Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane, MI'S



Lilian wife of John Yates PRICE, D, Feb 12th 1921, aged 53

Also John YATES [Jack] son of the above

Apprentice Pilot, who lost his life in No 1 Pilot boat, sunk at the, Bar

Dec 27th, 1917, aged 21

Also Edith daughter of the above, D, Feb 23rd 1900, aged 11mths


William SMEATHAM, D, 20th Sept 1904, aged 53

Also Sarah Ann SMEATHAM wife of above

D, May 8th, 1921, aged 71

Also Randolph SMEATHAM, youngest son of above

D, 20th July 1931, aged 46.

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Hilda Edith MC CARTHY, D, Aug 19th 1901, aged 71/2 mths

Also George MC CARTHY, D, May 27th, 1909, aged 41/2 mths

Also Frederick James MC CARTHY, Husband of Emma and father of above

Who was drowned at sea on S.S. TITANIC, Apr 15th 1912, aged 38




7th May 1915, aged 48



Died Sept 27th, 1898

Husand of above

John CAMPBELL, D, Mar ? 1917


Hugh MC KEE, B, Mar 17th 1822, D, Oct 31st 1891

Ellen wife of above, B, Nov 12th 1830, D, Mar 2nd 1906

John, 3rd son of above, B, Jan 5th 1862, D, Jan 7th 1895

[interred at Anfield]

James son of above and husband of Agnes, D, Apr 17th 1945, aged 80

Agnes wife of James, D, 14th Sept 1957, aged 86


William Henry ROONEY, D, Jul 1st 1884, aged 32

William Henry son of above, D, May 13th 1883, aged 16 days

[interred at St Marys Kirkdale]


Annie SWIFT, D, Aug 21st 1919, aged 65

Annie Gertrude daughter of above, D, Feb 4th 1886, aged 7mths

Peter husband of Annie, D, June 27th, 1927, aged 75

Dorothy daughter of Albert and Lily SWIFT, D, Sep 30th, 1933, aged 9


James APRIGHT, Late of Cardiff, D, Apr 22nd 1882, aged 73

Fanny his wife, D, Jan 28th 1886

John MOODY, Son-in-Law of above, D, Apr 12th 1894

Millie wife of John MOODY, D, Dec 13th 1916


Robert son of John and Jane MARTIN, D, Feb 22nd 1885, aged 31

John MARTIN, Husband of Jane, D, Jan 28th 1892, aged 62


Ellen wife of John JOHNSON, D, Nov 7th 1885, aged 59

John JOHNSON, D, Aug 19th, 1891, aged 69


Rev Howard HICKS, Husband of Eliza, D, Feb 22nd, 1901, aged 68

Their adopted daughter, Lilian Roby HICKS, D, Aug 18th 1890, aged 17

Eliza wife of above, D, Nov 6th 1907, aged 72


Jessie LAWRENCE of Brechin Scotland, D, 28th Oct 1892, aged 78

John, D, 15th Jan 1887, aged 1mth

James, D, 10th, Aug 1886, aged 5yrs

Sons of James H and Annie JOHNSTON of Seaforth

Jessie eldest daughter of above, D, Jul 29th 1926

James H, D, 22nd Sep 1936, aged 84

Annie, D, 16th, Sep 1938, aged 89

Annie Christina, 2nd daughter of above, D, Aug 13th 1972, aged 90


Mother, Jane PATTERSON, D, Aug 28th 1886, aged 80

Robert husband of Isabella Campbell, D, Dec 9th 1913, aged 68

Isabella wife of Robert PATTERSON, D, at Crossmichael, June 14th 1921, aged 79


Agnes Campbell, wife of George WILLCOCK, D, 2nd June 1885, aged 33


James CARRUTHERS, D, Jan 22nd, 1886, aged 52

Also Matthew father of above, D, Jul 1st 1888, aged 7?

Nicholas Ann widow of Matthew above, D, Dec 26th 1900, aged 79

Ethel daughter of Alexander and Margaret CARRUTHERS.

D, Jan 21st 1902, aged 15mths

Margaretta wife of Alexander CARRUTHERS, D, Mar 8th 1902, aged 37


Margaret wife of Robert ROBERTS, D, Feb 1st 1886, aged 23

Jane mother of Robert ROBERTS, D, May 25th 1887, aged 49

Robert David son of Jane, D, Mar 20th 1900, aged 37


Elizabeth wife of William ROBERTS, D, Mar 14th 1884, aged 30


Frederick William son of William and Mary JONES REES

D, Apr 15th 1883, aged 13mths

Son Robert, D, Aug 3rd 1885, aged 8days

Son Arthur Stanley, D, Apr 24th 1894, aged 15mths

Mary Ann wife of William JONES REES, D, Mar 14th 1924, aged 72


William husband of Helen BENNIE, D, Nov 14th 1926, aged 75

Children of above

Jane, D, Nov 10th 1883, aged 6 days

Lydia, D, May 5th 1886, aged 16 mths

Harold, D, Jul 30th 1899, aged 4 mths

Helen, D, Feb 11th, 1949 aged 94


John MACARTHUR, D, 3rd Jan 1934, aged 65


Mary DOBSON, Nee HAIRE, D, Oct 18th, 1918 aged 36


Elizabeth wife of Richard EVANS, D, Dec 6th 1885, aged 42


Alice wife of Henry Reynolds LEMON, D, May 7th 1886, aged 72

Henry Reynolds LEMON, D, Nov 17th 1887, aged 73


Sarah wife of John ECCLES, D, Oct 29th 1883, aged 55


Mary relict of the late Joseph MC TURK, D, Dec 17th 1881, aged 56


Andrew MAXWELL, D, Mar 17th, 1896, aged 46

John eldest son of above, was drowned through the foundering of the TITANIC, Apr 14th 1912, aged 29

Agnes eldest daughter of above D, Feb 19th 1927, aged 51

Ellen wife of Andrew MAXWELL, D, Aug 19th 1939, aged 83


John NETTLE, D, Feb 8th 1884, aged 44

Sarah Ann wife of above, D, Sep 8th 1911, aged 67

William NETTLE, D, Sep 22nd 1951, aged 67


Helen wife of John E. BIRNIE, D, Dec 5th 1883, aged 27

John E. BIRNIE, D, Oct 29th 1888, aged 32


James HUGHES, D, Nov 2nd 1883, aged 59


Janet KIRKWOOD, wife of William KELLY

D, Dec 15th 1908, aged 64

Sarah daughter of above, D, Aug 15th 1882, aged 81/2mths

Catherine KELLY

William M. KELLY


William K. YATES

Grandchildren of above

William KELLY husband of Janet D, Sep 22nd 1913, aged 7?


Annie wife of William DAVIES, D, 18th, Oct, 1885, aged 56

William DAVIES, D, 30th 0ct 1885, aged 56

Thomas SNOWBALL brother of Annie above, was lost at sea by the foundering of S.S. TERN, June 4th 1887, aged 46

Capt Thomas DAVIES, husband of Mary Alice, D, Nov 16th 1901, aged 57


Jemima Jane wife of James SUMNER, D, May 14th 188[1]? Aged 44

Also Benjamin SUMNER. M.R.C.V.S, eldest son

D, Dec 21st 1913, aged 41

Thomas SHEPHERD. M.R.C.V.S., D, Dec 23rd 1921


Esther wife of Lancelot THWAYTES, D, Nov 2nd 1884, aged 24


Leonard PALMER, D, June 2nd 1887, aged 53


Hannah for 47yrs wife of Capt William LAWSON

D, Mar 27th [good Friday] 1891, aged 71

Capt William LAWSON D, Mar 21st 1899, aged 73

Children of William and Mary

Catherine Eliza, D, Aug 4th 1885, aged 10mths

John Rimmer, Hannah Pyke, John Rimmer, Martha Ann, interred at St James.


Frederick Phillips, 3rd son of George and Eliza ODDY

B, June 14th 1896, D, Sep 1st 1897

Charles 2nd son, B, May 26th 1894, killed in action in France, Aug 9th 1916

Also Miriam only child of George and Hetty ODDY and Grandaughter of above,

B, Oct 2nd 1923, D, Mar 5th 1929

Also George husband of Eliza, D, Nov 9th 1934, aged 71

Also Walter son of above died at sea Sept 23rd 1941, aged 38

Also Elisa, D, Jan 6th 1951, aged 82

Also Ellen PHILLIPS, sister of Eliza ODDY, died Mar 18th 1945, aged 75


Ethel, aged 25 yrs, and baby, wife and child of William DAVIES, and daughter of C and M. COUCH

Who lost their lives in the EMPRESS of IRELAND disaster, May 29th and were interred here June 23rd 1914.

Also George husband of Margaret E. COUCH, D, July 15th 1936, aged 81

Also Margaret Ellen wife of above, D, Mar 8th 1937, aged 79


Robert CAMPBELL, D, Apr 17th 1899, aged 66

Also William Kerr CAMPBELL eldest son of above, D, Mar 24th 1901, aged 42

Frederick William ASHCROFT, Grandson, D, Jul 23rd 1899, aged 61/2 yrs

Also James ASHCROFT, infant grandson

Also Margaret CAMPBELL, daughter of above, D, Mar 28th 1929, aged 39

Also Annie wife of Robert CAMPBELL, [ daughter of George and Annie KERR]

D, 19th May 1926, aged 92


Kindly submitted by Duncan SMITH

Kirkdale N.C. Section 1/ Grave no 83


In affectionate remembrance of

Edith Jenkins daughter of John and Catherine Jenkins, who died 1st March 1883, aged 5 years

Also of Susannah Parry, grandmother of the above who died 19th January 1893, aged 84 years

Also of the above named Catherine Jenkins who died 9th April 1904, aged 56 years

Also of Ada, the beloved wife of Thomas Morris and daughter of the above who died 8th April 1916, aged 29 years

Also in loving memory of above named John Jenkins, who died 28th January 1922, aged 73 years

Also of Louisa Morton daughter of the above who died 7th December 1950 aged 77 years



Kirkdale C.of E. Section 4/ grave no 856


In Loving Memory of

ANNIE RATHJEN, died 27th Sep. 1889, aged 70 years

Also CAPT. HENRY RATHJEN son of the above, who was lost at sea in 1888, aged 51 years

Also GEORGE C. RATHJEN died 15th Oct 1925 aged 70 years

Erected by George C. Rathjen


N.C. Section 2, Grave 65

Treasured memories of my dear father John William ABERNETHY who died 29th June 1906, aged 32 years

Also my devoted mother Alice died 21st August 1951 aged 77 years


Double Grave - N.C. Section 1, No. 522

In Loving Memory of

Left Side

Edith Mary beloved wife of David JENKINS who departed this life 22nd May 1907 aged 30 years

and Mary also the beloved wife of David JENKINS who died 28th February 1949 aged 72 years

also their dear husband David JENKINS died 2nd February 1965 aged 88 years


Right Side

Alexander beloved husband of Ann BRYSON who departed this life 25th January 1913 aged 62 years

also of Ann dearly loved wife of the above who died 11th September 1940 aged 85 years

also of Henry BRYSON dearly loved only son of above who died 11th March 1946 aged 65 years

also of Frank son in law of the above and dearly loved husband of Florence May FISHER who departed this life 21st March 1938 aged 44 years


Nov 6th 1893



Kirkdale Gaol, Liverpool, the scene of 67 public and private executions during the last sixty years is about to be demolished. The bodies of 67 men and women, who have met their fate at the hands of the public executioner, have all been interred within the precincts of the prison, the approaching demolishon of which rendered necessary the removal of the remains.

This duty devolved on the Prison Commissioners. Accordingly these authorities communicated with Kirkdale Burial Board requesting that accommodation might be provided in the cemetery at Longmore Lane, Fazakerley, for 67 coffins and their contents, which would be brought from Kirkdale.

When the subject was broached at the Board meeting stout opposition was offered by several of the members, who urged in earnest protest that incalculable harm would be wrought thereby to the cemetery, inasmuch as many people from superstition and other promptings would be unwilling themselves to be interred or to have their relatives and friends interred in the cemetery in which they would be placed, as it were side by side with common felons and murderers. However, the Prison Commissioners were informed that the remains would be received at Longmoor Lane.

A stringent condition would be imposed in order probably to in some measure meet the views of those who opposed the giving of the required sanction. This condition was that the removal of the remains must be effected at night time. The necessary condition was agreed to, and preparations made for the carrying out of the ghastly task.

The work of exhumation, removal and re-interment were entrusted to the contractor. The remains of either four or five bodies have been dealt with daily during the past fortnight, and up to Friday, 60 coffins and their contents had found their way to the cemetery at Fazakerley, where they have been interred five in a grave, in a remote corner of the Nonconformist portion of the burial ground.

The work in hand will probably be concluded by Wednesday, though as a matter of fact some difficulty is being experienced in finding any remains of the other bodies. It is stated on reliable authority that the exhumation and re-interment has really been little more that form, for the reason that in most cases there was found nothing in the shape of remains save, and except, perhaps the crown of a skull, or odd thigh bone. The remains placed in the 60 coffins have been chiefly a few shovelfuls of soil, the quicklime having done its work, surely enough.

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