Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881

Shareholders H-L

Shareholders H-L

HADFIELD Thomas, Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool, chemical manufacturer

HAMER Samuel, 27 Eastbank St, Southport, bootmaker

HAMAR Richard Vaughan, 70 Yorkshire St, Rochdale, hosier

HALFEY Joseph Benjamin, Isle of Wight Farm, Birkdale, farmer

HALL Emily, care of C. STEWART, 149 Lord St Southport, spinster

HALL Joseph, Ellesmere Port, Eccles nr Manchester , gentleman

HALL John S, 22 Kent Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

HALLIDAY Josiah Wood, 2 Lancaster Villas, Broughton Park, Manchester

HALLIWELL Margaret, 7 Camp St, Higher Broughton, Manchester, housekeeper

HALLEYWELL James, Queens Head, Ince nr Wigan, innkeeper

HALSALL Albert, 80 Southbank Rd, Southport, shop assistant

HALSALL Alfred, Hollybrook Rd, Birkdale, clerk

HALSALL Henry, 3A King St, Southport, stonemason

HALSALL Mary, 3 Coronation Walk, Southport, spinster

HARDAKER Henry 267 Lord St Southport, bath chairman

HARGREAVES Horner, 79 Sefton St, Southport

HARGREAVES James, Smelt, Bacup, warper

HARGREAVES Margaret 79 Sefton St, Southport, married

HARGREAVES Richard, Lawsons House, Sawler nr Clitheroe, farmer

HARKNESS Elizabeth, 15 Crosby Rd, Birkdale, spinster

HARRISON Mary, Brows Grindleton nr Clitheroe

HARRISON Thirza Hargreaves, Brows Grindleton nr Clitheroe

HARROP George, 10 Clarence Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

HART George, 88 Upper Portland St, Southport, gentleman

HARVEY Robert, 25 Bold St, Southport, bank secretary

HAWARTH Thomas and William, Windsor Place, Accrington, cotton manufacturers

HAWORTH John 21 Scarisbrick St, Southport, gentleman

HAWORTH William, 10 Princess St, Blackpool

HAYES Thomas, 49 Cross St Manchester, bookseller

HAYES William. W, Freshfield nr Liverpool, gentleman

HEALD Edmund, 21 London St, Southport, woollen draper

HEALY John, Branstere Rd, Burton-on-Trent, accountant

HEDGES Henry, 33 Part St, Southport, gentleman

HENDERSON Mary Jane, 5 Welbeck Rd, Birkdale, widow

HENSER George Alexander, Oriel Close, 16 Water St, Liverpool

HESKETH Charles, 5 Bold St, Southport, fruiterer and poulterer

HESKETH James, 127A Lord St, Southport, tailor and draper

HEWITT Thomas, 19 Promenade, Southport, agent

HEWITT Thomas Jnr, 19 Corporation St, Manchester, shareholder

HEYWARD Alice, 150 Lord St, Southport, married

HEYWARD James, 150 Lord St, 79 Sefton St, Southport, gentleman

HEYWOOD James, 30 Scarisbrick St, Southport, gentleman

HIGHAM John, Loghouse Swinton, nr Manchester, gentleman

HIGHTON John, Churchtown, Southport, builder

HILTON James, Southvilla, Standish nr Wigan, mining engineer

HIRST Samuel William, 70 Leyland Rd, Southport gentleman

HOBART Hannah, 51 Leyland Rd, Southport

HOBBS William Ebenezer, 38 Alexander Rd, Southport, hatter

HOBKIRK Thomas, Rufford nr Ormskirk, land agent

HOBSON Edward, 64 Roe Lane, Southport, newspaper proprietor

HODGE Alfred [deceased] 20A Lord St, Southport, borough collector

HODGSON John, Thornwaite Keswick, gentleman

HODSON Elizabeth, 2 Mornington Rd, Southport, widow

HODSON James, 13 Princes St, Southport, gentleman

HODSON Thomas, Southport, gentleman

HOGARTH William, Aughton nr Ormskirk, sexton

HOLDEN John, Garstang Rd, Preston, phsycian

HOLDING Margaret and Betsy, 39 Bath St, Southport, spinsters

HOLINGER John, Withington nr Manchester, cashier

HOLLAND David, Hollybank Rixton nr Warrington, gentleman

HOLT John, 10 Hesketh St, Southport, gentleman

HOLT Thomas, 52 Duke St, Southport, gentleman

HOOTON John 116 Great Ducie St, Strangeways Manchester, dentist

HOPKINS Joseph, Swiss Chatels, Undercliffe, Bradford, Wesleyan minister

HORNBY Elizabeth, 46 Promenade, Southport, lodging house keeper

HORSFALL John, Aughton Rd, Birkdale, chemist

HOUGHTON Edward A, Barrowfield, Eccleston nr Prescot, bank manager

HOWORTH Ann, Bedford Rd, Birkdale, widow

HOWORTH Ada, Bedford Rd, Birkdale, spinster

HOYLE Samuel, 61 Todmoreden Rd, Bacup, mill manager

HYDE Adelaide Charlotte, 30 Alma Rd, Birkdale, spinster

HYDE Charlotte Mary, 61 Sussex Rd, Southport, spinster

HYDE Esther Emily, 14 Hesketh St, Southport

HYDE Henry, 30 Alma Rd, Birkdale, gentleman



IDDON Edward, 101 Lord St, Southport, bootmaker

IDDON Ellen, 101 Lord St, Southport, spinster

IDDON Mary, 101 Lord St, Southport, married

IDDON Thomas Whittaker, 101 Lord St, Southport, minor

IDDON William Henry, 101 Lord St, Southport, minor

ILLINGWORTH Benjamin, Whetley Mills, Bradford, worsted spinner

ILLINGSWORTH Herbert, St Marys Terrace, Bradford, gentleman

ILLINGSWORTH Robert, 34 Well St, Bradford, gentleman

ILLINGSWORTH Walter, 34 Well St, Bradford, gentleman

INGHAM James, 203A Lord St, Southport, printer

IRELAND Thomas, 31 Derby Rd, Southport, gentleman

IRVING Elizabeth, 54 Southbank Rd, Southport, spinster

ISHERWOOD John, 16 York Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

IVY Edith Annie, Manchester Rd, Southport, widow



JACKSON Edward, The Springs, Bowton Cheshire, merchant

JOHNSON Mary, 5 Hawkshead St, Southport, married

JOHNSTON John, 20 London St, Southport, provision merchant

JOHNSTON Samuel, 80 Cemetery Rd, Southport, builder

JONES Betsy, Old School Cottage, Churchtown, Southport, spinster

JONES Emma, Old School Cottage, Churchtown, Southport, spinster

JONES Margaret, 4 Promenade, Southport, spinster



KAY James, 56 Corporation St, Manchester, provision dealer

KAY Jane, 67 Harrowby St, Princes Rd, Liverpool, lodging house keeper

KEARNE John H. Wrstcliffe Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

KEARNE Samuel Richard, 32 Lulworth Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

KEARTON Elizabeth Anne, 13 Heathland Terrace, Show Heath, Stockport, widow

KEMP Clement, Burlingame, Wolton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, insurance agent

KERSHAW Charles, 27 Church St, Southport, gentleman

KETTLE Robert Woodford, 49 Leyland Rd, Southport

KING Grant, Bleasedale nr Garstang, governor of reformatory

KINGSTON Mary Emma, 5 Portland Square, Carlisle, spinster

KIRBY Charlotte, 82 Southbank Rd, Liverpool, widow

KNIGHT Joseph, Whetley Mills, Bradford, cashier

KNIGHT Lewis Smith, 38 Oak St, Manchester, wholesale jeweller

KNOWLES James, Eagley Bank nr Bolton, gentleman

KNOWLSON James Frederick, Crosby Rd, Birkdale, bank clerk



LAMB John 1 St Peters Square, Manchester, solicitor

LANCASTER George, Grindleton Vicarage, nr Clitheroe, clerk in holy orders

LEA William, Everton Rd, Birkdale, grocer and flour dealer

LEE Elizabeth, 19 Seabank Rd, Southport, widow

LEE John, Oaklands, Rochdale, flannel manufacturer

LEES Benjamin, Shawfirth nr Rochdale, colliery proprietor

LEES Joseph, Britannia nr Bacup, colliery proprietor

LEES Samuel Seville, Ashton-under-Lyne, cotton spinner

LEES Sarah Preston, 8 Promenade, Southport

LEVI Marco Elia, 6 Belmont, Higher Broughton, Manchester, merchant

LEWIS Elizabeth Salmon, 11 Leicester St, Southport spinster

LEWIS Richard 11 Leicester St, Southport gentleman

LIDDELL Eleanor, 17 Broad Walk, Buxton, spinster

LIGHTBOUND James, 52 West High St, Salford, paperhanging manufacturer

LIGHTFOOT Charles, East Ayton, Wykeham, Yorkshire, farmer

LIVESEY Thomas Lewis, Hollinsvale nr Bury, bleacher

LLOYD David, 67 Talbot St, Southport, agent

LLOYD George, 15 Zetland St, Southport, clerk

LLOYD William, 10 and 32 Market Hall, Southport, provision dealer

LONGDEN James, 47 Upper Aughton Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

LORD Abraham, Windsor Rd, Southport, gentleman

LOW James, 204 Castle Hill, Hindley nr Wigan, provision dealer

LOWE Robert, 96 High St, Stalrybridge, gentleman

LUNT John, 130 Zetlands St, Southport, book keeper

LUNT Peter, 34 Promenade, Southport, toll collector on pier



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