Wagon Inn, New Cross St, closed Feb 1910

Green Dragon, Ormskirk St, closed 9th June 1913

Red Cat, Baldwin St, closed 15th July 1907

Same Place again, Baldwin St, closed Feb 1906

Stanley Arms, New Cross St

Wheatsheaf, Westfield St

Washington, North John St

Bull's Head, Lowe St

Rigby Arms, Rigby St, closed 15th, July 1907

Three Asses, Duke St, closed Feb 1908

Travellers Rest, Crab St.

Clare's Vaults, College St, closed Dec 1914

Cowley Hill Vaults, Cooper St,

Bay Horse, Parr St, closed Feb 1906

Brown Cow, Windle City, closed 10th Jan 1910

Brittania Vaults, Duke St, closed 27th Aug 1934

Anglers Rest , Back Lane, closed 22nd Dec 1910

Vine Tavern, Elephant Lane

York Hotel, Nutgrove Rd.

Bird-in-Hand, Prescot Rd

Eccleston Arms, Prescot Rd

Phoenix Inn, Canal St

George and Dragon, Bold St, closed 29th Dec 1911

New Inn, Liverpool Rd, closed 31st Dec 1929

Derby Arms, Liverpool Rd, closed

Star Hotel, Liverpool Rd, closed

Liverpool Inn, Liverpool Rd, closed

Crescent Hotel, Liverpool Rd, closed 1st May 1906

Brunswick Hotel, Glover St, closed

New Liverpool Arms, Liverpool Rd

Grapes Hotel, Liverpool Rd

Grapes Hotel, Westfield St

Ring'o'Bells, Westfield St, closed

Nags Head, Eccleston St

Golden Lion, Lyon St

Eagle Vaults, Liverpool Rd, closed

British Lion, Lugsmore Lane

Kings Head, Kirkland St,

Saddle Hotel, Westfield St, closed

Bridge Hotel, Liverpool Rd

Railyway Hotel, Scholes Lane

Grange Park Hotel, Prescot Rd

Oddfellows Arms, Parr Stocks Rd

Lord Nelson, Parr Stocks Rd

Bulls Head Fleet Lane

Royal Oak, Chancery Lane , closed 12th Aug 1939

Horse Shoe Inn, Derbyshire Hill Rd

Church Hotel, Broad Oak Rd

Engine Inn, Newton Rd

Druids Arms, Ashcroft St, closed Nov 6th 1970

Ship Inn, Blackbrook Rd

Princess Hotel, Park Rd

Primrose Vaults, Park Rd

Black Horse, Park Rd

Parr Vaults, Park Rd, closed July 1970

Fingerpost Hotel, Park Rd

Albion Vaults, Higher Parr St

Queens Arms, Higher Parr St

Royal Arms, Traverse St, closed Aug 1968 or 65

Lion Hotel, Higher Parr St, closed Aug 1968 or 65

Grape Vaults, Atlas St, closed 3rd Jul 1933

Lorne Hotel, Parr St

Albion Hotel, Parr St, closed 13th Aug 1932

Baths Hotel, Warrington New Rd, closed 15th Jul 1907

Nancy Hotel, Pocket Nook St, closed 15th Jul 1907

Nelson Hotel, Bridge St

Market Hotel, Bridge St

Red Lion, Bridge St, closed 26. 8. 24

Canal Vaults, Canal St

Bryan Buru, Sandfield Cresent, closed1906

St Patrick, Liverpool Rd, closed 21st Jan 1908

Red White and Blue, Westfield St, closed 12th Aug 1950

Black Horse, Eccleston St, closed 31st Dec 1926

Hare and Hounds, Eccleston St

Cricketers Arms, Peter St

New Church Tavern, Peter St, closed

Bears Paw, Westfield St, closed 12th Aug 1950

Flying Dutchman, Westfield St, closed 21st March 1910

Young Prince, Westfield St, closed 29th Apr 1950

Quiet Woman, Heath St, closed 30th Dec 1912

Springfield Hotel, Thatto Heath Rd

Hen and chickens, Chancery Lane, Rebuilt

Blue Bells, Broad Oak Rd, closed 19th June 1934

Railway Inn, Fleet Lane

White Lion, Fleet Lane, closed 29th Dec 1913

Cherry Tree, Fleet Lane, Rebuilt 1916

Moss Rose, Fleet Lane, closed Jul 1916

Royal Oak, Merton Bank Rd, closed 31st Mar 1923

Mill Brook, Park Rd, closed 25th June 1937

Half Mile Park Rd, closed 19th Jul 1937

White Rose, Park Rd, closed 4th May 1939

Horse Shoe, Higher Parr St, closed Aug 1968

Park Road Inne, Park Rd, closed 9th Aug 1921

Royal Oak, Higher Parr St, closed 19th Nov 1938

Hand and Heart, Traverse St, closed 1968

New Church Tavern, Ashcroft St, closed

Hero Inn, Ashcroft St, closed 25th Jul 1911

Star and Crown, Farnworth St, closed 18th Dec 1907

Furnacemans Arms, Pocket Nook St

Legs Of Man, Barber St, closed 1906

Red Lion, Vernon St

Coppersmitns Arms, Watery Lane

Boilermakers Arms, Houghton Rd

Plough Inn, Houghton Rd, closed Sept 1912

Rolling Mill Tavern, Watery Lane

Bee Hive, Berry Lane

Farmers Arms, Bold Rd

Junction Inn, Junction Lane

Engine and Tender, Reginald Rd , closed 6th Mar 1938

Chester Lane Tavern, Chester Lane, closed 16th Jul 1919

Crown Inn Tavern, Clock Face Rd, closed Dec 1930

Crystal Palace, Waterdale Cresent, closed 12th Jan 1935

Swan Inn, Baxters Lane, closed 1910

Robin Hood, Crossley Rd, closed 9th Dec 1913

Brittania Vaults, Crossley Rd, closed 8th Dec 1913

Brown Edge Vaults, Nutgrove Rd.

Ell Bass Vaults, Sherdley Rd closed 8th Mar 1932

Pig and Whistle, Sherdley Rd.

Red Rat, Ellamsbridge Rd, 29th Jan 1927

Soldier, Peasley Cross Lane, closed 1906

Alma Vaults, Peasley Cross Lane, closed 11th Feb 1922

Crown Inn, Peasley Cross Lane, closed 13th Jan 1917

Black Horse, Greenhough St, closed 1908

Bridge Inn, Sutton Rd, closed 10th Aug 1929

Greyhound Inn, College St, closed 8th Jul 1916

Hen and Chickens, Peel St, closed 12th Jan 1935

Telegraph Vaults, Salisbury St, closed Feb 1906

Market Gate, Market St, closed Feb 1906

Robin Hood, Tontine St, closed

White Horse, Naylor St, closed 30th Dec 1912

Horse Shoe, Water St, closed Dec 1914

George Inn, Water St

Locomotive Inn, Peckers Hill Rd,

Victoria Vaults, Ellamsbridge Rd

Bowling Green, Watery Lane

Alexandra Hotel, Fisher St, closed 7th, March 1932

Bowling Green, Robins Lane

Manor Arms, Sutton Rd.

Alexandra Vaults, Crossley Rd

Stanley Inn, Peasley Cross Lane, closed 7th March 1932

Hope and Anchor, City Rd

Nags Head, Church St

Black Bull. Knowsley Rd

Fleece Hotel Church St, says closed Church St , 5th Feb 1935

White Lion, Church St, closed 17th Oct 1927

White Hart, Church St

Black Bull, Church St

Van Tromp, Church St, closed 30th Dec 1922

Cuerdley Arms, Church St, demolished Dec 1970

Raven Hotel, Church St

British Lion, Church St, closed 9th March 1931

Ship Inn, Church St, Closed 5th Feb 1934

Railway Hotel, Shaw St

Royal Alfred, Shaw St

Swan Inn, Corporation St

Original Vaults, Market St, closed 10th Dec 1919

Rising Sun, East St, closed 16th July 1919

Royal Standard, Naylor St

New Market Inn, Naylor St, closed 21st Jan 1908

Victoria Hotel, Market St, closed 1971

Globe Inn, Hardshaw St, closed 28th Feb 1927 [Ormskirk St]

Churn Inn, Tontine St, closed 12th Jan 1935

Wellington Hotel, Naylor St, closed Feb 1970

Norton Arms, East St, closed 24th Sept 1939

Running Horses, Liverpool Rd, closed

Teachers Hotel, Westfield St

Royal Hotel, Westfield St

Moss Rose, Brook St, closed

Prince of Wales, Ormskirk St

Sefton Arms

Scarisbrick Arms, Duke St

Rope and Anchor, Ormskirk St

Duke of Cambridge, Duke St

Rifle Corps, Duke St

Volunteer Inn, Mill St

Lamb Hotel, College St

Talbot Hotel, Duke St

Mill Stone, College St, closed 28th Aug 1926

Griffin Inn, College St, closed 1 Aug 1970

Cotham Arms, Cotham St

Angel Inn, Barrow St

Park Hotel, North Rd

Turks Head, Cooper St

White Horse, College St, closed

Clarendon Hotel, College St,

White Lion, College St, closed 7th Jan 1910

Lord Nelson, College St, closed 1971

Exchange Vaults, Cooper St

Union Vaults, Oldfield St, closed 1971

Union Hotel Hall St

Clarence Hotel, Duke St, closed 25th Sept 1939

George Hotel, George St

Hare and Hounds, Liverpool Rd, closed 2nd Dec 1914

Spirit Vaults, Market St

Lingholme Hotel, Dentons Green Lane

Gerard Arms Hotel, Dentons Green Lane

Abbey Hotel, Hard Lane

York Hotel, Park Rd, closed 9th Mar 1931

Gray Horse, Park Rd, closed 26th Feb 1938

Star Inn, Merton Bank Rd

Dog and Rabbit, Ashcroft St, closed 21st Jan 1911

Victoria Vaults, Pocket Nook St

Ramford Hotel, Ramford St

Elephant Inn, Elephant Lane

Boars Head, Eltonhead Rd

Hawk and Buck, Peasley Cross Lane, closed

New Vaults, Peasley Cross Lane

Griffin Inn, Peasley Cross Lane

Queens Head, Worsley Brow, closed 10th March 1931

Railway Inn, Worsley Brow, closed 18th Jan 1935

Imperial Inn, Sutton Rd

Glassmakers Arms, Waterdale Cresent

Red Lion, Robins Lane

Bull and Dog, Clock Face Rd

Mill House, Mill Lane

Golden Cross, Woodcock St

Boundary Vaults, Bold Rd

Prince of Wales, Junction Lane

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Mill Lane

Vulcan Inn, Peckers Hill Rd

Blind Ass, Laffak Rd, Carr Mill, closed 1925



Brian Cook, St Helens

Re the list of old pubs in St Helens The Hare & Hounds, Eccleston Street closed 23rd August 1977. It was the last "Beer House" in St Helens (Not being licensed for wines & Spirits.) I was the last licensee


The Lamb Hotel on Corporation Street is Olde England and has been since 2009. I am licensee there and it is a totally free of tie house now, family owned and ran, regards, Julia

Transfer of Licenses St Helens