Blue Birds Prize Jazz Band, St Helens

Prize Bands


Prize Bands

Carnival and Prize Jazz bands flourished in the 1930's in the Liverpool and St Helens area,

Some names


Formed at Windle Labour Club in 1929, disbanded 1931, a member James KENT [formed the Phoenix]

L M S Masked Jazz band,

leader Mr E. H. Flanagan, taken over by Alf LEA 1933, colours red, black and yellow, those of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Co.

Royal Crown


Billy Bartons, Blue Birds 1932

Blue Birds Prize Jazz Band, 1933,

led by Mr Albert PHILLIPS , whose family were prominent as members, Sidney and Harold PHILLIPS and Lilly Burke who fronted the band doing acrobatic dancing. They were the first band to win 1st prize and Silver cup at the LMS Rose Queen contest, the money raised went to help crippled children

A C, Jazz Band,

costumes, black, orange and white, paid for by Alfred CRITCHLEY, local Fishmonger, they advertised for him by carrying a banner, large fish on one side, on the other, "If it swims, Alf's got it".

West End

Prescot and District


formed by James KENT [from Windle]and Ernie HENDERSON, they were given instruments belonging to the deceased son of a Publican in Canal St, the band took the name of the public house, The Phoenix. Uniforms, black trousers and gold shirts with ruffles, sashes and red berets. They practised in a shed, but as the band grew used rooms in Kirkland St.[later the Harmoney Kings Runcorn] run by the Kent family


Manchester Ship Canal, Prize Jazz Band, formed at Runcorn of Ship Canal Co employees


Formed at Runcorn when the Manchester Ship Canal band broke up, they would use fireworks, and release a flock of racing pigeons.

Cresent, formed at Widnes

Woodend, formed at Widnes


Star Novelty Prize Jazz Band

leader Billy Foster, James Tobin Deputy, Jack Whitefield secretary, practised at the United Alkali buildings, formed February 1931, most of the original members unemployed Widnes men

Liverpool and Bootle

Bootle Imperial Masked Band,

formed June 1933.

Eureka silver Masqued band,

formed Bootle, June 1933, colours, silver and mauve with gold trimmings




St Georges

Dixie Blues

Rising Sun Jazz band,

from Everton, a large rising sun depicted on the back of each members blouse, they made great contributions to carnivals and fetes.

Lagunna Revellers,

Bootle band, formed mid 1930,s , they trained at the Chestnut Grove Dance Hall in Bootle, costumes reminiscent of the Mexican gaucho, with bells stitched to the wide bottom trousers, their signature tune, "Lily of Laguna"

Jubilee Jazz band,

formed 1935 by Mr HARTLEY


Belle Vue, Manchester

Sat Sept 30th 1933

Bands taking part.

1, Colenso Star, Brymbo, Wrexham

2, Perfex, St Helens

3, Whalley Rd, Northwich

4, A. C. , St Helens

5, Summerhill, Wrexham

6, Warrington Rd, Northwich

7, Pentre Broughton, Wrexham

8, Star Novelty, Widnes

9, Rainbow, Chester

10, Imperial Blues, Wrexham

11, Phoenix, St Helens

12, Dinkie, Oldham

13, Newton Social Club, Hyde

14, Gorse Hill, Stretford

15, New York Swells, Dukinfield

16, Jimmy Jossers, Dukinfield

17, Empress, Collyhurst

18, Lone Star, Earlestown

19, LMS Masked, St Helens

20, Billy Barton's Bluebirds, St Helens.

21, Pals, Collyhurst

22, Dixie Blues, Liverpool

23, Broadway Swells, Gorton

24, Rising Sun, Everton, Liverpool

25, Heyside Premier, Oldham

26, Liverpool 1st, Liverpool


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