St Helens snippets

St Helens snippets

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The Comb Shopbrow murder St Helens 1842

Colliery explosion Gerard's Bridge, Cowley Hill, St Helens, 1847

Explosion, Laffock Colliery, St Helens, 1849

Lancashire Hussars, including St Helens men, visit Southport 1850

Colliery explosion Haydock, No 18 pit, 1850

Fearful outrage on a woman at Haydock 1855

Lancashire Hussars, including St Helens men, visit Southport 1858

Sanitary conditions in St Helens, 1854

Boiler explosion, Greenbank Pottery, 1863

Dreadful omnibus accident St Helens 1867

The murder of Adam Mather at St Helens, 1867

Explosion, Garswood, Colliery, nr St Helens 1867

The murder of Phillis Heyes at St Helens, 1868

Prescot watchmakers and the "Truck System" 1871

The death of Joseph GREENHOUGH in Kirkdale Gaol 1877

Haydock colliery explosion 1878, 198 killed and injured

St Helens colliery accident 1879

St Helens deaths 1881

Explosion in a St Helens Colliery, January 1882

The death of Edward SMITH, St Helens Football Club, at West Leigh 1890

Fatalities St Helens, 1890

The murder of James GORDON, St Helens, police-constable, 1893

St Helens Fire Brigade condemned 1893

Suicide and attempted murder at St Helens, 1894

Fire, nr St Helens Eccleston Mill, destroyed, 1896

The death of Joseph GERRARD, St Helens Football Club, 1897

St Helens mystery death of Miss M'Levey 1897

The murder and outrage of Sarah FLAHERTY at St Helens, 1898

Boy Labour at St Helens 1899

Explosion at St Helens, 1899

St Helens drowning, mother charged with murder 1900

St Helens, Police, Cricket Club, 1900

Transfer of Licenses St Helens

Death of Sir David GAMBLE, Bart, K.C.B, Feb 1907

St Helen's tragedy 1913

Margaret HEYES of St Helens charged with child murder at Southport, 1924

Prize Bands 1930's, St Helens and surrounding districts

Boy's death playing at air raids, 1941
Medals and awards St Helens

Old St Helens pubs

Misc St Helens, crimes

Misc St Helens, deaths and inquests

Windleshaw Chantry MI'S , St Helens

Burials Independant Chapel, St Helens


BMD'S under Prescot district

St Helens / Newton-le-Willows cemetery burials and St Helens cremations

CWGC War dead, St Helens cemetery


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