Liverpool and Merseyside shipping pre 1850

Liverpool and Merseyside shipping pre 1850

Mother Redcap's, the Greenland Whaler Golden Lion, and the pressgangs,

The loss of the Ramillies 1782

Nelson's Victory, killed and wounded, 1802

The loss of the Hindostan 1803

Shipping snippets 1813

1st torpedo 1813

Death of Captain WALKER, of the revenue cutter VIXEN, and Captain EVANS of the DUCHESS of CLARENCE, 1834

Terrible hurricane with loss of life January 1839

Loss of the Governor Fenner off Holyhead 1841

Death of Capt HALSEY of the THOMAS BENNETT, 1844

Fatalities on the PARANA 1844

Collision and loss of life, Prince of Wales steamer, Aug 1848

Burning of the OCEAN MONARCH 1848

Leaving of Liverpool, to United states 1848

Ships entered for loading 1849

SHIPS and shipping advertising 1849

Loss of the emigrant ship FLORIDIAN and 171 lives, mainly German agricultural labourers 1849

Southport Shipwrecks 1815 to 1850



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