Liverpool and Merseyside shipping 1850 to 1859

Liverpool and Merseyside shipping 1850 to 1859

Damage to shipping during gales in Ireland 1850

The wreck of the CONCORDIA off the African coast, 1850

The loss of the Liverpool ship HOWARD, 1850

The loss of the ORION, from Liverpool to Glasgow, June 1850

The collision of the George Wilkinson 1850

Fog on the Mersey, fatal accidents, 1851

Wreck of the Troopship BIRKENHEAD, and list of drowned and saved, 1852

Loss of the Austrian ships, MARIANNA and NUOVO ZILANTE 1852

Ist Lytham lifeboat and disaster, 1852

Mutiny on the emigrant ship STAR OF THE WEST, 1852 incorrect publication should be QUEEN OF THE WEST

Fat lady in trouble at sea, 1852

Voyage of the RATTLESNAKE and rescue of a woman, March, 1852

List of cases of fever and death of officers and men on HMS. DAUNTLESS, from November 8th to December 6th 1852

Tubular life-boat 1852

Wreck of the emigrant ship WILLIAM and MARY, 1853

Accident to the steamer Nimrod and plight of emigrants 1853

Wreck of the DALHOUSIE, 1853

Plague ships 1853

Liverpool to New York on the immigrant ship Constellation 1853

Letter home from an emigrant on the Star of the East to Melbourne 1853

Passenger list of the City of Glasgow 1854

Loss of the STAFFORDSHIRE, with 177 lives, Jan 1854

Loss of the emigrant ship JOHN TAYLEUR, with 300 lives, Jan 1854

Barque Cherokee ashore, boatmen lose their lives, Feb 1854

Preparation for war, the Baltic Fleet, Feb 1854

Embarkation of troops at Liverpool, Feb 1854

Departure of the Baltic Fleet, March 1854

A letter home from a youth of 18, on HMS Magicienne 1854

Action in the Gulf of Finland, May 1854

Deaths on passage at Crimea, December 1854 to January 1855

Naval Brigade, squadrons, killed and wounded 1854

Loss of the ARCTIC, Passenger and Crew list, Oct 1854

Loss of the Barque Duke of Richmond Oct 1854

Shipping snippets, 1854

Storm in the Black Sea, vessels lost 1854

Lost and saved on the FORERUNNER, 1854

British Fleet at Portsmouth, Nov 1854

Sale of Mr Edward OLIVERS ships Dec 1854

Dreadful mortality on emigrant ships, 1854

Passenger list of the City of Glasgow 1854

Conditions on the Australian ships 1854/1855

Massacre on the BERENICE, 1854

Fatal explosion on the Steamship VICTORIA, 1854

Loss of the brigantine BLANCH 1854

Arrival in the Mersey of the CITY OF BALTIMORE 1855

Loss of the emigrant ship JOHN, 1855

Arrival of the HIMALAYA from the Black Sea, Jan 1855

Testimonial to Capt COX of the steamship IMPERATRIZ, Jan 1855

Loss of the ship NATAL, April 1855

Launch of the SCHOMBERG April 1855

Shipping Ads April 1855

Loss of the barque FLORA, conviction of Captain and Chief mate

Departure of the British Fleet from Spithead April 1855

Deaths and wounded at Crimea, Alma, Sebastolpol, Inkermann, Scutari Hosp, Naval Brigade 1854/55

Massacre at Hango June 1855

The death of Capt WEBB of the barque St Lawrence buried St Jame's cemetery 1856

Cruelty on board the American ship Orient, 1857

Loss of the Point of Ayr lifeboat and 13 men 1857

The burning of the AUSTRIA 1858

The burning of the JAMES BAINES 1858

The wreck of the Liverpool ship DEFENCE 1858

The wreck of the Sloop DELIGHT 1858

Fire on board the ISAAC WRIGHT, 1858

Loss of the Zemira and suspected murder of the Pilot, 1858

SHIPS and shipping advertising 1859

Manslaughter on the BOGOTA 1859

Destruction of the EASTERN MONARCH 1859

Wreck of the POMONA 1859

The ROYAL CHARTER, 1855-1859



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