Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 1900

Inquests and crimes

Inquests and crimes

Friday April 13th 1900


On Wednesday morning Mr PARKER, County coroner, held an inquest at the Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Standish on the body of John William OLLERTON, aged 18, a detailer of 63 Preston Rd, Standish, who was killed in the Gidlow, Pit, Standish, belonging to the Wigan Coal and Iron Co, on Monday by a fall of coal. Mr J. DEAN manager of the colliery was present.

John OLLERTON, the father gave evidence of identification.

Thomas KILLEY, a detailer of 17 Folly, Wigan Lane, Wigan, said he was working with the deceased in the Arley Mine, No 2, Gidlow Pit, On Monday morning packing dirt. When they had been at work a short time, deceased went out of the place to have a rest, he was making his way back when some coal fell from the face on his head, he got the assistance of Thomas MARSDEN and extricated him but he died immediately afterwards. The whole fall was 3 cwt, witness examined the place early in the morning and it was all right.

Denis CULSHAW, the fireman said he examined the place where he was working at 9.30am and it appeared quite safe. The place where the coal fell could not be spragged, without moving the dirt.

The coroner stated from the evidence it appeared an accident and no one was to blame, the conditions seemed normal and there was no reason to suspect anything was wrong. Jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death”.


The body of Henry COSTELLOW, a coal dealer, 58 yrs old of Belle Green Lane, Ince, was found floating in the canal near the Fourteenth Lock on Wednesday night. From information the police received it appears the deceased had been drinking heavily of late, and on Tuesday night was turned out by his family. Later on however he got through a room window and remained in the house until 3pm on Wednesday afternoon, but does not appear to have been seen alive after that time.


Thursday, before Messers J. BROWN, J. GEE and B. HALLIWILL

Thomas CARTON was summoned for travelling on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway from Preston Rd to Wigan without a ticket and with the intention to avoid payment, Mr J. PECK prosecuted it appears that on the 27th March defendant travelled from Preston Rd to Wigan and when he reached Wigan he went to the ticket office and bought a ticket to Orrell - fined 10s and costs.

Cruel Assault on a wife - William Frederick PEARSON, of 16 Bold St, was charged with assaulting his wife, Mary Bertha PEARSON, on Tuesday last. Prosecutrix who is prisoner’s second wife and had the appearance of being badly handled, stated they had only been married seven weeks, on Tuesday night about 11-30pm, she said she was ill, he said he did not believe in doctors and said she was shamming. He struck her, and kicked her making her bleed profusely. She was obliged to run into the children’s room for protection. He followed and got her on the floor and struck her on the head with his boot. She had been under the doctors care and he said if she was not careful she would have concussion of the brain. Her husband was not sober at the time. She wanted a separation order - PC. SALES deposed to being called to the house. Prisoner said his wife’s statement in several particulars was false. He however admitted striking her.

The bench fined him 40s and costs .

Mrs PEARSON applied for a separation order but the case was adjourned for 2mths.


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