Police and Fire Brigade



Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Awards to Police and Fire Brigade

Liverpool Head Constables the arrest of the notorious Huffey WHITE, 1813

Henry MILLER, Head Constable, 1844

Police, prisoners, prisons Liverpool Life, 1857

Orange Riots at Liverpool, 1835

Mersey River Police

Brave River Policeman William PEGLER

Head Constable Leonard DUNNING

Fracas between the police and the military, 1871

Brutal attacks on Police-officers, 1868, 1888

Police pay 1873

Explosion Liverpool Town Hall, trial and conviction of culprits, 1881

Clothing the poor children of the city, [Police clothes] 1907

Chief Constable A. K. WILSON and Chief Constable H. WINSTANLEY

Misc Police deaths

Misc Police snippets

Misc Police snippets after 1938

Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade

The Great Fire 1842

Destructive fires at Rainford and Bickerstaff 1852

Misc fires 1857

Fire at the workhouse 1862, 23 lives lost

Fire at the "Home" for fallen women, Edge Hill, 1864

St Joseph's catastrophe, false alarm of "fire" 1870

Fire Brigade trials 1939

Tear-gas explosions, Liverpool cinemas 1939

Police Monument Toxteth Park cemetery, links to deaths etc

Misc Fire Brigade deaths

Misc Fire Brigade snippets

Misc medals and awards

More misc medals and awards

Southport Fire Brigade Misc snippets



Merseyside Fire Museum

Liverpool City Police

Liverpool Parks Police

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