Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881

Shareholders M-R

Shareholders M-R

MACDONALD Mary Ellen, 44 Promenade, Southport, house keeper

MACQUOID Edward, 27 Elsworth St Cheetham, Manchester, agent

MARRISON William Henry, Manchester and Liverpool District Bank, Spring Gardens, Manchester, bank clerk

MARSDEN George, Linden Villa, Stroud, Gloucestershire, gentleman

MARSDEN Harriet, 59 Promenade Southport, spinster

MARSDEN Henry, 59 Promenade Southport, ironmongers assistant

MARSDEN Jane, 1 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, widow

MARSDEN Thomas, 59 Promenade Southport, lodging house keeper

MARSDEN Thomas T, 59 Promenade Southport, clerk

MARSH John, Orrell Rd, Orrell Park, nr Liverpool, sack contractor

MARSHALL William, Ballyloghan, Rich Hill, Armagh, Ireland, farmer

MARTLAND James, Burscough junction, nr Ormskirk, potatoe dealer

MARTLAND John, Moss Lane nr Latham, Ormskirk, farmer

MARSHLAND William, 32 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

MARSH John, Orrell Park, Walton nr Liverpool, sack contractor

MARSH Peter Walter, 17 Back gorce nr Liverpool, sack contractor

MATHER Joseph, Windle St, Cowley Hill, St Helens, book keeper

MATHIAS Joseph Powell, 6 West St, Southport, bread baker

MAUDSLEY Evan Charles, Chatham Rd, Birkdale

MAUDSLEY Thomas, Burscough nr Ormskirk, farmer

MAUGNALL, Smith, Vulcan foundry, Newton-le-Willows, engineer

MAWDESLEY Margaret, 27 Chapel St, Southport, draper

MAWSON Lucy, 69 Mesnes St Wigan, married

MAYOR Elizabeth, 4 Wright St, Southport, fruiterer

MC CROSSEN J, 29 Albert Rd, Southport , iron founder

MC LACHLAN Thomas, Duke St, St Helens, grocer

MEADOWCROFT Nanny, Heywood, widow GLAZEBROOK Benjamin and Lord Joseph HEYWOOD

MELLOR Ann, 5 Scarisbrick St Southport, married

MELLOR Benjamin, 1 Park Ave, Southport, gentleman

MELLOR Ina, 5 Scarisbrick St, Southport, tea dealer

MELLOR Thomas, 4 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, architect

MERCER Robert Clayton, Rishton Mill, Rishton Lane, cotton spinner

MICHAELIS Rueben Nicholas, 7 Wellington Terrace, Old Trafford, Manchester

MICHAELIS Mary Ann, 7 Wellington Terrace, Old Trafford, Manchester, widow

MILLINGTON E. F, 22 Albert Rd, Southport, spinster

MILLINGTON. L, 22 Albert Rd, Southport, spinster

MILLS Ellen, Queen St Ashton-under-Lyne, widow

MONKS Phethcan, Egerton House, Moss Gate nr Bolton, salesman

MOORE Mary, 91 Virginia St, Southport, married

MORGAN John, Halkirk, Caithness

MORRIS Thomas, 67 Gerard St, Southport, builder

MORTON William, postal telegraph, Southport, telegraphist

MOSFORD George, Tattenhall nr Chester, farmer

MOTHERSILL Christopher ,Woodbourne, Brooklands, nr Manchester, merchant

MUNROE R, 26 Southbank Rd, Southport, gentleman

MURRAY John, 27 Clarence St, Edinburgh, Esquire



NALL Thomas Mills, 1 Oak Bank Withington, nr Manchester, gentleman

NAYLOR Emily, 74 Windsor Rd, Southport, spinster

NEAL Robert, 52 Hoghton St, Southport, day waiter

NEEDSON Alfred, Altringham, Cheshire, commercial traveller

NEILD John Albert, 32 Arbour St, Southport, grocer

NEWSHAM. W, Burcough St, Ormskirk, butcher

NEWTON Elizabeth, 22 Collegiate Cresent, Broomhall Park, Sheffield, spinster

NEWTON John, 22 Collegiate Cresent, Broomhall Park, Sheffield, merchants clerk

NICHOLLS Harriette Taylor, 55 Leyland Rd, Southport, married

NICHOLSON Charles, Albert Rd, Southport, merchants clerk

NICHOLSON James William, 126 Radcliffe Rd, Darcy Lever, Bolton, chain manufacturer

NICHOLSON Richard, Albert Rd, Southport, gentleman

NICHOLSON Thomas, 2 White Ladies Close, Clifton, Bristol, M.D

NORMANSELL Frances, 86 Lord St, Southport, lodging house keeper

NORRIS Elizabeth, 15 Hoghton St, Southport, widow

NOWELL George, Spring Lane, Radcliffe, contractor

NUTTALL Charles, 41 Withington Rd, Moss Side, Manchester, solicitor

NUTTALL Robert, 45 Failinge Rd, Rochdale, commercial traveller

NUTTALL Squire, 14 Wyndham St, Bury, coal agent



OLDFIELD Margaret, 90 Liverpool Rd, St Helens, spinster

OLIVER William Taylor, Sefton St, Southport, gentleman

ONIONS John Henry, Great Hales St, Market Drayton, solicitor

ORMEROD William Vicars Walk, Rochdale, leather merchant

ORMERSHER Edward, Moon St, Ormskirk, bootmaker

OSWALD Jane and Mary, 29 Arbour St, Southport, spinsters

OXTON Mary, 114 Bold St, Liverpool, married

OXTON Thomas, 114 Bold St, Liverpool, sewing machine manufacturer



PALIN Samuel, Terrace Rd, Widnes, executor of George PALIN

PALIN. S, Terrace Rd, Widnes, shipping agent

PALING Joseph, Hanging-ditch, Manchester, corn merchant

PARKER Sarah Elizabeth, Lorbar Rd, Buxton, spinster

PARNELL Thomas, 3 Church Rd, Stanley, Liverpool, gentleman

PARSONS Charles, 28 Water St, Manchester, bottle manufacturer

PEARSON Elizabeth 20 East Beach, Lytham, spinster

PEET Thomas, Moss View, Ormskirk, cashier

PEET William, Burscough, nr Ormskirk, corn miller

PERRETT Emma Ann, The Rookery, Roe Lane, Southport, ladies maid

PETTY Mary, Lloyd St, Llandudno, spinster

PICKARD Thomas, Firth House, Stanland nr Halifax, gentleman

PICKAVANT Thomas, Moss Lane, Lathom, nr Ormskirk, provision dealer

PIERCE Thomas, 78 Southbank Rd, Southport, gentleman

PLATT James, 79 Manchester Rd, Southport, accountant

PLATT Ralph, 39 Zetland St, Southport, brickmaker

POLLITT Sarah, 8 New Promenade, Southport, married

POPE Sarah, 397 Oxford St, Manchester, draper

PORRITT Margaret Ann, 3 Belmont St, Southport, widow

POTTS John, 221 Lord St, Southport, joiner

PRICE. A, 10 Talbot St, Southport, gentleman

PRICE William, 28 Cross St, Southport, gentleman

PRINCE George Oliver, 76 Chapel St, St Helens, machine clerk

PYE James, Churchtown Southport, hotel keeper and farmer



RATCLIFFE John, 37 Hardshaw St, St Helens, leather merchant

RAHR Viggo Daneford, 14 Brown St, Manchester, Merchant

RAWLINSON Charles Wood Top, Rawtenstall, grocer and draper

READ Frances 12 Bucklam Terrace, Millbay Rd,, Plymouth, mantle maker

READ Thomas, Tan Pit Farm, Appleby Bridge, seedman

REDSHAW William, Springs Bridge, Aspull nr Wigan, colliery manager

REYNOLDS William Ball, Burscough nr Ormskirk, farmer

RIGBY Thomas, Church St, Southport, hotel keeper

RIGG. C. Littleborough, wool and flock merchant

RIGG Charles, Littleborough, woollen manufacturer

RIGG Susannah, Southport, widow

RIGHTON James, 12 Bold St, Southport, chemist

RILEY John, Hardcroft, Oldham, Esquire

RILEY Joseph, 87 Orlando St, Bolton, manufacturer

RIMMER E. J. 39 Duke St, Southport, draper

RIMMER Richard, 47 East Bank St, Southport, innkeeper

RISHTON Catherine, Wesleyan Soldiers Home, Aldershot, widow

ROBERTS J. Fowls, 16 London St, clothier

ROBERTS Mary, 25 Portland St, Southport, spinster

ROBINSON James, 6 Hall St, Oxford St, Manchester, Packer

ROBINSON James William, Victoria Villa, Huyton nr Liverpool, merchant

ROBINSON Mary Ann Westholm, Werneth, Oldham, widow

ROBSON William John, 171 Lord St, Southport, ironmonger

ROBSON William, 171 Lord St, Southport, ironmonger

ROSBOTTOM James, 4 Upper Portland St, Southport, gentlman

ROSCOE William, 40 Sefton St, Southport, solicitor

ROTHWELL. J. 19 Stanley St, Southport, rate collector

ROTHWELLL Jonathan, 10 Victoria Place, Clifton, Bristol, customs officer

ROUNDRAUP Hans George, 14 Brown St, Manchester, merchant



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