Liverpool Mercury, Feb 24th 1887

Child run over at Birkenhead

Yesterday afternoon, Ellen DAVIES, aged 11, whose parents reside at 216 Price St, Birkenhead, was knocked down in Watson St, by a shandry driven by Henry STEWART, hardware dealer, and had her thigh fractured. She was taken to the Borough Hospital.



Mon Jan 7th 1889

A fire in Henry St B'Head in dwelling house belonging to John LAMB. Mrs KELLY who occupied the house was woken by the smell of smoke. She jumped out of a bedroom window injuring her back and is now in the Borough Infirmary. She is a Widow between 60 and 70 yrs, the fire was started by a paraffin lamp.


16th of January

The foundations of many houses and shops collapsed in Windsor St, due to sewers bursting. Buildings were propped up. The worst affected was the shop of Henry BENNETT Civil and and Military Tailor 228 Windsor St.


21st Jan 1889

Sir William Bower FORWOOD Shipowner and Liverpool merchant, Mayor in 1881, reached the age of fifty today. He was born 21 Jan 1840, he is the younger brother of Mr Arthur Bower FORWOOD M.P, and Secretary to the Admiralty.


23rd to 24th Jan 1889

Last night a youth living in Fenton St, St Helens visited the surgery of Drs H and F. KNOWLES complaining of being bitten by a mad dog on Monday. Yesterday several children were bitten by a mad dog and are progressing well. The credit of killing the dog goes to Mr Joseph HATTON of Westfield St. A postmortem was carried out on the dog by veterinary surgeons with six medical men present madness was strongly suspected. Arrangements are being made to send the victims to Mr PASTEUR in Paris. Jan 24th' Dog confirmed as suffering from rabies. Children to leave for Paris tomorrow accompanied by Mrs SHIELDS and a French speaking nurse from Liverpool.





: 1st prize 2 guineas

Divided between

Thomas and William HARRISON, 94 Claudia St, Everton

John PEYTON, 22 Plumpton St, Everton

2nd prize 1 guinea

divided between C. WEBB, 54 Wavertree Vale, L'PL T. J. HAMPSON, 94 Claudia St, Walton

remaining prizes amalgamated

Robert GOWEN, 54 Wavertree Vale, L'pl

William FOX, 9 Church Alley, Lípl

John KINSKEY, 30 Circus St

Charles BYRNE, 34 Crown St

Mrs L. JACKSON, 9 Poplar St, Breck Rd

Joseph T. ROBINSON, 82 Arundel St, Kingsley Rd

Arthur WILKINSON, 51 Hunt St, Breck Rd

Mrs A. H. ANTON, 3 Breck Rd, N

Sarah STANTON, 52 Hunt St, Everton

Mrs LANG, 44 Stockbridge St, Everton

William STRATTON, 89 Ashfield Cottages, Ashfield St, LPL

Jacob KELLY, 5 Castle St, Woolton

William HARRIS, 11 Rotunda Buildings, 5 Bold St

John LYNCH, 29 Mulin St, LPL

Thomas P. DELANEY, 60 Lloyd St, LPL

Competition winners

MARCH 1889 .

A. CORLETT, 117 Delamoor St Kirkdale

Alfred BURGE, 121 Benedict St Bootle

Harold ORME, 5 Moorfield Rd Widnes

Thomas and Margaret JACKSON, 16 Hargreave St Southport

E. D. WILLIAMS, 16 Robarts Rd Anfield

Fredrick RIMMER, 2 Eastbourne Rd Birkdale

W. LAIRD, 34 Danby St Everton

Jane SARJEANT, 12 Turlong St Liverpool

John E. HOBIN, 62 Argyle St St Helens

Miss H. BROMLEY, 3 Ivy Lea Wheatland Lane Seacombe

H. A. WILKINSON, 38 Fowler St Everton

J. H. SHIMMIN, 17 North Hill St Liverpool

Ernest RAWCLIFFE, 2 Georges Rd Liverpool

John MOYLES, 54 Chatsworth St Edge Hill

Thomas MOWBRAY, Jnr, 8 Burleigh Rd Everton

N E. C. SWEETMAN 6 Burleigh Rd Everton

N C. L. WILLIAMS, 31 Monk St Everton

Jim MOYLES 54 Chatsworth St Edge Hill

M. O'NEILL, 25 Kent St

W. WILLIAMS, 55 Greenleaf St Liverpool

Alfred BRETHERTON, 74 Redrock St Liverpool


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