St Helens medals and awards


Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 31 May 1906

At the St Helens Police Court yesterday Mr Edward FAIRCLOUGH, New Cross St, Mr Peter KAY, Harris St and Mr MAYLO, Hard Lane were presented with handsome silver mounted walking sticks in recognition of assistance they rendered to Police Constable JONES on the 11th, April.

Liverpool Echo, 18 August 1906

The medal of the Royal Humane Society is to be presented to a St. Helens girl, Frances Polding, aged fifteen, who went to the assistance of the police during attack on them some Militiamen

Manchester Guardian, Sept 29th 1906

Bravery awards at St Helens

Policeman saved by girl

The exceptional pluck of a 15 year old girl named Frances POLDING in helping the police has been publicly recognised at the St Helens Police Court. On August 11th, the girl saw a constable being brutally kicked by several men in Liverpool Rd. He was unconscious on the ground, and she rushed in and shielded him with her own body, and blew his whistle for assistance. But for her intervention, the Chief Constable told the magistrates, the constable would probably have been killed. Hearing ofd the case the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society awarded her a framed certificate and a silver medal, and the members of the St Helens police force subscribed for a silver watch and chain, which were given to her by the Mayor with many compliments. For assistance rendered on the same occasion the police presented silver mounted walking sticks to George HARRISON, butcher, and J. C. HODGSON, a furniture dealer, and there were other gifts for two women, Mrs GETHINS and Mrs TATLOCK.

The certificate of the Royal Humane Society signed by the Prince of Wales was granted to Constable FORSTER of the borough force, for a plucky attempt to save a boy named CONNOLLY from drowning in the canal. He was unsuccessful but for 20 minutes swam about searching in the mud at the bottom. FORSTER has been awarded three pounds by the Watch Committee.

Constable SMIRTHWAITE, who has been given the badge of merit by the Watch Committee, was presented with a gold albert subscribed for by the members of St Anns Bowling Club, for gallant conduct in tackling and arresting armed burglars on the club premises on August 29th. He was twice fired at with a revolver.

Liverpool Echo, 11th September 1915

St Helens hero jumped into foul pool after boy.

A brave man named Peter Littler, 80, Parr Stock-road, was honoured at St. Helens Police Court to-day by the presentation of the Royal Humane Society's medal and certificate for attempting to save the life of a boy. The Chief Constable said that LITTLER had already received a silver medal and certificate from the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society for having in September, 1908, descended into a well at Baxter's chemical works and rescued two men who had been overcome by poisonous fumes. In July last a boy aged nine, named Thomas SPENCER of 121 Chancery Lane fell into the reservoir at Baxter's works. The pool was very deep and the water impregnated with chemical waste, but LITTLER endeavoured until he became exhausted to find the boy, he was, however compelled to give up. The Chairman Mr B. B. GLOVER in presenting the medal, said it was pleasure to meet so brave a man, and they thanked him for his heroic conduct.

Liverpool Echo 20 September 1915

Plucky St Helens boy

A boy named Charles JERVIS of Derbyshire Hill Rd, was at St Helens Police Court today presented with the certificate of the Humane Society and 15s for rescuing a lad from drowning.

Superintendent DUNN said that on July 4th, James BRADSHAW, aged 8, fell into the canal and was in danger of drowning, when JERVIS plunged into the water and rescued him.

Liverpool Echo 05 November 1915

Reward for bravery

A monetary reward and the certificate of the Liverpool Humane Society were presented at the St Helens Police Court today to Mr Ralph W. WATKINS, Redgate, for rescuing a child from drowning in the canal, Superintendent DUNN said WATKINS acted with promptitude and courage notwithstanding that for some time he had been in poor health. On September 12th, he was asleep in his house, when his wife roused him with the news that a child had fallen into the water and was drowning. He immediately rushed out of the house and dived into the water saving the child. The Chairman Alderman FOOTE in handing over the rewards complimented WATKINS on his plucky action.

Liverpool Echo 13 July 1916

A gallant sergeant

St Helens man killed while helping comrade

Sergeant John SMALL, aged 25, of the Pals, who was reported wounded a few days ago, is now reported killed by a shell.

Sergeant SMALL whose father has had a long career in the St Helens Police force, was writing a field postcard for a man who was suffering from shell shock, when another shell killed both of them.

Sergeant SMALL was well known as an amateur entertainer.

24th July 1916,

A brave girl, child rescued from fire at St Helens

A certificate of the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society and postal order for 15s, was presented at St Helen's Police Court today to Edith PARR, aged 14, of 38 Higher Parr St for saving the life of her sister's child.

The Chief Constable said a fire occurred at the house of her sister, Mrs CRITCHLEY 11, Corporation St. The child had been put to sleep in bed upstairs, and while the fire was being put out the girl went upstairs through the dense smoke and brought the child down, undoubtedly saving its life. The girl's father T. PARR acknowledged the gift and complimented the brigade on their promptitude in dealing with the fire.

Liverpool Echo 24 August 1917

Bravery at St Helens rewarded

At St Helens Police Court today, the chairman Mr H. S. OPPENHEIM, distributed framed certificates and rewards of 15s each to Constable A. TRAIL, William HUNTER of 191 Park Rd, and Joseph JUMP OF 3 Rolling Mill Lane, for their efforts to rescue a boy from drowning, Frank FAIRCLOGH, aged 12.

The Chief Constable said although the constable had been seriously ill for some time, he ran half a mile to the place and dived into the reservoir at the Sutton Rolling Mill, and kept up his efforts until he was quite exhausted.

28th June 1918,

The bronze medal and certificate of the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society was presented at St Helen's Police Court today to Edward CHISNALL, aged 12, of 8 Hargreaves St, for rescuing from drowning Henry TRAVERS aged 12, who on May 20th, got into difficulties whilst bathing in a pool of water 9ft deep.

William BURROWS, aged 25, 50 Edge St was presented with an awards of 10s for saving the life of a boy named John TRACY, aged 6, of 65 Union St, who fell into a culvert on June 22nd.

Liverpool Echo, 7th March 1918

St Helens hero honoured

The Mayor of St Helens, Alderman BATES, yesterday at the meeting of the Town Council presented Sergeant WARING of the Cheshires [Bantams] with the Military Medal, Sergeant WARING is one of two soldier sons of Councillor R. WARING of Parr and was the first man from St Helens to enlist when the Bantams were formed. He was badly wounded twice, and from the courageous way he led his men in August last has been awarded the medal. Before joining the army Sergeant WARING had been awarded the Royal Humane Society medal and the Baden Powell medal for saving life.

Sergeant R. BRIDGE of the 15th Cheshires of 9 Francis St, Sutton, who accompanied Sergeant WARING has been awarded the Italian medal and was warmly complimented by the Mayor on his heroic conduct.

Liverpool Echo, 25th October 1918

Royal Humane Society awards.

Awards granted by the Royal Humane Society were distributed at St. Helens Police Court, to-day, to six men employed at the Sutton Heath and Lea Green Collieries. The Chief Constable said that silver medal and certificate had, been granted to Isaac KAY and bronze medals and certificates to Ellis Jones, James Ford, Richard Davies, Joseph Scragg, and William Davies for their efforts on May 23 last to rescue a fireman named Griffiths, who had been overcome by gas. Griffiths, after visiting some of the workmen entered a part, of the workings marked dangerous and was overcome. KAY went into the place and after endeavouring to bring out the man, collapsed and was over an hour in the gas but was rescued and recovered. GRIFFITHS was in the gas for some hours and was dead when brought out. All the men showed great pluck and perseverance in their rescue efforts and their conduct had been commended by the coroner, who had forwarded the circumstances to the Humane Society, with the result that they had granted the medals and certificates.

| 4th Nov 1918,

A bronze, medal and framed certificate and 10s was awarded by Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society at St Helen's Police Court today to Frank G. BRIGGS, 92 Harrison St aged 14 in recognition of his bravery in rescuing Alfred THOMPSON, aged 5, from a brook in September last. The child fell into the brook when flooded by heavy rain and was carried through a culvert under Gilloway St, and into sluices in the Queen's recreation ground, where BRIGGS dived in and rescued him.

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