Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881

Shareholders S-Y

Shareholders S-Y

SALE Martha 121 Lord St, Southport, widow

SANDERSON Christopher, Rodhill House, Sawley nr Clitheroe, farmer

SARGEANT John, 25 Portland St Southport, agent

SAVAGE Tobias, 1 Francis St, Livesey nr Birkdale, gentleman

SAWYER William, 83 Lord St, Southport, bread baker

SAXON Joseph, 19 Neville St, Southport, grocer

SCALES George, 47 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

SCHELP Robert, Church St, St Helens, bank clerk

SCHOFIELD Benjamin, 22 Fitzwilliam St, West Huddersfield, cabinet maker

SCHOFIELD William Thomas, Fern Lea, Healey nr Rochdale, gentleman

SCORER Matthew, Duckmanton nr Chesterfield, farmer

SEED Agnes, 1 New Promenade Southport, spinster

SEED Margaret, 47 Hoghton St, Southport, spinster

SEGAR Edward, Ainsdale nr Southport, farmer

SEGAR Halsall, Altcar nr Formby nr Liverpool, farmer

SEGAR James, Ainsdale nr Southport, farmer

SEGAR John, 158 Lord St Southport, Medical doctor

SEGAR Richard, Ainsdale nr Southport, farmer

SELBY Alexander 53 London St, Southport, cabinet maker

SHARP William, 94 Corporation St Manchester, sugar refiner

SHAW Frederick, Moss Grove, Bury, woollen manufacturer

SHAW John, 29 Oxford St, Manchester, landscape gardener

SHAW Thomas Jnr, Berry Brow, Huddersfield, grocer

SHAW William Jackson, 27 Union St, Aberdeen, railway agent

SHENTON Thomas, Highfield, Rotherham, glass manufacturer

SHELMERDINE Ellen, 5 Kew Rd, Birkdale, married

SHEPHERD Richard, Waterfoot nr Manchester, cotton spinner

SHEPHERD John Sagar Holme, Newchurch nr Manchester, cotton spinner

SHEPHERD Joseph Sagar Holme, Newchurch, cotton spinner

SHEPPARD Jno, 43 Albert Rd, Southport, gentleman

SHERRATT Thomas, 22 Roe Lane, Southport

SHIPLEY John, 45 Upper Aughton Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

SHORROCK James, 80 Bank Rd, Southport, school inspector

SHORROCK Joseph, 63 Railway St, Southport

SHUTTLEWORTH James, 10 Oak Terrace, Bacup, pawnbroker

SIMM Martha, New Springs, Aspull nr Wigan, married

SIMM Thomas, New Springs, Aspull nr Wigan, brewer

SIMPSON Samuel Thomas, 80 South Bank Rd, Southport, shopkeeper

SIMPSON William, Hoghton St, Southport, joiner

SKELTON Henry, Mount Pleasant Mill, Mytholmroyd, cotton spinner

SKIRROW Joseph Smith, 19 London Rd, Southport, bootmaker

SLACK Joseph, 30 Scarisbrick St, Southport, gentleman

SLATER. R, St Helens, manager of chemical works

SMALLSHAW John, 81 Manchester Rd, Southport, solicitor

SMETHURST Charles, 6 Bedford St, Little Bolton, yarn agent

SMETHURST Luke, 45 Alexander Rd, Southport, gentleman

SMITH Abraham, 134 Sefton St, Southport, gentleman

SMITH Edward, Birkdale, solicitor

SMITH Eleanor, 4 Stanley Rd, Waterloo nr Liverpool, widow

SMTH Henry, Banfield Terrace, Heywood, esquire

SMITH Joseph Charles, 23 Hawkshead St, Southport, gentleman

SMITH Margaret, 28 Scarisbrick St, Southport, spinster

SMITH Mat, 23 Seabank Rd, Southport, grocer

SMITH Robert, Trafalgar Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

SMITH Robert R, 23 Scarisbrick St, Southport, bank clerk

SMITH Walter, 28 Scarisbrick St, Southport, gentleman

SMITH William, 19 Avenue Parade Accrington, cotton manufacturer

SPEAKMAN Joseph, 15 High St, Manchester, merchant

SOUTHWORTH Hugh, 44 Hall St, Southport, flour dealer

SOUTHWORTH Jabez, 173 Chorley New Rd, Bolton, iron monger

SPENSER Mary CNE, Holly House, Walmer Deal, Kent, widow

STANDING Ann Parmented, Halifax Rd, Ainsdale nr Southport, Mrs

STEPHENSON Taylor Robinson, 31 Church St, Southport, gentleman

STEPHENSON William Stanley, Blundellsands, nr Liverpool, merchant

STEWARD George Howorth, 64 Manchester Rd, Southport, gentleman

STEWART James, 21 Town Hall Square, Bolton, boot and shoe dealer

STEWART John, 193 Lord St, Southport, boot and shoe dealer

STOREY Eliza 24 Park St, Southport, widow

STOREY John Henry, 24 Park St, Southport

STOTT Andrew, 90 Sussex Rd, Southport, gentleman

STOTT Mary Jane, 20 East Beach, Lytham, cook

STRONG John, 83 Zetland St, Southport, rate collector

SUTCLIFFE James, Smith, Beech House, Bacup, corn miller

SUTCLIFFE Rev Thomas, 68 Belmont St, Southport. J.P.

SWALLOW George 12 and 13 Mansfield Chambers, St Anns Square, Manchester, cotton merchant

SWALLOW George Jnr, 12 and 13 Mansfield Chambers, St Anns Square, Manchester, cotton merchant

SWARBRICK George, 25 Friarsgate Preston, milliner and baby linen dealer

SWIFT James, School Lane, Kirby nr Liverpool, farmer

SYKES Thomas Hindle, 1Church St, Southport, chemist



TAYLOR Francis Howard, Middleswood, Hull Barnsley, Esquire

TAYLOR James, 35 Linaker St, Southport, gentleman

TAYLOR John, 5 Cloucester Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

TAYLOR Joseph and James, Exchange Court, Liverpool, broker and bookeeper

TAYLOR Thomas, 5 Arkwright St, Bolton, mill manager

TETLOW Thomas, 3 Gerrard St, Southport, painter and decorator

THEXFORD James Clayton, The Rookery Roe Lane, Southport, butler

THOMBER Fanny, 41 Bath St, Southport, lodging house keeper

THOMPSON Plaskett, deceased, South Castle St, Liverpool, accountant

THORLEY John, 19 Scarisbrick New Rd, Southport, gentleman

THORPE James jnr, 11 Virginia St, Southport, bank clerk

TIDSWELL George Halliday, 11 and 12 Victoria Arcade, Southport, bookseller

TIDSWELL William, 115 Lord St, Southport, wine and spirit merchant

TINSLEY Thomas, Scarisbrick nr Ormskirk, farmer

TODD Joseph, 36 Clarence Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

TODD Robert, 48 Sussex St, Southport, builder

TOMLINSON John, Crossens nr Southport, innkeeper, farmer

TOULMIN George, Guardian office, Preston, newspaper proprietor

TOULSON John, 78 Bolton Rd, Pendleton, iron merchant

TOWERS Mary Ann and John William, 16 York Rd, Birkdale, widow and son

TOWLE John Andrew, Kersal View, The Cliff, higher Broughton, Manchester

TOWNEND Hannah Collier, 44 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, widow

TOWNLEY John, 12 Scarisbrick New Rd, Southport, gentleman

TRAVIS Caroline, 28 Linden St, Southport, ladies and childrens outfitter

TRAVIS George Francis, 3 Windsor Rd, Southport, gentleman

TREVETT Francis Theresa, 7 Victoria Toy Arcade, Southport, fancy goods dealer

TRICKETT. Joshua, Green Bridge, Waterfoot, nr Manchester, woollen printer

TURNER David, 83 Yorkshire St, Rochdale, draper

TURNER. W, 56 Upper Portland St, Southport, surgeon

TWEEDALE Samuel, Passmonds, Rochdale, cotton spinner

TWIST William, Scarisbrick nr Ormskirk, farmer



UNSWORTH John, 31 Liverpool Rd, Birkdale, grocer and provision dealer

UNWIN John, 7 Park Cresent, Southport, gentleman



VAUGHAN William, 36 Hall St, Southport, joiner and builder



WADSWORTH Christopher, 40 London Rd, Southport, butcher

WAINWRIGHT John, 24 Chapel St, Southport, watchmaker

WAINWRIGHT. J. The Cross, Ormskirk, ironmonger

WALKER Edwin, Brentwood, Eccles Old Rd, Manchester congregational minister

WALKER Elizabeth, 44 Promenade, Southport, house keeper

WALKER Thomas, Southfield, Bolton, tanner

WALKER William, 70 Park Rd, , Southport, gentleman

WALTON Keighley, 18 Scarisbrick St, Southport, solicitor

WARBURTON Richard Aitkin, Park Rd, Bowden, merchant

WARBURTON Edmund, 24 Withy Grove, Manchester, tea merchant

WAREING Elizabeth, 26 Bath St, Southport, lodging house keeper

WAREING Hugh. T, Banks nr Southport, farmer

WATERHOUSE, John Harrison, 211 Lord St, Southport, Milliner and insurance agent

WATSON Charles, Lord St, Southport, hotel keeper

WATSON Robert, 58 Leyland St, Southport, hotel keeper

WATSON Sarah Elizabeth, 38 Trafalgar Square, Scarisbrick, spinster

WEBSTER William, 49 Eastbank St, Southport, engineer

WEBSTER. W, 12 Lever St, Manchester, merchant

WEIR Archibald, Ardmore House, Sale, Cheshire, screw and bolt manufacturer

WELSBY James H, 22 Hoghton St, Southport, gentleman

WELSBY William, 22 Hoghton St, Southport, J.P.

WEM Isaac, Donington nr Newport, Salop, gentleman

WHIPP Thomas, Hawthorn Villa, Prestwich nr Manchester, gentleman

WHITAKER Jane, 75 Manchester Rd, Southport, widow

WHITAKER Robert, Birch House, Lies nr Manchester, cotton spinner

WHITE John, Hargreaves, Water nr Newchurch, Rosendale, cotton spinner

WHITE William, 85 New North Rd, Huddersfield, silk manufacturer

WHITEHEAD Peter John, 6 Cross St, Southport, borough accountant

WHITELEY Joshua, 242 Plymouth Grove, Manchester. Leather merchant

WHITWORTH Edward, Facit nr Rochdale cotton manufacturer

WHITWORTH William Westfield, Facit nr Rochdale cotton manufacturer

WILCOCK Thomas Charles, Baldwin St, St Helens, corn factor

WILCOCK Elizabeth, Grosvenor Villa, Eccleston nr St Helens, spinster

WILCOCK Mary, Grosvenor Villa, Eccleston nr St Helens, spinster

WILCOCK Mary, Grosvenor Villa, Eccleston nr St Helens, widow

WILKINSON James, 21 and 23 Talbot St, Southport, teacher

WILKINSON Wilkinson, 2 High St, Padiham, Lancashire, grocer

WILLIAMSON Thomas Miller, Burscough, gentleman

WILLGOOZE. T, 68 Diconson St, Wigan, clerk

WILSON William Henry, 75 Princess St, Manchester, auctioneer

WINDER John Edward, Manchester, stockbroker

WINTERBOTTOM William B, Clifford Rd, Birkdale, bank clerk

WISHART David, 4 Kensington Rd, Southport, builder

WOLSTENHOLME, Josiah, 72 Zetland St, , Southport

WOOD. A, 26 Hampton Rd, Southport, bank cashier

WOOD Emily Mary Parker, Mornington Rd, Southport, spinster

WOOD John A, 21 Sussex St, Rochdale

WOOD Peter Frederick, 23 Hoghton St, Southport, gentleman

WOOD Sarah Kilner, Dayne Terrace, Rochdale, widow

WOODHALL Edward, 77 Parkhill Rd, Liverpool, grocer

WOODS Peter, 41 Tulketh St, Southport, rope maker

WOLSTENHOLME John, Eastbank St, Southport, grocer

WOOLLEY Thomas, Lymm nr Warrington, gentleman

WORSWICK Magaret, 3 Union St, Southport, spinster

WORTHINGTON John, Inland Revenue Office, Plymouth, Officer of Inland Revenue

WRIGHT John, 83 Lord St, Southport, provision dealer

WRIGHT John Twist, 5 Tulketh St Southport, police sergeant



YEXLEY Jane, 71 Hoghton St, Southport, widow


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