Love Tragedy at Huyton, 1914

Liverpool Daily Post, October 21st 1914

Love Tragedy at Huyton

Drink, disappointment and suicide

A love story was told at an inquest held before deputy coroner, Mr F. A. JONES, at Huyton yesterday, on David Frederick MORRIS aged 22, whose body was found cut to pieces on the London and North Western Railway between Broadgreen and Roby in the early hours of Friday morning.

It was stated that MORRIS, who was employed as a platelayer on the railway, had lodged during the past nine weeks at Macbeth Street, Wavertree. Recently he had given way to drink, and in consequence he and his sweetheart had quarrelled.

This appeared to upset MORRIS, who on Thursday evening left his lodgings and did not return. Early the following morning the driver of a goods train from Rainford reported on arrival at Edgehill, that his engine had struck something near Roby, and a piece of cloth and some blood marks were found on the engine.

The line was searched by John PRESCOT the stationmaster at Broadgreen and near to Bromfield Farm he discovered the body of the man, face down across the north line. It was cut in two, an arm was severed and the head injured. In the possession of MORRIS was a notebook, in which was written several farewell letters

One to his mother read :-

Dear Mother, Heaven forgive me for the coolness I have bestowed on you for years, but, my mother, do believe I love you next in best to the girl I have asked to be my wife, and in your love and pity I ask you to forgive me for what I have done, but I cannot live without her, as she has been more than a mother to me. Heaven bless her for she is the only girl I loved with intent.

P.S, I have asked the finder of my body to ask the coroner not to bring in temporary insanity, for, my God, I am sane as the straightest man that goes. Also ask my brother to forgive me.”

Another letter addressed to My Loving Sweetheart, stated :-

“May heaven grant you good luck, and do believe me I have done this to save adding to your misery and going with me.

What I have done to you I do not know, I only hope that we at least shall meet again in after years at the throne of my God. With all sincerity of my nature I do forgive you, and I only ask you to look after yourself for the sake of one who loved you dearly, and who had respect for you in every way, please accept this final goodbye at 11pm, Sunday, by the pillar post, Pilch Lane.”

Annie Emily TAYLOR, who was much distressed said she had known the deceased for five years, and had kept company with him during the last two. They had quarrelled several times owing to his drinking habits, and early this month when they quarrelled she told him she would have to give him up.

He said if she did he would commit suicide and also threatened to shoot her.

The Deputy Coroner told the witness she had acted wisely in giving the man up, as if she had married him and he had given way to drink she might have had a life of misery.

A verdict of suicide whilst of unsound mind was returned.


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