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Snippets 1907
The Penny Illustrated Paper, December 05, 1903

Policeman-burglar gets 10 years

Pleading guilty to six charges of burglary, George MARTIN, aged 42, a constable in the Liverpool City Police force was sentenced by Mr Justice RADLEY to ten years penal servitude. MARTIN had been in the force for 17 years and had a good character. Being detailed to watch houses whose occupants had given notice to the police before going away on their summer holidays, MARTIN gained an entrance at night by means of duplicate keys, over 200 of which were found in his possession. In this manner he stole property valued at 1,500. Most of the booty was pawned by his wife, who, it was stated was under his influence. At one establishment an Indian shawl was pledged worth 120 for 7s-6d. MARTIN took all the blame upon himself an exonerated his wife.

The Penny Illustrated Paper, February 20, 1904

The church of St Nathaniel at Windsor Liverpool was destroyed by fire last Sunday morning. Originating in the pipes of a heating apparatus the fire spread with such rapidity that the edifice was soon a mass of flames. In less than a couple of hours only the clock tower which is 60ft in height was standing. The Communion plate and the church registers were fortunately saved.

The Penny Illustrated Paper, September 23, 1905

A smart detective

Chief Inspector STRETTELL, the head of the Liverpool police detective force has resigned after 42 years service. He did excellent work his department managed on one occasion to get a man into the chimney of a room where conspirators were meeting and the man heard the details of a plot to blow up the town hall with dynamite. A bomb was subsequently discovered near the west door of the town hall. Another criminal enterprise which the detective helped to suppress was that of a band of garrotters who disguised as women used to waylay persons in the suburbs.

The Penny Illustrated Paper October 28, 1905

Sherlock Holmes in court

Sir A. Conan DOYLE, who is understood to be gathering material for a new series of Sherlock Holmes stories dealing more especially with bank frauds, caused some surprise in the Liverpool Police Court last week by unexpectedly walking up the steps leading from the cells to the dock.

Accompanied by the chief constable he had been going through the under-world of the police buildings in order to gather local colour. As it happened the court had just finished its business and the stipendiary was busily signing documents before departure for the day.

"Sherlock Homes" and the magistrate were introduced. Thereupon the stipendiary, Mr STEWART, expressed his regret that the famous story writer had not appeared a little earlier.


The late Ex-superintendent R. H. GRETNEY

The funeral took place at Anfield Park cemetery of the late Mr Robert Henry GRETNEY ex-police Supt. Mr GRETNEY who, retired from the police force 13yrs ago was a native of the I.O.M having been born at Laxey 75yrs ago, where as a boy he worked in the mines. He came to Liverpool and joined the police force in 1854 as a constable and soon received promotion, For some years he acted as confidential clerk to Major GREIG. The service was conducted by the Rev J. D. STEWART. B.A, of St Brides Ch, Percy St.

Snippets 1907

Liverpool Mercury, January 1907

Children appearing on the children's page

A. JACKSON, 79 Cantsfield St, Liverpool

Harold J. MACKAY, 5 Clare St, Islington, Liverpool

Olive CHIDLEY, 118 Salisbury Rd, Anfield

Robert DUNNE, 189 Marsh Lane, Bootle

Gladys Resarda, GEARING, Odessa

Norman HEWSON, 8 Rockfield Rd, Anfield

W. G. A. OWEN, 17 Spellow Lane, Stanley Park, Liverpool

Mabel WISE, 33 Selbourne St, Liverpool

Jessie ELLIS, 24 Sandringham Rd, Tuebrook

Willie LEAK, 23 St Andrews Rd, Anfield, [poor little fella]

Elizabeth KELLY, Clay St, Liverpool

Eva BLACKLEY, 63 Shiel Rd, Kensington, Liverpool

Ivy BLACKWELL, 4 Severn Terrace, Watchet

Maggie COOK, 22 Avondale Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham

William GREGSON, 10 Hahnemann Rd, Walton, Liverpool

Florence M. DYALL, Birkenhead

Elsie WATKINSON, Field Lane, Kirby

Annie BLOWER, aged 12, Elm Grove, Hertford, Northwich, Cheshire

Ella FRASER, 5 Balchraggan Buildings, Reay St, Inverness

Catherine SHAW, 39 Hughson St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool

Lily DEMPSEY, 6 Moorgate St, Great Crosby, Liverpool

Lily CHILDS, aged 14, 15 Knowsley Rd, Bootle

H. WOODS, aged 10, 2 Bangor St, Liverpool

May EVERSFIELD, aged 11, Post Office, Stavely, Alberta, Canada, N.W.T

Sidney SMITH, 87 Vandyke St, Liverpool

Eric MACLEAN, Mayfield, Church Rd, West Kirby

William O'NEILL, Pensby Rd, Heswall

Marion SUMNER, 13 Sefton St, Litherland

Nellie WATKINSON, Fields Lane, Kirby

Esther E. MEEK, 31 Canterbury Rd, Somerville, Seacombe

Queenie SPENCER, 6 Alma St, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Willie BAKER, 24 High St, Woolton

Rose BERRY, aged 12, 4 Napier Rd, New Ferry, Cheshire

Charles BERRY, 4 Napier Rd, New Ferry, Cheshire

Alec R. FOWLER, 59 Sheil Rd, Liverpool

Florence ELLIS, aged 13, 12 Castleford St, Wavertree, Liverpool

Mona JONES, aged 10, 17 Kinmel St, High Park St, Liverpool

Ada LLOYD, 4 Victoria Terrace, Rose Vale, Liverpool

Elizabeth A. KELLY, 2 Clarence Terrace, Clay St, Liverpool

Gladys JOHNSON, 84 Arkles Lane, Anfield

Edith M. VOCE, 25 Somerville Rd, Waterloo

Maggie GILLESPIE, 15 Winstanley Rd, Waterloo

Ivy POTTER, Gores Lane, Freshfield

Elizabeth ARNOPP, Higher St, Kinsale

Doris GOTTSCHALK, aged 13, 1 Hope Place, Liverpool

Eva L. ALEXANDER, 125 Lisburn Lane, West Derby

Sidney SMITH, 87 Vandyke St, Lodge Lane, Liverpool

Gladys ROBERTS, Barmouth Villas, Winnington Lane, Northwich, Cheshire

Nellie EVANS, 23 Hampden St, Walton

George RUSHBY, 32 Whithorn St, Liverpool

Ruth WALKER, 48 Duke St, Whithaven

Helen WOODS, aged 10, 2 Bangor St, Liverpool

Herbert M. WARD, 132 Northbrook St, Liverpool

Madeline JONES, 65 Gardiners Hill, Cork

Lucy STONE, aged 12, 51 Wellington Rd, Liverpool

Lilian GRAHAM, aged 12, 8 Argo Rd, Waterloo

H. CANDELAND, aged 13, 55 Whitford Rd, Birkenhead


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 12th 1907

On Thursday a violent explosion occurred in the confectionery shop of Mr RICHARDSON, Aigburth Rd, the, whole of the glass in the front of the premises was blown out, no one was injured.

The New York correspondent for the Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury writes:-

Mrs COXE, the aged widow of a millionaire coal merchant, who recently declared her intention to marry a young physician of Liverpool, has been placed in an Asylum at the insistence of her sons.


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