St Helens Police Cricket Club 1900

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 26th, 1900

St Helen's Police Cricket Club

The members of the club have elected the following officers for the coming season ;- President Chief Constable WOOD, treasurer, Inspector ROPER, secretary, Police-constable James SINGLETON, captain, Police-constable James MERCER, sub-captain, Police-constable John FORSTER, committee, Sergeants, STRONG, OFFATT, SISSON, SMALL and STEWART, and Constables DOUGAN, MORRISON, MATHER, TOMLINSON, JACKSON and J. HALL. The club has lost the services of Constable SHAW, who took part in the Lancashire v, Yorkshire police county marches last season. SHAW was lance-sergeant in the 17th Dragoons and recently sailed for South Africa to serve with his regiment. Immediately on rejoining his regiment he was promoted to the rank of squadron sergeant-major.

November 10, 1900

St Helen's Police Cricket Club

At the annual meeting of the St Helen's Police Cricket Club held under the presidency of Chief-constable WOOD, prizes for the best batting and bowling averages during the past season were distributed as follows :-

Batting, 1st Constable HURST, 2nd Constable RIGBY

Bowling, 1st Constable FOSTER, 2nd Constable RIGBY

Chief-constable WOOD was re-elected president, Inspectors STEELE, GOODALL, HUNTER and ROPER, vice-presidents, Inspector ROPER, treasurer, Constable SINGLETON, secretary, Constable MERCER, captain and Constable FOSTER, sub-captain.

The committee was chosen as follows :- Inspector ROPER, Sergeants, SISSON, STRONG, SMALL STEWART and MOFFATT, Constables, MORRISON, JACKSON, TOMLINSON, ACKERS, DOUGAN, SINGLETON, J. HALL, ADAMS [12] and ADAMS [15]

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