Past losses with loss of life

Liverpool Mercury, Oct 18th 1913

Past losses with loss of life

White Star Liner, TITANIC, on maiden voyage, struck an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank, April 14th, 1912, 1503 lives lost

Pand O liner, OCEANA, sunk in the channel of Eastbourne after collision with German barque, Mar 18th 1912, 8 lives lost

Pand O liner DELHI, wrecked off Cape Spartel, Princess ROYAL and Duke of FIFE among passengers, Dec 14th 1911, 6 lives lost

French steamer GENERAL CHANZY, lost off Minorca, Feb 1910, 200 lives lost

Blue Anchor liner WARATAH, vanished off Durban, Sept 1909, 211 lives lost

Steamer BERLIN, lost of the Hook of Holland, Feb 1907, 128 lives lost

Italian emigrant ship, SIRIO, wrecked off the Spanish coast, Aug 1906, 300 lives lost

Railway steamer HILDA, wrecked off St Malo, Nov 1905, 128 lives lost

Emigrant steamer NORGE, wrecked on Rockall reef, June 1904, 637 lives lost

Excursion streamer GENERAL SLOCUM, burnt at New York, June 1904, 1,000 lives lost

STELLA, lost on Casquets 1899, 65 lives lost

Excursion steamer STELLA, lost off Albany, Sept 1899, 105 lives lost

French Line La BURGOYNE, sunk in collision off Nova Scotia, July 1898, 545 lives lost

German liner ELBE, sunk in collision off Lowestoft, April 1896, 354 lives lost

DRUMMOMD CASTLE, wrecked off Ushant, June 1896, 347 lives lost

H.M.S VICTORIA, sunk off Syria, 1893, 392 lives lost

P and O liner BOTCHERA lost off Pescadores, 1892, 125 lives lost

Emigrant steamer UTOPIA, sunk in collision off Gibraltar, Mar 1891, 564 lives lost

Steamer CIMBRIA, sunk off the Dutch coast, Jan 1893, 454 lives lost

Excursion steamer PRINCESS ALICE, lost in Thames collision, Sept 1878, 700 lives lost

GREAT QUEENSLAND, vanished off Finisterne, Jul 1876, 569 lives lost

Liner DEUTS?HLAND, sunk at mouth of the Thames, May 1875, 70 lives lost

Liner ATLANTIC, lost off Sambro, April 1873, 560 lives lost

Steamer LONDON, foundered in Bay of Biscay, Jan 1866, 200 lives lost

LADY ELGIN, sunk in Lake Michigan, Sept 1860, 385 lives lost

Steamer ROYAL CHARTER, wrecked off Anglesey, Oct 1859, 446 lives lost

Emigrant ship AUSTRIA, burnt in mid Atlantic, Sept 1858, 471 lives lost

Troop ship, BIRKENHEAD, struck in Simonís Bay, Sept 1852, 454 lives lost

PRESIDENT disappeared in mid Atlantic, Mar 1841, 136 lives lost


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