Loss of the Staffordshire

Southport Visiter

Jan 20th 1854

Loss of the packet ship STAFFORDSHIRE and 177 lives.

The noble clipper ship STAFFORDSHIRE, one of Train and Cos, line of Boston packets, was wrecked on the 30th ult, upon Blonde Rock, south of Sea Island. As yet there is scanty tidings of the disaster, but from these facts we learn that Capt RICHARDSON was lost and every soul of the passengers, 148 in number, including children, but that the 1st and 2nd mates, ALDEN and LEACH and 17 seamen reached Cape Sable, while the 3rd mate, Boatswain and 12 others were picked up and landed at, Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

The remainder of the crew including Capt RICHARDSON went down with the wreck, immediately after striking.

Capt RICHARDSON was about 48 yrs old and leaves a wife and four children. He accumulated a large fortune and ere he took command of the STAFFORDSHIRE and decided not to undertake another voyage, though, at the ernest wish of Mr TRAIN, he was induced to alter his plans.

He had large offers from other houses to induce him to engage in the California trade, but they were of no avail. He was formerly commander and part owner of the packet ship TOWNSEND.

According to the Halifax Sun, three boats landed 29 men and 1 woman, while the schooner EXPERT picked up 14 making in all 44 saved.

The passengers showed no disposition to leave the vessel when the crew took to the boats, they appeared to think they would lose their lives in either case.

The STAFFORDSHIRE was insured for between 90,000 to 100,000 dollars in Boston and New York. Her cargo was very large, estimated worth over 300,000 dollars, a large proportion on Canadian account, probably insured in this country.

She was built by, MC KAY in June 1851 for Enoch TRAIN and Cos line of Liverpool and Boston packets. She was 1,817 tons and one of the finest in the line. The cargo consisted of British goods, silks, broadcloths, etc, all owned in Boston. The loss to the Underwriters will be very heavy.


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