a vault purchased some years ago by the deceased. The funeral arrangements, which were strictly private, were admirably conducted by Messers T and P. RALPHS. The procession of a handsome hearse drawn by four horses, several mourning coaches relatives and pall-bearers, and a number of private carriages, with drawn blinds, passed up Everton Brow, Shaw St and Brunswick Rd, reaching the ground at 10am, where a large concourse of friends, which included leading merchants, bankers and brokers had assembled to witness the ceremony, and to testify their respect to the memory of the deceased. The funeral service was conducted in the chapel by the Rev James LISTER, who for over 45yrs had been a close friend of the deceased. A short address and prayer was offered at the grave by the Rev Hugh Stowell BROWN, recently elected pastor of Myrtle St, Chapel

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 15, 1850

Police Officer, Thomas HOUGHTON, interred on Sunday last at the Necropolis, Low Hill, Deceased lost his life early on Friday morning, by falling from a flat whilst engaged in protecting the wreck of the Providence from being plundered. Mr TOWERSON, Superintendent of the north division had charge of the arrangements, and the funeral was attended by 600 of the police force. The deceased was a native of Warrington and very much respected.

The Preston Guardian, Saturday, March 1, 1851

Police Officer, Titus LEICESTER, interred last week, at the Necropolis, Low Hill. Deceased was a captain of the old "watch", which he joined in 1813. In 1833 he wasseized with cholera, and heard two medical men pronounce him dead. Subsequently he recovered. On Saturday week when he was conveyed home dead, his wife, bearing in mind the fact of his former restoration, called in a surgeon to make an investigation, before she could be satisfied of his decease

Liverpool Mercury, December 30, 1851

Funeral of the late Governor of the Liverpool Workhouse

We record the death last week of Mr James Wight EVANS, who, for the past 8 yrs has had the management of one of the largest parochial establishments in England, containing within its walls 2200 paupers whose wants day and night have to be attended to by the governor, to the satisfaction of 20 gentlemen selected by the parishioners. The health of Mr EVANS had been for 2yrs in decline. On Sunday morning last his Funeral took place, attended by relatives and connections from London and Manchester as well as by resident friends, who assembled at the governor's house, and followed the body to the spacious new church at the workhouse, where the service was read by Rev Mr HOLMES, the chaplain, and a psalm sung by the choir and the children, a large body of the inmates were present. A hearse and carriage proceeded to the Necropolis followed by 100 girls and boys of the parochial schools, who surrounded the grave., the Rev Mr KIRKUS officiated at the interment.

Liverpool Mercury, October 28, 1853

The remains of the late Mr John HOLMES, Everton Brow, will be interred at the Necropolis tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, November 1, 1853

Fireman's funeral

The funeral of policeman John WILLAN, who drowned on Wednesday whilst assisting to extinguish the fire at the Dreadnought took place on Sunday afternoon in the Necropolis Low Hill. The remains were followed from the house of the deceased, Great Homer View, Great Homer St, by 90 of the fire brigade, with one of the engines and 300 of the police force. The coffin covered with a pall was borne on the engine, followed by Inspector BIRRELL with a division. Next came a carriage bearing the relatives of the deceased, then, in order, followed the section to which the deceased belonged, the fire-brigade under the command of Superintendent HEWITT, the ordinary police followed by their Inspectors, and Superintendents, MURPHY, BURTON, BOYD, and RIMMER, and Mr COWAN, the chief clerk at the police office, Messers Divisional Superintendents QUICK and RIDE, and lastly Captain GREIG on horseback. The service was performed by Rev Robert KIRKUS. The deceased was 25 years old and had only been married about 10 months.

Liverpool Mercury, November 15, 1853

Death of Mr James HOLMES

A few weeks ago the death was recorded of Alderman John HOLMES of this town, we now record the demise of his brother Mr James HOLMES, the deceased, an eminent insular banker, died at his residence, South-quay, Douglas, I.O.M, yesterday week. He was the last surviving partner of the firm of Messers Henry HOLMES and sons of this town. The deceased had been for some time past totally blind. The remains of the deceased were brought to Liverpool on Friday evening by the royal mail steam-ship Mona's Queen, for interment in the family vault at Low Hill Cemetery. On its arrival the body was conveyed to the residence of the late Alderman HOLMES, Everton Crescent. Yesterday morning the cortege left the house of the deceased's late brother and consisted of a hearse and four mourning coaches, and five or six private carriages. There were four of the deceased's relatives present, Mr DENISON, Mr PENDER, Mr James N. HOLMES and the Rev Melville HOLMES, the two latter being nephews. The following gentlemen acted as pall-bearers, Mr R. HOUGHTON sen, Mr R. HOUGHTON jun, Mr J. AVISON, Mr J. JOHNSON, Mr R. BOARDMAN and Mr LISTER. In addition the following gentlemen were present, Mr James BOARDMAN, the Rev H. S. BROWN, Mr CLARE, Mr DUARTE, Mr PRITT, Mr C. RAWDON, Mr J. ROBERTS and Dr THOMASON. The burial service was read by Rev H. S. BROWN, and the funeral conducted by Messers ADAMSON and TAPLEY of Whitechapel.

Liverpool Mercury, November 10, 1854

The late Mr J. H. GREENE were interred yesterday forenoon in the Necropolis, this town. The deceased was a Birkenhead commissioner, and as a mark of respect nearly the whole of the members of that board, together with the police force, headed by Superintendent M'HARG and the boatmen and others employed at the ferry, attended by Mr CLAY the manager joined in the funeral procession from Hamilton Square, where Mr GREENE resided. The hearse containing the body was conveyed across the river in one of the commissioners steamers.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, July 2, 1856

July 2nd, John SHAW belonging to the ship Lucy Thompson, interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill, the deceased stowed away on the vessel in Liverpool more than a year ago, and was discovered half way across the Atlantic, the Captain having his family on board the deceased was employed as cabin boy, and he endeared himself to the family so much that he regularly sailed with the captain, who, in respect to his memory, will defray the whole expense of his funeral. On Monday the topgasllantsail got foul and the deceased went up to clear it, on taking hold of the sail it fell with the deceased with it, the boy recieved a concussion of the brain and died an hour later at the Northern Hospital.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, November 8, 1856

Mr Capes ASHLIN, aged 52, Brougham Terrace, Treasurer to the Water and Health Committees, interred this day at the Necropolis, Low Hill. Who died on Tuesday evening at the baths at St Georges, Pierhead. After being in the bath for over half an hour his body was found floating face down in the bath, there was a slight scar on one side of his head resulting from contact with the edge of the bath. An inquest was held on Wednesday, the superintendent of the baths Mr D. MORRIS and an assistant were called as witnesses and Mr Isiah ASHLIN, a merchant, brother of the deceased, who identified the body and stated the last time he saw his brother on Wednesday previous to his death he was in good health, and added he had some slight affection of the heart, and was a man of sober habits. Dr MACINTYRE who was called to the baths on Tuesday evening found him in the bath quite dead. Cause of death was drowning, he had stood in the bath to get out and was seized with syncope and had fallen face foremost into the bath. Deceased leaves a widow [his 2nd wife] and two daughters, besides a son in Australia to mourn his death.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 11, 1857

Dec 10th, Thomas WARBURTON master of the Exchange Newsroom, interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, January 8, 1859

Jan 7th, Mr L. HUGHES, late Deputy Town Clerk, interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 1, 1859

Jan 28th, Mr Basil BAKER, Comedian, Grove St, interred at the Necropolis, Low Hill.


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