Misc passenger lists 1869

Liverpool Mercury, March 29th, 1869

Cabin passengers by the Russia

Landed at Queenstown


Landed at Liverpool

Mr and Mrs Thomas H. PITTES, Miss HEARN, Mr M. A. SAMSON, Mr E. J. WITTHAM, Mr E and Miss CAIRD, Mr and Mrs H. P. WASHBURN, Mrs CHITTENDEN, Mr W. M. WOODHILL, Mr W. H. COLES, Mr F. GOERG, Mr C. WEPPLE, Mr J. M. CROSS, Mr W. H. STUART, Mr James B. CLARK, Mr L. BROOKE, Mr R. K. DAVIES, Mr and Mrs G. FAY, Mr M. J. HARPLEY, Mr W. BARBLEY, Mr J. H. WOODS, Mr A. H. BULLOCK, Mrs BULLOCK and two daughter, Mr Robert HAYNES, Dr R. W. HOOPER, Mr E. W. HOOPER, Mr J. D. WARREN, Mr R. D. TUCKER, Mr J. C. BEEVERS, Mrs BEEVERS and two children, Mrs Ann BOTTOMLEY, Mrs H. CLAIRE, Mr L. H. HALL, Mr E. EDGERTON, Mr H. D. CAMPBELL, Mr A. MARCHAND, Mr F. MARCHAND


Liverpool Mercury May 31st, 1869

Passengers by the CUBA

Mr and Mrs BURRILL and two sons, Mr John WALKER and son Mr and Mrs GREIG, Mr and Mrs SPELMAN, and son, Miss SPELMAN, Miss HOWE, Mr and Mrs C. HUNTER, W. R. PENNMAN, Dr A. HUNTER, J. R. MOREWOOD, J. B. DUCKWORTH, Dr and Mrs R. S. STRONG, J. C. STRONG, R. L. DAWSON, E. GIRAUD, E. L. BLOIS, Dr J. F. HATTNER, W. E. HENNESSEY, Mr and Mrs S. SMITH, A. WETHERMAUL, C. NIRION, Mrs DAVIS and servant, J. F. HOOPER, C. HALL, Mr and Mrs CANO, and two children and servant, Miss HALL, Mr and Mrs J. KENDRICK, J. SCHELDT, jun, R. H. van INGEN, Mr and Mrs G. WIGG and son, Mr and Mrs A. G. BOWLES, Miss Mary L. WILLIAMS, Miss DAWSON, J. D. WILLIAMS, G. CHESTER, Miss A. WILLIAMS, Miss A. C. WILLIAMS, F. A. KEERSCHADT, Mr and Mrs R. B. GROSSBECK, the Misses GROSSBECK, S. A. PETERS, Hon A. COCKER and wife, Mr and Mrs A. G. COFFIN, W. THOMPSON, E. T. LUND, Mr and Mrs G. H. BRADFORD, Mr and Mrs T. HYATT, three children and servant, Master Luke HAYATT, Miss HYATT, Mr and Mrs C. R. ROGERS, the Misses ROGERS, Mr and Mrs R. HOE jun, Miss HOE, and servant, Mr and Mrs G. C. DAVIS, Masters DAVIS and Miss DAVIS, A. WIGHT, W. GARDNER, Mrs MULLIDGE and daughter, J. FORRESTER, B. FERGUSON, Mrs DURANT, Mrs MILLAR, J. GORHAM, Mr GALLOWAY, Mrs M. FISHER, R. M'QUEEN, R. M'KENZIE W. PHILLPS, Mr and Mrs J. BARBOUR, Mr and Mrs M. BURKE, General A. BADEAU, P. A. DALLY, Mr and Mrs A. F. HEARD, H. OLMSTED, Mr and Mrs P. L. MILLS, His Excellency J. L. MOTLEY, Mrs MOTLEY and two daughters and two servants, Mrs IVES, Mr and Mrs J. PAINE and daughter, Miss D and Miss H.SHEARER, Mr and Mrs J. FISHER, Miss M. FISHER, Mr and Mrs J. W. MERRILL, Master PAINE, J. W. MERRILL, S. OYERS, Mr and Mrs CHOATE, Mr and Mrs A. CLERKS and two children, Miss CLERKE and maid, Mr and Mrs HOYL, C. J. CHURCHMAN, M. A. HOYT, Mrs E. CHURCHMAN and three daughters, W. WATSON, C. A. HILL, Thomas POINTER, F. W. BRYAN, E. ASHWORTH, Mr and Mrs F. A. BRYAN, and three children, A. M. COLLIN, T. W. STETSON, Mr and Mrs BALLARD, H. ALLCOCK, H. W. POLNER, W. R. DRAKE, Dr G. S. WARD, Miss MERWIN, Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS, H. M. THOMAS, W. H. THOMAS.


Liverpool Mercury, June 26th 1869

Passengers by the Scotia

Landed at Queenstown

Mrs CAMPBELL, Miss CAMPBELL, Mr A. F. LAMB and lady, Mr J. K. COMSTOCK, Mr D. D. EARLE, Mr N. W. DODGE, Mr G. B. BEECHER and lady, Mr T. B. MUSGRAVE and lady, Mr J. WHITE, Miss SHAW, Miss SMITH, Miss HUSTACE, Miss E. HUSTACE, Mr J. CRAIGHTON and lady, Mr J. TIFFIN Jnr and lady, Mrs FIRTH, Colonel A. DENIKER, Mr S. B. WILLIAMS, lady, two daughters and son, Mr R. L. FABIAN, lady and three daughters, Mrs JEWITT, two daughters and son, Mr J. T. STIRLING, Mr W. S. ESKIN, Mr H. H. WHEELER, Mr J. B. NORRIS, Mr R. BERKIN, Mr J. B. TAYLOR, Mr E. D. LITCHFIELD and lady, Mr N. BURKE, lady and two children, Rev J. LANERGAN, Miss HOOPER, Mr J. DEVLIN, , Mr R. IRWIN, Mr D. DONOGHUE, Mr J. F. PARKHURST, Mr S. SIMPSON, Mr W. CAMPBELL, Mr W. H. ROSS, Mr N. G. MOORHEAD and lady, Mr R. REDMOND, Miss RANKIN

Landed at Liverpool

Mr G. STEVENS, Mr A. BORET, Mr J. WILSON, Mr E. Z. HOLME, Mr J. JARVIS, Mr J. WALWORTH, Mr A. ECKHOWILT, Mr T. DAVEY and lady, Miss DAVEY, Miss P. SLOANE, Miss L. SLOANE, Mr J. SLOANE and lady, Mr E. A. ROWE and lady, Mr W. P. ABENDROTH, lady, two sons, daughter and servant, Mr S. WELLSTOOD and lady, Mr S. WELLSTOOD Jnr, Mr A. HEATON, Mr F. H. TOWS and lady, Madame DIEDEN, Miss ROWE, Mr R. WHITWORTH and lady, Mr F. SHIES, Mr H. ALEXANDER, Mr T. MUSGRAVE, Mrs NATHAN and child,, Miss HAYLE, Miss RAWLE, Mr RAWLE, Mr W. O. ROWE, Mr H. V. ROWE, Mrs HOPKINS infant and servant, Baron WETTERSTEDT and lady, Rev T. STEPHENSON and lady, Mr S. C. HARRIOTT lady, two daughters and son, Mr R. W. WESTON, Mr W. WESTON, Miss WESTON, Mr A. FRASER, Mr R. B. FLOOD, Mr T. NEWBOLD, Mr F. NEWBOLD, Mr T. H. NEWBOLD, two daughters and two servants, Mr F. R. JONES, Mr T. RANKIN, Dr R. BISHOP, Mr N. SEYMOUR and lady, Mr S. C. DAVIS and lady, Mr W. FLORENCE, Mr B. HART, Mrs HART, Miss HART, Mr G. AGASSIZ, Mr J. CARRUTHERS, Mr J. J. M'CAULEY, Dr E. WILSON, Mr C. H. SLOCOMB, lady, child and servant, Mr DUNCAN and servant, Mr A. J. DEXEL, lady, two daughters, five children, three servants, Mr W. H. MARKHAM, Miss MARKHAM, Miss CLEVELAND, Mr J. G. GIBBONS, Miss LAWTON, Miss DAVIS, Mr W. B. ASTEN, lady and two sons, Mrs A. EMBURY, Mr C. W. EMBURY, Mr WARREN, Mrs FARTOUTE, Miss FARTOUTE, Miss C. FARTOUTE, Mr B. PURDY, Mr S. C. P BOWLES and servant, Mr A. E. PHILLIPS, Mr C. H. CHRISTMAS and lady, Miss CHRISTMAS, Mr C. W. CHRISTMAS, Mr F. L. CHRISTMAS, Miss PARKS, Mr F. POWELL, Mr H. D. TOWNSEND, Mr S. HARRIS, Mr F. LAFARGE, Mr F. A. WIGGINS, Mr J. B. KELLY, Mrs LEWIS, Mrs James TINKER, four children and servant, Mr J. AUGHILLTREE, Mr R. ERNST, Mr H. W. COLVER, Mr F. LIVINGSTON, five children and two servants, Mr E. GIGNOUX, Mr C. GIGNOUX, Mr E. del DOMINO, Mr E. G. WILLIAMS and lady, Miss WILLIAMS, Mr J. W. SOUTHARK and lady, Mr C. STEINBACH and lady, Mr F. J. CASE, Mr W. MAGEE, Mr L. M. BARNHEIMER, Captain DIXON, Mr J. L. NEILL, Mr O. R. KEITH, Mr H. MUHLER, Mr R. GIGNOUX, lady and three daughters, Mrs J. MILLER and daughter, Mr H. J. LOWNAN and lady, Mr M. MITCHEL and lady, Hon Thomas FINDLAY, Professor R. A. FISHER, Mr J. MILLER, Mr C. H. WALKER, Mr J. A. BRISTED, Mr F. H. COLLINS, Mr G. FOX, Mr G. G. HOWLAND, Mr J. HOULAND, Mr H. BEECH, Mr J. H. WISNER, Mt T. HELLMAN, Mr A. FLEMING, Mr W. G. CHITTACK, Mr J. MOULSON, Dr J. J. CRANE, Miss CLAYTON, Mr A. KING


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