January 1913

Doris MARSH, 52 Claude Rd, Anfield

Bessie MORRIS, 5 Grey Rd, Walton

Winnie HEFFERNAN, 13 Buckfield, Leominster, Herefordshire

Charles H. KIDD, 43 Little Dale Rd, Egremont

Lily and Violet WILSON, 58 or 68, Crown St, Liverpool

Nellie SMALL, 2A Edward St, Wrexham, North Wales

Mabel GIBBS, aged 10, 21 North gate Rd, Stoneycroft

Ruth DAUBY, Wattle Grove, Manfield, Victoria, Australia

Mabel C. SLATER, Marlborough Rd, Tuebrook

Florence N. MITCHELL, aged 12, 60 Upper Parliament St,

Winifred BLOORE, 32 Sunbury Rd, Anfield

Thomas MILLER, aged 11, 8 Kenilworth Rd, Egremont

Dorothy SHERWOOD, Linden, Cambridge Ave, Great Crosby

Winnie TOPPING, 86 Great Mersey St, Kirkdale

Elsie ROBY, aged 14, 29 Ingrow Rd, Kensington, Liverpool

Winifred ALLEN, Ashville, Ashton New Rd, Clayton, Manchester

Rita RONAN, Main St, Tipperary, Ireland

Amy PRENDEGAST, The Cottage, Wallasey Rd, Wallasey

Eveline LUMB, Newhall Cottage, Elland, Yorkshire

Rosie WILSON, Ivy Holme, Island Rd, Garston

Dorothy M. SCARBOROUGH, Willowdale Rd, Mossley Hill, Liverpool

Lilian M. BLEASDALE, 84 Woodville Terrace, Everton

Frances KEGAN, aged 11, 7 Thames St, Liverpool

Gladys Mary TUCKETT, 36 Evely, Barry Dock

Douglas REES, 21 Warwick Rd, Newport, Monmouthshire

Maggie NICHOLSON, 16 Bentinck Row, Ginns, Whitehaven Cumberland

Elizabeth SHERIDAN, Daisy Cottage, Smelter Lane, Pitsmoor, Sheffield

Lilian M. CHARLTON, 24 Balmoral Rd, New Brighton

Mollie THOMAS, aged 11, 41 Chepstow St, Walton, Liverpool

Janet CORKHILL, 54 Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry

Madge BARDSLEY, 7 Baden Rd, Knotty Ash, Liverpool

Nancy JONES, 14 Pine St, Liverpool

Doris PARRY, aged 11, 29 Beauchamp St, Aston-under-Lyne

Amy JONES, c/o, Mrs WILLIAMS, 32 Poyser St, Wrexham

Mabel GIBBS, aged 10, 21 North Gate Rd, Stoneycroft

Rhoda SMITH, 37 Breck Rd, Everton

Anne HAND, aged 11, 42 Ashfield, Wavertree

Lillian CREASY, aged 11, 33 Hemlyn Rd, Anfield

Hilda WOOD, aged 12, 8 Dingle Grove, Park Rd, Liverpool 5


Jan 11th, 1913


Mr W. OWEN of the White Lion Hotel Bala, has had a stoke of good luck he purchased a bronze vase recently from a large country house sale in Pwllheli for £3, when he got the vase home he noticed the bronze coating flaking showing gold underneath. He dipped the vase in acid revealing a Gold Smith’s masterpiece worth many hundreds of pounds.

A debt contracted twenty years ago was the subject of a case held by Judge SHAND at St Helen’s County Court on Wednesday. John BIRCHALL, 7 Newcross St, Prescot, said he lent £25 to John CHESWORTH, 47 Kemble St, Prescot, a judgement summons had been placed but only £1 had been paid back.

CHESWORTH said his first wife had died and left him in debt of over £100, he borrowed to pay it back and only succeeded into getting into deeper water. He agreed to pay back £1 a month- order made to the effect.

After a search extending over 12 hrs a representative of the Evening News succeeded in discovering the piper who, on the night of the death of the Duke of Abercorm, played a lament outside his Graces house in Green St. No one at Hampden House knew his identity.

He turned out to be James CAMPBELL, a street piper son of Robert CAMPBELL, a master of the bag pipes and formerly piper in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

Last Friday James CAMPBELL was playing in the strand to people leaving the theatres when he heard the news boys shouting, “Death of the Duke of Abercorm” As in the words of the Highland song, it “came upon him to arise” to make his lament to the Great Chief who had been so good to him and his father in the old days of poverty.

He left his chances of gain for the night and went to Green St. Before the Duke’s house he played “Lord Lovat’s lament” and “ The green hills”.

In the heart of London, in the heart of the far lit stony ways there sounded the wild appeal and lamentation of the ancient Scottish music


Jan 18th 1913


A child’s romance is partially revealed in this advert in a London newspaper

A LOST CHILD, If the lady would like to find the little girl she left about 36 yrs ago at Mrs MARTIN’S The Horsefare, Wisbech, England. Write to Mrs M. O. HORWOOD, Walla Rd, Gin Gin, Queensland Australia.

A new year gift of a little Portuguese baby born just outside Lisbon on the last day of the old year, on board the Pacific Liner ORTEGA. She will probably never see this country, but is a British Subject. She was christened, Rosa Ortega.



Jan 25 th, 1913


New convalescent home at West Kirby, the climatic advantages of which are known through the successful work of the Children’s Convalescent Home, has added a home for the treatment of patients discharged from hospital. The house once occupied for 40 yrs by the late Mr James LEAR. At present it is possible to admit 7 women.

The Liverpool Watch Committee have granted a pension to 7, P.C’s, among them, Insp MURPHY, F. Division, 30 yrs in the force. Det Grisdale MORRISON was placed on superannuation allowance After 27.1/2 yrs service. He is a native of Liverpool and joined in 1884, his father also being, Det Sgt in the Liverpool force. MORRISON was one of the officers who received the Veronica murderers on their arrival to Liverpool. 21 yrs at Det he put in his last 2 yrs at Walton.

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913


Tranmere Workhouse

The Birkenhead Guardians on Tuesday, appointed Mr and Mrs G. J. GODFERY of Aylsham Workhouse, master and matron of Tranmere Workhouse. Under the reconstruction of staff at the workhouse, and the separation of the infirmary from the workhouse proper, the position of Asst Master disappears and is replaced by a new post, that of, steward and storekeeper of the infirmary. This position has been appointed to Mr O. R. LOCKEY the Asst Master at a salary of £150 per annum.

Bootle Baby’s silver cup

The silver cup offered by Dr WILD [Chairman of Bootle Insurance Committee] to the parents of the 1st baby born in the borough, after midnight on January 12th, was awarded by Dr WILD, accompanied by Mrs WILD and Miss Nora WILD, to Mr and Mrs CAIN of 12 Audley St, off Marsh Lane, whose child Mary Elizabeth was born at 9.15am on the 13th ult. The father was a fireman in the Lamport and Holt’s steamer VERONESE, recently wrecked off the Portuguese coast.

Heroism in Old Colwyn

William HALL Foreman of Birmingham and Robert JONES Timberman of Colwyn Bay, who displayed conspicuous heroism in rescuing 2 comrades, entombed under a heavy fall of earth in a sewer trench at Old Colwyn, have been awarded £15 and framed certificates of merit from Carnegie Hero Fund, together with £8 collected locally.

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