SHIPS for sale 1877


6th, Jan 1877.


Barque WITCH OF THE TEIGN, 247 Tons, built at Teignmouth 1857.

Coppered Schooner, EAGLE, 134 Tons, built Montrose 1864

Iron ship, WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN, 1293 Tons, built at Birkenhead by Messers LAIRD, 1856.

AFRICA, 1070 Tons, built St Johns, New Brunswick, 1851.

Barque DILPUSSUND, 624 Tons, built under roof at London 1864.

Brig, ALSWOLD, 300 Tons, built in Sunderland, Oct 1866.

Barque, DERWENT WATER, 568 Tons, built Sunderland 1852.

Barque, THURSO, 410 Tons, built Sunderland by Messers PILE and Co, 1864.

Iron Barque, QUEEN OF THE WEST, 438 Tons, built Sunderland by PILE, 1867.


Iron screw steamer, SCOTLAND, 1840 Tons, built and engined by COCKERILL at Antwerp, 1856.

Full rigged screw steamer, GLENELG, 1216 Tons, Thames built, Messers SAMUDAR and Co, 1873.

PERSIA, 1705 Tons, built in Quebec in 1853

Noble ship, TURKISH EMPIRE, 1502 Tons, built Hartlepool, 1856.

New Barque, MILO, 436 Tons, built P. E. Island, Oct 1875.

Barque, ALMIRA COOMBES, 362 Tons, built Lincolnville, U. S, in 1855.

C. W. KELLOCK and Co Brokers, Walmer Buildings, Water St and 72 Cornhill, London. E.C.

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