Liverpool and Merseyside shipping 1860 to 1879

Liverpool and Merseyside shipping 1860 to 1879

Loss of the INDIAN, 1859, Inquiry Jan 1860

Cruelty on board the JOHN BRIGHT, Jan 1860

Mersey Docks Institute, Jan 1860

Boating accident on the Mersey, Jan 1860

Total wreck of the HUNGARIAN, over 130 lives lost 1860

Death of Capt HARRISON of the GREAT EASTERN,and Funeral, Jan 22nd 1860

100 sick and dying soldiers in the workhouse, from the Great Tasmania

Trial for the murder of the Capt and Chief Officer of the ACCRINGTON, March, 1860

Silver medal awarded to George SUAICAR, 1860

Destruction of the Sailor's Home and loss of life, April 1860

Loss of the CANADIAN 1861

Total wreck of the Anglo Saxon, 250 lives lost 1863

Explosion on the Lotty Sleigh in the Mersey 1864

Burning of the Windsor Forest 1864

Alleged kidnapping for the Federal Army on the Great Western 1864

Blockade runners Ruse 1864

The blockade runners 1864

Wreck of the Colombian 1865

Loss of the SPIRIT OF THE OCEAN 1866

Cholera on board the Helvetia 1866

Cholera on board the England and Virginia, 1866

Boat accident on the Mersey, death of Henry MADDEN, River-police officer, No 1, 1868

Wreck of the emigrant ship CONSTELLATION 1869

Loss of the CITY OF BOSTON 1870

Mystery of the Brig Marie Celeste 1872

Loss of the Germany,Talisman and Lizzie Raymond, 1873

Loss of the T. E. LEMON, 1873

Wreck of the DUNMAIL, 1873

Loss of the RHONE, 1874, crew list

Burning of the COSPATRICK, for New Zealand, 1874, passenger and crew list

Loss of the BRITISH KING 1876, crew list

Loss of the VICTORY and LOCH LAGGAN, 1876

Supposed loss of three vessels, including LOCH LAGGAN, 1876

Dismissal of Capt RYDER 1877

Ships for sale 1877

Alabama award, January 1877

The wreck of the Circassian, January 1877

Abandonment of the Champion of the Seas, 27th Jan, 1877

Drunken brawl on the LESBIAN 1877

Loss of the JAMES MASON Feb 1877

Loss of the BUCKHORN Feb 1877

Collision of the AVALANCHE and FOREST in the Channel with many lives lost, 1877

Sinking of the ALEXANDRA, Feb 1877

Terrific storms and flooding, Feb 1877



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