DAILY POST 23rd May 1859

John HUTT, Basket maker of Rose Hill was terribly scalded when immersing rods into boiling water to make them pliable.

Mary GARLAND Tin hawker of Myrtle St Liverpool injured on the Birkenhead Dock works, she was crossing the line near the dock cottages when she fell over a chair and was knocked down by a stone wagon she was taken to Birkenhead Hospital.

2 children were run over at Birkenhead named HODGKINSON aged 12 and 9 while running over Grange Lane. They were knocked down by the horse and shandry of Mr ROWLANDS, Basket Maker. Both children remain in hospital.


MAY 1859


In the reign of George the first the Blue Coat Hospital was established mainly by the zeal and generosity of one man Mr Bryan BLUNDELL.

From a sketch of his life written by him.

He was a shipowner and commander of his own ship in the forein trade. He befriended the Rev Robert STITHE Rector of Liverpool and together they formed the Blue coat School and Hospital.

They solicited subscriptions from the Mayor and respectable members of Liverpool raising yearly subscriptions of between 60 and 70. A little school house was built costing 35 and a Master was appointed with a yearly income of 20. 50 children were taken in and were clothed and given learning.

Robert STITHE was made treasurer , Mr BLUNDELL while at sea from 1709 sent up to 250 in subscriptions from money earned on his voyages. In 1713 Mr STITHE died on Mr BLUNDELLS return he learned of the death and that a new Rector Mr RICHMOND unable to undertake his duties as treasurer.

Mr BLUNDELL left the sea to to take care of the school. he became concerned at the amount of children begging on the streets and wanted to take children in wholly from their parents.

He then raised 2000, 750 of which he donated and built the Blue Coat Hospital finished in 1718.



26th MAY 1859


This extensive and valuable property which comprehended in the whole about 1,400 statute acres of buildings, villas, garden and agricultural land in the townships of Great and Little Sutton was brought to the hammer by Messers CHURTON last week at the Albion Hotel, Chester.

The property is situated between Liverpool and Chester and consisted of excellent building sites for sale under the direction of W. H. BROWN, Solicitor

The property was sold off satisfactorily with the exception of a portion reserved till june. The cream of the estate New Hall Estate consisting of 245 acres with views of the Welsh Hills and surrounding countryside


Cross Farm Estate, 146 acres purchased by R. C. NAYLOR, Esq, Hooton

Sutton Hall, purchased by John NICHOLSON. Esq, Whitehaven

Sutton Station Hotel, purchased by William SWIFT. Esq, Leek Staffordshire

Other purchasers

J. H. CLEGG. Esq, Backford

E. G. SALISBURY.Esq and Henry HOSTAGE. Esq of Chester

Mr HOPE. Esq of Liverpool.



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