Jan 11th 1908


Mrs Julia DAWSON will give her annual supper and concert to the cockle pickers on New Brighton Pier today.

Mr Allan R. SMITH M.A, son of Mr James SMITH nephew of the late Samuel SMITH has been appointed headmaster of Loretto School.

Col, W. W. PILKINGTON, V.D, has been appointed to represent St Helens County Borough Council as the Territorial Forces Assistant of the County of Lancaster.

The Mary KINGSLEY Memorial medal was presented to Mr CHAMBERLAIN for his sevices in the study of tropical medicine.

Dr CARTER 30yrs connected to the Royal Southern hospital to retire his position to be filled by Prof Ronald ROSS distinguished in tropical research.

Mr Isaiah PIGGOTT chairman of Lathom and Burscough Urban Council opened new council offices at Burscough Bridge.

Sir John GORST lectured at the Liverpool Fabian Society on some obstacles to social reform.

Christmas entertainment at the Royal Southern Hospital attended by Mr William ADAMSON chairman, Dr CARTER was master of ceremonies. A fine christmas tree decked with gifts and electric lights was the dominating feature of the Nightingale ward where the evenings entertainment took place. A short address was delivered by Rev C. O'Connor FENTON, Hospital Chaplain, entertainment was given by Mr Harry COLLINS, Miss KER, Miss FORFAR and the Athenian Quintet. Gifts were distributed to the children. Liverpool Minister marries at St Georges Presbyterian Church Southport on Wednesday, Miss Dora Isabella Thomson GILCHRIST daughter of George GILCHRIST, Park Rd Southport to Rev William Goad SWANSON. M.A, of Liverpool.

At Belfast Mrs Catherine WILLIAMSON was awarded by the recorder £162 against the White Star Line as compensation for the death of her husband on the Majestic in the Atlantic .He succumbed while working his passage home as a coal trimmer

On board the Canadian Pacific Line Steamer EMPRESS OF IRELAND was a Chinese Chow dog which had travelled 12,000 miles. It was to be presented to Queen ALEXANDRIA as a gift from Col Sir Henry KNOLLYS Equerry-in-Waiting.


Jan 18th 1908


Two young orphans Louis Gordon HAMMERSLEY 15 and Sister Katherine Livingstone HAMMERSLEY 13 gave their annual festival to newsboys in New York on Sunday. Both being brought up in total ignorance of the fact that they are heirs to a fortune of £10.000,000

Catherine THOMAS Soho St B’Head committed to Bentley House for 3yrs as an habitual drunkard

Capt S.JERVIS 2nd South Staffordshire Regt appointed General Staff Officer 3rd grade of the Mersey Coast Defence Liverpool

Meeting of Liverpool Botanic Society in the Harvey Botanical laboratories of Liverpool University Prof Harvey GIBSON was elected president.

Tropical Medical Diplomas awarded to J. B. DAVEY. M.B. London, M.R.C.S, L.R.C.P, G. J. KEANE M.D, D.P.D, C. MACKEY, M.B. Ch B. Victoria, C. T. RAIKES. M.B, Oxton, T. W. F. GUNN, M.R.C.S, L.R.CP.

The Post Master General Sydney BUXTON approved the following promotions at Liverpool Head Post Office, Mr T. CLARKE and Mr R. H. NICHOLS Overseers to Assistant Superintendants 2nd class, Mr J. YOUDALE, Mr J. CLOUSTON and Mr F. BENNELL Sorting Clerks to Overseers.

A fire at Cranage Cheshire in the cottage of George MORRIS Joiner completely destroying the property. His 3 children asleep at the time were with difficulty rescued and taken to a neighbours house.

Liverpool Mercury 1st Feb 1908

The annual meeting of the Girl’s friendly Society was held at the Yamen Rooms, Bold St. The Bishop of Liverpool held the chair, on the platform were, Miss LANGTON [Diocean president], Miss FINN, Secretary, Hon Mrs MC NEILE, Miss STANSTREET, Mrs HEMSWORTH, Mrs Herbert ROWE, Miss LAURENCE and Archdeacon MADDEN.

At the annual meeting of the Liverpool Academy of Arts held at the Royal Institute, the president Mr G. Hall NEALE, the secretary Mr G. H. A. BROWN and the treasurer Mr R. G. HINCHCLIFFE were re-elected.

In the Y.M.C.A, Mount Pleasant Mr Oliver H. MC COWAN. L.L.B, lectured on Burmah were he had resided for the past 8yrs, Mr T. JAMESON presided.

University of Liverpool, diplomas in public heath were awarded to, E. S. JONES, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P, R. O. MATHER, M.B., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., and J. ORR. L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S, L.F.P.S., The Thompson Reading prize was awarded to Miss Lois Frances BARKER.

Dr William CARTER the eminent physician was on Saturday entertained to dinner at the Adelphi Hotel, by his professional brethren and friends. He is relinquishing his practice and moving to Deganwy. He was presented with a portrait in oils.

Oddfellowship annual meeting was held at Wavertree, 9 lodges were represented, in the chair was the retiring Grand Master, Brother William NEEDS. Elected for the ensuing year were, William NEEDS. Immediate, Past Prov. G.M, Robert RAWSTHORN, Prov G.M, Thomas MOORHOUSE, Dept Prov. G.M, P.P.G.M, William BUNCE, Treasurer, P.P.G.M, Henry EWING Corresponding Secretary. P.P.G.M, William NEEDS and Henry EWING elected delegates to the A.M.C of the order of Cardiff in June next.

The well known soup kitchen of the Seaforth County Police station, established some years ago by Supt CROSS, is open daily from 12noon to 1.30pm for the purpose of feeding the poor children of the area. 600 are fed every day of soup and bread. Through the absence of Supt CROSS through influenza, the Inspectors, Sgts and constables are lending a hand.

On Saturday night two horses in Dale St, attached to a covered drag, took fright and tore along at a tremendous rate. When approaching Old Haymarket they knocked down Annie FINNIGAN, aged 18, and rendered her unconscious. When being treated in the David Lewis Hospital it was found she had suffered a fracture to the base of her skull.

At the Oakes Institute [Walton] the mathematical prize at the recent examination of the College of Preceptors, 1st prize was awarded to Reginald FRAZER, 2nd Prize to George S. GRAHAM. The 4th prize for general proficiency in the senior exam was also awarded to Reginald FRAZER.

The annual dinner of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Society of Liverpool and District was held at the Gainsborough Café, Dale St. Mr A. GATES, occupied the chair, others present were Capt R. RIGG, formerly M.P, for North Westmoreland, Alderman J. T. THOMPSON [Birkenhead] and Councillor WRIGHT [Bootle]

Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908

On Thursday morning a serious accident occurred at Holyhead.

Blasting operations on the new buildings in Thomas St were being carried out and a powder charge seemed not to go off. Richard OWEN contractor and William John JONES stonemason went to find out the reason. As they bent over the spot the charge went off with terrific force, hurling the men a great distance and causing rocks and soil to fall on them. Dr ELLIS was in attendance almost immediately and found JONES seriously injured, his face disfigured and his eyesight in danger, his limbs also burnt. OWEN’S face was scorched by the powder and both his hands were practically flayed. Their escape from death was miraculous.


A fall of a roof took place on Tuesday at the premises of Messers E. GRIFFITHS, Ironmongers, Forth St, Kirkdale, three men on the premises received injuries, Evan PIERCE, Stephen CLAYTON and Robert O’SHAUGHNESSY, the men were able to go home after attending the Stanley Hospital.


On Saturday the Central Fire brigade, Hatton Gardens, received an alarm of a fire in Bold St. The outbreak had occurred in FULLER’S confectioners shop at No 33 but did not amount to much.

On Sunday morning an alarming outbreak of fire occurred in a house, 21 Clifford St, off London Rd, tenanted by William ROBERTS, his wife, 6 children and two lodgers. The fire started when Mrs ROBERTS stumbled down the stairs with a paraffin lamp. The three eldest children rescued themselves by dropping into the backyard from a window, the remaining five were removed by a fire escape., the brigade extinguished the fire quickly.

Early on Saturday morning considerable damage was done by fire to Messers Hugh LEWIS and son Mill Lane, rope works, a horse was burnt to death.



Names appearing on the childrens page, children have submitted poems, stories and jokes.

The League formed on Nov 17th 1892 for the purpose of inculating and encouraging habits of kindness and self-denial.

RULES of the childrens League To be kind and considerate to all To treat dumb creatures well To induce others to become members.

New Members

Elsie ALLDAY, 103 Kenmore Rd, Wavertree

Norman TAYLOR, 111 Claremont Rd, Wavertree

Doris and Lawrence HARKNESS, 4 Bulwer St, Everton

Clarrie LINKLATER, 22 Stowe St, Middlesbrough

Jeanie E. ARMSTRONG, 47 Edinburgh Rd, Kensington

Katie BREW, Thorn Hey, Broadgreen.

Fredrick WOOLFALL, 198 Conway St, B'Head

Elsie B. BLUNDELL, 36 Lidderdale Rd, Sefton Park Liverpool

Kitty DUNDAS, 4 Mount St, Waterloo

Edith RICHARDSON, 91 Cranbourne Rd, Earle Rd, Liverpool

Queenie PARRY, 39 Willowdale Rd, Fazakerley

Florence JOHNSON, 51 Robson St, Liverpool

F. Parry JONES and Jessie JONES, The Hawthorns Rhosddu, Wrexham.

Children with work published

James J. GRACIE, 107 Albion St, New Brighton

Olga ROXBURGH, 91 Kenmore Rd, Liverpool

Gertie KENNEDY, age 13, 11 Cedardale Rd, Walton

Elizabeth ARNOPP, Higher St, Kinsdale

Ida BROCKLEBANK, Bron Gwalia, Cadnant Park, Conway

S. WILLIAMS, 5 Belhaven Rd, Wavertree

Jessie FORTAY, Underlee, Prory Rd, Anfield

James GAVIN, 204 Gloucester Rd, Bootle

Frances JENKINSON, Rydal Rd, Ambleside

Madeline JONES, 5 Magdala Terrace, Gardeners Hill, Cork

Frank G ARNOLD, 10 Albert Rd, Tuebrook

A. GABRIELS, Lloc, near Holywell

B. Jennie JONES, 32 Dacy Rd, Liverpool

C. Charles BERRY, 4 Napier Rd, New Ferry

Katie PIPER, 27 Dart St, Kirkdale Liverpool

Annie KELLY, 35 Wellington St, Barnot, Aswich, Colne Lancs

Ida Rosalind PARR, 17 Cedar St, Aintree, Liverpool

Walter and Martha PENNINGTON, 28 Bowden St, Litherland

Horace George CAROLIN, Iveragh, Shelbourne Rd, Dublin

John W. A. ABERNETHY, 13 Daventree Rd, Liscard Cheshire

Olga ROXBURGH, 91 Kenmare Rd, Sefton Park, Liverpool

Florrie H. CLARKE, age 11, 79 Balliol Rd, Bootle

Grace KELLY, 11 Barnwell Ave, Liscard Cheshire

Rose BERRY, 4 Napier Rd, New Ferry, Cheshire

Ellen Gladys DANSON, 12 Boundary Rd, Port Sunlight, Cheshire

Madeline MARROW, 39 Oakfield Rd, Liverpool.

Thomas TURNER, 125 Orwell Rd, Kirkdale Liverpool

Kitty DUNDAS, 4 Mount St, Waterloo

Thomas C. HENSHAW, 39 Egerton St, New Brighton, Cheshire

Mary GREGORY, 44 Benedict St, Liverpool, North

Malcolm WISHART, 191 Breck Rd, Everton

Dorothy JOHNSTON, 42 Hillside Rd, Allerton Rd, Liverpool

Ada MILNER, 3 Brook Rd, Walton Liverpool

William H. Clague BRADSHAW, 40 Havannah St, Millwall

Agnes SMITH, 3 Winslow St Walton Liverpool

Doris HARKNESS, 4 Bulwer St, Liverpool

Violet JONES, Castle House, Dundalk, Ireland

Sophie WILLIAMS, Upper Mary St, New Ross, Co Wexford

Eric V. JEFFERIES, 43 Grosvenor St, Liscard Cheshire

James GRAY, 8 Vronhill St, Liverpool

T. STEWART, 7 Cecil St, Seaforth Liverpool

Charles FRANKHAM, 93 Thirlmere Rd, Everton Liverpool

Aina MATTSON, 1 Martin Terrace, Pallion, Sunderland

Liverpool Mercury 1st Feb 1908


Names appearing on children’s page

Ernest and Elsie SMITH, 24 Middlesex Rd, Bootle

Laurie AUSTIN, 3 Shaw St, Hoylake

Florence WINSTANLEY, Cottage Lane, Ormskirk

A. M. KELLY, New Beehive, Buckley, nr Chester

Augustus Frank SAYERS, 128 Sidmouth Rd, Leyton, Essex

Herbert HANSHAW, Inglewood Cottage, Ledsham, nr Chester

John T. WILLIAMS, 4 Rundle Rd, Aigburth, Liverpool

Rita RONAN, aged 13, 4 East Main St, Tipperary Ire

Dorice CALLANDER, 7 Norwich Rd, Wavertree

Ivy BLACKWELL, aged 13, 4 Severn Terrace, Watchet, Somerset

Miss WHITELEY, 58 New Bold St, Rochdale

John CAIN, Old Chapel, Lonan, I.O.M.



Jan 4th 1908

1st Serg J. TAAFFEE, Orford Barracks, Warrington ---£5

2nd C. HAMMOND, 16 Varthen St Liverpool.--£2

3rd, A. RODICK, 29 Westbank Rd, B'Head-- £1

Andrew WATSON, 69 Stanley Rd Bootle--10sh

Claud BRYAN, 333 Upper Parliament St-- 10sh

Julius C. CARTER 94 Spencer St, Everton--5sh

E. J. THOMAS, 1 Mona Terrace, Llanfairfechan. N W.--5sh

Mrs W. S. ROBERTS, 2 Rockland Rd, Waterloo--5sh

Arthur M. HOWARD, 55 High St Runcorn--5sh

C. LANGLEY,47 Cambridge St, Picton Rd Wavertree--5sh

Jan 11th 1908


1st prize, E. JOLIFFE, 34 Ash Grove Seaforth

2nd prize, H.M. WATTLEWORTH, 27 Kingsland Rd, B'Head

3rd prize, Albert KELLY, 5 Richmond Grove Douglas I.O.M

Runners up C. JONES, 37 Alwyn St, Aigburth Rd LP'L

Allen FOULKES, 17 Seafield Rd, New Ferry Cheshire

Hilda Elliot SWORD, 2 Beech Terrace, Fairfield, LPL

F. HUMPHREYS, 5 Gorse Rd , Meols Cheshire

W. H. HODGSON, 5 Milton Terrrace, Grange-over-Sands

Thomas ROBINSON, 84 Tunnel Rd, Edge Hill LPL


Sat Jan 18th,

Robert WOODHOUSE, 35 Oakdale Rd Mossley Hill

J. HOLT, 297 Rimrose Rd Bootle

H. McCLELLAND, Deyscroft Maghull

F. R. HODGESON, 14 St Georges Ave B’Head

Ellenor May JONES, 6 Mills Row Blaenau Festiniog

Sidney RIMMER, 52 Garmoyle Rd, Liverpool

F. HEWSON, 5 Sefton Rd, Rockferry, Cheshire

John RONEY, 102 Wellington Rd Wavertree

C. SHIMMIN, 3 Hill St Douglas. I.O.M

Mary OWEN, Lane End, Buckley Chester

Squiggle Comp winners

25th Jan 1908

J. GREEN, 1 Hilda St, Kirkdale Liverpool

Miss Adelaide POTTER, 112 Chester St, Southport

Miss V. E. GOUGH, 7 Kenilworth Rd, Seacombe Cheshire

Mike O’TAGGART, 52 Tillotson St, Liverpool

Miss Lilian LISTER, 35 Fortwilliam Parade, Antrim Rd, Belfast

A. GALLOWAY, 1 Birch St, Seaforth, Liverpool

Master WYATT, 9 Holybank Rd, Clifton Rd, Birkenhead

Agnes HERBERT, 31 Moorgate, Lancaster

Thomas R. PARRY, 2 Horeb Cottages, Rhaur Rd, Colwyn Bay

Madge FODEN, 36 Morecroft Rd, Rock Ferry, Cheshire

Liverpool Mercury 1st Feb 1908

Squiggle Competition winners

A. H. LEE, 36 Bibby’s Lane, Marsh Lane, Bootle

William H. EASTON, 15 Elliott St, Widnes

James MIDDLETON, 36 Sirdar St, Edge Hill

William ROBERTSON, 67 Connaught Rd, Liverpool

Miss ORDISH, Barnston, Nr Birkenhead

Freda SHERLOCK, 42 Lee Rd, Hoylake

F. FRASER, 141 Derby Rd, Kirkdale

Dan HAGUE, 283 Rimrose Rd, Bootle

James EVANS, 24 Acken St, Warrington

Alexander CAMERSON, Surveyor’s Office, Ambleside



Liverpool Mercury Jan 11th 1908


Miss Annie BENTLEY 12 Graham St Penrith Cumberland

Mrs M. E. JONES Flys Hekli Pwllheli North Wales

Miss Lilian ROURKE C/O Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd Boundary Lane Lpl

Miss Marie IRVING 383 Hawthorne Rd Bootle

Miss L. J. HUNTER 74 Kirkdale Rd Lpl

Mrs Elizabeth GRIFFITHS 18 Empress Rd Liscard Ches

Miss Edith RICHMOND 42 Leven St Kirkdale

Mrs SHIRRA 177 St Michaels St Dumfries N. B

Mrs C. ADAMS 15 Buchanan Rd Walton

Miss M ANDE, 273 Great Homer St

Jan 18th 1908

Mrs W.MIDDLETON 29 Redbourn St Anfield

Miss Ellen HAWTHORNE 27 Lovely Lane Warr

Miss A. M. ROBERTS 52 Devonshire Rd Lpl

Miss M SALUSBURY 120 Ashbourne Rd Aigburth Rd

Mrs JAMES 39 County Rd Walton

Miss Nora REYNOLDS 17 Falcon Rd B'Head

Mrs H. WARING 23 South Hill Rd Dingle

Miss E. S. WALL Endbutt Lane Great Crosby

Jan 25th 1908

Mrs W. DAVIES, Craig Fryn, Menai Bridge

Miss Katherine SMETHURST, 10 Chetwynd St, St Michaels Liverpool

Miss Winifred OWEN, 255 Marshalls Cross Rd, St Helens

Mrs M. E. THOMAS, 196 Townsend Lane, Clubmoor, Liverpool

Mrs W. S. ROBERTS, 2 Rockland Rd, Waterloo

Miss L. HOSKINS, 11 Hale Rd, Walton, Liverpool

Miss Evelyn J. ELLIS, 304 Park Rd North, Birkenhead

Mrs C. E. JAMES, 96 Beaumont St, Lodge Lane, Liverpool

Miss J. EDWARDS, C/O Mrs G. PARR, 103 Molyneux Rd, Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury 1st Feb 1908

Names appearing on the Women’s page

Miss N. KENYON, Rubidene, Stewarts Ave, Hunts Cross

Miss Elisie MILTON, 59 Winslow St, Walton

Miss C. M. MADDEN, 2 St Joseph Villas, Gardiners Hill, St Lukes, Cork

Miss R. RAE, 10 Milner Rd, Aigburth

Miss E. PAISLEY, 3 Silverdale Ave, Tuebrook

Miss PREECE, 16 Fitzclarence St, Liverpool

Carrie KNEEN, 5 St Hildas St, Liverpool

Miss R. WILLIAMS, 14 Grovedale Rd, Mossley Hill

Miss Eveline DICKINSON, Lyndhurst, 6 Trafalgar Ave, Seabank Rd, Egremont

Miss B. BLANEY, 77 Leopold Rd, Liverpool


Liverpool Weekly Mercury Feb 15th 1908

Early morning tramcar accident at Rainhill

John ROBY, grocer and confectioner, St Helens Rd, ex-police Sergeant, St Helens, experienced a very rude awakening on Monday morning at 6am, when one of the St Helens tramcars that runs early to take workmen to their work, ran off the line and dashed into the shop window. The shop is on the corner of the Coach and Horses Hotel where the car runs around a curve. The shop window and contents were demolished, the front of the house had to be propped. The car front was smashed but the driver escaped unhurt.

Unaccompanied by relatives

Johnny MACMASTER, aged 3, on Wednesday left Liverpool for Vancouver, he had travelled from Paris with a lady, who had handed him over to the care of the stewardess.

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