Jan 4th 1913

The P and O Liner NARUNG left London last tues bound for the Cape and Australia with 248 3rd class passengers and met with heavy weather, she arrived in the Thames last Saturday in a disabled state and dropped anchor at 7am off Gravesend. Capt R. BIDWELL viewed the havoc wrought by the storms.

The forelock was a mass of wreckage, iron plates on the bulwark where twisted as if like cardboard, the mast was denuded of ropes and ladders, doors and panels where smashed about the deck amid a mass of steel and iron.

The drums of two huge winches attached to pieces of deck timber were lying against the bulwarks, where they had been hurled by a gigantic wave.

The Danish steamer VOLMAR of Copenhagan foundered with 14 hands bound with coals from Swansea to Nice

2 sailors, Capt OERBACH and Lindvig TROSIERVIEZ were rescued after being 3 days and nights exposed in an open boat

The first lifeboat launched with 8 men was smashed by the sea and the men drowned. The 2nd lifeboat capsized with 7 hands when a Donkeyman jumped overboard in a fit of madness. The remainder clung to the upturned keel. The Captain jumped overboard and swam to the upturned boat, Which was righted and all clambered in.

During the night the Chief Engineer died and was thrown overboard, the Chief Officer went mad and tried to throttle the Captain, he died soon after as did the remaining men with exception of the two survivors.

On Saturday morning 15 miles S.West of the Lizard, the Ostend trawler, IBIS. V, fell in with a French Schooner which reported the boat in the vicinity. The trawler discovered the boat, though heavy seas were running the men were dragged on board, and given warm bunks and blankets, food and hot coffee.

The Leyland liner GEORGIAN on a voyage from Baltimore to Harve and Antwerp , as landed at Harve with the crew of 5 men of the Schooner BENJAMIN F. PHILIPS of St Johns Newfoundland, rescued on the 21st of December, she was on a voyage from Mazarron in Spain to St Johns laden with salt.

The Grimsby Trawler ROMEO and Hull trawler STORK both reported missing with all hands. Two wrecked trawlers reported seen on a reef in Rodsand Bay, Iceland. A buoy was washed up with the letters, “ull”. The weather is too rough to make a thorough inspection, but it is feared these are the missing vessels.

The coasting steamer VIGILANT which left Swansea on Monday for Sharpness,in the Bristol Channel ran ashore at Breaksea Point on Tuesday. Barry lifeboat went to her aid but only 4 crew would leave, the weather so bad that they were dragged through the surf on ropes. The Capt and 2 crew that are left on the vessel may be able to walk ashore at low water, but it is likely the steamer will be a total wreck.

The Greek Steamer ANTONIOS which left Fiume and Algiers for Liverpool on December 2nd with a cargo of 4,000 tons of sugar is posted as missing. Wreckage on the shore at St Agnes marked as, “GRETA HOLME” seems to prove the vessel is wrecked. The GRETA HOLMES was renamed the ANTONIOS when she was purchased by the Greek buyers some time ago. She is a Steel Screw Steamer, 1678 tons built in 1894 in Sunderland and owned at Andros by N. T. DAUBASSA

Italian Steamer TRENTO bound for Newport Mon to Genoa arrived into Southampton in a crippled state after meeting terrible weather in the Bay of Biscay, Capt SCHIAFFINO and 4 crew members swept off their feet and seriously injured.

British steamer SOUTH ATLANTIC, Barry to Buenos Ayres abandoned at sea, crew brought to Buenos Ayres by the steamer ELDERNIAN after being rescued by the Norwegian Bargue NORDSTERN. She was a screw steamer, 3681 tons, built in 1909 OWNERS Pacific Shipping Ltd Sunderland

Steamer THISTLEDHU of Sunderland bound for Immingham to Santos, cases containg railway cars stored on deck splintered to matchwood, cargo of rails below shifting, had to put back.

British Steamer ARDOYNE arrived at New York leaking and reports of having taken off the crew of the British Steamer RAYMAN, Newfoundland bound for Oporto, which was dismasted and waterlogged. The crew of the RAYMAN set fire to the vessel before leaving

Jan 18th 1913


Queenstown, telegram Furness liner SNOWDON RANGE towed off Spike Back without damage, towed to passage docks for repairs.

After tossing about in the Altlantic for weeks was towed 600miles by the Dominion liner WELSHMAN and was nearly wrecked on Weds night in severe gales, tugs having to flee for shelter.

The SNOWDON RANGE, 3060 Tons received a terrible battering during her Atlantic voyage of 53 days, escaped foundering on many occasions since she became disabled Dec 5th last latitude 36, longitude 35 W.

She was driven in a force gale into Queenstown Harbour and stranded on Couland Bank. Crew were in a terrible state due to exhaustion and lack of proper food. For 44 days Capt DICKINSON never slept an hour in his bunk, he was knocked out a few times on deck, Chief Officer ADAMSON had his nose broken, coal ran out and grain had to be used for fuel.

On the north east coast of Scotland the Danish steamer G KOCH of Odense ran on the gridlestone close by Girdleness Lighthouse and was smashed to pieces.

The steamer with a crew of 19 was running light on a voyage from Christiana to Burntisland. By the time she reached the Firth of Forth the steamer was being driven at the mercy of the sea, every effort was made to keep her off the coast.

At midnight on Saturday coastguards at cove saw the vessel in distress crews from coastguard and cove despatched. Vessel ran on to rocks and quickly began to break up, forepart of vessel smashed men remained huddled together in the galley expecting every moment to be swept in the boiling surf.

A line was attached , with great difficulty the first man got to within 10ft of shore and drowned exhausted, three men safely rescued, another 7 men got on the line, their weight too great 6 unfortunate fellows dropped into the sea and disappeared. The seventh jumped and was rescued by Chief Constable GEORGE of Kincardineshire. The remaining 8 men were taken off on Sunday morning.

On Friday night the Dutch Schooner AAFRIENA from Bremen for Berwick went ashore at Carnoustie and became a total wreck of the 4 crew members only the Capt was saved after lashing himself to the rigging.

Norwegian granite vessel GANGEREN came ashore at Yarmouth sands attempts made by Corleston lifeboats to rescue the crew of 12 but were prevented by shallow water. Crew eventually landed by rocket apparatus and taken to the Sailors Home. Ship went to pieces shortly after.

The German steamer HEBDOMOS outward bound light from Meine to Barry in the Bristol Channel, hit by the Cardiff Steamer GREEN JACKET outward bound from Newport. The HEBDOMOS was fatally damaged amidships 17 men were taken on the GREEN JACKET as they stood after being awakened in their bunks. The vessel went nose first below the surf. The men were landed a Barry Pierhead.

New York telegram Monday. White Star Liner CEDRIC on Saturday 900 miles east of the Ambrose lightship encountered the Hamburg Amerika Line ABESSINA with a broken rudder and shaft, the CEDRIC stood by for several hours until the White Star Cargo boat CARMENIAN West bound came along in response to a wireless message and took the ship in tow.

ABESSINA a steamer of 5753 tons, left Philadelphia and Baltimore on Dec 22nd last.

8 lives lost in the wreck of the Russian Bargue CALIFORNIA, off St Mary’s Island 6 miles north of the Tyne on weds morning. The vessel left Sheilds harbour on tues evening in tow of the tug PLOVER, a terrible gale sprang up and causes the tow rope to snap, vessel drifted and struck a rocky bottom and fell to pieces. The crew jumped overboard.

Coastguard LARMER arrived with a crew from Seaton Sluice. James INGRAM and Charles MAJOR put on life belts and rescued 5 swimmers, 3 others were picked up by the rest of the party.

Rescued men taken to the lighthouse keepers dwelling St Mary’s Island and taken care of.

2, Eddystone lighthouse keepers have been imprisoned on the lighthouse since Dec 31st shifts have not been able to take place due to bad storms. They were taken off on Tues by means of a breeches buoy Keeper F.W.WILLIAMS states on Sunday the lighthouse was struck with such violence and vibration he thought someone had shook him by the shoulders to wake him.

The Sunderland Steamer DUNOLIN ran on the rocks at Blythe harbour 300 yds from the pier, mountainous waves swept over her. The life boat was unable to get out to her.

A crew member Frank LUTOR plunged overboard with a line and life buoy round his waist made a brave effort to swim 40 yds to shore.

The line enabled the whole crew to be saved except for Brigademan McCARTHY who was cut off on the rocks, when a small boat was sent he jumped to it but missed and disappeared under. Second Mate STROUD died after being brought to shore.

Information from Batticaloa Ceylon, British Steamer SALFORDIA has stranded on Alfonso reef Kalmunai, according to the Capt a total wreck all crew saved.

She was laden with coal from Calcutta, built in 1898, 3666 tons, valued at £34.000, managed by Sivebright, Bacon and Co.

883 saved off British Steamer URANIUM, bound for Rotterdam to Halifax and New York. She crashed on Chebucto Head 12 miles from Haliifax on Monday morning in dense fog.

Commanded by Capt EUSTACE, URANIUM flashed an appeal by wireless , within 4hrs LADY LAURIER a Canadian Government steamer reached the vessel and safely took off every passenger. Capt and crew refused to leave the vessel.

Five survivors of the Furness liner FLORENCE arrived in Liverpool on Sunday by the steamer TABASCO.

The FLORENCE was wrecked on the coast of Newfoundland near Cape Race on Dec 20th last. Capt BARR and 21 crew lost their lives.


2nd Officer John H. HEDLEY, Station Rd, Norton Stockton-on-Tees

Able seamen,

W. WRIGHT Lawn Terrace, Sunderland.

T. SMETHING, Harrington St, Liverpool

C.F. MALMQUIST, Morcer Court, Liverpool

E. TAYLOR , Hodder St Liverpool

Capt BARR came from Eastham the rest of the crew were men from Liverpool, Hartlepool and Sunderland.

When interviewed the men told terrible stories of hard ship and suffering.

The London streamer HAWKWOOD of 1153 Tons owned by Messers W. FRANCE, KERWICK and Co turned turtle off Speeton near Filey and foundered. A life boat and 2 life buoys have been washed asore with the name S.S. HAWKSWOOD, London.

Capt JONES Master of the Liverpool JANE JOLIFFE disappeared the tug was towing a ship in ballast from Leith to Port Talbot and had a long and trying experience during the gales. She put in at Plymouth for shelter on the 6th Capt JONES stayed on board till Saturday after which he has not been traced. He is 30yrs old and long in service with Messers JOLIFFE. He resides in Seacombe and is married with one child.


ARTHUR JAMES, Fowey, Jan 15th, entering Par harbour, slight damage, 2 crew drowned.

ALCAZAR, Baltimore, Jan 15th, 107 plates damaged.

ABESSINIA, New York, Jan 14th, lost in fog.

ASSYRIA, Fayal, Jan 15th, boats and deck damaged.

ARRANMORE, Hamburg, Jan 14th, grounded entering port.

BLANCHE and AMFRED, Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, both damaged.

CORONATION, Whitby, Jan 14th, position unchanged.

CROXDALE, Amble, Jan 15th, of West Hartlepool from London, damage to stern and bow.

CONGO, Castbagena, Jan 15th, Belgian steamer sprang a leak and foundered, crew saved and landed.

CEUTA, Gibralter, Jan 15th, windlass damaged.

DORDRECHT, Invergordan, Jan 15th, Hamburg for the Tyne, short of coal, driven northwards.

DEERPACK, Gleneig, Jan 14th, pumps choked.

ELSWICK GRANGE, Gibralter, Jan 15th, choked

FERNDENE, Leith, Jan 15th, of Newcastle from Stavanger for Newport, steering damage.

GENT, Middlesborough, Jan 15th, floated with assistance from tugs, Stockton.

GLOUCESTER CASTLE, News via Vigo expect to reach Maderia on Sat

GLENMORVEN, Vigo, Jan 15th, sailed 9am.

HEIMDAL, Christiana, Jan 15th, found undamaged sailed yesterday.

HERMES, Antwerp, Jan 15th, unsuccessful attempts to float.

HERMERSBERG and THEMIS, Hamburg, Jan 15th, THEMIS struck starboard keel for repairs, former vessel unknown.

INDUSTRY, Invergordon, Jan 15th, gone ashore at Saltburn.

INDRAKUALA, Newport, Jan 15th, cannot pump.

KANSAS, Shanghai, Jan 14th, reguiste repairs done, permanent repairs proceeding.

LAURA and CARIAD, Falmouth, Jan 15th, Danish schooner LAURA lying at anchor hit by CARIAD, both vessels for repair.

LILL WOERMANN, Hamburg, Jan 14th, for West Africa put back with defective machinery

MARECHAL DE NOAILLES, H?lwick Head, Jan 15th, from Glasgow for New Caledonia, stranded at Minehead feared a total loss, crew landed, 4 men injured, insured at Billbao.

NEPTUNUS, Grimsby, Jan 15th, Swedish steamer lost off the Dogger Bank with all hands.

OTONO, Ceara, Jan 14th, sailed today in tow of the tug PAVON

OTAA, Pterhead, Jan 15th, Salvage impossible due to weather, intend salving deck cargo pumping to get her to safety.

ROBINA, Methill, Jan 15th, Lussinpiccolo, driven ashore near East Wemyss, tugs to assist to refloat.

RHODESIAN, Bermuda, Jan 14th, temporary repairs to proceed to Halifax tues next.

BAGNI, Amble, Jan 15th, Chritiana from Blythe struck pier forehold full of water.

STARTPOINT, St Michaels, Jan 14th, machine out of order.

SYGNA, Maasluis, Jan 14th, Norwegian steamer, for Port Ferraio from Rotterdam- grounded off with assistance.

TYR, Leith, Jan 14th, Swedish steamer Burntisland for Soderhamn with coals put in with rudder damage.

TERTIA, Fayal, Jan 14th, will be repaired to reach her destination.

TARV, Alloa, Jan 15th, Steam coaster bound for Newcastle grounded 3 miles below Alloa to lighten before getting off.

VISBUR, South Sheilds, Jan 14th, of Gothenburg arrived.