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Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  AINSWORTH Mona Stapleton 25/July/1912 1day Archway Rd, Roby
  ANDERTON Jane 29/Oct/1907 51 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  ALDRICH Annie 12/Nov/1904 84 Poplar Bank, Huyton
  ALLISON Sarah Elizabeth 25/Sept/1917 73 29 Church St, Southport
  APPLEYARD John 11/Aug/1906 83 3 Childers St, Old Swan
  APPLEYARD Mary Ann 29/Nov/1902 79 West Derby
  ARNOLD Richard 7/Mar/1917 63 Workhouse Infirmary, Whiston
  ASHTON John 13/Feb/1902 49 Fir Tree House, Crank
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  BALL Thomas 19/May/1914 76 16 Milroy St, Liverpool
  BANNER Georgiana Archbold 21/Apr/1900 78 Blacklow House, Roby
  BARBER William 29/Nov/1901 52 Woodhey, Higher Bebington
  BARKER Alice 13/Aug/1918 83 Dinas Lane, Roby
  BARKER Ann 10/July/1918 67 Ivy Lea, Roby
  BARKER Henry 12/Dec/1903 56 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  BARR Agnes 16/Dec/1915 83 Pinnington Place, Huyton
  BARR Walter 29/Dec/1904 79 Huyton
  BEATTIE David 24/Apr/1901 14 Elin Lodge Seaforth
  BELLIS Ellen 12/Sept/1908 79 Junction Cottages, Huyton
  BELLIS John 30/Mar/1908 76 Junction Cottages, Huyton
  BENNETT Charles Frederick 16/Jan/1900 48 12 Verulam St, Liverpool
  BIDDULPH Ann Elizabeth 21/Jan/1915 53 55 Rowson St, Wallasey
  BIDDULPH Harriet Mabel 29/Oct/1907 24 Sandfield, Roby
  BILSBARROW George 3/Mar/1913 52 Heathfield, Dinahs Lane, Roby
  BLACK Florence 1/Feb/1905 34 6 Stanley St, West Derby
  BLACK William 22/Jan/1904 57 6 Stanley St, Fairfield
  BLADES Robert William 19/Apr/1916 57 Lathom Holme, Dinas Lane, Roby
  BLURING Eliza 2/Feb/1914 93 The Hollies, Roby
  BRADLEY John Edward 21/Dec/1911 41 Roby Hall Lodge, Roby
  BRENNAM Richard 1/Dec/1904 42 Huyton
  BRIDGE Bessie 26/Apr/1906 2 Horn�s Smithy, Roby
  BROWN Peter John Manley 21/June/1901 59 Huyton
  BROWN William 7/Jan/1911 81 Carl Villa, Roby
  BROWNBILL John Percy 30/Mar/1918 1mth 65 Warrington Rd, Prescot
  BULFIELD Jane 2/Aug/1900 85 95 Soho St, Liverpool
  BURTON Hilda Marguerite 17/Dec/1909 30 Wenffrwd, Llangollen
  BURTON William 23/Oct/1900 64 Page Moss, Roby
  BUSHELL Infant daughter of Mrs 9/Mar/1910 7hours Sandfield Cottages, Roby
  BUSHELL Arthur 23/Aug/1906 12mths 59 Beaconsfield St, Prescot
  BUSHELL George 22/Mar/1904 43 Roby
  BUSHELL James 30/Jan/1911 63 Whiston Workhouse
  BUSHELL Robert 16/Jan/1904 59 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  BUSHELL Robert 6/June/1904 24 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  CAPSTICK Charles Frederick 15/Mar/1902 5mths Stanley Terrace, Roby
  CAREY Ann 11/Apr/1906 50 The Old Hall, Roby
  CARR James 26/Dec/1905 70 Halton, nr Lancaster
  CASEY Jane 17/Dec/1917 70 28 Borrowdale Rd, Liverpool
  CHOWN Sidney William 22/June/1905 43 Rupert Rd, Huyton
  CLAWSON Ann Elizabeth 18/May/1914 55 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  CLAWSON Thomas 8/Apr/1915 60 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  CLAYTON-GREENE Annie 9/Dec/1914 66 32 Devonshire Place, London
  COLESHILL Leonard 5/Oct/1901 3 Roby
  COOKSON Martha 11/Aug/1914 61 Rose Cottage, Roby
  CORKHILL William 30/June/1916 65 Lyndhurst, Roby
  CORLETT Ernest Leslie 27/June/1903 14days Church Rd, Roby
  CRESSWELL Alice 22/June/1901 80 St Helens
  CRITCHLEY Anne 19/June/1914 50 5 Bell St, Old Swan, Liverpool
  CROMPTON Thomas 11/May/1908 55 12 Warnerville Rd, Broadgreen
  CROOK Mary Ann 4/May/1918 66 Drumhuge? House, Knowsley
  CUBITT Florence May 12/Dec/1905 7mths Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  DANDY Albert 29/Apr/1911 39 115 St James St, Liverpool
  DAVIES Ellen 21/Mar/1910 95 22 Ridley St
  DAVIES Frederick Victor 17/Aug/1901 7mths Roby
  DAVIES Matilda 7/Jan/1915 76 Prestbury, Raby Dr,, Raby, Cheshire
  DAVIES Richard 10/Dec/1900 20 Ditton
  DICKENSON Jane 17/June/1910 68 40 Chester Rd, Tuebrook
  DILWORTH Ellen 20/Oct/1908 74 Stockbridge Lane, Roby, died Whiston Workhouse
  DILWORTH Henry 16/Mar/1903 73 Roby
  DILWORTH Thomas 9/Dec/1916 59 Horns Smithy, Roby
  DOBELL Elizabeth Annie 24/Jan/1916 56 Rooley Grange, Huyton
  DOBELL Percy 7/Jan/1903 38 Formby
  DOBELL Thomas 8/July/1903 74 Rooley Grange, Huyton
  DOYLE Jane Ethel May 6/July/1914 42 Page Moss, Roby
  DOYLE Kathleen du Bedal 12/Aug/1910 8 Page Moss, Roby
  DRAWBRIDGE Amelia Katherine 16/Feb/1910 68 Labernum Villa, Church Rd, Roby
  DRAWBRIDGE Charles Arthur 8/June/1915 62 Church Rd, Roby
  DUNSFORD Alfred Boyce 26/July/1915 65 Tiverton, Knotty Ash
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  ECCLES Alexander 15/Aug/1906 72 Oakhill, Roby
  EDGECOMBE Fanny Maria 22/Aug/1905 69 Winkleigh, Blundellsands
  EDWARDS Elizabeth 21/Jan/1918 77 16 Eaton Rd, Chester
  ELSWORTHY Arthur Trevor 30/Sept/1911 22 Court Hey Lodge, Roby
  EVANS Anne 12/Mar/1913 69 Belmont, Wilton, Taunton
  EVANS Charles Wesley 3/May/1910 63 125 Moscow Dr, Stoneycroft, Liverpool
  EVANS Elizabeth 7/Oct/1911 70 Church Rd, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  FODEM Hannah Maria 12/May/1900 66 14 Stanley St, West Derby
  FORSHAW Eliza 25/Sept/1900 23 Roby
  FORSHAW George Vincent 24/June/1912 3 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  FORSHAW John 18/April/1912 77 Roby Rd, Roby
  FORSHAW John 1/July/1914 61 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  FORSHAW Sarah Elizabeth 5/June/1914 39 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  FOSTER Henry 17/Jan/1907 32 Knotty Ash
  FOSTER Thomas Clare 28/Dec/1905 12mths Dinahs Lane, Roby
  FOSTER Thomas 17/Nov/1902 71 77 Prescot Rd, West Derby
  FOSTER William Hornby 23/Dec/1901 5weeks Liverpool Rd, Roby
  FOULGOR Edward Wade 24/Sept/1908 12 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  FRANCIS Nellie 3/Aug/1915 32 Broomfield, Broadgreen
  FRANCIS Stephen 18/Apr/1917 70 Broomfield, Broadgreen
  FRASER Adam 21/Nov/1903 59 Prescot
  FURSE Frederick 3/Jul/1900 41 Walton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  GALLOWAY Elizabeth 22/Jan/1903 81 Roby
  GALLOWAY Frederick 24/Feb/1913 84 The Bays, Roby
  GANDY Mary Lilian 24/Aug/1914 10 Stockbridge Lane, Roby
  GILL Ernest 2/July/1904 1day The Ards, Dinahs Lane, Roby
  GOOLD Doris Grace 13/Feb/1900 18mths Roby
  GORE Henry 28/Aug/1906 52 Blacklow Brow, Roby
  GORE Richard 14/Oct/1908 67 Mab Lane, West Derby
  GRAHAM Elizabeth 13/Dec/1916 75 Tithebarn Farm, Knowsley
  GRAHAM Ruth May 30/July/1904 2 17 Saxony Rd, Liverpool
  GRIFFITHS Alan Morrill 9/Oct/1905 6 Holly Bank, Roby
  GRIFFITHS Doris Elaine 30/Apr/1906 4mths Holly Bank, Roby
  GRIFFITHS Dorothy 9/Dec/1916 13 1 Rupert Rd, Huyton
  GRIFFITHS Edward 6/Feb/1900 64 Roby
  GRIFFITHS Emma 30-/June/1910 72 Broadgreen Rd, Roby
  GRIFFITHS George Stuart 4/June/1918 35 Ivy Cottage, Church Rd, Roby
  GRIFFITHS Isaac 29/June/1916 36 Broadgreen Rd, Roby
  GRIFFITHS William Wheeler 14/Apr/1906 60 136 Seaview Rd, Liscard
  GROCOTT Gilbert 26/Nov/1908 31 50 Derby Lane, Liverpool
  GROTTY Catherine 24/Mar/1914 60 Woodside Cottage, Aspley Guise, Beds
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  HALL Henry 1/Apr/1903 62 3 Argyle Rd, Walton
  HALL Thomas James 6/Feb/1918 46 5 Sandheys Terrace, Waterloo
  HAMPSHIRE Louisa 2/July/1901 78 28 Princes Rd, Liverpool
  HARDSTAFF George 14/May/1907 77 Twig Lane, Roby
  HARDSTAFF Mary Helen 5/Oct/1916 69 18 The Alms Houses, Prescot
  HARRISON Elisa 20/Nov/1903 54 Archway Roby
  HARRISON Ralph Hamner 6/Jan/1915 14mths 7 Rupert Rd, Huyton
  HARRISON William Frank 4/Feb/1910 13mths 23 Bryanston Rd
  HAWKSWORTH Eliza 11/Sept/1910 63 14 Nuttall St, Liverpool
  HAYES Henry 13/Aug/1918 65 Broadfield, Roby
  HAYWARD Edmund 27/Jan/1900 66 St Helens
  HAYWARD George Moss 26/Apr/1905 47 Stoneycroft, Liverpool
  HESKETH Mary 3/Feb/1914 2 Edenhurst Cottages, Roby
  HIVEY Margaret Cecil 18/Nov/1900 2 Roby
  HODGE Sarah Marion 12/May/1903 60 Tarbock Rd, Huyton
  HOLLAND Alice 20/Apr/1914 55 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  HOLLAND Charles 19/July/1902 4mths Dinahs Lane, Roby
  HOLLAND Ellen 16/Feb/1914 75 Liverpool Rd, Huyton
  HOLLAND Johnson 7/Nov/1908 55 Broadgreen Rd, Roby
  HOLLAND Thomas 13/Apr/1915 50 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  HOLLAND William 29/Feb/1912 76 Liverpool Rd, Huyton
  HOLLAND William 27/July/1912 36 Stanley Terrace, Roby
  HORNBY Henry Hugh 7/June/1913 81 Beechwood, Grassendale
  HORNBY Philip Dyson 18/Jan/1906 38 Beechwood, Aigburth
  HUGHES Edward 23/Jan/1917 62 Workhouse, Whiston
  HUGHES Hannah 2/June/1910 66 Stanley Terrace, Roby
  HUGHES John 28/Jan/1914 69 10 Connaught Rd, Preston
  HUNT Henry Fitzmaurice Hunt Phillips 7/June/1917 54 Standish, Huyton
  HUNTER Sarah 1/Dec/1908 66 Dinahs Lane, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  IRVING Mary Louise 27/Nov/1915 54 35 Newstead Rd, Liverpool
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  JACKSON Ailsa J. 8/Dec/1909 14 2 Brick Grove, Queens Dr, Liverpool
  JACKSON Thomas 31/Dec/1917 61 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  JACKSON William 26/Mar/1914 66 2 Breck Grove
  JOHNSON Alice 8/July/1910 76 Naylors Rd, Little Woolton
  JOHNSON Frederick 2/Dec/1908 36 Olton St, Wavertree
  JOHNSON George Robert 22/Dec/1915 48 40 Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash
  JOHNSON James Alfred 1/Apr/1911 1st identified as unknown, 37 Wife�s address, 26 Ellenay Rd, Irlam, Manchester
  JOHNSON Mary Jane 20/May/1908 63 Blacklow Brow, Huyton
  JOHNSON Richard William 10/May/1918 79 Naylors Rd, Little Woolton
  JOHNSON Sidney 25/May/1914 6mths 17 Birch Rd, Huyton
  JONES Catherine M 25/Apr/1903 39 64 Ullswater St, Liverpool
  JOWETT Annie Elizabeth 5/Oct/1917 55 Blanefield, Warren Rd, Blundellsands
  JOWETT Frederic Arthur 9/Jan/1912 52 Ivy Bank, Huyton
  JUMP Mary 12/Aug/1901 7mths Lurdens Lane, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  KEATINGE Eva Augusta 2/Nov/1911 60 Richmond, Church Rd, Roby
  KENDALL Mary Ellen 1/Mar/1910 52 Springfields, Park Rd, Huyton
  KIRKHAM Martha 19/Mar/1904 75 Aigburth
  KIRKHAM Robert 30/Mar/1918 44 Workhouse Hospital, Whiston
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  LAMB John 11/Apr/1918 77 100 Belmont Rd, Liverpool
  LAMB Mary 19/Feb/1912 65 100 Belmont Rd
  LANGLANDS Elizabeth 4/Jan/1913 52 19 Cowper Rd, Old Swan
  LAWSON Annie Louisa 25/Mar/1902 17 Roby
  LAWSON Selina Phoebe Harriet 26/Mar/1908 52 Church Rd, Roby
  LEA Isabella McLaren 23/Jan/1908 59 Linwood, Mossley Hill
  LEVER Harry Sedgwick 12/Oct/1906 50 Ash Lea, Broadgreen
  LEVERTON Edwin Charles 4/Aug/1909 64 Garthfield, Roby
  LEVERTON Herbert 6/June/1918 52 Thornton Leigh, Huyton
  LIDERTH Annie 19/May/1911 11mths Stockbridge Lane, Huyton
  LIDERTH Elizabeth 12/Dec/1903 73 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  LIDERTH Emily 27/Dec/1900 8 Thingwall, Roby
  LIDERTH John 4/Aug/1902 4 Stockbridge Lane, Roby
  LIDERTH John James 16/Jan/1913 2 Children�s Infirmary, Liverpool
  LIDERTH Joshua 2/Apr/1910 60 Liverpool Rd, Huyton
  LIDSTONE Nicholas John 13/Apr/1910 66 Archway Rd, Roby
  LIDSTONE Laura 22/Jan/1918 40 Sunnyfield, Roby
  LIGHTFOOT Emmanuel 11/Oct/1900 78 Roby
  LOWE Thomas 18/Nov/1902 1mth Dinahs Lane, Roby
  LUCAS Hannah 7/Apr/1915 83 64 Tennyson St, Bootle, Liverpool
  LUCAS William 15/Sept/1902 69 Workhouse, Whiston
  LUNT George 8/Mar/1902 2 33 Belfast Rd, Old Swan
  LUNT Henry 7/Apr/1915 53 4 Stanley, Terrace, Roby
  LUNT Jessie Howarth 28/Sept/1901 8mths Roby
  LUSH Beryl Blanche 16/Aug/1900 4 Clipston, Northampton
  LYON Agnes 1/Feb/1900 78 20 Heathcott St, Liverpool
  LYON Ann 3/Mar/1917 73 Dinas Lane
  LYON Henry 4/Mar/1918 72 Dinas Lane, Roby
  LYON James Hubert Prescott 26/Feb/1918 9mths Dinas Lane, Roby
  LYON William 16/Nov/1911 91 Woolfall Heath Farm, Huyton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  MACKAY Julia 28/Sept/1911 82 Prestbury, Church Rd, Roby
  MACKENZIE James 31/Dec/1915 52 The County Asylum, St Helens
  MACRORY Kathleen 20/Sept/1910 13days West View, Roby
  MARTLEW Sarah 28/Aug/1908 61 Laudfield Cottage, Roby
  MASON Alice Freda 18/May/1901 3weeks Wheathill, Roby
  MASON Margaret 26/Dec/1912 77 Eccleston Lane Ends, St Helens
  MASON Marjorie Newton 19/Apr/1913 3mths 7 New Rd, Eccleston
  MASON Mary 30/Jan/1908 68 Tarbock Rd, Roby
  MASON Thomas 27/June/1917 69 59 Charles St, St Helens
  MASSEY Frederick Walter Wood 5/Feb/1907 46 5 Victoria Rd, Waterloo
  MASSEY Lilian Baxter 28/June/1902 40 Waterloo
  MASSEY Reginald Wood 26/May/1906 16 Waterloo
  MC BIRNIE Harold Seawright 13/Oct/1909 28 died at, Queens Hotel, Southend-on-Sea
  MC HELVIE Norman David 6/June/1901 10weeks Roby
  MC STAY Jane 19/Nov/1909 83 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  MC STAY William 2/Jan/1911 84 Fern Cottage, Dinahs Lane, Roby
  MEE Caroline 20/Feb/1904 66 School House, Roby
  MEREDITH George 19/Jan/1914 2 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  MILLER William 25/June/1909 76 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  MILLS Charles Branson 10/Jan/1903 41 Haydock
  MOLYNEUX Daniel Webster 15/May/1906 46 Sandheys, Page Moss
  MORRIS David Frederick 20/Oct/1914 22 62 McDonald St, Wavertree
  MORTEN Frederick Pelham 5/Mar/1902 8mths Rosevale, Knotty Ash
  MORTEN infant daughter of Sidney Pelham 9/Jan/1903 2 and half hrs Rosevale, Knotty Ash
  MOSS Susannah 7/Sept/1900 76 Roby
  MOSS William 23/Sept/1908 57 Dinahs Lane, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  NAYLOR Henry Benjamin 26/Mar/1910 11 2 Fearnside St, Liverpool
  NAYLOR David 6/Dec/1904 43 Grove Hotel, Edge Hill
  NEIL Ruth 26/Dec/1907 21 13 Cropvale Rd, Huyton
  NICHOLSON John 19/Jan/1903 81 23 Blair St, Liverpool
  NOCETTI Elizabeth 22/Mar/1916 33 15 Channell Rd, Sheil Rd, West Derby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  OLDHAM William John Henry 10/Nov/1911 70 Grant Rd, Knotty Ash
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  PARKER Dick 22/July/1902 22mths Dinahs Lane, Roby
  PARKER Eleanor 16/Dec/1905 43 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  PARKER Mary 18/Dec/1903 67 The Summit, Liscard
  PARKER Mona 30/Apr/1907 9 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  PARKER Sarah 16/Nov/1908 55 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  PARR Eliza 30/Mar/1916 53 Page Moss Cottage, Roby
  PARRINGTON Anna 26/May/1915 70 Roby Mount Roby
  PARRINGTON Frank Harding 9/Oct/1907 30 Inglenook, Bromborough, Cheshire
  PARRINGTON John 8/May/1903 69 Roby Mount, Roby
  PATTEN Charles 22/Sept/1900 55 Roby
  PATTEN Ellen 14/Jan/1914 76 Stanley Terrace, Roby
  PATTEN Robert 9/Oct/1917 67 Liverpool Rd, Huyton
  PATTEN William 26/Mar/1904 47 Roby
  PEDDER Jane 8/Mar/1913 71 58 Coltart Rd, Liverpool
  PENDLETON Jane 28/Aug/1900 78 Roby
  PENDLETON Kathleen Segar 5/Mar/1912 4 3 Oakhill Rd, Old Swan
  PEMBERTON James 1/Mar/1913 88 Dinahs Lane, Roby
  PIKE Richard Wood 19/Dec/1914 43 13 Sugnall St, Liverpool
  PINNINGTON Catherine 5/Nov/1917 83 Roby Rd, Roby
  PINNINGTON Ellen 5/Nov/1901 78 Twig Lane Farm, Roby
  PINNINGTON Harriet 23/Jan/1913 49 Holt Lane, Gateacre
  PINNINGTON John 16/Nov/1914 73 Rose Cottage, Roby
  PIPER Emily 28/Oct/1912 30 Adcote, Knotty Ash
  POWELL James Richard 1/Nov/1909 52 Stockbridge Lane, Huyton
  PRESCOTT Elizabeth 22/Nov/1905 64 Horn's Smithy
  PRESCOTT James 1/Sept/1917 76 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  PROCTOR Mary 20/Mar/1911 42 Halton Green, Halton, nr Lancaster
  PYE Thomas William 26/May/1915 36 Holly Grove Farm
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  RADLEY Lucy 15/Aug/1901 9mths Roby
  RADLEY Robert 26/Mar/1910 78 11 Stanley Terrace, Roby
  RATCLIFFE Eliza 10/Oct/1906 50 Derby Rd, Huyton
  RAYNER Elizabeth 23/Sept/1912 87 20 Oakdale Rd, Waterloo
  REDDINGTON Sarah Jane 3/Nov/1900 30 West Derby
  REDFORD Mary 22/Sept/1909 60 58 Crosby Green, West Derby
  REED Hester 29/Mar/1913 67 Stanley Cottage, Roby
  REID Elizabeth 29/Apr/1914 74 13 Dale St, Leamington
  REYNOLDS Winifred Mary 15/Dec1915 3mths Stockbridge Lane, Roby
  RICHARDS James Hockins 17/Mar/1911 67 Victoria Ave, Broadgreen
  RICK Louisa, ?, 22/Sept/1911 77 37 Ponsonby St, Liverpool
  RICKS John Saunderson 20/Feb/1901 6weeks Roby
  RIGBY Walter Ashton 10/Oct/1905 55 Staines Rd, Twickenham
  RIGG Mary 1/July/1908 48 2a Dinorevie Rd, Liverpool
  RIMMER Elizabeth 10/Mar/1914 72 Pilch Lane, Roby
  RIMMER Frank 24/Apr/1905 7mths Aigburth
  ROBERTS Caroline 23/June/1904 55 1 Out Lane, Much Woolton
  ROBERTS Eleanor 3/Dec/1903 44 88 Lime St, Wigan
  ROBERTS Jane 3/Mar/1901 57 49 Chatham St, Liverpool
  ROBERTS William Earle 27/Dec/1902 67 Colwyn Bay
  ROTHERHAM Emma 9/Dec/1916 51 Dinas Lane, Roby
  ROYDEN Mary Elizabeth 3/Jan/1907 73 High Carrs, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  SAUNDERS James 26/Mar/1902 48 Sunnyside, Moffat
  SAVAGE Eliza 4/Feb/1901 76 Huyton
  SAVAGE John Maxwell 18/Jan/1906 74 11 Borrowdale Rd, Liverpool
  SEPHTON Annie 4/Aug/1909 70 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  SEPHTON William James 15/Mar/1902 31 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  SEPHTON William 18/May/1909 72 Liverpool Rd, Roby
  SIMM Elizabeth Annie 4/May/1911 79 Fernleigh, Roby
  SMITH Alexander Mackenzie 6/Apr/1906 77 Bolton Hey, Roby
  SMITH Anthony Clifford 1/Nov/1916 38 Hilltop, Heswall
  SMITH Emma Ann 20/Dec/1907 72 Beechfield, Roby
  SPEED Edward 19/Dec/1917 62 Rogberg, Roby
  SPEED Elizabeth Anne 12/Sept/1903 74 Kensington, Liverpool
  SPEED Ernest Alfred 31/Oct/1901 2mths West Derby
  SPENCER Hannah 26/Jan/1911 79 Whiston Workhouse
  SPENCER James 24/May/1915 58 48 Russell Rd, Garston
  STEEL Agnes Sophia 14/Apr/1903 58 16 Abercromby Square, Liverpool
  STEPHENS Frederick Wade 13/Mar/1903 40 Roby
  STEPHENS Thomas Wade 30/Sept/1901 79 Roby
  STEPHENS Thomas Wade 19/Jan/1917 65 45 Portelet Rd, Green Lane, Stoneycroft
  STRANGEWAY Arthur Thomas 12/July/1904 5days Tarbock Rd, Roby
  STRANGEWAY Ernest 12/Jan/1914 44 4 Montague Rd, Old Swan
  STRANGEWAY Harold Stanley 12/Apr/1905 4 Tarbock Rd, Roby
  STRANGEWAY Robert Ernest 3/Mar/1901 13mths Roby
  STRANGEWAY Sarah Hannah 3/Aug/1918 12 14 Montague Rd, Old Swan. Liverpool
  STRONGWARD Emma 11/Sept/1917 60 St Clare, Sandfield Park, West Derby
  SUTTON Annie 12/Mar/1903 88 Littlewood, Roby
  SUTTON Catherine Mary 4/Nov/1913 90 Littlewood, Roby
  SUTTON John Beighton 28/June/1917 80 Tarbock Rd, Huyton
  SYKES Clara 29/May/1918 49 14 Lister Rd, Liverpool
  SYLVESTER Harriet Eliza 30/Oct/1917 60 The Vicarage, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  TAYLOR Doris Sybil 12/Sept/1905 9mths The Poplars, Roby
  TAYLOR Margaret Edna 20/Aug/1915 20mths Dinahs Lane, Roby
  TAYLOR Violet Mary 12/Dec/1900 3 Poplars, Roby
  THOMPSON Amos 7/Mar/1901 71 4 Montpelier Terrace, Liverpool
  THOMPSON Ann 26/Oct/1914 87 18 Bretherton Rd, Whiston
  THOMPSON Margaret 19/Oct/1915 81 Broadgreen Rd, Roby
  TINNEY Lily 8/June/1904 18 Adcote Laundry Home, Roby
  TIVETON Elizabeth Watson 4/July/1902 73 Huyton
  TRAYNOR John 29/July/1911 65 7 Oxton Rd, Poulton
  TRAYNOR Sarah Alice 17/May/1909 32 Caldy Village, Cheshire, died at Southern Hospital
  TURTON Elizabeth Dickinson 23/Nov/1912 49 Hazel Bank, Huyton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  VINCENT Charles 12/June/1905 64 Dinahs Lane, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  WAINWRIGHT Annie A. J. 12/Aug/1904 38 33 Plumpton St, Liverpool
  WAINWRIGHT James 27/Mar/1905 80 Tarbock Rd, Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT Timothy 17/Mar/1905 47 Tarbock Rd, Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT William Richardson 12/Oct/1903 53 Huyton
  WALL Elizabeth 18/Nov/1907 66 Stanley Terrace, Huyton
  WALMSLEY Christine 15/Aug/1914 42 12 Cotswold St, Kensington, Liverpool
  WALMSLEY Ellen 11/July/1903 72 Roby
  WALMSLEY George 4/July/1909 5 Old Swan, Liverpool
  WALMSLEY Richard 2/Jan/1900 79 Roby
  WARD Catherine Sarah 27/Jul/1907 63 Stanley Cottage, Roby
  WARD Joseph Thompson 3/Dec/1905 66 Stanley Cottage, Roby
  WARD Sarah Ann 3/Nov/1908 60 Stanley Cottage, Roby
  WARLEY Frank Edward 21/July/1910 14 10 Anderton Terrace, Roby
  WATT David 20/Feb/1912 75 Ivy Cottage, Dinahs Lane, Roby
  WELLBURN Henry 14/Aug/1917 78 Turner Memorial Home, Liverpool
  WHITAKER Annie Charlotte/td> 16/Dec/1911 58 84 Huskisson St, Liverpool
  WHITFIELD James 19/Dec/1903 84 14 Cobden St, Much Woolton
  WILLIAMS George Herbert 17/Apr/1901 2mths Roby
  WILLIAMS Harriet 17/Dec/1914 76 35 Newstead Rd, Liverpool
  WILSON Peter 26/Apr/1902 81 Roby
  WINN Florence Harper 14/Mar/1906 1mth Page Moss, Roby
  WOODWARD Myra Ann 28/Sept/1910 71 145 Morley St, St Helens
  WRIGHT John 1/Mar/1912 55 Huyton Farm, Roby
  WRIGHT Richard 5/Dec/1900 80 Roby
  WRIGHT Susannah 21/Nov/1907 71 Dinahs Lane, Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  YATES Ellen 15/Feb/1901 60 Roby
  YATES Margaret 18/Dec/1915 50 94 Tetlow St, Walton, Liverpool
  YEOMAN Mary 20/Sept/1904 77 Borrowdale Rd, Lancaster