St Michaels, Toxteth Park, Clergy

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 30, 1815

On Wednesday the new church called St Michael's, lately erected at Toxteth Park has been consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester

The Morning Post, Monday, October 21, 1850

Ecclesiastical intelligence, Deacons, licensed by the Bishop of Chester, the Rev Matthew. Watkins. Davies to St Michael's Toxteth Park, Liverpool

Jackson's Oxford Journal, Saturday, January 3, 1852

Dec 18th married at St Michael's Toxteth Park, the Rev Matthew. Watkins. Davies of Christ Church, Oxford and curate of Gravely, Cambridgeshire, to Mary youngest daughter of Rev William Hesketh, incumbent, St Michael's Toxteth Park.

Nottinghamshire Guardian, Thursday, April 16, 1857

Ecclesiastical intelligence, Perpetual Curacies, Liverpool St Michael's Toxteth Park, dio Chester, val £213, William Jones Esq, Rev W. Hesketh resigned.

Blackburn Standard, Wednesday, May 06, 1857

Diocese of Chester, Prefermentís, The Rev Wm Clementson, to the perpetual curacy of St Michael's Church, Toxteth Park, upon the nomination of J. Jones Esq, the patron, value £300.

The Morning Post, Tuesday, May 21, 1861

Ecclesiastical intelligence, Curacies, Rev C. Cape to Liverpool St Michael's Toxteth Park

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 10, 1863

The Worshipful Chancellor Thurlow has appointed the Rev William Clementson, M.A, incumbent, St Michael's Toxteth Park to the office of surrogate for granting marriage licenses etc, throughout the diocese of Chester.

The Star, Thursday, September 23, 1869

Ecclesiastical intelligence, the Rev George COLE to the incumbency of St Michael's Toxteth Park

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, October 11, 1869

The closing of churchyards, a notice appears in the London Gazette, ordering the discontinuance of burials in the church and churchyard of St Michael's Toxteth Park, except under certain conditions.

The Morning Post, Wednesday, January 07, 1874

Church appointments, The Earl of Kimberley has presented the Rev Thomas W. Moeran, M.A, late vicar of St Michael's Toxteth Park, to the vicarage of Baston, near North Walsham.

The Hampshire Advertiser, Saturday, July 17, 1875

Ecclesiastical intelligence, the Rev J. B. LOWE to the Vicarage of St Michael's Toxteth Park

The Pall Mall Gazette, Tuesday, April 13, 1880

The Manchester Guardian, says that the Crown living of Yoxall near Burton-on-Trent, in the diocese of Litchfield, stated to be worth £500 per annum, with a rectory house, has been conferred by the Lord Chancellor on the Rev Josiah B. LOWE, D.D, incumbent of St Michael's Toxteth Park. Dr LOWE is a late scholar of Trinity College Dublin. He graduated B.A, in 1839, M.A in 1859, B.D and D.D, in 1860, was admitted to deaconís orders in 1839 by the Bishop of Kildare and priest in the following year by the Archbishop of Dublin. He has held the vicarage of St Michael's Toxteth Park since 1875, and before that date he was perpetual curate of St Jude's, Walton-on-the-Hill. He is the author of lectures on "The Festivals of the Jews", "The history of the cross" "The worship of the virgin" "The church of Christ not a Catholic body" and other controversial works.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, June 24, 1880

The Rev J. R. EYRE of St Luke's, yesterday finally accepted the incumbency of St Michael's Toxteth Park, and will enter upon his duties there on Sunday, 4th July. The Rev Dr Lowe will preach his last sermon in St Michael's Toxteth Park on Sunday next the 27th inst, after morning and evening service.

The Morning Post, Thursday, August 24, 1882

Ecclesiastical intelligence, the Rev J. R. EYRE, M.A, incumbent of St Michael's Toxteth Park, to be rural dean of Toxteth, patron The Bishop of Liverpool

The Standard, Monday, August 17, 1885

The Bishop of Liverpool has appointed the Rev J. R. EYRE, incumbent of St Michael's Toxteth Park, and Rural Dean to be honorary Canon of Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, September 15, 1886

The vacant living at St Helens, at a meeting of the trustees of the vacant living of the parish of St Helens, yesterday, it was unanimously decided to offer the living, which is worth £850 per annum to Canon Eyre, vicar of St Michael's Toxteth Park. The trustees present were Col Gamble, chairman, Sir Gilbert Greenall, Mr C. J. Bishop, J.P, Major Cross, Mr William Pilkington, J.P, Mr H. S. Hall, J.P, Mr William Gamble, Mr W. L. Pilkington, Mr Joseph Robinson, Mr Sinclair J.P, and Dr Twyford. There were a large number of applications, but outside them there was a strong feeling in Canon Eyre's favour among the congregation. It is expected Canon Eyre will accept the offer, and remove to St Helens. Canon Eyre was educated at Clare College Cambridge and took the degree of M.A, in 1872. He was ordained a deacon in 1868, and a priest in 1869, by the late Bishop of Chester and was appointed perpetual curate of St Michael's-in-the-Hamlet in 1880. In 1882 he was appointed a rural dean for Toxteth and was made an honorary canon of Liverpool in 1885. From 1874 to 1880 Canon Eyre was perpetual curate of St Luke's Liverpool.

Nottinghamshire Guardian, Saturday, March 26, 1892

Ecclesiastical intelligence, by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rev John Farnworth Anderson, M.A, L.L.B, to the curacy of St Michael's Toxteth Park

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