Snippets 1858

Liverpool Mercury, July 13th 1858

On Friday evening a man named James KING, a labourer residing in 7 Court, Great Richmond St, was found lying in a field at Walton with a shocking gash in his throat which he had inflicted with the intention of taking his own life. The infatuated man who is between 50 and 60 years old was taken to a druggist by a police officer where the wound was temporary bound, he was later taken to the Northern Hospital.


On Saturday morning John RYAN a boy living with his parents in Bedford St, was swinging on a cart in Warwick St, when it fell on him and fracture his leg. The same day David OLIVER of Brick St, fell down stairs in a state of intoxication and sustained several severe injuries. Both were received at the Southern Hospital. On Saturday, Barnet Louis CAPE a seaman belonging to a Spanish steamer lying in the Clarence dock, fell into the hold of the vessel and sustained a serious injury to the spine. The same day James NAYLOR a labourer living in Eldon Place, fell off the front walk of Georges dock basin and received a severe contusion of the ankle, both were received at the Northern hospital.

Accident to a perambulator

On Saturday afternoon an accident with distressing circumstances occurred in the neighbourhood of the Monument in London Rd. A female servant in the employment of Mr WALTERS, printer of Smithdown Lane was taking out three of the children for an airing. The two youngest, 1 and 3 where in the perambulator, she was pushing in front of her, the oldest about 5 or 6 was led by the hand. About to cross the street from the corner of Moor Lane and London Rd, the perambulator was only got 2 or 3 yards into the road when a butcher’s shandry from the slaughter house in Towbridge St, came down Moor Lane at a rapid rate, and turning the corner without any check to the speed, struck the perambulator with immense force, throwing the two children some distance into the street. Mr GILBERTON who resides in the neighbourhood took the children to the surgery of Mr SHAIN in Monument place, both children were found to be seriously injured, one the whole of the intestines had been crushed, the other had bruising on the forehead, having evidently been trampled by the horse.


Liverpool Mercury, July 25th, 1858

Throwing a man into a sewer

Yesterday Richard SLOANE, of Mary's court, Blackstock St was thrown into a sewer in Whitefield Lane, Everton, by some ruffians, and sustained severe scalp wounds and contusions to the body. The poor man was the watchman for the corporation over the sewer, he is now an inmate in the Northern Hospital Serious accident to a boy at Birkenhead

Yesterday a lad named Thomas ARMSTRONG, aged 13, of Neptune St, Birkenhead was in a yard at the north end of that township, looking at some men removing a quantity of timber, when a heavy balk accidentally fell on him fracturing both his legs, he was removed to the hospital in Hamilton St, where immediate attention was paid to his severe injuries.


Liverpool Mercury, July 31st, 1858


Accident at a foundry

On Thursday, J. BIRRELL, a fitter was at work at Messers FAWCETT PRESTON and Co's foundry, proving a cylinder when the bolts gave way and the cylinder fell on him, severely fracturing his ribs, and inflicting contusions to his back and scalp wounds, he was taken to the Southern Hospital

Narrow escape from drowning

On Saturday, Francis M'CANN, of Frederick St, narrowly escaped drowning in the Queen's Dock. He was walking along the quay, when he slipped and fell into the water, he was immediately rescued by a police officer and conveyed to the Southern Hospital, where he received immediate attention, in a short time he was perfectly recovered.

William BROWN, a carpenter of Northumberland St, whilst at work erecting a stage at a brig lying in the Canning Graving Dock, slipped and fell into the dock receiving several contusions. Received at the Southern Hospital.

James STEWARD, aged 2, living in 8 court, Fisher St, whilst playing on the floor pulled a pan of boiling water off the fire, which fell upon him scalding his body in several parts. Received at the Southern Hospital.

Watkin WILLIAMS, a labourer of Rawson Square, Limekiln Lane, fell through the roof of a building at the Vauxhall Foundry, and received a severe contusion on the brain and contusions on the body. Received at the Northern Hospital.


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