School Board Prosecutions

Liverpool Mercury, Dec 15, 1871

Liverpool School Board Prosecution

Yesterday [Thursday] the following case, said to be the first one heard under the compulsory clause of the Education Act 1870, was brought before Mr RAFFLES, stipendiary magistrate at the borough police court, Mr C. BUSHELL, and J. J. STITT [chairman and member of the Liverpool school board] were present during the hearing.

Mr BREMNER said her had the honour to appear on behalf of the Liverpool school board to support a summons taken on the information of their clerk under the Education Act 1870. The information charged the defendant, John HODGSON, with neglecting, omitting, and refusing to cause his son Joseph HODGSON, a child between the ages of 5 and 13 years, to attend school, within 14 days of notice requiring him to do so having been served upon him. Mr BREMNER proceeded to show that the school board had been properly constituted in accordance with the act, had power to make bylaws, and had in their action in this matter done all that was required of them by the Education Act.

The school board had passed bylaws requiring that, with certain exceptions which might interfere with the parents religious belief or observance, children between 5 and 13 years should be required to attend an elementary school during the whole time of the school. Should her Majesty's inspectors of schools certify that the child had obtained the fifth standard, the child would only be compelled to attend school 15 hours per week. Sickness, attending at other schools, or being more than a mile away from an elementary school, would also exempt children from attending school. No proceedings could be taken against the parent of a child for his non-attendance unless a notice should be first served upon him to attend before the school board for the purpose of giving an explanation respecting the matter.

The school board had issued a number of summonses to persons to attend a meeting of the board for the purpose of answering charges of not sending their children to school. Amongst them the defendant was summoned to appear, and the notice was served upon him by Police-officer CHURCHILL, an accident to whom had caused a delay in bringing forward of this case, on the 30th October. The notice states that he was to attend a meeting of the board on the 8th November, between 11 and 12 forenoon, The defendant did not attend therefore neglecting to comply with the bylaw. This brought the defendants conduct under the 11th section of the Education Act, by which, any person guilty of a breach of the bylaws was liable to a penalty not exceeding, with costs 5s.

It was with no feeling of desire of oppression that those proceedings were taken. The defendant had been between 15 and 16 yrs in the employ of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, and was receiving 22s or 23s per week, so there was no excuse on the score of poverty. The day after the notice was served upon him the child was found wandering about the streets, the defendant away and the house shut up. Mr BREMNER believed that was the first proceeding of the kind in England, and he had been most desirous that Mr RAFFLES, should attend and give them the weight of his authority. It would be a pattern case not only for Liverpool, but other places. The penalty referred to was not only "half-a-crown and half-a-crown costs" once, but the defendant was liable to it every week if he persisted in his offence.

Mr FORGHAN produced the mayor's returns of the school board, and Mr H. W. B. M. HANCE [clerk to the school board] produced the necessary documents showing the authority of the board. The latter witness also proved the issuing of the notice to the defendant, and the defendants non-appearance at the board.

Police-officer Martin CHURCHILL, appointed by the school board for the purpose of serving notices, proved the service of the one in question upon the defendant at the Stanley Dock on the 30th October. In answer to the defendant the witness said the defendant told him the boy's head was bad.

The Defendant said he did not understand the notice but thought all that was required was to give an explanation to the officer.

Joseph HODGSON, the boy referred to, said he had been to school since the summer. He was at school last Monday.

The Prisoner owned that previous to last Monday the boy had not been to school for 5 or 6 mths.

In answer to Mr BREMNER, Mr RAFFLES said the onus of showing that the boy was exempt by the causes mentioned in Mr BREMNER'S opening, lay with the defendant.

The Defendant said that in December last he was taken to hospital, where he stayed five months. He then incurred debts which crippled his resources and caused him to be sold up.

Mr BREMNER said that, if it was necessary, proof could be given that the prisoner had received 17-0s-6d in wages during the last 14 weeks.

The Defendant said the reason he had not sent the boy to school was because the boy's head was bad occasionally.

Mr RAFFLES said that that was only a temporary reason, the offence was the persistent refusal to send the boy to school.

The case was clearly made out, but as it was the first case before him he would only impose a small penalty. If the defendant persisted in refusing to send the child to school, the powers of the board would be set in motion against him, and he would be brought before the court week after week.

The Defendant said he would send the child to school at once.

Mr RAFFLES said it was of the greatest importance that the provisions of the Education Act should be carried into effect. It ought to be, and was, a great source of satisfaction to all of them that they had a school board of gentlemen, who set to work to carry out the provisions of the act, influenced only by one wish, to do the best they could for the poor uneducated children of this town. It could not be for a moment allowed that a person like this defendant should set himself in opposition to the school board, and people must be taught if they will not send their children to school they must be compelled to do so. The defendant must pay 1s and 2s-6d costs, but if he came there again he would have to pay the full penalty.


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 23rd, 1874

Liverpool Police Court, Oct 22nd, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board Information's

The following parents and guardians were fined in penalties varying from 1s with 2s-6d costs to 2s-6d with 2s-6d costs in each case for not sending their children to school as required by law :-

James GAINER, Middle St, Mary M'DONALD, Middle St, John ARMSTRONG, Denbigh St, Michael SWEENEY, Paget St, Bryan CLARK, Raglan St, John BROWN, Hornby St, Michael CASEY, Wright St, Samuel M'DERMOTT, Ashfield Cottages, William BARTON, 7 court, Blenheim St, Thomas HOLDING, Back Roscommon St, Samuel TAYLOR, 2 court, Virgil St, William HARPER, Arkwright St, George BROOKS, Iliad St, Samuel HOLDEN, Alexander Terrace, Patrick LYNCH, 5 court, Thomas St, Henry PIGNALL, 11 court, Rathbone St, George ORTON, College Lane, Eliza BROWN, Summer St, Elizabeth SWEENEY, Thomas St, James MOORHOUSE, 6 court, Green Lane, Bartholomew GARNER, Peach St, Elizabeth HAGUE, Sandon St, Maria GREENER, Amber St, Charles BEATSON, Date St [two cases] Thomas GASKELL, Back Peach St, South, John ALLMAN, Garden St, Ann TYSON, Edgeware St, William PARR, Llanwrst St, Robert HARE, Fernie St, Llewelyn LLOYD, 2 court, Rankin St, Richard HASSALL, 7 court, Llanwrst St [two cases], Ann LEISTER, 3 court, Chapman St, William O'BRIEN, 15 court, Darnley St, Randell M'DONALD, 3 court, Brindley St, John HORAN, 1 court, Britton St [two cases] William GLENN, Henderson St, Robert CROFT, Fisher St [two cases] Thomas BRENNAN, Star St, James GATES, Pottery Flags, John HAGARTH, Bembridge St, Robert WILLIAMS, Upper Essex St, John FOSTER, Hygeia St, John CREIGHTON, Cherry Lane, Patrick COLLINS, 14 court, Paul St, Robert M'INTOSH, 38 court, Paul St, David JONES, 4 court, Freemasons Row, Robert CHRISTIE, 5 court, Paul St [two cases], Patrick M'MULLEN, Pall Mall, Ann CALLON, Plumbe St, John M'NABB, 3 court, Lower Milk St, Margaret BENSON, Upper Milk St, John WHITE, Upper Milk St, Charles FEARNS, 4 court, Westmoreland St, John LYNAS, Westmoreland St, Henry PARRY, Leeds St, William KIMMERS, New Hedley St.

The Schoolmistress abroad

In one of the school board cases the following certificate was put in to show that a child attended school :- "October the 22, 1874. I do certify that Davet PARR, attends my school every day. - Margaret PILKINGTON." The envelope was directed "To the school board."


Liverpool Mercury, June 2nd, 1876

Liverpool Police Court, June 1st, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board Information's

The following parents and guardians were fined in penalties varying from 3s-6d or 5s in each case for not sending their children to school as required by law :-

Stephen NOLAN, 9 Severn St, Thomas NUTTING, 117 Leadenhall St, Edwin EVANS, 64 Blamark St, Joseph THOMPSON, 11 Breckfield Place, North [two cases] Michael JOYCE, 12 Bebington St, Francis WALDRON, 1 Bebington St, Margaret BROMLEY, 60 Hunt St [two cases] Mark DAVIES, 61 Leadenhall St, James WRIGHT, 13 St Judes Terrace, John W. HANNON, 16 Constance St [two cases], John BARBER, 2 court, 4 house, Norris St [two cases], John MANDERS, 7 court, 1 house, Clifford St, Mary BATTY, 89 Blandford St, John CILSHAW, 2 Anson Terrace, James LEWTHWAITE, 44 Towbridge St, Edward RAVENSCROFT, 20 Pembroke St [two cases] Matilda OWENS, 23 court, Blandford St, Mary THORNTON, 8 court, Lambert St, G. PAISLEY, 37 Lambert St, Pat CRUISE, 11 Hockenhall Alley, J. POWER, 2 court, School Lane, W. WESTHEAD, 8 court, Henry St, Cornelius LAVERY, 4 court, Whitechapel, John LAMB, 10 Maghull St, John RHOAN, 5 court, Blundell St, James HARVEY, 1 court, Kitchen St, Henry SANDERS, 39 Kitchen St, Michael HENRY, 40 cellar, St James St, Mary RAIMES, 3 court, Norfolk St, Michael RUSSELL, 4 court, Jordan St, Jeremiah SWEENEY, 18 Brick St, John MANGIN, 10 court, Brick St, James JOHNSON, 11 court, Norfolk St, Patrick LOYELL, 52 Jordan St, Michael COMER, 40 cellar, Jordan St [two cases] Catherine LEONARD, 27 Chatham St, Peter M'DONALD, 30 Bolton St [two cases] Charles M'COAL, 6 court, Roscoe St, James OATES, 8 court Leece St, John CRUSE, 9 Peach St, Thomas GAYNOR, 8 Chatham Place, John LOUGHREY, 80 Peach St, William DWYER, 17 court, Duckinfield St, Edwin WATKINS, 18 Bittern St, William GROCOTT, 22 Jasper St [two cases] James H. DAVIES, 46 Walnut St, James KERNAN, 24 Peach St, Thomas DAVIES, 46 Walnut St, Thomas DAWN, 30 court, Duckinfield St, Margaret BAILEY, 30 Peach St, John JONES, 47 Walnut St, Robert MORRIS, 13 court, Duckinfield St, John WELSH, 12 court, Duckinfield St, Joseph HUTTON, 44 court, Duckinfield St, Michael M'EVOY, 10 court, Duckinfield St, John CROOKS, 22 Bittern St, Thomas HARGREAVES, 8 court, Brownlow Hill, Arthur BURNS, 21 Great Orford St [two cases], Robert JACKSON, 3 court, Bolton St, Martin DOWLING, 13 court Blake St, William DILLON, 48 Ainsworth St, Frederick DUNN, 28 court, Duckinfield St.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st, 1878

Liverpool Police Court, Jan 31st, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions

List of parents and guardians fined in amounts varying from 3-6d to 6s for neglecting the education of their children :- James MURRNIL, 17 Vescock St , Jane MURPHY, 81 cellar, Portland St , James CANAVAN, 93 Back Portland St , Arthur M'GUINESS, 24 Cherry Lane , Patrick MELIA, 2 court, Oriel St , Patrick CURLEY, 5 court Oriel St , Winifred GREELY, 5 court Oriel St , Ann DELAN, 1court, Hodson St , Bridget M'MAHON, 34 Bispham St , Patrick SHIELDS, 128 cellar Stitt St [3 cases] , Francis ROACHE, 6 Coronation St , Isabella MATTHEWS, 110 Stitt St , Martha HELMERS, 5 Vine St , Patrick KEEGAN, 22 Vernon St , Martin CLARKE, 6 court Upper Frederick St, Thomas STEPHENS, 98 Dale St , Francis M'FARLANE, 167 Upper Frederick St, Samuel SCOTT, 8 Croston St , Edward DUNN, 34 Lydia Ann St , Thomas MULLIGAN, 20 Brooks Alley , James DUNBAR, 4 court, Cable St , Thomas NEXTON, 41 cellar, Elias St , Henry BROOKFIELD, 51 Seacombe St, Peter KELLY, 2 court, Tarbock St [3 cases], Ellen DAVIES, 2 court, Pontack Lane


Liverpool Mercury, March 22nd, 1878

Liverpool Police Court, March 21st, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined sums varying from 3s-6d to 10s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Reece ROBERTS, 3court, Robertson St, Alexander SMITH, Bower St, Hugh MORAN, 8 court, Carlton St, John COTTER, 9 cellar, Saltney St, John REYNOLDS, 9 Sherwood St, John WALSH, 3 court, Eaton St, Ellen ROBINSON, 2 court Leeds St, James LENNAN, 2 court, Cockspur St, Catherine BROWN, 29 Ray St, Hants BESSMAN, 43 Ray St, Jane SHERLOCK, 11 court, Collingwood St, John SHONE, 133 Back Portland St, John SKELLY, 3 Nicholas St, Thomas WELSH, 5 court, Dryden St, Bernard HARWATTY, 16 Poyntz St, Thomas M'NAMARA, 1 Cyrus Place, Henry WATSON, 76 Upper Potter St, Arthur QUINN, 15 Dairymple St, Joseph BURKE 33 Skirving St, Catherine QUIGLEY, 38 Henry Edward St. Sarah WELSH, 8 court, Milton St, Daniel KELLY, 37 Adlington St, John COWLEY, 34 Johnson St, Michael ROGERS, 2 court, Great Crosshall St, Robert GOULDBOURN, 17 Primrose Hill, Thomas MULLEN, 1 court, Wright St, Michael GIBBONS, 2 court, Kew St, James DAUBER, 5 court, Tatlock St, Thomas HUGHES, 111 Limekiln Lane, John KENNEDY, 2 court Blenheim St, Matthew CASSIDY, 1 court, Freemason's Row, George HUGHES, 3 court, Gladstone St, Michael ATKINSON, 2 court, Banastre St, Thomas TOWEY, 28 Oriel St, Benjamin RALPH, 1 court, Beau St, Edward DITCHFIELD, 14 Bent St, James RYAN, 11 court Beau St, Matthew M'NAMARA, 5 cellar, Horatio St, Michael GREALY, 43 Richmond Row, Augustus MILLER, 40 Great Richmond St,, John MULLEN, 40 Doncaster St, Joseph FLETCHER, 1 court, Woodstock St, Samuel WHALLEY, 8 Ascot St, James MAGUIRE, 27 cellar, Tindall St, Mary ALBINSON, 6 court, Prince Edwin Lane, William SPENCER, 2 court, Douro St, Margaret CRAWFORD, 4 court Prince Edwin Lane, John CLARKSON, 44 cellar, Prince Edwin Lane, Henry SWIFT, 3 court, Sheridan St, Ann ROBERTS, 6 Bebington St, William BREEZE, 15 Clarence Grove, Thomas DEVONPORT, 31 Orient St, James CARR, 32 Fourth St, John TIERNEY, 93 Braemar St, James DAGON, 3 Leisson St, Charles GRIMES, 32 Christopher St.


Liverpool Mercury, June 27th 1878

The following persons were fined at the police court yesterday, in sums varying from 3s-6d to 5s, for their non-attendance of their children at school

James CANAVAN, 93 Back Portland St, John SHORE, 133 Back Portland St, Morris TRETTON, 9 court, 17 house, Burlington St, James DALOOZIE, 1 court, 6 house, Limekiln Lane, Peter COYLE, 7 court, 4 house, Hornby St, Ann FRANCIS, 16 court, 5 house, Dryden St, Patrick CURRY, 74 Dryden St, Henry CROSS, 8 Great Homer St, William HICKEY, 16 house, 7 court, Collingwood St, John TURNER, 12 Mansfield St, William SHANNON, 2 court, 2 house, Queen Anne St, William BANKS, 12 court, 4 house, Wakefield St, Thomas ROWAN, 4 court, 1 house, Baptist St, William CRABBY, 8 Beckett St, Daniel BURNEY, 3 court, Desmond St, John EDWARDS, 63 Priory St, Ellen SHELTON, 41 cellar, Raymond St, William RILEY, 2 court, 12 house, St Martin St, James M'SHANE, 1 court, 2 house, Tatlock St, Julius BOOTH, 7 Seacombe Buildings, Michael GALOIN, 2 Menai Terrace, T. JOYCE, 1 court, 5 house, Lightbody St, William BAKER, 39 Tenterden St, James MURRALL, 17 Vescock St, William TRAFFORD, 40 Boscock St, Richard WILLIAMS, 40 Johnson St, Patrick WHELAN, 1court, 3 house, North St, Patrick MOONEY, 53 Fontenoy St, Michael TOOLAN, 2 court, 8 house, Adlington St, Joseph CANNON, 50 Adlington St, John DORAN, 3 court, 10 house, Adlington St, Owen MANLEY, 11 Henry Edward St, William HUMPHREY, 2 court, 1 house, Henry Edward St, Thomas DUFFY, 2 court, 5 house, Henry Edward St, William STARKEY, 51 Adlington St, Patrick HESTON, 48 Hodson St, Henry SWIFT, 34 Iliad St, George BAINBRIDGE, 3 Bala Terrace, David KELLY, 2 court, 6 house, Woodstock St, Thomas ECCLES, 2 Orry St, James SUMNER, 2 court, 13 house, Woodstock St, Henry ROBINSON, 5 Ashfield Cotttages, Joseph FLETCHER, 1 court, 6 house, Woodstock St, Hans SEASMAN, 43 Ray St, Patrick O'HARA, 8 court, 5 house, Chadwick St, John BRANAN, 69 Chisenhale St, Henry M'QUADE, 17 cellar, Whitley St, Edward M'KEOWAN, 34 Hedley St


Liverpool Mercury, September 24th, 1880

Liverpool Police Court, September 23rd before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined sums varying from 2s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

William THOMPSON, 45 Parr St, James BITHELL, 22 Argyle St, John MATTISON, 3 house, 17 court, Upper Frederick St, Thomas KERWIN, 7 Henry St, Rose BYRNE, 38 cellar, Gilbert St, Patrick CAMPBELL, 34 Darwen St, Jeremiah SCULLY, 21 Snowden St, Elizabeth TOOLE, 31 Denbigh St, Daniel LIVINGSTONE, 9 cellar, Townsend St, John MYLER, 2 Railway-view, Denbigh St, John LEWIS, 4 house, 15 court, Duckinfield St, Edward FITZHENRY, 18 Back Blake St, T. GRIFFITHS, 22 Peach St, Michael DEVINE, 20 Walnut St, , William JONES, 19 Bittern St, William BAINES, 44 Duckinfield St, William OWENS, 12 Russell Place, James RALPH, 11 Warren St, John T. JACKSON, 5 Jones St, Peter M'DONALD, 12 Clayton St, Patrick SULLIVAN, 4 house, 6 court, Rose Place, George PICKETT, 13 Windsor View, James BUTTERWORTH, 34 Maynard St, Peter CAVANAGH, 7 Norton St, John BOOTS, 4 Maynard St, Patrick MURPHY, 44 cellar, Oliver St, Matthew HULME, 20 Buttermere St, William SMITH, 13 Bancroft St, Henry LOVELADY, 2house, 2 court, Bancroft St, Joseph ROBERTS, 5 house, 20 court, Harding St, Harriet JONES, 2 house, 12 court, Falkner St, Annie JENKINS, 31 Blucher St, John INESON, 55 Queensland St, Edward THOMPSON, 1 Dale St, John BURNS, 12 Back Myers St, John TUMILTY, 54 Kitchen St, John MERCER, 43 Blundell St, John CARDEN, 47 Kitchen St, Bartholomew MACKEREL, 5 house, 20 court, Rathbone St, Eliza DIETRICH, 162 Park Lane, Hannah LUCAS, 27 Newhall St, Catherine MURRAY, 7 Sand St, Henry BAKER, 1 house, 2 court, Crown St, John PARSONAGE, 30 Cunliffe St. In twenty cases the summonses were withdrawn on payment of costs, 1s, in each case.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 15th, 1883

Before Messers T. R. ROYDEN and C. ASPINALL

School Board Prosecutions

The following persons were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :- James M'GOWERN, 9 house, 5 court, Blucher St, Elizabeth MURRAY, 24 cellar, Holden St, Michael CONNOLLY, 25 Stancliffe St, William DALLIS, 12 Allen Terrace, John TYSON, 7 cellar, Greek St, John CROWE, 7 Woodstock St, Christopher CAFFREY, 25 Tindall St, Michael MURPHY, 30 Carlton St, Cornelius CODE, 6 house, 7 court, Charters St, Steven M'IVER, 7 Henry Edward St


Liverpool Mercury, January 27th, 1887

Liverpool Police Court, Jan 26th before Messers D. HUGHES and J. E. REYNOLDS

School Board prosecutions, children of the following persons were sent to the Board's Day Industrial School at Hightown :-

Patrick SHORT, Black Diamond St, Ann NOLAN, Tenterden St, Thomas KEARNERY, Bond St, John COPPLE, Minshull St, Margaret MELIS, Banastre St, John CUMMINGS, Henry Edward St, John HOSTY, Bispham St, Patrick GANNON, Standish St, Louisa BECK, Bridport St, Elizabeth BENSON, Hygeia St, John M'MULLEN, Cherry Lane, Annie JKESSOP, Compton St, William DAVIES, Bidder St.

The following persons were fined sums varying from 2s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Thomas KEARNEY, Bond St, John MARSDEN, Whitley St, John WELSH, Eldon St, Margaret WILLIAMS, Great Homer St, Henry HUGHES, Great Richmond St, Elizabeth M'KEOWN, Birkett St, John HAMILTON, Dido St, Peter WILLIAMS, Beau St, Ann ROBERTS, Prussia St, Edward KEATING, Regent St, Bridget KINSELLA, Denison St, Thomas COOPER, Lowwood St, George OSMAN, Atkinson St, James BERRY, Milton St, William M'PECK, Aldersey St, John SHEARON, Marlborough St, Michael TURNER, Henry Edward St, William STRETTLE, Mill Rd, Jane FOOTE, Rothwell St, Margaret TYNAN, Blandford St, Charles MORGAN, Gregson St, Michael MULLIGAN, Clifford St


Liverpool Mercury, July 11th 1884

Liverpool Police Court, Thursday July 10th, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions

The following persons were fined sums from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

William PILKINGTON, M'Leod St, John WILLIAMSON, Clive St, William JONES, Marham St, Arthur J. DAVIES, Park St, Francis KENNRY, Copperfield St, William HAYWARD, Toxteth St, Thomas JONES, Amity St, John GORDON, Rankin St, Edward TURNER, Tagus St, John REYNOLDS, Clive St, Edward BANNON, Prophet St, Hugh M'INTYRE, Beaufort St, Peter DONALDSON, Blair St, John EGAN, Park Place, Robert CARNEY, Bevin Lane, Michael STARKEY, Combermere St, Paul M'KENNA, Grafton St, William NIXON, Mazzini St, Joseph LEICESTER, Garibaldi St, James DORAN, Slade St, Jane CUNNINGHAM, Beacon St, Patrick DONOVAN, Collingwood St, Thomas DOBIE, Warwick St, Alex ROWNEY, Handel St, Patrick SMITH, Cotters Place.

Children of the following persons were committed to the board's day industrial schools :-

Andrew CROSS, Fulford St, Maurice DALTON, Beacon St, John MURPHY, Shadwell St, John DOYLE, Darwen St, Ellen MORAN, Doncaster St, William O'BRIEN, Raymond St, John CONNOLLY, Burnett St, Edward NOLAN, Hedley St, Mary GAVAN, Gordon St, Michael BURNS, Perry St


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 12th 1884

Liverpool Police Court, Sept 11th, before Messers G. BEHREND, H. J. COOK

School Board prosecutions. The following persons were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s, for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Henry RILEY, Midgehall St, William COYLE, Sawney Pope St, James WOODS, Vauxhall Rd, Patrick SMITH, Addison St, William KELLY, Gascoyne St, John HANNON, Sherwood St, Thomas CROSS, Fontenoy St, Patrick HORAN, Marybone, John LLOYD, St Anne St, John DUGGAN, Rose Place, James WYNN, Chaucer St, Robert WILLIAMS, Spencer St, Cliffiord HARBIN, North Hill St, Thomas CUMMINGS, Marybone, Joseph PATTERSON, Banastre St, Emma WOKENFORTH, Roberts St, Thomas SHERIDAN, Bala Terrace, Joseph HUGHES, Circus St, Robert TWEED, Scotland Rd, John KELLY, Combermere St, Ellen THOMAS, Wolfe St

Children of the following persons were committed to the Board's Day Industrial School, William PATTINSON, Laxey St, William CLAYTON, Llanrwst St, William THOMAS, Toxteth St, Hannah RIGGS, Llanrwst St.


Liverpool Mercury, July 3rd 1886

Liverpool Police Court, July 2nd, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions. The following persons were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s, for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Mary A. KENNEDY, Calvin St, John BRAMHILL, Hopwood St, Ellen COONAN, Tindall St, Frank D. SMITH, Blenheim St, John KNOWLES, Summer Seat, Richard LEWIS Iliad St, Isaac LYON, Ellison St, Alice M'ARTEN, Braemar St, John M'GARRY, Newport St, John ROBERTS, Garibaldi St, James SWIFT, Carnarvon St, John MILLIGAN, Braemar St.

Children of the following persons were committed to the Board's Day Industrial School, James M'LOUGHLIN, Boundary St, Mary M'CALL, Hopwood St, John BREEN, Cicero Terrace, Sarah CARRUTHERS, Teulon St, William POLLARD, Rachael St, John BURNS, Foley St, Esther CLARKE, Slade St, Elizabeth M'GINLEY, Boundary Terrace, Mary KEARNEY, Hankin St, Ann WYLIE, Cemeas St, William HIGHTON, Pugin St

Children of the following persons were committed to the Truant's School at Hightown, Elizabeth LEIGH, Thomaston St, William POLLARD, Rachael St, James M'VEY, Stour St


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 4th, 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Sept 3rd, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board Prosecutions

The following persons were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Elizabeth HODGSON, Blucher St, George BAKER, Grinfield Buildings, Thomas SCOTT, Low Wood St, Arthur FAGAN, Fisher St, Michael SPELLACY, Rathbone St, Peter GRAY, Upper Frederick St, John GRAHAM, Hodson St, John HIGGINS, North St, Margaret MELIA, Banastre St, Michael COLLINS, Adlington St, Thomas CAMPBELL, Fontenoy St, John REDMOND, Fontenoy St, John RAWLINSON, Hampton St, Robert SIMONS, Minshull St, John ROBINSON, Browlow Hill, John MOLLOY, Trafalgar St, Hugh JONES, Harding St, Ann BICKERSTAFFE, Harding St, James KING, Dinorben St, Magnus STOVE, Arrow St, Martha M'MULLEN, Duckinfield St, Samuel BARTLEY, Westmoreland St, Margaret DOBBIN, Vauxhall Rd, John HUGHES, Upper Beau St, Rebecca SMITHWICK, Rose Vale, Peter WILLIAMS, Beau St, Morris JONES, Priory Grove, T. KNEALE, Stitt St.

The children of the following persons were committed to the Board's Day Industrial Schools, Louisa WHEELER, Sparling St, Catherine SCAVEY, Frederick St, Margaret KIRWAN, Midgehall St, Francis BARTLEY, Circus St, Margaret MORAN, Midgehall St, Mary A. M'GRAIL, Fontenoy St, Ellen ANDREWS, Holden St, Ann GARRETT, Barnett St, Ann BICKERSTAFFE, Harding St, Richard MAHER, Blucher St, Ann RYAN, Oliver St, Magnus STOVE, Arrow St, Eliza JACK, Curzon St, William PUGH, Beaumont St, James JOHNSON, Bolton St.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 18th 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Sept 17th, before Mr RAFFLES, and Edward W. BIRD

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined in sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

James FLYNN, Beau St, George LEDGER, Tichfield St, Thomas COBURN, Tintern St, Patrick QUINN, Summer Seat, William SMITH, Soho Place, Peter WOODS, Milton St, Charles J. FOX, Falkland St, William STANTON, Page St, Michael PHELAN, Blandford St, John BURNS, Back Salisbury St.

The children of the following persons were sent to the Board's Day Industrial School, Jane HOLLY, Sterne St, William GRACE, Dairymple St


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 25th 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Sept 24th, before Messers Clarke ASPINALL and John STEVENSON

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined in sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Catherine COCHRANE, Comus St, Owen LEVELLE, Henry Edward St, Ann BIRCH, Upper Frederick St, Peter BRENEN, Dwerryhouse St, William TIGHE, Kitchen St, Hugh DONOUGH, Maghull St, Robert RIGBY, Blair St, James ROGERS, Bispham St, John HALFPENNY, Gerard St, Thomas M'DERMOTT, Bispham St, Henry HARRISON, Elias St.

The children of the following persons were sent to the Board's Day Industrial School, Arthur FAGAN, Caryl St, Michael COLLINS, Adlington St, Mary ALLCOCK, Leadenhall St.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 5th 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Nov 4th, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined sums varying 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Mary BOSS, Gore St, Elizabeth MEADIN, Dukinfield St, Francis GREEN, Raymond St, Gerald PRICE, Adelaide St, William MALONE, Ewbank St, William PENNINGTON, Dryburgh St, Elias CROFT, Barlow Buildings, William CLEETON, Forth St, Peter SHORT, Hornby St, John DOHERTY, Hornby St, Joseph Le BLANE, Springfield St, George MADDOCK, Hornby St, Robert BARLOW, Dryden St, William WILSON, Slade St, John MILLER, Chelmsford St, Alexander M'WILLIAMS, Leadenhall St, William HALL, Nicholson St, George SMITH, Calder St, Robert HUGHES, Chelmsford St, Thomas M'GRATH, Derby Rd, William PYBIS, Snowden St, John FOY, Kew St, John WILLIAMS, China St, Daniel SHARKEY, Kew St, Michael LYONS, Rachel St, John SEIVERS, India St, Benjamin MOLYNEUX, Clare Terrace, Francis MACKIN, Mozart St, Charles KEW, Louisa St

A child of Mary MULLIGAN, Mann St was committed to the Board's Day Industrial School. A child of Harry SHAW, Pulford St was committed to the Board's Industrial School for Truants at Hightown


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 6th 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Nov 5th

Before Mr Clarke ASPINALL and Henry J. COOK

School Board prosecutions. The following persons were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s, for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Thomas KELLY, Latimer St, Joseph ELLIS, Robsart St, John SHERLOCK, Hopwood St, Patrick O'NEILL, Hornby St, Thomas HOWARD, Ashfield St, Michael M'CARTNEY, Arlington St, Patrick DELANEY, Epsom St, George BROSTER, Latimer St, Mary HATCH, Woodstock St, James ROACH, Hornby St, William DAWSON, Mile End, William LUCAS, Orry St, James TIERNEY, Raymond St, Thomas DOOLEY, Hornby St.

Children of the following persons were committed to the Board's Day Industrial School, Mary MORAN, Epsom St, Edward BOOTH, Raymond St, John AUSTIN, Tatlock St, Michael DEMPSEY, Ashfield Cottages, Patrick NOLAN, Burnett St, Thomas FOSTER, Burlington St, Rachael RILEY, Hornby St, Thomas QUIRK, Poyntz St, Frank SMITH, Blenheim St, Isaac WOODSIDE, Hadden St, Susan GLENN, Walmsley St


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 12th 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Nov 11th, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined sums varying 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Francis MAY, Rokeby St, Hugh MORGAN, Pembroke St, Henry RILEY, Adlington St, James COLLINS, Shakespeare St, Thomas NIMMO, Spencer St, Alice HOWARD, Holborn St, John RICHARDSON, Braemar St, William BURROWS, Elcho St, James BOTHAM, Dee St, Frederick JAMES, Cambria St, Patrick M'GRATTON, Hygia St, Samuel WHITBY, Hornby St, John CRONAN, Clement St, John QUINN, Portland St, John J. KENNEDY, Burlington St, Arthur FINEGAN, Birkett St, Christopher GROGAN, Sherwood St, Patrick DOYLE, Highfield St, John CATON, Prussia St, James JORDAN, Henry Edward St, Thomas LLOYD, Lionel St, William DELANEY, Sampson St, John TURTON, Rothwell St, Thomas WHITEHEAD, Napier St, William COWAN, Horsley St, Thomas B. OCCLESTONE, Menzies St, George GORDON, Essex St, Thomas QUIRK, Poyntz St, James BERRY, Arnaud St, Richard RUSSELL, Ford St, Joseph CLEATOR, Essex St, John GELLING, Back Myers St, Mary WILSON, Garden St.

Children of the following persons were sent to the board's Day Industrial Schools, Henry LAPPING, Stitt St, Edward M'DERMOTT, Guildford St, Margaret HAPLEY, Bent St, Ann JESSOP, Thompson Gardens, Eliza PENNINGTON, Lennox St, Philip BRAITHWAITE, Gregson St, William STRETTLE, Mill Rd, Elizabeth PETERS, Back Field St, Henry KIMBERLY, Craven St, Robert HYDES, Doddridge St, John ARMSTRONG, Wrigley St.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 2nd 1886

Liverpool Police Court, Dec 1st, before Mr Clark ASPINALL and G. C. DORRELL

School Board Prosecutions, the following were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school:-

Isaiah BREAKY, Marybone, William M'PEEK, Milton St, Nathaniel PEACOCK, Dickson Terrace, Edward M'GEE, Falkland St, Thomas MORRIS, Ellenborough St, Charles JONES, Robsart St, Henry ROBINSON, Lionel St, Sarah KING, Cazneau St, Mary GAVIN, Richmond Fair, William DUFFY, Beau St, Thomas PENNINGTON, Eldon St, James YOUNG, Paul St, Mary MAY, Bull-entry, Herbert CONNOR, Paul St, Catherine M'DONALD, Vernon St, Elizabeth GOLDEN, Back Lane, Tithebarn St, Charles DUFFY, Sherwood St, Ellen MORTON, Whitby St

Children of the following persons were sent to the Board's Day Industrial School, Francis MAY, Rokeby St, Mary SMITH, Mount Vernon St, Ann M'DONALD, Chaucer St, Ellen KENNEDY, Christian St, Bedelia HARRISON, Rose Place, Sarah DEVINE, Chaucer St, John ANDERSON, Rose Place, Jane FINDLAY, Drinkwater Gardens, Mary GORDON, Lightbody St, Robert BOYLAN, Portland St, James M'KIBBON, Denison St, Mary E. BROOKS Marlborough St, James BURNS, Great Howard St, Catherine JORDAN, Whitley St


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 24th 1887

Liverpool Police Court, Feb 23rd, before George HOLT and Joshua SING

The following were fined sums varying from 1s to 5s for having contravened the School Board bylaws:-

Denis CONNOR, Midgehall St, Mary CROGENT, Bolton St, Ann NEWETT, Blake St, William CARSON, Haigh St, William CORCORAN, Henry Edward St, Patrick MULDOON, Cuerdon St, Edward DONOGHUE, Midgehall St, James LAFFAN, Basnett St, Denis CARROLL, Caradoc St, Emma EDWARDS, St Arnaud St

A child of the following person was sent to the Board's Day Industrial School, at Bond St, Edward M'DONALD, Hodson St.


Liverpool Mercury, April 1st 1887


Thursday March 31st


Liverpool School Board prosecutions

The following people were fined in various sums from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school ;-

John LEWIS, Byles St, Betsy KELLY, Collins St, Mary CASEY, Combermere St, Robert DAVIES, Shelly St, George CRITCHLEY, Threfall St, John HARRIS, Miles St, Thomas FURBER, Clive St, Henry JONES, Maynard St, John P. FARRELL, Sefton Terrace, Thomas JOHNSON, Miles St, Joseph LAWSON, Hurry St, John DAY, Laverock Bank, John HUGHES, Fairview Place, Margaret WALLACE, Trebreth St, James PRENT, Haliburton St, Thomas WARING, Lorton St, Samuel FARRELL, Tiber St, John EDGE, Oliver St, Thomas ADDIS, Haliburton St, Robert LYNCH, Fernie St, John GILDES, Aberdeen St, William J. HAND, Copperfield St, William MAHONEY, Prince William St, Peter O'ROURKE, Glenny St, John ECCLES, Wolfe St, Michael MC LOUGHLIN, Fenton St, William CRUISE, Eden St, John SMITH, Slaney St, Owen CONNOLLY, Gordon St, John CARNEY, Upper Harrington St, Stephen BURNS, Rhyl St, William THOMPSON, Parkhill Rd, Elizabeth MILLER, Tamworth St, John B. PARRY, Brenton St, Samuel MORRAN, Haigh St

Children of the following persons were sent to the board's Day Industrial Schools

John J. PHELAN, Byles St, William BARKER, Gaskell St, John BURNS, Maynard St, John B. PARRY, Brenton St.


Liverpool Mercury, June 22nd 1888

Liverpool Police Court, June 21st, before Mr RAFFLES

School Board prosecutions, the following persons were fined in sums varying from 1s to 5s for neglecting to send their children to school :-

Charles CHALLONER, Brassey St, Mary LINDSAY, Hughson St, William GIBBONS, Fernie St, James SMITH, Gore St, Thomas WILLIAMS, Combermere St, John MALLEY, Mann St, Patrick BARNES, Shaftsbury St, Patrick DONOGHUE, Cooper St, Michael CARR, Prince William St, Bernard DONOGHUE, Wolfe St, Thomas BURNS, Hyslop St, William BRYANT, Drysdale St, Sarah WHITE, Park Terrace, Robert DILWORTH, Oliver St, Thomas M'CANN, Mann St, Thomas MURRAY, Fletcher St, John CUNNINGHAM, Hawkstone St, William PARK, Oliver St, Nathaniel WILLIAMS, Park Terrace, John ANWYLL, Maynard St, Robert WORTHINGTON, Teulon St, Edward FREEMAN, Aspinall St.

The children of the following persons were sent to the Board's Day Industrial Schools and the Truant's Industrial School at Hightown, Ann REDFERN, Clive St, William PACE, Gaskell St, Daniel MACDONALD, Prophet St, John NOBLE, Goring St, Maria FULLWOOD or FULLARD, Markham St, Theresa STORM, Rhyl St, William DUNHAM, Hyslop St, Rose BURKE, Wolfe St, John COSTELLO, Wolfe St, Mary BINSON, Fernie St, George DEANE, China St, George BRAID, Birkett St, Thomas STACK, Back Salisbury St.


Liverpool Mercury, May 18th 1887

The "Rusk" case

At last weeks meeting of the Watch Committee the Head Constable furnished a report as to the death of a man named RUSK, who had been lodged in Walton Jail under a School Board warrant. Inspector CHURCHILL, who prepared the report says :-

"With reference to the apprehension by Warrant-officers WINDSOR and DURKIN for non-payment of 26s due on Industrial School warrant of a man named John RUSK of 85 New Hedley St, who subsequently died whilst undergoing 10 days imprisonment at her Majesty's Prison Walton, it appears that shortly after 11pm on the 13th April last the officers went to the above address, having previously called on several occasions [six times at least] during the daytime without success. They found John RUSK lying on a sofa in the kitchen with his ordinary day clothes on, his face and hands dirty as if he had been working. In reply to WINDSOR, both RUSK and his wife stated they could not pay the money, and Mrs RUSK said, "You cannot take him he is sick" WINDSOR asked if they had a prescription or certificate to prove the statement, but neither could be produced. The officers had known RUSK for a long time, having often locked him up by warrant. He was a sallow delicate looking man, and seeing nothing unusual in his appearance WINDSOR said he would have to lock him up, and told him to put on his boots. Mrs RUSK said, "He has no boots to put on I had to pawn them today" RUSK then asked his son James, 19 years old, to lend him his boots, but the son refused to do so. RUSK walked quite readily to Athol St, Bridewell, accompanied by both officers and his wife, against whom they also had to warrant for non-payment of a fine for "preventing" her daughter's attendance at Bond St, Day Industrial School. Inspector M'CONCHIE was visiting the bridewell at the time, but no complaint was made either to him or Sergeant SAVAGE, who was in charge. RUSK and his wife were locked up in the usual way, and in due course were conveyed per van, to the main bridewell, where, on the following morning, RUSK was seen by Dr CAVANAGH, medical officer for the main bridewell, at the request of Mrs RUSK, but he had not made any complaint of being ill himself. Dr CAVANAGH made an entry in the "doctor's book" to the effect that he was suffering from bronchitis, and fir for jail. That afternoon he was sent per van, to H. M. Prison Walton, where he died on the 20th April. An inquest was held by Clarke ASPINALL, Esq, coroner J.P, on the 22nd April, at which the case was very fully investigated"

The report adds that at the inquest, "both doctors concurred in saying that the circumstances of the deceased's apprehension played no part whatever in his death."


Liverpool Mercury, June 25th, 1887

Day Industrial School Camp

The report of the Liverpool Day Industrial School Camp for 1885 and 1886, states that,:-

"The children who are committed by the magistrates to these schools spring from almost the lowest strata in our city. While in these schools in which they are fed, they are allowed no regular holidays, and before the year 1885 had little to relieve the monotony of their lives., except a day's trip in the summer to New Brighton and extra beef and plum pudding on Christmas Day, which was provided for them by some sympathising friends. In June 1885, it was resolved to form a summer camp for them, and with the kind approval of the school board, and the hearty co-operation of the superintendents and teachers of the school, we set to work. The late Mr Thomas Weld BLUNDELL [through his late courteous agent Mr LOVELADY] kindly gave us a site by the sea at Freshfield. Thirty bell tents and two large marquees, with entire camp equipment. were most generously lent by the War Office, through the good services of Lord Claud HAMILTON. These were pitched on the 4th August 1885, and all the children amounting to 860, were sent in weekly parties of 200. The benefit of the thorough change, fresh air, and sea bathing, are beyond question."

In 1886 there were 796 children sent to camp. In 1885 the expenditure involved in the maintenance etc, of the children amounted to 118-13s-6d and in 1886 to 89-0s-6d, not so much being spent during last year in "construction of sheds and superintendence". The subscriptions received during 1886 covered the expenses of the year.


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