Patents and Trade marks


Jan 1877.

Local patents and trade marks

Charles Speck BRITTIAN of Liverpool, overlooker, improvements of apparatus for cutting or paring oil or like cake.

William Wynn KENRICK, Liverpool, a communication from William WEAVER of Pennsylvania, improvement in rock drills.

William Phillips THOMPSON, 6 Lord St, civil engineer and patent agent.

Communications in trust for, Messers J. MERESSE and E. RONDE PIERRE, Paris improvements in and relating to lock gates and bridges or substitutes thereof.

William Henry KERSHAW, Widnes, timber merchant, improvements to mode of apparatus for cutting channels, grooves or angular cuttings in timber or slate.

John Lawson JOHNSTONE, Liverpool, improved adjuster or pull back for ladies skirts and dresses. Communication on trust for Alonzo S. GEAR, Boston. U.S

Michael Thomas EASTWOOD of Ellesmere Port, Chester, schoolmaster, an improvement in article of furniture for the use of infants.

Robert Renton GIBBS, Liverpool, engineer, improvement in apparatus to be used in the circulation of water for heating purposes.

Hugo WORTHINGTON, Liverpool, improvements in securing or locking nuts in screw bits.

Improvements in apparatus for raising, lowering and fastening windows, particularly to those in railway carriages

Patents for public inspection

Charles Thomas PRICE, Liverpool, ironmonger and gas-fitter, improvement in candlesticks, consists in forming on the right stem of the candlestick, a screw thread, and providing surrounding cylinder or nozzle, with internal screw thread. One or more spikes fitted to top of stem.

James HIGGENBOTTOM, 51 Seel St, Liverpool, improvements in steam boiler and radiators. A coil of tubing placed in the fireplace or flue, water pumped from the boiler through tubing and back into boiler.

Trade marks

Elias LION, Prescot, Soda water manufacturer, lion in a scroll.

HEAP and ARKLE, Iron merchants, Liverpool, a peacock

HIGNETT Bros and Co, Liverpool, Tobacco manufacturers, 11 ornamental labels descriptive of tobacco, cigars and snuff.

GOODLASS, WALL and Co, paint manufacturers, Liverpool, a LIVER on a scroll

Liverpool Patent Stopper Mineral Water Co, “Property” and name and address in a circle, 2, a bottle and name and address in a circle

CARTER. HALES and Co, Export oilmen Liverpool, a lion’s head on a crown, the head holding a cornet in its mouth.

James STEEL and Co, cigar manufacturers Liverpool, 20 ornamental labels, descriptive of cigars.


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