Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881

Shareholders A-C

Shareholders A-C

ABBOTT, John, Haigh nr Wigan, brewer

ACKROYD, Isabella, 65 Manchester Rd, Southport, widow

ADAMS, Thomas, 7 Chapel St, Southport, saddler

ADAMS Thomas Julian, St Johns Rd, Buxton, gentleman

ADDY Boughton, 118 Cheshire View, Pendleton, surgeon

ADDY, Fanny Mary, 23 Duke St, Southport, spinster

ADDY, Susanna, 22 Princes St, Southport, spinster

ADSHEAD, George Havard, 9 Strawberry Terrace, Pendleton, cashier

AINSCOUGH Hugh, Newburg nr Wigan, corn miller

ALDERSON John, 111 Parkinson Lane, Halifax

ALLDAY John, The Oaks, Handsworth, Birmingham, manufacturer

ALTHAM Margaret Ann, Brows, Grindleton nr Clitheroe

ANDREW Aaron, 39 Upper Portland St, Southport, commercial traveller

ANSDELL, John, Cowley House, St Helens, solicitor etc.

ARKWRIGHT, William, 31 Clover St, Preston, innkeeper

ARMSTRONG Joseph, North St, Audenshaw, nr Manchester, grocer

ARROWSMITH, Emma, 61 Talbot St, Southport, spinster

ASHCROFT Catherine, 90 Zetland St, Southport

ASHCROFT, Mary Jane, 23 Zetland St, Southport, spinster

ASHTON William, Moss Lane, Burscough, farmer

ASHWORTH George, 7 Hesketh St, Southport, gentleman

ASHWORTH, James, Blundellsands, nr, Liverpool, cotton merchant

ASHWORTH, John Duckenfield, Cheshire, hat manufacturer

ASHWORTH, William, 19 Eastbourne Rd, Birkdale, gentleman

ASPINALL Robert, 151 York St, Heywood

ATKINSON, William, 30 Promenade, Southport, J.P, D.L.

ATHERTON, Henry, 10 Church St, Southport, cotton spinner



BADDELEY John Alexander, 3 Peel Terrace, Harpurhey, Manchester

BALDWIN William Thomas, 80 Tulketh St, Southport, hall-keeper

BALL Hugh, Banks, nr Southport, farmer

BALL Thomas Latham, 1 Upper Portland St, Southport, joiner and builder

BALMER Joseph, Ormskirk, bank manager

BAMBER William, 29 Friargate, Preston, pork dealer

BAMFORD Mary Elizabeth, 5 Promenade, Southport, spinster

BANCROFT Charlotte, 57 Manchester Rd, Southport

BENTINCK Richard, 205 Lord St, Southport, estate agent

BARKER Richard, 1 Adelaide St, Southport, Baker

BARKER William, 1 Adelaide St, Southport, Baker

BARLOW Daniel, 119 Lord St, Southport, draper

BARROW John, 13 London St, Southport, tailor and draper

BARROW Peter, 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Coventry, Gent

BATES Brian, Pavilion Sq, Buxton, gentleman

BAXENDALE John Burscough, nr Ormskirk, farmer

BEARDWOOD William H, 16 Hackins Hey, Liverpool, general broker

BELLOT Henry 21A Chapel St, Southport, clothier

BERRY James Thomas, 59 Albert Rd, Southport, gentleman

BETHAM Susannah, 11 Upper Aughton Rd, Birkdale, married

BETHAM Thomas, 11 Upper Aughton Rd, Birkdale, joiner

BILLOTT Henry, 21A Chapel St, Southport, draper

BIRCHWOOD Martha, 86 Lord St, Southport, servant

BIRCHWOOD Mary Dixon, 85 Lord St, Southport, lodging house keeper

BIRTWISTLE William, 25 Chapel St, Southport, grocer

BLACKBURNE Sarah, 17 Weld Rd, Birkdale, spinster

BLACKBURNE William, 46 Roe Lane, Southport, butcher

BLACKLEDGE William, Clough Fold, Bacup, gas manager

BLAKELEY Thomas, 7 Milton St, Patricroft, shopkeeper

BLAKEY Thomas, Winter Gardens, Terrace, Lord St, Southport

BLISSETT Thomas, 38 South Castle St, Liverpool, gunmaker

BLUNDELL Richard, Fleetwood Farm, Churchtown, Southport, farmer

BLYTON John, 43 Heywoods St, Cheetham, Manchester, commercial traveller

BOLTON Elizabeth, 61 St Johns Rd, Clerkwell, London, widow

BOND Thomas, 36 Union St, Southport, gentleman

BOOTH Samuel, Kildare St, Farnworth, nr Bolton, salesman

BOOTHROYD Laura Fanny, 25 Riding St, Southport, widow

BOOTHROYD Samuel, 13 Duke St, Southport, Draper

BOTTOMLEY John W, Chapel House, Ormskirk, gentleman

BRADBURY John, Exors of 144 Lord St, Southport

BRADWELL Dennis, Congleton, silk merchant

BRANDRETH Jane, 14 Scarisbrick St, Southport, spinster

BRIDGE John, Edge view, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, gentleman

BRIDGE John, Meadow Lane, Lathom, nr Ormskirk farmer

BRIDGE Mary, 22 Shakespeare St, Southport, married

BRIDGE T, Burscough, nr Ormskirk, contractor

BRITTAIN William Swann, 3 Falkner Terrace, Buxton, gentleman

BROADBENT Henry, 11 Queens Rd, Southport

BROADBENT Martha, Ann, 11 Queens Rd, Southport, spimster

BROOME William, 106A Lord St, Southport, tea dealer

BROWN Charles Henry, 22 London Rd, Southport, draper

BROWN Henry, 43 Fleet St, Bury, tailor and draper

BROWN Jane, 8 Moor St, Ormskirk, widow grocer

BROWN John, Mount Pleasant, Bacup, surgeon

BROWN John, Congleton, silk manufacturer

BROWN Mark, 31 Market St, Heywood

BRUCE Alexander, 8 St Annes Sq, Manchester, jeweller

BUCKLEY George Taylor, Waterhead, Oldham, cotton spinner

BUCKLEY. J. 14 Scarsbrick New Rd, Southport, gentleman

BUCKLEY Samuel, Denton nr Manchester, hat manufacturer

BULPIT William Thomas, Lanks nr Southport, clergyman

BURROWS William Peter, 14 Riding St, Southport, builder



CALDWELL Thomas Charles, 71 Heaton Lane, Stockport, commercial traveller

CALROW. J. R, 16 Bold St, Southport, gentleman

CAMIDGE. E, 19 Belmont St, Southport, widow

CARR. J, 2 Mc Donald Lane Manchester, merchant

CARR James, Clarence St, Chester Rd, Manchester

CARR John Edward, Manchester, commission agent

CAVE Peter, 61 Linacre St, Southport, gentleman

CHADWICK John Jnr and Henry, 17 Highfield Rd, Walton nr Liverpool, gentlemen

CHATTERTON John, 45 Cambridge Rd, Churchtown, Southport, retired cotton spinner

CHATWOOD Jane, 14 Winford Place, Bolton

CHEETHAM Benjamin, 57 Alexander Rd, Southport, merchant

CHESTER William, 416 Promenade, Southport, bath proprietor

CHETTLE Thomas William, 2 Albert Villas, Northern Grove, Albert Park, Didsbury, gentleman

CHIVERS. J, 8 Hogton St Southport, coal agent

CHRISTIE Daniel, 1 Sugar Lane, Manchester, wine merchant

CHRISTIE Henry, 1 Sugar Lane, Manchester, wine merchant

CLARK Clement Beaston, Sharon, Rotherham, glass manufacturer

CLARK Harriet. M.M, and Alice F, 8 The Croft, Hastings, spinsters

CLARKE Joseph, 1A Hogton St, Southport, boot and shoe maker

CLAYTON John, 1 Ormskirk Rd, Skelmersdale, provision dealer

CLAYTON John Henry, 4 Liverpool Rd, Birkdale, manager wine and spirit house

CLEGG John, 28 Duke St, Southport, gentleman

COLLINGE Luke, Brooklands Rd, Burnley, cotton spinner

COMSTIVE Eliza, 12 Lord St, Southport, married

CONNARD Alice, Gerrard St, Southport widow

CONNARD David, 21 Scarisbrick New Rd, Southport painter

COOK Henry, 27 Seabank Rd, Southport, clerk in holy orders

COOKE Edward, Boothstown, nr Manchester bankers clerk

CORRYTON William N, 49 Deansgate, Manchester

CORY Thomas Samuel, 181 Lord St, Southport, bazaar manager

COUPEES Francis, 42 Chorlton St, Manchester

CRANE. T. H, 25 London St, Southport, accountant

CRANSHAW, E, 30 Belmont St, Southport, baker

CROMPTON Elizabeth, 33 Adelaide St, Southport, lodging house keeper

CROMPTON, George 109 Lords St, Southport, stationer

CROOK James, 33 Chapel St, Southport, poulterer and fishmonger

CROOK John, Lime St, Southport, gentleman

CUMMINS Mary, Southport Rd, Ormskirk, widow

CURTIS John, 23 Dantzie St, Manchester, carrier



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