Saturday Nov 28th 1908

From Malta on wednesday; the Ellerman Liner SARDINIA had met with disaster off the harbour at Malta.

Vessel 2474 tons from Liverpool to Egypt

Commander Capt LITTLER

Crew of 39 men 1 woman, with a full cargo of Machinery and Manchester goods for Alexandria

15-17 passengers

On leaving Malta on Wednesday at 9-45am the crew engaged in securing the port anchor when a cry of " Fire", was heard flames were soon to issue from a ventilator on the portside flames then started to issue from the other ventilator, within 10mins the whole vessel was in flames amidships.

Information received from the Ellerman-Papyanni offices Rumford St.

150 Moorish pilgrims boarded going to Mecca

List of Crew mainly Liverpool other than stated, those accounted for and rescued marked with an asterix

Capt Charles LITTLER, 13 Hampden Rd, Higher Tranmere

* R. FREW Chief mate, 49 Claremont Rd Seaforth

* R. WATSON 1st mate, Middlesex Rd, B'Head

* H. JONES 2nd mate, 5 Abercromby Terrace

* Peter WARING Carpenter, 20 Gurnall St

* Thomas KINSELLA Boatswain, 3 Torr St

* Albert WARING, AB, Lamptrimmer, 67 Drayton St

J. PARKES Quartermaster, 5 Pleasant View, Bootle

A. BRISCOE, Quartermaster AB, 4 Northern Gardens Oxford

J. FARRELL, Quartermaster, AB, 69 July Rd

* J. MAROOTH Quartermaster AB, 51 Mitylene St

* L. THOMAS, AB, 10 Dexter St

M. MURPHY, AB, 4 Dublin St

H. DORAN, AB, 43 Dennison St

* G. PIPER, OS, 123 Derby Rd, Bootle

* Charles COLVIN, OS, 123 Derby Rd, Bootle

W. SEAGRAVE Chief Engineer, 29 Woodhouse St, Walton Rd

D. HYSLOP, 2nd Engineer, 47 Daisy St

J. NEILL, 3rd Engineer, 60 New Chester Rd, New Ferry


* Patrick CHRISTOPHER, 20 Grove Place

* J. TWEEDLEY, 54 Cranmer St

H. STANTON, 23 Derby Rd, Bootle

* John FARRELL, 58 Cranmer St

* J. O'CONNER, 87 Evelyn St

* Richard SUTTON, 76 Hornby St

* Patrick COLLINS, 13 Wesley St

T. HYNES, 39 Mersey St

D. WATSON, 4 Newton St, Bootle

P. RILEY, 17 Arlington St

J. MUGHAN, 43 Tichfield St

C. MOONEY, 192 Athol St

Stewards and cooks

*Max WALDORF, Chief steward, 21 Keeble St , Bootle

F. HUGHES, 2nd Steward, 5 Melrose Terrace Liscard

* Richard OSLEN Assistant Steward, 77 Bedford Rd, Bootle

* John. COOK Assistant Steward, Langton tower, Langton Dock

* J. THOMAS Engineers Steward, 19 Stringley Rd

* Robert DEVINE, Cook, 139 Delamore St

* Charles BLOXEN, 2nd Cook, 10 Peet St

* Kate GILMOUR Stewardess, 105 Carisbrooke Rd

Passengers from Liverpool and destination

1st, Class

Mr. John BUNYAN, round voyage


Mr Harry ROWNTREE, Alexandria

Mr James JENNINGS, round voyage, only passenger of Liverpool [Wavertree]

Mr HAMILTON, Alexandria

Mr G. ALLEN, Alexandria

Miss Susan TAITE, Alexandria

Miss WALKER, Tangier

Miss BAKER, Alexandria

Mr and Mrs GRANT and 4yr old son, Alexandria

2nd Class


Mr GROVES, Malta

Miss WALKER with the British Consulate, landed Tangier

Mary BACON and Mary BERRY other passengers

Only passenger unaccounted for the boy GRANT age 4yrs


June 18th 1909

The King has been pleased on the recommendation of the Board of Trade to award medals for gallantry in saving life.

A Silver medal is awarded to Kate GILMOUR, Stewardess of the British steamship SARDINIA of Liverpool in recognition of her service to the passengers of that vessel when it caught fire and stranded off Malta, Nov 25th 1908.

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