BURIALS 1900-1918

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Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  ALDRICH Charles Scot 19/Dec/1889 68 Huyton
  ALLAN James Harding 21/Feb/1880 18 Roby
  ALLAN Joseph 9/Apr/1878 48 Roby
  ALLISON Edwin 18/Jan/1877 37 Huyton
  ALLISON Isabella 29/Jul/1879 63 Huyton
  ALLISON John 29/Dec/1869 53 Huyton
  ANSDELL Agnes Mary 16/May/1892 59 Waterloo
  ANSDELL Emily Margaret 13/Apr/1858 7mths Huyton
  ANSDELL Frank Manwaring 6/July/1863 18mths Everton
  ANSDELL Henry Wattenhall 4/Aug/1887 60 Liverpool
  APPLEYARD Elizabeth 10/Mar/1871 12 Roby
  APPLEYARD Fanny 1/Oct/1856 8mths Broadgreen
  ASHTON George Taylor 28/Apr/1865 18 Roby
  ASHTON Jane 1/Oct/1881 56 Roby
  ASHTON Mary 23/Feb/1898 41 39 Ashton St, Liverpool
  ASHTON William John 25/June/1888 65 Roby
  ASHWORTH Marjory 19/May/1898 9 Roby
  ASTLEY Agnes 3/Feb/1880 70 Roby
  ASTLEY Edward 31/Jan/1883 83 Roby
  ATHERTON Bessie 23/Apr/1879 2 Roby
  ATHERTON Ellen 2/Mar/1896 50 Liverpool
  ATKINSON Ellen 19/June/1861 72 Huyton
  ATHERTON William 15/Mar/1898 52 Liverpool
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  BACON John 17/June/1896 6days Roby
  BANKS James 21/Sept/1875 2mths Roby
  BANNER Edward 10/Mar/1892 72 Blacklow House, Roby
  BANNER Hannah 1/June/1881 27 Huyton
  BANNER Ellen May/1855 ? Roby
  BARBER Nellie 25/June/1879 2 Huyton
  BARKER Edith Broomfield 28/Dec/1883 12 Roby
  BARKER Elizabeth Nelson 29/Mar/1884 9mths Roby
  BARKER Joseph 21/Apr/1864 3 Huyton
  BARKER Mary 10/July/1886 60 Roby
  BARKER Paul William 14/Jan/1896 1 Roby
  BARKER Samuel 5/Apr/1865 12 Huyton
  BARNARD John 28/June/1871 69 Huyton
  BARNARD James 29/Mar/1879 31 Blundell Sands
  BARNARD Susannah 19/Mar/1884 79 Blundell Sands
  BARR Agnes Jessie 13/Jan/1880 12 Roby
  BARTON Elizabeth Jane 16/Dec/1882 6days Horn's Smithy Roby
  BASTON Thomas 5/May/1880 60 Roby
  BELLIS Joseph 15/Jan/1868 18mths Huyton
  BENNETT Annie Marion 25/Dec/1879 22 Roby
  BENNETT Thomas 12/Dec/1879 1day Roby
  BENNETT Thomas 5/June/1889 56 Waterloo
  BIRRELL Infant daughter of William and Catherine 29/Oct/1897 13hours Roby
  BIRRELL William 8/Oct/1899 33 Roby
  BLACK Emma 20/Aug/1897 49 Edge Hill
  BLYTHE George 22/Jan/1891 54 102 Allington St, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet
  BLYTHE Isabella 26/Apr/1864 22 Princes Park, Liverpool
  BOURKE Ann 8/Sept/1887 29 Roby
  BOURKE Mary 29/Dec/1884 19mths Roby
  BOWLING Jessie Amelia 20/Dec/1870 28 Huyton
  BOWSTEAD Ann Agnes 13/Feb/1861 5 Roby
  BOWSTEAD Joseph 18/Mar/1860 65 Roby
  BOWSTEAD Mary 2/Apr/1864 44 Roby
  BRADLEY Agnes Elizabeth 15/June/1880 6 Roby
  BRADLEY Ellen 15/Sept/1894 50 Roby
  BRADLEY John 12/Apr/1855 62 Huyton
  BRADLEY Joseph 21/Jan/1864 64 Roby
  BRADLEY Joseph 28/Jan/1885 37 Roby
  BRADLEY Mary 4/Nov/1863 48 Broadgreen
  BRADLEY Nancy 28/Jan/1865 65 Roby
  BRAILSFORD Mary Jane 28/Sep/1860 1wk Roby
  BRAYNE Dudley Harry 25/Mar/1876 6 Roby
  BRAYNE Herbert Benjamin 6/Mar/1878 35 Blundell Sands
  BRENNAND Alice 22/June/1865 29 Roby
  BRENNAND Ellen Croft 13/May/1870 10 Roby
  BRENNAND Rose Elizabeth 17/Dec/1872 5 Roby
  BRENNAND Walter William 31/Dec/1868 5mths Roby
  BRIDGE Alice 12/Aug/1897 45 Woolton
  BRIDGE Mary 10/May/1891 71 Roby
  BROMFIELD Alice Eliza 27/Dec/1879 6 Roby
  BROMFIELD Samuel 16/Oct/1859 68 Roby
  BROMFIELD Herbert John Richard 13/Dec/1879 3yrs-6mths Roby
  BROOMFIELD Betty 2/Aug/1863 64 Much Woolton
  BROOMFIELD Eliza 27/Feb/1882 39 Huyton Quarry
  BROOMFIELD John 25/Mar/1866 47 Huyton
  BROOMFIELD Mary 17/June/1855 67 Roby
  BROOMFIELD James 11/May/1855 26 Roby
  BROOMFIELD Thomas 23/Aug/1868 54 Much Woolton
  BROWN Dorothy Olivia 16/Nov/1897 10mths Roby
  BROWN Eleanor 23/June/1896 39 Roby
  BROWN Ellen Dorothy 19/Sept/1891 14mths Roby
  BROWN Howard Pointon 14/Apr/1891 5 Roby
  BROWN James 11/Aug/1884 2days Liverpool
  BROWN John 30/Jan/1897 7mths Gateacre
  BROWN Marian Alice 8/Feb/1899 37 Gateacre
  BROWN Mary 4/Feb/1855 69 Huyton
  BROWN Richard 22/Dec/1856 69 Liverpool
  BROWN Richard 2/Mar/1890 8hours Roby
  BROWN Sarah 10/Nov/1894 76 Rose Cottage, Knotty Ash
  BROWN Susannah 10/Aug/1858 57 Roby
  BROWN Thomas 1/Dec/1873 89 Roby
  BULFIELD Benjamin 5/Mar/1862 3mths Huyton
  BULFIELD Elizabeth 16/Mar/1860 38 Huyton
  BULFIELD Elizabeth 28/Nov/1860 12 Huyton
  BULFIELD James 20/Jan/1870 21 Huyton
  BULFIELD James 11/Aug/1878 27 Roby
  BULFIELD James 22/Jul/1884 4 Roby
  BULFIELD James 30/Oct/1887 77 Roby
  BULFIELD John 24/Jul/1868 58 Huyton
  BULFIELD Margaret 9/Oct/1867 14 Huyton
  BULLFIELD Edward 4/Mar/1870 2 Wavertree
  BUNNYEAT Alfred Dalzell 10/Dec/1881 26 Huyton
  BUNNYEAT Sarah 30/Apr/1884 62 Huyton
  BUNNYEAT William 25/Jan/1894 74 Whitehaven
  BUSHELL Mary 4/Sept/1895 46 Huyton
  BUSHELL Sarah 29/May/1875 58 Roby
  BUSHELL Thomas 31/Dec/1883 71 Huyton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  CALDWELL Sarah 17/Jan/1882 56 Liverpool
  CAPPER Harriet Ann 3/June/1891 63 Huyton
  CAPPER Lucy 21/Mar/1871 16mths Huyton
  CARR Elizabeth 3/Dec/1889 22 Roby
  CARR Elizabeth 4/Sept1895 3and a half mths Hoylake
  CARR Elizabeth 14/Feb/1899 67 Roby
  CARR Eric 23/Mar/1898 15hours Huyton
  CASEY James Henry 13/Nov/1880 14 8 Chalmers St, Edge Hill
  CASEY James 22/Apr/1896 59 Edge Hill
  CAVE Margaret 14/Jan/1893 81 Roby
  CAVE Mary 28/Jan/1871 36 Huyton
  CHAPPLE Sarah Wright 7/Sept/1858 48 Huyton
  CLAY Jane Elizabeth 5/Apr/1890 3 West Derby
  CLAYTON John 22/Jan/1880 6weeks Roby
  CONNOR Catherine 30/May/1878 84 Roby
  COOK Emily Annie Esther 31/Aug/1897 34 St Helens
  COOPER Walter James 22/Apr/1899 9weeks Roby
  COPE Mary Anne 19/May/1864 50 Roby
  COPELAND Henrietta 29/July/1885 85 Roby
  COSTAIN Margaret 12/June/1888 82 Roby
  CREED Henry Lyon 12/Apr/1868 4mths Huyton
  CREED Henry 18/Jul/1869 16days Prescot Rd, Knotty Ash
  CREED James 6/Feb/1873 44 Knotty Ash
  CREED Martha Harriett 24/Nov/1867 4 Huyton
  CRIPPEN George Thomas 8/Mar/1897 59 Yew Tree, Roby
  CROCODIN Francis 15/Dec/1853 23 Roby
  CROOK Alice Hilda 22/Apr/1879 3 Huyton
  CROSBY Ann 24/Sept/1863 70 West Derby
  CROSBY Elizabeth 31/Oct/1867 61 Roby
  CROSBY Henry 6/Mar/1861 32 Roby
  CROSBY Jane 9/Jan/1863 3days Roby
  CROSBY Joseph 7/Nov/1881 66 Huyton
  CROSBY Mary Ellen 21/Mar/1874 3 Liverpool
  CROSBY Sarah 2/Aug/1875 55 Roby
  CROSBY William 14/Jan/1863 76 Halewood
  CROSBY William 23/Jul/1896 51 Liverpool
  CROSS Bridget 14/Jan/1895 80 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  DAVIES Alice 7/Mar/1871 58 Roby
  DAVIES Ellen Alice 30-/Sept/1874 15mths Huyton
  DAVIES George 18/Dec/1897 77 Court Hey, Roby
  DAVIES John 23/Dec/1866 47 Roby
  DAVIES John 7/May/1869 48 Roby
  DAVIES John 16/May/1869 19 Roby
  DAVIES Mary Jane 28/July/1866 4mths Roby
  DAVIES Richard 18/June/1895 80 Roby
  DENTON Ellen 15/Dec/1871 31 Roby
  DICKINSON Hugh 13/Jan/1876 4 Roby
  DICKINSON John 11/Apr/1884 2 Roby
  DICKINSON Margaret 28/Nov/1860 92 Huyton
  DICKINSON Thomas 7/Nov/1893 53 Roby
  DILWORTH Alice 23/Jan/1861 61 Huyton
  DILWORTH Charles 29/Aug/1872 73 Roby
  DILWORTH Charles 29/Aug/1875 19 Roby
  DILWORTH James Frederick Hare 26/Apr/1892 4 Roby
  DILWORTH John 19/Aug/1879 3mths Roby
  DILWORTH William 18/Mar/1878 4mths Roby
  DIXON May 22/Nov/1866 2 Roby
  DOWLING Maurice, Matthew, George 23/Nov/1853 61 Wavertree
  DOYLE Belinda 20/Dec/1885 64 Roby
  DRAWBRIDGE Joseph George 20/July/1898 59 Roby
  DRIVER Thomas 19/Aug/1891 33 West Derby
  DUCKWORTH James 31/Aug/1898 52 Grant Rd, Knotty Ash
  DUCKWORTH Mary Emmeline 7/Apr/1888 38 Fairfield Liverpool
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  EARLE Frederic William 1/May/1891 60 Edenhurst, Roby
  ECCLES Edith May 30/Jan/1893 59 Roby
  EDGECOMBE George 28/Feb/1865 1 Huyton
  EDGECOMBE George 21/July/1899 69 Blundell Sands
  EDWARDS John Rowlands 28/Sept/1895 58 Roby
  ELLISON William 9/Mar/1899 45 Roby
  ELSWORTHY Joseph 4/May/1887 6mths Court Hey, Roby
  ELSWORTHY Rose Hannah 6/Nov/1886 34 Court Hey, Roby
  ENNIS Jane 2/Dec/1859 5 Roby
  EVANS Fanny 7/Jul/1865 34 Huyton
  EVANS Janet 16/Feb/1881 70 Huyton
  EVANS Mary Louisa 21/Aug/1878 24 Huyton
  EVANS Richard 6/Oct/1887 68 Bournmouth
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  FENN Sarah 12/Oct/1885 66 Huyton
  FINCH Mary Ann 10/Nov/1863 55 Roby
  FINN Charles Henry 30/Mar/1859 11mths Huyton
  FISHER Emily 19/May/1870 11days Roby
  FOLKES Edith Annie 13/Sept/1887 2 Roby
  FORBES George 2/Dec/1896 58 Roby
  FORSHAW Henry 12/May/1893 30 Liverpool
  FOSTER Elizabeth 4/May/1895 55 Lurdans Lane, Roby
  FOSTER Francis Thomas 20/Sept/1899 5mths Huyton
  FOSTER James 26/Sept/1887 29 Roby
  FOSTER Rebecca 12/July/1892 74 Wigan
  FOSTER William 11/Nov/1896 84 Wigan
  FRASER Adam Joseph 2/Dec/1878 8mths Roby
  FRASER Alice 16/Dec/1890 49 Prescot
  FRASER Agnes 23/Dec/1878 4 Roby
  FURNESS William 31/Mar/1866 57 Egremont, Cumberland
  FURSE James 25/Mar/1870 50 Huyton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  GALLOWAY James Barker 20/June/1890 36 St Thomas, Liverpool
  GARDNER Dinah Annie 22/Mar/1875 22 Huyton Quarry
  GARDNER Eleanor 24/Nov/1896 66 Huyton
  GARDNER Edward 7/Mar/1870 58 Huyton Quarry
  GARDNER Elizabeth 3/Jan/1880 69 Huyton Quarry
  GARDNER Elizabeth 22/Mar/1875 22 Huyton Quarry
  GARDNER Maria 10/June/1876 75 Bootle
  GARDNER Mary Ann 20/Feb/1894 63 Formby
  GARDNER Matilda Augusta 2/Nov/1882 29 Huyton Quarry
  GARDNER Thomas 8/Nov/1897 80 Huyton
  GARDNER Thomas Richard 1/June/1870 34 Pole Caucasus, Russia
  GENNIS Elizabeth 12/Mar/1896 80 Liverpool
  GENNIS William Stephen 30/Oct/1877 59 Roby
  GERRARD Margaret 1/Nov/1899 33 Grant Rd, Knotty Ash
  GIBSON Edith Margaret Mina 22/Mar/1869 8mths Roby
  GILL Edith 3/June/1890 32 Huyton
  GNOSSPELIUS Adolf Jonathan 30/Nov/1883 76 Roby
  GOODFELLOW John 23/May/1859 60 Portsmouth
  GORE Alfred 16/June/1898 16mths Old Swan
  GORE Ann 29/Jan/1891 69 Roby
  GORE Ellen 2/Oct/1864 5 Little Woolton
  GORE Margaret Ashton 29/Sept/1868 50 Roby
  GORE Margaret 1/May/1870 5 Roby
  GORE Margaret 21/Feb/1898 54 West Derby
  GORE Thomas 24/Mar/1859 11 Roby
  GORE Thomas 6/Jul/1876 48 Huyton
  GORE William 17/Oct/1876 51 Little Woolton
  GOUCHER Rollo 9/Nov/1871 4mths Roby
  GRAHAM James Benjamin 23/Dec/1888 38 Roby
  GREENE Henry Clayton 2/Nov/1881 36 Southport
  GROTTY Francis Henry 11/May/1897 49 5 Silverlands, Buxton
  GROTTY Martha 9/June/1891 72 Prescot
  GRIFFITHS Ada 4/Jan/1893 21 New Brighton
  GRIFFITHS Annie, May 13/Dec/1892 7mths St Helens
  GRIFFITHS Charles William 14/Jan/1885 10mths St Helens
  GRIFFITHS Elizabeth 2/Nov/1878 3 Roby
  GRIFFITHS Florence 29/Dec/1875 3weeks Roby
  GRIFFITHS Lilian Beatrice 10/Jan/1890 1 St Helens
  GRIFFITHS Mary 17/Aug/1878 33 Roby
  GRIFFITHS Mary 16/Sept/1878 2mths Roby
  GRIFFITHS Maud 3/Apr/1878 6mths Fairfield
  GRIFFITHS Herbert 11/Oct/1892 7 New Brighton
  GUY Philip 30/Dec/1866 8weeks Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  HADLEY Thomas 25/May/1876 72 Roby
  HALL James 7/Feb/1876 73 West Derby
  HALL Mary 26/Jan/1869 58 Prescot
  HALL Mary Elizabeth 23/June/1885 10 West Derby
  HALL Mary Hannah 15Nov/1868 16days Liverpool
  HALL Sarah 19/Nov/1861 44 Huyton
  HALL Sarah 11/Apr/1892 87 West Derby
  HALL Sarah Ellen 2/Aug/1870 9weeks Liverpool
  HALL Thomas 13/Mar/1860 55 West Derby
  HAMBLET William 23/Apr/1864 34 Roby
  HANNAM Mary 17/Aug/1876 29 Roby
  HARDING Muriel 5/Dec/1889 1day 27 Canning St, Liverpool
  HARDSTAFF Elizabeth 18/Mar/1892 63 Roby
  HARE Catherine Ann 2/Feb/1893 18mths Everton
  HARE Richard Kenyon 5/June/1892 30 Everton
  HARLEY Elizabeth 2/Feb/1878 67 Roby
  HARMANN Anna Eugene 8/Dec/1884 72 Liverpool
  HATCHMAN George 22/Nov/1894 65 Formby
  HATCHMAN Mary Ann 20/Apr/1895 63 Formby
  HAWKSWORTH Elizabeth 22/Jul/1873 17 Liverpool
  HAWKSWORTH Maud Eliza 23/Jan/1873 2 Roby
  HAYWARD George Edward 7/Mar/1872 11weeks Knowsley
  HAYWARD Susan Elizabeth 17/Sept/1894 61 Knowsley
  HAYWOOD Mary 12/Feb/1883 77 New Brighton
  HAYWOOD Mary 29/July/1886 54 Liverpool
  HAYWOOD Thomas 4/Feb/1874 80 Roby
  HAWKINS Joseph 24/Oct/1894 53 Roby
  HELSBY Anne 14/Mar/1858 5 Huyton
  HELSBY Isaac 14/Dec/1890 36 Scotland Rd, Liverpool
  HELSBY Robert 10/Mar/1892 81 Roby
  HELSBY William 14/Feb/1874 3mths Roby
  HELSBY William Arthur 17/Nov/1877 11mths Hale Bank
  HESKETH Alice 13/Sept/1893 82 Roby
  HESKETH Elizabeth 4/June/1885 6mths Roby
  HESKETH Elizabeth 4/Sept/1899 40 Roby
  HESKETH John 9/Aug/1861 11 Roby
  HESKETH John 27/Apr/1892 82 Roby
  HESKETH John 5/Aug/1884 3 Roby
  HESKETH Thomas 2/July/1898 45 Roby
  HEWITT William 30/Apr/1892 64 Roby
  HIGGIN Edmund Spenser 3/June/1876 10 Huyton
  HIGGIN Rachael Marsden 16/May/1891 67 Mossley Hill
  HIGGIN Thomas 1/Dec/1891 64 Mossley Hill
  HOBSON Arthur Alexander Powdrell 22/Sept/1877 7 Huyton
  HOLLAND Ann 23/Nov/1885 71 Roby
  HOLLAND Charles 4/Jan/1872 39 Roby
  HOLLAND Elizabeth 4/Dec/1878 8 Roby
  HOLLAND Elizabeth 5/Dec/1891 4 Roby
  HOLLAND Esther Ann 3/Feb/1870 2 Roby
  HOLLAND George 13/Oct/1877 28 Roby
  HOLLAND James 13/Oct/1885 9mths Horn's Smithy Roby
  HOLLAND James 7/Dec/1886 41 Horn's Smithy Roby
  HOLLAND James 1/Apr/1887 5mths Horn's Smithy Roby
  HOLLAND James 18/June/1897 3mths Roby
  HOLLAND John 13/Jan/1877 16 Huyton
  HOLLAND John 13/Mar/1896 53 Roby
  HOLLAND Thomas 6/Dec/1878 15mths Roby
  HOLLAND William 7/Mar/1876 5days Knotty Ash
  HOLLAND William 13/Dec/1899 83 Roby
  HOLT Dinah 14/Sept/1899 47 Roby
  HORNBY Gerald Frederick 13/Feb/1890 27 Beechwood Aigburth
  HORNBY Henry 29/Aug/1887 3mths West Derby
  HORNBY Hugh Alexander 6/Jan/1891 26 Grassendale
  HORNBY Jane Lydia 5/Oct/1882 30 Roby
  HORNBY Sophia 18/July/1871 2mths Wheat Hill, Roby
  HORNBY Sophia 26/July/1884 49 Aigberth
  HOUGHTON John 6/Nov/1875 38 St Helens
  HOUGHTON Mary Ellen 20/Mar/1872 3mths Huyton
  HOULGRAVE Elizabeth 31/Mar/1890 82 Roby
  HOWARD Mary 19/June/1863 86 Roby
  HULLAND Ann 2/Sept/1864 5mths Huyton
  HULLAND Mary 4/Jul/1868 6 Huyton
  HUNTER Catherine 24/Oct/1891 75 Roby
  HUNTER Edwin 21/Feb/1880 3weeks Roby
  HUNTER George 7/Sept/1893 79 Roby
  HUNTER Margaret 11/Mar/1887 5 Roby
  HUNTER Mary 2/Jul/1873 32 Roby
  HUNTER Sarah 29/May/1870 70 Roby
  HUNTER Thomas 12/May/1862 64 Roby
  HUNTER William 4/Aug/1892 40 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  IHLER Annie Maud 27/Nov/1868 15mths Huyton
  IHLER Charles Richard Curzon 14/Dec/1897 28 Huyton
  IHLER Elizabeth Harrison 31/Dec/1897 59 Huyton
  IHLER George Francis 21/Oct/1882 46 Huyton
  INGHAM Son of John and Elizabeth 10/Aug/1899 12hours Roby
  IRVING Frederick 4/June/1898 6 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  JACKSON Henry Norman 17/Jan/1879 10mths Roby
  JACKSON Joseph Norman 30/Jan/1885 5 Everton
  JACKSON Mary Florence 13/Feb/1885 2 Everton
  JACKSON William Norman 8/Oct/1878 3mths Wavertree
  JAMES Jane 28/Jan/1872 22 Roby
  JAMES Julia Anna 1/Nov/1873 53 Huyton
  JOHNSON Esther 9/Dec/1896 68 Roby
  JOHNSON Jessie Ellen 8/Aug/1877 6 Roby
  JOHNSON Margaret 3/Oct/1877 84 Huyton
  JOHNSON Margery Buckley 20/Jul/1889 13mths Seaforth
  JOHNSON Robert 27/Dec/1872 42 Roby
  JOHNSON William 20/Aug/1862 9 Roby
  JOHNSON William 20/Nov/1862 18mths Roby
  JOHNSON William 10/Dec/1867 73 Huyton
  JOHNSTONE Elizabeth 8/Sept/1897 75 Greasby Cheshire
  JOHNSTONE John 22/Aug/1896 70 Maer Staffordshire
  JONES Margaret 15/May/1891 31 Roby
  JONES Mary 19/Aug/1896 28 Everton Liverpool
  JONES Theresa 13/Apr/1899 76 Roby
  JOWETT Jessie Eddington Graham 19/Mar1879 42 Huyton
  JUMP Mary 14/Feb/1855 37 Roby
  JUMP Elizabeth 18/Oct/1856 8mths Roby
  JUMP William 27/Dec/1861 11 Roby
  JUMP William 15/Feb/1888 72 Rainhill
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  KENNY Mary Jane 31/Oct/1872 3 Roby
  KERR Frank Jennings 17/Mar/1890 25days Roby
  KING Mary Ann 3/Jan/1865 54 Roby
  KING Thomas 23/Mar/1858 81 Roby
  KIRKHAM George Henry 2/Jul/1873 13 Roby
  KIRKHAM William 19/May/1887 59 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  LAMMERS Charles Edward 27/Jan/1868 69 Huyton
  LANCASTER Harold Mitchell 14/June/1898 6mths Roby
  LANGLEY William 28/Dec/1874 39 Roby
  LAUSON Mary 16/Feb/1876 23 Wavertree
  LAUSON William Thomas 25/Feb/1882 10mths Roby
  LAWSON Charles 9/Aug/1859 3wks Roby
  LAWSON Hannah 14/Aug/1875 28 Roby
  LAWSON Joseph 25/Apr/1892 30 Huyton
  LAWSON Susannah 23/May/1893 70 Liverpool
  LAWSON Thomas 23/Jan/1875 50 Roby
  LEA William 17/Dec/1853 32 Liverpool
  LESLIE Beatrice Grace 3/Oct/1893 5days Roby
  LEVERTON Stafford 1/July/1899 10 Roby
  LIDERTH Alice 23/Nov/1869 18 Huyton
  LIDERTH John 22/May/1868 41 Liverpool
  LIDERTH Margaret 5/Dec/1864 37 Roby
  LIDERTH Margaret 7/Jan/1899 21days Roby
  LIDERTH Thomas 16/Oct/1864 3 Roby
  LIDERTH William Arthur 9/Dec/1897 3 Knotty Ash
  LIDSTONE Tryphena 22/Nov/1897 78 Liverpool
  LIGHTFOOT Jessie 3/Apr/1895 34 Roby
  LIGHTFOOT William John 9/May/1898 29 Roby
  LINCH Frank Crompton 28/July/1893 10mths Widnes
  LITTLE George 7/Jul/1872 27 Roby
  LOCKETT Charles 14/Mar/1898 76 Roby
  LOCKETT Sarah 3/Jan/1880 59 Roby
  LOONEY Ellen 19/Feb/1865 22 Huyton
  LOWE Henry 30/Aug/1897 2mths Roby
  LOWE Thomas 15/Oct/1895 5mths Roby
  LUCAS Ellen 18/May/1870 7 Roby
  LUCAS Elizabeth 13/Dec/1867 2 Roby
  LUNT Sarah Jane 19/Sept/1892 30 Widnes
  LYON Edward 26/Mar/1890 70 Roby
  LYON Elizabeth 17/Jan/1861 7 Huyton
  LYON Ellen 11/Apr/1885 60 Huyton
  LYON Isaac 19/Aug/1854 3 Roby
  LYON James 2/Aug/1898 32 Roby
  LYON William 17/Jan/1864 74 Huyton
  LYON William 24/May/1890 1day Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  MADDOCKS Philip Grant 15/Dec/1867 3 Huyton
  MAKINGS Joseph 31/May/1875 49 Roby
  MAKINS Louisa 28/Jul/1869 27 Roby
  MARTIN Isabella 9/Feb/1867 64 Roby
  MARTIN Samuel 18/Jan/1883 80 Malvern
  MARTIN Samuel John Heathcote 5/Mar/1891 48 Penzance
  MASCORD Mary Elizabeth 6/Oct/1885 43 Roby
  MASON William 7/June/1899 55 Roby
  MAWES Francis 7/Jan/1857 84 Huyton
  MC KIE Peter 5/Jul/1882 28 Everton
  MC MULLEN James Francis 16/Sept/1896 5 Huyton
  MEREDITH Harriet 18/Feb/1879 3 Roby
  MEREDITH May Lucy Davenport 20/Feb/1879 3 Roby
  MEREDITH Roper Snowball 8/Aug/1877 6weeks Roby
  MEREDITH Walter William 2/June/1886 26 Dinah�s Lane, Roby
  MILLER Thomas James 4/Sept/1890 4 Walton
  MILLS Margery Brandon 26/July/1893 4mths Roby
  MINCHALL Ann 27/Octt/1894 33 Wheathill, Roby
  MOP William 9/July/1891 77 Roby
  MORRIS Samuel 23/Feb/1876 1 Roby
  MOULAND Ellen Alexandra 2/Dec/1881 10mths Roby
  MOULAND Florence Serena Steveus 13/JFeb/1897 19 or 79 Liverpool
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  NEIL John 23/May/1897 43 Bradford
  NICHOLL Sarah 14/Feb/1877 78 Huyton Quarry
  NICHOLSON Ellen Milligan 18/Sept/1886 68 West Derby
  NICHOLSON Janet 14/Dec/1882 2weeks Bootle
  NICHOLSON Mary 17/Jan/1877 62 Roby
  NUVIAN George 4/Apr/1866 60 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  OCKLESHAW James 12/Feb/1879 72 Roby
  OCKLESHAW Jane 24/Jul/1882 60 Roby
  OLDFIELD Emily 17/Apr/1885 28 West Derby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  PACKER James Macnamara 5/May/1896 58 Huyton
  PARKER Alice 24/Jul/1882 60 Roby
  PARKER Henry 13/July/1893 3mths Roby
  PARKER John 28/June/1880 58 Roby
  PARKER Mary Ann 19/Jan/1888 61 West Derby
  PARKER Roger 27/Oct/1890 63 Derby Lane, Stoneycroft
  PARRY George Henry 7/Jan/1888 1mth Mossley Hill, Liverpool
  PARRY Mary Jane 22/Jan/1895 22 Roby
  PARRINGTON Aubrey William 21/Oct/1874 7mths Roby
  PARRINGTON Bessie Blanche 16/Mar/1895 19 Roby Mount
  PARRINGTON Ernest John Hannam 25/June/1880 11 Roby
  PATTEN Isabel 29/Mar/1898 55 Roby
  PATTEN Jane 10/June/1874 20mths Roby
  PATTEN Jane 31/Aug/1886 39 Roby
  PATTEN Robert 4/Oct/1887 6 Roby
  PATTEN Sarah 25/June/1881 7mths Roby
  PATTISON Mary 3/May/1885 15 Falkner St, Liverpool
  PECK Ellen 4/Sept/1863 6 hours Roby
  PEDDER Mary 1/May/1877 71 Huyton
  PEDDER Mary Alice 2/Sept/1881 31 Huyton
  PENDLETON Henry 13/Jan/1882 69 Roby
  PENDLETON William 26/Aug/1873 52 Edge Hill
  PENNY Ann 27/Nov/1878 2 Roby
  PENNINGTON Martha 21/Jan/1887 61 Roby
  PETTITT Sarah Elizabeth 22/June/1880 27 Roby
  PICKAVANCE Alice 12/July/1864 55 Huyton
  PICKAVANCE Elizabeth 4/Dec/1854 10 Huyton
  PICKAVANCE George 30/Dec/1874 84 Roby
  PICKAVANCE John 30/June/1864 22 Toxteth Park
  PICKAVANCE John 19/Dec/1864 3mths Roby
  PIDDER Ann 9/Sept/1854 44 Huyton
  PINNINGTON Alice 31/Mar/1867 2 Roby
  PINNINGTON Ellen 2/Apr/1872 9mths Huyton
  PINNINGTON Martha 19/Oct/1871 2yrs 6mths Roby
  PINNINGTON Richard 12/Nov/1886 5weeks Roby
  PINNINGTON Thomas 29/Dec/1874 2weeks Huyton
  PINNINGTON Thomas 21/Jan/1892 53 Twig Lane Farm, Roby
  PLATT Frances 5/Mar/1865 23 Huyton
  POINTER John Skerratt 19/Oct/1866 3weeks Huyton
  POINTON Eleanor 23/Feb/1891 57 Roby
  POINTON James 31/Dec/1869 53 Huyton
  POLLARD Eleanor Annie 9/Aug/1890 39 Liverpool
  POLLOCK Charles 1/Apr/1873 35 Roby
  POWELL Hannah 5/Jan/1884 26 Huyton
  POWELL Jane 14/July/1890 62 Roby
  POWELL Richard 26/Mar/1890 58 Roby
  PRESCOTT Alexander 14/May1876 8mths Roby
  PRESCOTT Edith 3/Oct/1885 6weeks Horn's Smithy
  PRESCOTT John 6/Jul/1865 10mths Huyton
  PRESCOTT Margaret 14/Oct/1866 10mths Huyton
  PRITCHARD Alice 2/Apr/1895 15mths 68 Arundel St, Liverpool
  PRITCHARD Joseph Arthur 26/Aug/1897 4mths Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  RADLEY John 18/Jan/1882 6days Roby
  RADLEY John 24/June/1894 5days Roby
  RADLEY Henry 13/July/1893 3mths Roby
  RADLEY Lucy 8/Mar/1887 50 Roby
  RATCLIFFE Mary Ann 15/Nov/1884 39 Roby
  RAWSON Anne 10/Nov/1860 74 Roby
  RAWSON Jessie 20/Dec/1862 45 Roby
  RAWSON Richard 16/Feb/1864 78 Roby
  REED Alice 30/June/1891 2mths Roby
  REID Robert Macauley 20/Nov/1873 41 Roby
  RENNISON Margaret Ann 9/Dec/1899 17 Roby
  RICHARDS Mary 6/Apr/1889 51 Huyton
  RIDER William 1/Oct/1873 78 Roby
  RIGBY Alfred 28/Aug/1882 11 Knotty Ash
  RIGBY Hannah 16/Mar/1878 55 Roby
  RIGBY Jane 27/Aug/1887 48 Knotty Ash
  RIGBY John 12/Dec/1875 39 Roby
  RIGBY Mary 27/Apr/1891 45 Rossett, Denbigh
  RIGBY Thomas Ashton 8/June/1886 71 Roby
  RIMMER Ellen 4/Feb/1881 39 Roby
  RIMMER James 29/June/1889 53 Huyton
  ROBERTS Ellen 12/Aug1860 28 Roby
  ROBERTS John 20/Sept/1882 23 Huyton
  ROBERTS John 10/Jan/1889 60 Huyton
  ROBERTS James 5/June/1860 3 Huyton
  ROBERTS Lea Herbert Edward 15/May/1887 15mths 32 Janet St, Liverpool
  ROBERTS Margaret 4/Jan/1899 63 Roby
  ROBERTS Martha 6/Dec/1894 59 Huyton
  ROBERTS Thomas 21/Nov/1869 3 Roby
  ROBERTS William Earle 31/Dec/1878 9 Roby
  ROE Henry Barnard 7/Nov/1879 72 Liverpool
  ROE Jane 5/Apr/1867 62 Roby
  ROUGHTON Amy Wentworth 9/Mar/1889 2mths Broadgreen
  ROYDEN Joseph 9/July/1895 62 High Carrs, Roby
  RUSSELL Percy 10/Feb/1880 13weeks Huyton
  RYLANDS James 1/June/1899 56 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  SAMUELSON Lucy [?Katy Kertz] 11/Jul/1860 4days Huyton
  SANDERSON James Bell Anderton 27/Apr1870 20mths Huyton
  SAUNDERS Amy Josephine 18/Dec/1889 31 Allerton
  SAUNDERS Mary 16/Nov/1880 78 West Derby
  SAVAGE Sophia Victoria Maxwell 20/Jan/1887 17 Tarbock Lodge, Huyton
  SCOTT George 28/Jan/1855 15 Huyton
  SEABROOK Martha 23/Nov/1862 64 Roby
  SEGAR Catherine Elizabeth 3/May/1888 60 Oxford
  SEGAR Halsall 14/Mar/1873 57 Huyton
  SHACKLADY James 7/June/1889 48 Roby
  SHAND Henry, Edward 18/Oct/1859 6mths Huyton
  SHAND Mary 8/May/1874 45 Huyton
  SHAND Matthew 1/Nov/1888 69 West Derby
  SHAW Margaret 8/Apr/1895 16 Adcote, Knotty Ash
  SHEWELL John 16/July/1866 46 Roby
  SLATER William 22/May/1878 49 Roby
  SMITH Edwin 16/Sept/1887 4hours Roby
  SMITH John Samuel 19/Oct/1865 5weeks Huyton
  SPARKE Jonathan Tanner 28/July/1880 57 Claughton Birkenhead
  SPEED Edward 9/Sept/1866 69 Huyton
  SPEED Elizabeth 24/Dec/1854 9mths Huyton
  SPEED Dorothy Elizabeth 10/Nov/1894 3mths West Derby
  SPEED Harriet 29/Jan/1875 69 Huyton
  SPEED Hugh 9/Feb/1891 26 West Derby
  SPEED Thomas 3/Oct/1885 55 Edge Hill
  SPEED William Hugh 22/Aug/1899 9mths West Derby
  SPENCER Robert 19/July/1890 54 Roby
  SPRATT Earnest Charles 27/Jul/1876 10mths Kirkdale
  SPRATT Ellen Ann Clough 1/Oct/1875 29 Bootle
  SPRATT Frederick Thomas 3/Nov/1878 4 15 Bacon St, Kirkdale
  STANDER Bertha Francisca 13/May/1871 22 Huyton
  STEEL James Joseph 8/Aug/1885 67 16 Abercromby Square, Liverpool
  STEEL Matilda 8/Jan/1892 76 Abercromby Square, Liverpool
  STEINLY Hannah 1/June/1881 27 Huyton
  STEPHENS Elizabeth 18/Feb/1872 8 Roby
  STEPHENS Evelind Florence Maud Dorcha 30/Mar/1869 2 Huyton
  STEPHENSON George Percy 8/JFeb1867 9mths West Derby
  STEPHENSON James Thornton 5/Jan/1865 14days Old Swan
  STEPHENS Mary Ann 20/Aug/1895 69 Roby
  STEPHENSON William 14/Aug/1855 4 Knotty Ash
  STRANGEWAY Robert 9/Dec/1895 53 Roby
  STRONGITHARM Colin Shand 10/Apr/1888 5weeks Huyton
  STUART Amarauthiea Screvell 5/Mar/1890 66 Stoneycroft, West Derby
  SUTTON Sarah 18/Oct/1887 68 Roby
  SWIFT Emily 18/Aug/1880 44 Huyton
  SWIFT Louisa 1/Dec/1882 24 Huyton
  SWIFT William Percy 19/Nov/1891 30 Huyton
  SWIFT William 16/Aug/1898 64 Huyton
  SWIRE Mary 20/Aug/1869 35 Roby
  SYKES Phyllis May 18/Aug/1891 22mths Huyton
  SYKES Harold Steadman 5/Apr/1899 6mths Heaton Moor, Stockport
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  TADD William May/1855 5 Roby
  TAYLOR Arthur Ernest 28/Nov/1896 5mths Roby
  TAYLOR Edward 3/Apr/1890 1mth Roby
  TAYLOR Edward 22/Feb/1896 11mths Huyton
  TAYLOR Elizabeth 8/Nov/1878 45 Cheltenham
  TAYLOR Fortune Josephine 1/Sept/1868 49 Cheadle
  TAYLOR Joshua 31/Dec/1868 56 Huyton
  TAYLOR Mary 2/Oct/1856 80 Roby
  TAYLOR Mary Louisa 11/Feb/1878 22mths Roby
  TEARE Edith Ann 12/May/1891 17mths Huyton
  TEARE Mary 18/May/1891 32 Huyton
  THOMAS Fanny 5/Nov/1891 4 Roby
  THOMAS James Edward 7/Aug/1864 7mths Huyton
  THOMLINSON Ann 26/Oct/1878 64 Roby
  THOMPKINS George Richard 24/Apr/1866 30 Roby
  THOMPSON Amos 8/Dec/1890 2 Waterloo
  THOMPSON Ann 17/Mar/1886 58 Mossley Hill
  THOMPSON Charles 8/Dec/1857 54 Roby
  THOMPSON Edward 11/Nov/1868 40 Huyton
  THOMPSON Henry 2/Aug/1860 25 Roby
  THOMPSON Mary 16/Sept/1861 67 Roby
  THOMPSON Richard 7/Nov/1885 21 Mossley Hill
  THOMPSON Robert 10/Sept/1886 55 Roby
  THOMPSON Thomas 13/May/1860 29 Roby
  THOMPSON Thomas 30/Nov/1860 7wks Huyton
  THOWSON William 21/Mar/1889 55 Roby
  TIMPERLEY Frederick 26/May/1884 7mths Roby
  TRAVIS Alfred 11/Aug/1873 16days Roby
  TRAVIS Edith 24/May/1870 3 Roby
  TRAVIS Frank 23/May/1876 4 Whiston
  TRAVIS Percy 9/Oct/1872 4 Roby
  TRAVIS John 21/Sept/1893 60 Roby
  TRAVIS John Henry 27/Sept/1872 2 Roby
  TRAVIS Thomas 27/Feb/1871 10hours Roby
  TRAVIS Thomas 1/Mar/1888 42 Huyton
  TRAVIS William 26/May/1876 7 Whiston
  TRAYNOR Mary 12/Jan/1891 53 Roby
  TURTON Elizabeth 11/May/1864 82 Huyton
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  UPTON Maria 29/Oct/1870 32 Huyton Quarry
  UPTON Elizabeth 12/June/1861 29 Roby
  UNKNOWN Man 11/May/1897 about 35 Found drowned in Parish Roby
  UNKNOWN Man 18/Nov/1899 about 55 Killed on Railway, Roby station
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  VARLEY Alfred 5/Jan/1892 33 Knotty Ash
  VERNON John 24/Feb/1891 15mths Liverpool
  VICKERS Eliza 7/Feb/1875 35 Roby
  VICKERS Rose 14/Aug/1862 11mths Roby
  VICKERS Thomas 26/Mar/1865 2 Roby
  VICKERS Thomas 12/Oct/1875 38 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  WAINWRIGHT Emma Ellison 2/Oct/1856 4 Roby
  WAINWRIGHT Emmaline Jane 19/Aug/1899 42 Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT James 2/Dec/1887 6 Roby
  WAINWRIGHT John Henry 5/June/1864 10 Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT Mary 5/Dec/1894 70 Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT Thomas 2/Aug/1862 34 Huyton
  WAINWRIGHT Thomas 2/Dec/1887 4 Roby
  WALL Joseph William 6/Dec/1879 39 Roby
  WARD Sarah Wade 18/Jan/1885 76 Roby
  WEBSTER Edward 12/Dec/1865 23 Roby
  WEBSTER Margaret 3/Oct/1871 2days Roby
  WEBSTER Johanna 17/Oct/1870 82 Roby
  WEBSTER Mary 18/Feb/1889 65 Roby
  WEBSTER Richard 11/Sept/1897 71 Roby
  WEBSTER Susannah 30/June/1874 13 Roby
  WEBSTER Thomas 11/July/1893 29 Roby
  WEBSTER William 26/Jan/1874 74 Lancaster
  WELSBY Annie 8/Aug/1878 3mths Anfield
  WHAITES Edward 15/May/1879 63 Knotty Ash
  WHAITES Maria 16/Dec/1872 66 Knotty Ash
  WHEWELL Mary 27/Apr/1882 76 Roby
  WHITE Matthew 19/May/1873 28 Roby
  WHITFIELD Jane 3/Dec/1886 56 Horn's Smithy Roby
  WILDE Henry 30/Mar/1891 68 Roby
  WILDE Mary Martha 28/Aug/1882 51 Roby
  WILLIAMS Catherine 29/Oct/1895 86 Roby
  WILSON Alice 22/Sept/1868 11weeks Huyton
  WILSON Alice 11/Dec/1892 38 or 58 West Derby
  WILSON Isaac 1/Feb/1892 61 West Derby
  WILSON Isabella 11/June/1895 72 Roby
  WILSON Kenneth Barratt 29/Apr/1890 16mths Roby
  WILSON Mary Ann 16/Apr/1863 53 Huyton
  WILSON Richard 18/Sept/1864 5 Huyton
  WILSON Robert 4/June/1880 23 Roby
  WILSON Thomas 9/Nov/1864 5weeks Huyton
  WINRAM Phoebe 7/June/1865 62 Roby
  WITHERS Rebecca 6/Aug/1873 53 West Derby
  WORRALL John Herbert 4/Apr/1892 13mths Huyton
  WORSNIP Starling Day 28/Nov/1885 58 Roby
  WRIGHT Mark 10/Nov/1891 76 Roby
Surname First Name Funeral Date Age Abode
  YATES Hugh 21/Apr/1886 83 Dinah�s Lane, Roby
  YEOMAN Elizabeth 9/Jul/1891 77 Roby