Explosion on the Submarine OXLEY

Liverpool Daily Post, Thursday Nov 9th 1939


British Submarine explosion

Official list of casualties

53 men including 4 officers died in the Submarine OXLEY which was destroyed by an accidental explosion a few weeks ago.

H.M.S OXLEY was a vessel of 1,354 tons and was built by VICKERS – ARMSTRONG at Barrow-in-Furness for the Royal Australian Navy in 1926. During the voyage out she broke down and spent many months undergoing reconstruction in Malta.

On reaching her station she was soon transferred to reserve until 1931, when Australia presented her to the British Navy as an economy measure.

For some years she was with the 1st Mediterranean flotilla, following a fire on board in 1935 she was placed in reserve at Plymouth. She carried 3 guns and 8 torpedo tubes, submarines of the Oxley’s class carry a compliment of 54.



Lieut F. K. MANLEY. R.N.R.

Sub Lieut W. H. PALMER. R.N.

Warrant Engineer R. W. C. ROBERTSON. R.N.

Able Seaman J. A. T. BANKS

Able Seaman J. J. BISHOP

Able Seaman G. J. HENDERSON

Able Seaman W. J. HOPKINS

Able Seaman W. PICKERING

Able Seaman N. SANDERS

Able Seaman L. STEVENSON

Able Seaman W. B. WATSON

Able Seaman H. E. WEBB

Leading Seaman P. J. FARBRACE

Leading Seaman F. W. FAUX

Leading Seaman F. J. TILEY

Leading Seaman H. R. WILSON

Leading Seaman L. WOODWARD

Stoker G. A. BUTT

Stoker H. E. DAVIES

Stoker P. F. GREGORY

Stoker H. HOLT

Stoker W. G. HUNTER

Stoker J. W. JACKSON

Stoker H. J. JENKINS

Stoker M. JORDAN

Stoker R. C. LOUND

Stoker C. L. WATERS

Chief Stoker H. D. BONNETT

Stoker Petty Officer J. H. MARTIN

Leading Stoker G. FOSTER

Leading Stoker R. GANDERTON

Leading Stoker J. LIVESEY

Leading Stoker C. MILLER

Leading Stoker R. M. MORRIS

Chief Petty Officer R. E. J. BARGROVE

Petty Officer R. DICKER

Chief Petty Officer A. R. FRANCIS

Leading Telegraphist R. A. S. H. THOMAS

Leading Telegraphist E. W. LANDERS

Petty Officer Telegraphist R. A. GROOM

Telegraphist A. W. UNDERWOOD

Telegraphist A. J. FULLER

Petty Officer Steward F. A. J. GYNES

Petty Officer Cook C. J. HICKEY

Petty Officer A. G. MINGAY

Chief Engine-room artificer R. LOMAS

Engine-room artificer H. D. BURGESS

Engine-room artificer G. GRAHAM

Engine-room artificer J. MOCKETT

Engine-room artificer W. N. WORTH

Electrical artificer C. R. MITCHELL

Signalman W. A. DOVER


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