Liverpool Mercury 03 July 1877

Wanted present whereabouts of Frank SOUTHCOMBE PARKER, Publican, late of 17 Gleave St, Everton, information to 32 Eastbourne St, Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury 08 October 1878

Ten shillings reward

Information wanted of the whereabouts of Francis BRENNEN, working jeweller, aged 18, height 5ft 2ins, dark hair, stout build. Talks with slight Irish brogue, lately from Dublin, 5 Mount Pleasant Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury 12 August 1891

Harry Wilcke POWER

Wanted the whereabouts of Harry Wilcke POWER son of the late Thomas Matthew POWER, Information to M. H. Jones and Milne, solicitors, Lord St.

Liverpool Mercury 02 January 1892

Edward or Patrick DUGGAN

Information wanted concerning this deceased last heard of in America, also of a letter read out in the RC, Churches of Liverpool or suburbs two years ago asking for the whereabouts of the sister of the deceased Mary BYRNE and mentioning a letter written from Blackstock St, some years ago. Anyone who can give information or obtain a copy of such letter are requested to write to Richard H. MEDICRAFT, Solicitor, 49 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. American papers copy.

In the goods of Brian BRADLEY

Formerly of Seabank, Strand Rd, Merrion, late of Seabank, Strand Rd, Merrion, and late of Sandymount Terrace, Leeson Park, both in the county of Dublin deceased. Information wanted of the whereabouts of James BRADLEY, Master Mariner, nephew of the deceased, and if dead names and addresses of next of kin,

30th December 1891, J. V. MURPHY, Solicitor, 11 Hume St, Dublin.

Liverpool Mercury April 21st, 1892

Liverpool girl missing

Dora BYRNE, aged 17, lately in service in Robson St, and whose parents reside at 28 Silvester St has been missing since the end of last month. She is described as tall, portly and fair.



Liverpool Mercury, Jan 1899


BARRACLOUGH, wanted the whereabouts of Joseph Wilkinson BARRACLOUGH, last heard in Brisbane, Australia, inquirer, his mother Mrs WILKINSON, 24 Archer St, Bradford, Yorks

BRAITHWAITE and DIXON, Ann BRAITHWAITE [maiden name DIXON] late of 9 Scotch St, Whitehaven in 1879, was heard in Dunedin Otago, also her sister Mary Jane DIXON, last heard living, Lindelhurst, corner of 6th and Howard St, San Francisco, she left Liverpool as a nurse for Mexico, her aunt, Mrs Annie SHERIDAN, 126 Park St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.

BREEZE, W, who left Liverpool 28th Sept 1887 and left Port Jervis America, May 1888, 52 Birch St, Southport.

CHURTON, Thomas, ship's steward, last heard 1888, before sailing for Brazil, inquirer, Ronald E. GROVES, Portland Rd, Leicester

CLEMENT, George, formerly of Swansea, last heard, Una Claim, Shortland, Thames. N.Z, 1873, [Agent Mr JARVIS] sister Mrs BEYNON, 36 Craddock St, Riverside, Cardiff

CLIFT, Edward, late of Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire, last heard of in Birmingham, sister Lily 45 Montague St, Liverpool

CORK, Mercy, left Newport Mon, 10th Sept 1897, her husband John CORK, 26 Thoskins St, Shaftsbury St, Newport, Mon

CUNNINGHAM, John, engine driver, formerly of Dundalk, who left his home in Dublin, last August for Galway, supposed to have gone to Glasgow, his wife, T. J. CUNNUNGHAM, 8 Hibernian Ave, North Strand, Dublin

DORAN, Joseph, ships fireman, supposed sailing between Philadelphia and Liverpool, inquirer his wife, Mary Ann DORAN, Touter Yellow Rd, Waterford, Ireland.

DOWD, John Joseph, or his children, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas, last heard 18yrs ago, the 1st mate, trading from Liverpool to Havre, last address Carpenter's Court, off Leeds St, Liverpool, inquirer his brother Patrick, Chord Terrace, Drogheda Ireland.

EVANS, information on the sons of the late Richard EVANS, who died at 46 Palmer St, Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1871, at the time in the wholesale fruit trade. Inquirer their father's sister [Margaret EVANS] Mrs ROBERTS, The Hollies, Garth, Bangor, N.W

FITZGIBBON, John, last heard sailing to Sydney 19yrs ago, his brother William FITZGIBBON, 9 St James Terrace, off Rathbone St, Liverpool.

GRANT, whereabouts of Michael GRANT who sailed from Waterford to St John's N.B, in June 1891, last heard in Brooklyn Gasworks, Boston, inquirer his father, Thomas GRANT, 52 Manor St, Waterford, Ireland

GRIFFITHS, news of William son of the late David [Sirgaer] who left Pentyrch for America some 30 or 35yrs ago, sought for by the children of his sister, Ann LEWIS [Gadlys] Jennet HOWELLS, Central House, Taffs Well, Cardiff, South Wales

GRIMES, information on Joseph who left Liverpool for London, 16yrs ago, sailed on the ship NORTHBROOK for Sydney, N.S.W. Inquirer, his sister, Annie GRIMES [Annie GRAHAM], 3 Kew St, Scotland Rd, Liverpool

HAND, the whereabouts of Mary and John HAND, Tailor, last heard living in Manchester, and are natives of Sheeney, Kells Co, Meath, Ireland. Inquirer, Patrick NAULTY, 23 Cookson St, Upper Pitt St, Liverpool

HATFIELD, the sister of Amelia who lived in Liverpool some time ago, inquirer Eliza SUTCLIFFE, 15 Buttress, Hebden Bridge

HARPER, BOYD, HUMPHRIES, Thomas HARPER, or Mrs Alice BOYD, or Mrs Ellen HUMPHRIES last heard 6038 Morgan St, Englewood, Chicago, Illinois. Inquirer a friend, Mrs FISHER, 172 Walthall St, Crewe.

HOLMES, address of William Henry a plumber who left Liverpool 5yrs ago for Whilpshire near Blackburn, inquirer, Mary, 88 Radcliffe St, off Brunswick Rd, Liverpool

HOWARD, George, last heard 4/5yrs ago Liverpool or Manchester, 86 Tramway Rd, Aigburth

HUMPHREYS, news of Mrs Charles H, last heard July 1891 from Yilgarn, Western Australia, inquirer Mother, Mrs HASSETT, 6 Grasmere Dr, Liscard, Cheshire

HURST, Fanny, maiden name PARKINSON, last heard about Darwen Manchester, 15yrs ago, inquirer, her sister, M. A. PARKINSON, 67 Broadway, Skerton, Lancaster

IRELAND, William, fireman who left Liverpool 6yrs ago for London, supposed sailing out of Gravesend, his wife Theresa IRELAND, 21 Great George Square, Liverpool

IRWIN, John a confectioner and ornamental worker, last seen Royal Infirmary Liverpool, middle of October 1896, inquirer his wife, Lilian IRWIN, 19 Whiteford St, Whitefield Rd, Liverpool.

JENKINSON, news of William a baker by trade who left Barrow-in-Furness on SS. PRINCE OF WALES for London or Antwerp, inquirer W. FREEMAN, Swan Inn, Barrow-in-Furness

JONES, William of Cilcain, Flintshire, who left Liverpool 18yrs ago for South Africa, last heard Kimberley, inquirer his brother, J. A. JONES, 6 Upper Park St, Liverpool

JONES, Arthur Gardiner, former horse and cattle dealer, Harwood Salop, heard of 7 or 8yrs ago in Illinois U.S.A, employed as an unskilled joiner, his son, A. G. Y. JONES, 35 Bellevue Rd, Seacombe, Cheshire

JONES, William, carpenter, Llandyssul S Wales, last heard 108 Rodney St, Birkenhead, inquirers executors of his mother's will, Evan DAVIES and John REES, Gilfachwin, Llandyssul, S Wales

LAW, George, last heard at Kendal, Westmoreland 8yrs ago, supposed to be in Preston, his brother James LAW, 59 Denman St, Liverpool

MARSDEN, Edward late of Manchester a Musician, last heard in Philadelphia. P.A, inquirer his daughter, Clara WHALEY [maiden name MARSDEN] care of Mrs OVINGTON, 24 Smith St, Kirkdale, Liverpool

MASSEY, will James MASSEY call on his brother Joseph, 58 Rishton St, Everton, Liverpool

MITCHELL, William Stamper, last seen in Goolwa, South Australia, by his brother Thomas Pendlebury MITCHELL, address, Mr W. J. MITCHELL, Fairfield Hotel, Old Chester Rd, Rock Ferry, Cheshire

MOLLOY, whereabouts of Thomas, last heard 11yrs ago, Central City, Lawrence County, Dakota, inquirer his daughter Annie MOLLOY, 79 Byles St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool

MORAN, whereabouts of William, last heard 13yrs ago with his uncle Edmond MORAN, Staten Island, New York, U.S.A. Inquirer his widowed mother, Mrs MORAN, 7 Philip St, Waterford, Ireland

OSLEN, information on Charles OSLEN, Engineer last heard in Newport Mon. M. J. EVANS, 89 Manchester Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

PARKER, William Grosvenor, fitter, late of Liverpool, last heard working, Wests Gas Improvement Co, Albion Ironworks, Miles Platting, Manchester in Sept 1897, wife Sarah PARKER, 26 Cambridge St, Wavertree

PRITCHARD, William or Johnston, last heard working at his trade as a cabinet maker in Birmingham and lodging in Tunstal St 8yrs ago, his daughter, 23 Howat St, Everton, Liverpool

REDMOND, William, Liverpool who left Ireland 2yrs ago, employed in the Cheshire Lines Society, inquirer William MASTERSON GLYNN, Courtown Harbour, Gorey, Ireland

RICHARDSON, W, Late of Edinburgh, last heard at Waterloo Liverpool, sister Mrs MC CORMACK, 9 Woodbine Grove, Liverpool.

ROGERS, Arthur William of Liverpool, last heard in Melbourne Australia 3yrs ago, inquirer his mother and sister, 46 Chester Rd, Tuebrook, Liverpool

ROWLAND, news of John, compositor a native of Liverpool, emigrated to Queensland in 1859, last heard from at Brisbane 30yrs ago, inquirer his cousin John Francis, care of Mrs T. KENT, 99 Ward St, Hulme, Manchester

SHIPTON, David, left home 3yrs ago, last heard seen in Manchester Market, mother Mrs SHIPTON, 101 Saxon St, West Derby, Liverpool



Liverpool Mercury, January and February 1907

Missing Persons

ANDERSON, Robert Patrick, able seaman, native of Sweden, Inquirer, old friend, E. BERRY, 12 Emerald St, Roath, Cardiff

BLWYDDYN, John Ernest, aged about 37, and wife Laura Ann aged 33yrs, 5 children, aged 13, 8, 6, 5, 1, All left Dolgelly 6mths ago to go to South Wales, last heard Dowlais 4mths ago, he is a general labourer, sometimes called ROBERTS, inquirer Laura's mother Ann Lloyd MORRIS, South St, Dolgelly

BROWN, Thomas, who left this city for Jamaica 7mths ago and also his brother Michael, supposed to have gone to New York 9mths ago, Inquirer, his Aunt and Uncle, Bessie and Edward CONROY, 1 Milton St, Liverpool.

BROWN, Mrs Sidney, Elizabeth Emma BROWN, nee REVELL or children, father's name Ponsonby REVELL, Stepfather James COX. Some years ago kept the St Andrew Hotel, Edinburgh. Inquirer, Nancy LANGLEY, nee Nancy BAYLEY, Frampton Cotterell, nr Bristol.

CAIN, William Stanley and James CAIN born Douglas, I.O.M. William last heard Liverpool 12yrs ago, inquirer his sister Mary Jane, now Mrs WILSON, 17 Hill St, Gallow Gate, Glasgow.

CARTHY Thomas, late of Kirkdale Industrial Schools, last heard of living in or near Bostock St, Liverpool, 8yrs ago, Inquirer, old friend J. WELCH, 27 Indo St, Everton, Liverpool.

COTTER, Edward who left Cardiff in 1883, last heard in 1899 keeping a farm between Boston and Fall River, U.S.A, under the name of Edward O'CONNOR, Inquirer his mother Mrs Mary COTTER, 22 May St, Cathays, Cardiff, American papers copy

CORKHILL, Mrs widow of the late William or of their 4 sons, William, Henry, Charles and Frank who lived in Galva, Henry County, Illinois. U.S.A. 32yrs ago, Inquirer cousin Robert WOODS, Victoria Rd, Port St Mary, I.O.M. American papers copy

CUTHBERT, Friends wishing to know the whereabouts of the late Donald CUTHBERT of Clayton Square, Liverpool, last heard Towyn Hall, Abergele, North Wales, about 12yrs before he left for college at Southport. M. J. H, 1 Leonard St, Holborn Rd, Holyhead.

DIEHE, John C, last seen 14th Feb 1884 at Defiance, Defiance County, Ohio, aged 70, born at Hesedamstadt by Maisez-on-the-Rhine, Germany, inquirer his daughter Matilda now, Mrs E. C. MC DONOUGH, 715A 20th St Oakland, California, U.S.A

DOUGLAS, Mr and Mrs James or of their children, Alexander, John, Robert, Nellie and Margaret, last place of residence, Waber St, St John's, Newfoundland. Inquirer son James DOUGLAS, Sailors Home, Liverpool

DUFFY, Mr and Mrs left Belfast in 1904 for Philadelphia Mr DUFFY last heard working Warfe Philadelphia in 1905. Inquirer Mrs PATERSON wife of late carpenter steamer Friesland, 12 Aberdeen St, Liverpool

EVE, Walter B, last heard in Alberta Canada 2yrs ago, inquirer S. ALLISON, 6 Rose St, Stranraer, Wigtownshire

HANLON Thomas, left Waterford 8yrs ago for Dublin, last heard working for DAY and MARTIN'S Timber yard, Dublin, Inquirer his mother and father, Michael and Mary HANLON, 4 Poleberry, Waterford, Ireland.

HERMANN Mr and Mrs, last heard Washington, U.S.A, Inquirer her mother Mrs CUMMINS, 173 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, American papers copy

HUGHES, Charlotte who stayed with her relative Donald CUTHBERT at 12 Clayton Square, Liverpool, 26yrs ago, last heard in Towyn Hall, Abergele, inquirer her brother Willie HUGHES, 1 Leonard St, Holyhead.

HUNTER Walter Scott of Frederick St, Liverpool, last heard on Pilot cutter, Boston, U.S.A, aged 21yrs, Inquirer his brother Oswald HUNTER, 1 Carlisle St, West Hartlepool, American papers copy.

JONES Edward a Barber, had a barbers shop 19yrs ago in Vauxhall Rd. Inquirer, S. ALLISON, 6 Rose St, Stranraer, Wigtownshire.

JONES, William of Robson St, Everton, last heard 22yrs ago, inquirer his son William Owen JONES, 17 Solomon St, Kensington, Liverpool

JORDAN, Maggie, left Liverpool 30yrs ago with her aunt for America, last heard in Worcester Massachusetts, inquirer her brother Philip JORDAN, 517 Warrington Rd, New Church, near Warrington

KENNEY, John, Hughy and Mary Ann, left Liverpool in 1882 for America last heard in Elizabeth St or Albert St, Ontario Canada, inquirer their sister Ellen [married name POWER] 53 Egerton St, New Brighton, Cheshire

LEONARD, Mrs, nee Ellen Jane JONES last heard in India, previously of Buttevant, County Cork, Inquirer her brother William JONES, Sailors Home, Buenos Ayres, South America or 13 Scotland St, Llanrwst.

LOBERG, William Augustine, communicate with his daughter Frances Louise, mother died May 1904, F. L. LOBERG, 22 Grange Garden, Grange Town

LOCKWOOD Frederick G, last heard Cowper St, Olny, Bucks. Inquirer his sister E. HARRISON, 10 Howe St, Nelson St, Birkenhead.

MARSHALL, Johanna, last heard Oct 9th 1890, from 1079 Pacific St, Brooklyn, inquirer her sister-in-law Mary Ann MARSHALL, Castle Hill St, Wexford Ireland

MEW Albert of Liverpool, last heard in Atherton, nr Manchester in 1902, Inquirer his sister Lizzie, Mrs COLLIER, 158 Harrowby St, Borough Rd, Birkenhead.

MC CLEAN James and Ralph C, James was Master of the MARY MC MASTER and PARAGON, Ralph was Chief Engineer on the White Star and Leyland and other lines, Inquirer their sister Polly, M. E. JOHNSTONE, 29 Fedora St, West Derby Rd, Liverpool.

MC KAY, Last heard in 23yrs ago in Pittsburg was then leaving for Brooklyn, New York, by trade a hammerman, inquirer his son, mother dead, James MC KAY, 12 Holly St, Liverpool, American and Scotch papers copy

MORLEY, John left Liverpool 15yrs ago for America, last heard 10yrs ago in New York, inquirer his son William MORLEY, 165A Richmond Row, Liverpool, American papers copy.

MORGAN, William [son of the late Thomas] rate collector of Briton Ferry about 28yrs ago, last heard Australia, inquirer his sister Harriet Ellen, now Mrs PERRETT, 117 Neath Rd, Briton Ferry, Australian papers copy

MURPHY, James of Disertmartin, County Derry, last heard 3 to 4yrs ago in Liverpool, inquirer his sister Catherine MURPHY, 3 Elm Grove, Smithdown Lane, Liverpool

MURRAY John who left Belfast on the ship PRINCE VICTOR in 1900, last heard on the steamship MINNESOTA, Norfolk Virginia, U.S.A, also Robert MURRAY, who left the steamship BELFAST in Norfolk Virginia to join the American Navy, Inquirer their father Robert MURRAY, 24 Ellers, Ulverston, Lancs.

OLIVER adopted daughter of the late Mr and Mrs WALKER who died at Liverpool 6wks ago, Inquirer her brother's eldest son J. W. OLIVER, 72 Clare Rd, Grangetown, Cardiff

PAUL and PENANT, Robinson PAUL, last heard chief officer on the ship ?mene bound for Melbourne from Valp? Dec 1904, Arthur Trevayin PENANT on the same ship John S. PHI?, Oficina Britannia, The Britannia ? Co, Taital, Chile.

PEARSON, nephew of Daniel PEARSON of Liverpool, who left Beverley, Yorkshire for Canada about 30yrs ago and settled there with his family. Inquirer George Charles PEARSON, 35 Exmouth St, Liverpool

POWER, Mr and Mrs Michael also Miss Johanna, left Liverpool 20yrs ago for America, inquirer John POWER, 53 Egerton St, New Brighton, Cheshire

RYDER, John and Albert James, of Liverpool communicate with their sister Mrs JINKS, 1416 Velascoe St, Houston Texas

SEALBY, Abraham, once steward on the America Line, last heard connected with a laundry in Liverpool or suburbs, inquirer his son J. M. SEALBY, 108 Northumberland Rd, Southampton

SPENCE, William J. Native of New Zealand, 26yrs old, carpenter by trade, last heard just after the fire in San Francisco, then working in Concord, living in Oakland, mother Mrs Irquhart Balfour, Southland, New Zealand.

THOMAS, Thomas, last heard had come out of hospital at Bombay, Jan 8th 1902, inquirer his mother, Ann THOMAS, Lower St, Mary St, Newport, Pembrokeshire

THOMAS, William, who left his home in Penarth, beginning of June 1882, presumed for America, on a previous visit he was located at Racine Wisconsin, mother living also his wife, would be about 54, inquirer his son W??izer Daniel THOMAS, 43 Maughan St Penarth, Glamorganshire, North Wales

THRELFALL Arthur H, last heard November 1900, was then in a weak state of health, age if living 29, tall, with dark complexion. Inquirer his mother and brother, C. H. THRELFALL, 22 Dane St, Burnley, Lancs

WHARTON, Richard last heard on board the vessel MORROX CASTLE, trading from Brooklyn to New York in July 1906, mother dead, inquirer his father John WHARTON, 19 St Agnes Rd, Liverpool, American papers copy

WILLIAMSON Richard, left for Australia 40yrs ago, Inquirer his niece, Mrs WINN, Nee WILLIAMSON, Pike Hill, Garside, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, Australian papers copy.

Liverpool Mercury

Missing March 1907

BAILLIE, John youngest son of Capt R. BAILLIE, late of South Chester St, Toxteth Park, would be glad to get in touch with any relatives, 31 Russell Terrace, New Town, Wellington, New Zealand.

BROWNE, wanted the whereabouts of, Ernest, a plasterer, late of Scarborough, York, last heard in Liverpool in 1904, inquirer his mother Mrs S. D. BROWNE, 7 Hanby Terrace, Stockton-on-Tees

CAUSTON, wanted the whereabouts of, Charles born Harwich, last heard of at Forrest Gate, inquirer his brother Ernest CAUSTON, 322 Winton St, Philadelphia. U.S.A

COLLINS, wanted the whereabouts of, Martin, a steward, went on the VICTORIA on her 2nd voyage to Montreal, inquirer his brother, B. COLLINS, 31 Chaucer St, Liverpool.

CULLEN, wanted the whereabouts of, John, engineer, last heard of in Newport, Mrs Hilda CULLEN, 120 Palmerston St, South Shields.

DWYER, wanted the whereabouts of, Richard, late of Tuebrook Asylum, Tuebrook, left home a few years ago and not heard of since, aged 72, inquirer William DWYER, 14 Mary Ann St, Liverpool

GRIFFITH, wanted the whereabouts of, William Harry, left Tranmere for Adelaide in 1878, last heard May 1902 in Adelaide, inquirer, his mother, Lucy GRIFFITH, 47 Sidney Terrace, Mersey Park, Tranmere.

HEWITT, wanted the whereabouts of, William, left for America 19yrs ago, last heard 1889 at c/o C. CLARKE, 1,002 Carson St, South Side, Pittsburg, inquirer his daughter Mrs MCRITCHIE [Elizabeth Ann HEWITT] 5 Strand St, Tomlinson St, Eccles New Rd, Eccles Lancashire.

HOWARD, wanted the whereabouts of, Thomas, left Liverpool 9yrs ago, last heard 8yrs ago in Charleston, South America, inquirer his sister Mary HOWARD, 12 Rothsay St, Liverpool

HUNTER, wanted the whereabouts of, Robert, engineer, left Liverpool in 1884, last heard aboard the S.S. LANGUA in 1887 at Callao, South America, inquirer his wife, Tina BLACK or HUNTER, care of Mrs CRAIG, 65 Braeside St, Glasgow.

JENKINS, wanted the whereabouts of, Robert or his wife Kate, last seen in Liverpool in 1878, inquirer his nephew, William MOTTRAM, 13 Mary St, Southwick, Sunderland

LAMBERT, wanted the whereabouts of, Patrick, a joiner, a native of Co Wexford, Ireland, last heard of at Wolfe Island, Canada in 1847, inquirer his sister Ann LAMBERT, 13 Wordsworth St, Keswick, Cumberland.

MORLEY, wanted the whereabouts of, John, left Liverpool 15yrs ago for America, last heard of 10yrs ago in New York, inquirer, his son, William MORLEY, 165 Richmond Row, Liverpool

SMITH, wanted the whereabouts of, Richard, left home in 1903 for Montreal, last heard of Oct 9th 1904, in North Dakota, inquirer his mother Mrs SMITH, 22 Bunyan St, Hall Lane, Liverpool

WINTERBURN, wanted the whereabouts of, William, inquirer his sister, Ripon, 101 Chorlton Rd, Brook's Bar, Manchester

WOOD, wanted the whereabouts of, James, last seen Birmingham 2yrs ago, inquirer, his brother George A. WOOD, Newdale, Man, Canada.






ADDISON, George Norman, last heard in Liverpool, July 1901 at the sailor's home, mother Jane ADDISON, 25 Mill Lane, Liscard

BAXTER Thomas, was in mounted police South Africa 2 yrs ago, Mother 30 Mill St

BURNS, James, late of Mullinea Co Monaghan, last heard, Newcastle, nr Sydney, left Glasgow 20 yrs ago, niece Catherine MC ENEANEY, now Mrs MC GARRITY, 41 Park St, Dundalk, Ireland

BUSHELL, Alice Davies late of West Derby, last heard 7 yrs ago in Bristol, inquirer her sister, Lizzie JONES, 3 Hallam St, Crosfield Rd, Liverpool

CARROLL Joseph, in 1897 in Richmond Row, brother Michael J CARROLL, Michigan Ave, Chicago

CARRUTHERS, Mary, nee ALLISON, last heard Liverpool, her Aunt Eleanor, 55 Dudley St, Higher Broughton, Manchester

CARVIN Cap Richard, Ballyrigan, last heard sailing from Australia on the Bargue MUSSELBOROUGH, sister, R A HENDRE, Tennyson St, Belfast

CONROY Miss, 32 Westminster Rd, Mar, James DAVIES 11 yrs ago, Rep A DRUMMOND, 1 Sugnall St

COOKHAM / CRYSTAL, Jessie COOKHAM and Kate CRYSTAL, last heard Exeter, Moss Vale, N.S.W, 10yrs ago, inquirer W. STUART, 16 Granville Rd, Wavertree, Liverpool

CUNNINGHAM George, steward of one of the African boats, late White Star Line, also Rosella Jane, late of Sydney, mar R A BROUGH and went to India, R P BARROW, 28 Seacombe St, Everton

DAVIES, wanted the address of William, by his two sons William Henry and ? DAVIES in Canada, he lived at one time in Donaldson St and Oakfield Rd. Mr A. DRUMMOND, 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool

DOYLE, Joseph, book keeper, formerly of Pembroke Gardens, Liverpool, inquirer T. ABRAHAM, 97 Renshaw St, Liverpool

DREW, Charles, native of Avening Gloucestershire, left Liverpool in 1892 for Canada, last heard in Toronto, inquirer sister, Mrs Constance WANNELL, Passage, Topsham, Devon

DUNCAN, sisters Elizabeth, Edith, Emily and Carrie last heard Manchester Jun 1883, Brother, William DUNCAN, 23 Grasmore St, Breck Rd, Liverpool

EDWARDS, Thomas of Upton Magna, Shropshire, ex P.C, 108A, Liverpool, write to Frank SCHIEYEL, Chief of Police, Morrisville, Christian Co, Illinois, U.S.A.

ELLIOTT, Charles William, last heard attending the general hospital in Winnipeg Canada in May 1907, Edith ELLIOTT, Oakland, Crewe Rd, Nantwich.

ELWILL, George, last heard Aug 1907, living in Parliament St, Toronto, inquirer, sister Lily PARRY, 74 Premier St, Everton, Liverpool, Canadian papers copy

FINLAY David, in 1888 Kirkdale Industrial School then training on ship Indeflatigable, last heard Aspull Wigan 18 yrs ago, brother John, 1 Henry St, Widnes

FISHER, people who advertised for relatives of Thomas and William FISHER, 8 yrs ago, correspond with J. A. CALVELEY, H. Company, 2nd, East Lancs Regt, Wynberg, Cape Colony.

FOSTER Ezekiel and Annie, sister of John B FOSTER, lost at sea 30 yrs ago, inguirer, Howard FOSTER, Gloucester, Mass, U S A

FRANCE, wanted whereabouts of my aunts and uncles or cousins, my father Ernest FRANCE left England about 65 yrs ago, aged 16, Ernest FRANCE, ILL, U.S.A

FRASER Cap, of one of the Harrington line steamers, Robert MURPHY, 108 Stanley Rd

HARLING, Charlotte, maiden name, HASLEM or HAVELOK, last heard living Skerton, Lancaster 37 yrs ago, husband worked at waggon works, her friend, Mrs A. J. ABRAHAM, maiden name BRADE, 48 Mount Pleasant, Waterloo, Liverpool

HORTON Sarah Ann, last heard, may 1906, brother John, 13 Victoria St, Congelton

HUGHES Richard Arthur, left for Canada 38 yrs ago age 10 yrs, Mrs HUGHES 9 Jubilee Rd, Litherland

IRVING, G. H. Last heard Hong Kong, supposed left there on steamship AHICNOUS on the 31st Aug, 1906, inquirer Hiram WEEKS, 2 Margaret St, Cardiff

KELLY, Harriett, last heard 4 yrs ago in service in Liverpool, inquirer James BARRETT, 10 Edgar St, Birkenhead.

LIVESEY Richard E, late organist St Philips Church, Hardman St, several years ago living, Bettws-y-Coed, W J THOMAS, Manchester

MC GRAWE, Patrick, cabman, left Douglas for Ireland 4 yrs ago, inquirer his Brother-in-Law John SMITH, Market St, Douglas, I.O.M.

McKENNA Peter Cornelius, left Liverpool 30 yrs ago, last heard Boston U S A, Brother, William, 42 New Rd, Tuebrook

MC NAMARA, Michael [sailor] last heard, Liverpool, 20 yrs ago, inquirer, Brother-in-Law John CUSACK, 72 Sexton St North, Thomondgate, Limerick, Ireland

MAGEE, Capt James, last heard Belfast 2 yrs ago, Inquirer Miss G. COOKE. The Homestead, Clarence Rd, Herne Bay, Kent.

MARSH / FRANCIS, Mrs Harriett MARSH [or HEATON] and Tom FRANCIS last heard in Liverpool, niece M. FRANCIS, 585 Garacube Rd, Glasgow

MATHIESON, Grace Althea, nee YOUNG, who was living in North Bedford St and had a son and daughter, John SEMPLE, Craigside, Higher Bebington, Birkenhead

MORRISON, Nathaniel Charles, left Bellows Falls, New Hampshire, North Walpole. U.S.A, for San Francisco or Australia in Feb 1907, inquirer his father, C. S. MORRISON c/o Mr H. RANGER, 12 Blythe St off Breck Rd, Liverpool, San Francisco and Australian papers copy

MOTHERWELL, NIXON, and SMEATON wanted to communicate with father, 80 Old St, London E.C

MURPHY, Ann, a native of Lanesborough, Co, Lingford, last heard 8yrs ago in Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, inquirer, brother John MURPHY, 72 Lower Chatham St, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester

MURRAY W L, late steward off TUNISIAN, at Quebec, 26 Oct 1907, William MURRAY, Gidlow Rd, Old Swan

O'BRIEN Walter, [FIREMAN] last heard Victoria, British Columbia, when he left, SS INDRAVELLI, Nov 1907, mother, Mrs O'BRIEN, 23 Luke St

OUSEY, Frank, last heard going to Cape Nome, Goldfield, Seattle and Taconna Pugit Sound, uncle R. C. HUGHES, The Union, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead

PIXTON W R, working cocoa rooms, brother, Alfred, Edin, Scotland ROSS Alex M, once, Duncan St, George in Canada

RICHARDS, Thomas, late Dorset Square, London, employed on American line on St Paul and St Louis last heard New York, daughter Emily HUTCHINSON, 23 Maiden St, Kensington, Liverpool, American papers copy

ROBERTS, David, native of Caerwen, Anglesey, lived Selwyn St, Liverpool, last heard sailing on the Empress of India or Empress of China, 20 yrs ago, inquirer his sister Lizzie, Mrs JONES, Glanllyn, Caerwen

ROSS, Alexander M, lived at one time in Duncan St, off George St, his son George in Canada anxious to hear from him, A. DRUMMOND, 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool

SEALBY Abraham, some years employed by the American line as a steward, inquirer his son H. G. SEALBY, 108 Northumberland Rd, Southampton.

SHARPLES, John please write to brother Walter, Mother dead, Seaman's Institute, Barry Dock.

SLATER Charles Worrall and Caroline, left 20 yrs ago for Brisbane, last heard Rockhampton Queensland, Dau Hannah Caroline SCAIFE, 84 Ranson Rd Seaforth

SMITH, Francis Major and Eliza SMITH, last heard 4 yrs ago in Los Angelos, California U.S.A. inquirer sister Louisa WILSON, Brandsley, Easingwold, Yorkshire, American papers copy.

THOMAS, Owen went to Canada 15 yrs ago, had two sons Richard and Hugh, inquirer his daughter Elizabeth THOMAS, A. C. FOLAND, 124 Adelaide St, East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TRING Tom and John, last heard 10 yrs ago New York, mother, Ellen, 98 Chatsworth St, Edge Hill

TURNER, James a blacksmith, left Cowpe Waterfoot, nr Manchester and went to America 30 yrs ago, inquirer his half-brother, Edmund TURNER, 9 Lower Engine, Cowpe, Waterfoot nr Manchester, American papers copy

WATSON, Charles, late of Birdwell nr Barnsley, last heard living Hemsworth, Yorkshire, 2 yrs ago, inquirer daughter Clara, Mrs PAYNE, 91 China St, Liverpool

WHITE, William, a sailor, last heard in Aug 1906, employed on schooner MERVINIA, lying in the East Dock, Swansea, inquirer father, William WHITE, 41 Malachi Rd, Dublin





Missing persons


ATKINSON Mrs R. C. Nee Harriet Hannah WINDER, last heard Brisbane 1883, Inquirer sister Mrs Charles POOLEY, 31 Ashfield Park, Terenure, Dublin.

BAKER Ellen last heard of as Lady's maid, New Brighton, inquirer Mrs BAKER, 12 May Ave, Seacombe

BEAUMOND Mrs Sarah, last heard 1900, residing with husband in Admiral Place, Swanston St, Geelong, Inquirer her brother, E. CLEMENTS, 30 Grey Rd, Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool

BIRKIN, Wanted the address of Miss Nellie BIRKIN, last heard a yr ago from Liverpool were she was going to New Brighton. Will she go home at once, send address to 26 Deansgate, Newcastle, Staffs, Miss Susan BIRKIN, c/o Mrs W. LEE, Broadoak, Whitchurch.

BLACKMORE Emily Mary, last heard June last Chorlton-on-Medlock, Her sister Annie , ward C4, West Derby Infirmary, Mill Rd.

BONNER, Charles, Wellington, N.Z, inquirer his sister Eliza CHIRIGHIN, 15 Mana St, Bute Town Cardiff, South Wales

BRENNAND James, left Kingland, Herefordshire for Port Wakefield, South Australia, 50yrs ago if alive, Mary NORSWORTHY, Nee BRENNAND, 46 Livingstone St, Birkenhead.

BRISCOE William, last heard Pittsburgh, U. S. A. Probably in Toronto Canada, Sister Lizzie, 108 Edinburgh St, off Netherfield Rd Liverpool. American and Canadian papers copy.

BRODRICK Edward, fireman last heard 7 mths ago in St Helens and Wigan, Mary BRODRICK, 8? Mill Houses, Tayport, Fife, Scotland

BRUCE Nigel, Ships Officer, last heard Bristol 5 yrs ago, His sister Mrs SHEPPARD, 14 Marlborough Row, Portsea, Portsmouth, American papers copy.

BURTON, Mrs, maiden name, Martha Ann BLEASDALE, living over 7yrs ago in Liscard, New Brighton, Inquirer, John BURTON, 5 St Mary's St, Latchford, Warrington

BUTLER, Nathaniel, of N.Z, would be grateful for any info, concerning his brothers, Heywood Daly and William Thomas, formerly of Castletown, Islandmagee, County Antrim, William Thomas last heard Toronto Canada about 20 yrs ago, Inquirer Heywood Daly BUTLER [Cousin] Crest View, Inver Ave, Belfast, Canadian papers copy

BYRNE Blanche, was in Shaw St, Home, went to Canada supposed Toronto, her brother James BYRNE, 33 Cowley St, St Helens.

CAMPBELL, John and Margaret, the former a seaman, left London about 1869, niece Mrs HART, 444, 59th St, Brooklyn, New York

CARROLL Stephen A, last heard 2 yrs ago, address was G.P.O Dunedin N.Z supposed to have gone to the wilds of Auckland, inquirer mother M. CARROLL ? tore Cottage Charlemont St, Dublin

CHATHAM Michael, not heard of for last 2yrs, last heard of 2yrs ago with, Mr MALONEY, Tellooma,House, Klein St, Johannesburg, S.A, Inquirer his mother Julia CHATHAM, 33 Lower Main St, Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland

CLEGG Thomas Alfred, who left Liverpool, Dec 5th, 1910 for Christchurch, N.Z, last heard Christchurch, June 1912, will he write home at once, mother, Mrs CLEGG, 74 Belgrave Rd, Liverpool, Australian papers copy

CLINTON Mary Ann, in service in Seaforth 17yrs ago, or any of her brothers and sisters. Inquirer Tyson James WILSON, Step-brother, 22 Well St, Greenhill, Swansea

COLEBOURN Emmie, left 3yrs ago for America will she write to both Grandmas, Grandma COLEBOURN, 67 Cowper St, Bootle, American papers copy.

COLLINS, Descendants of Mrs COLLINS [Dead], sister, Mary COOK with her husband Rueben and brother Mark, coal miners, left the country for America 65 yrs ago and settled in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Mrs COLLINS was carrying on some sort of business in Liverpool, James COOK, 10 St Andrews Rd, Anfield or Lizzie COOK, Penn Station, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

CORRY, Relatives of the late James Donald, Steward on the Atlantic Line, held responsible position in New York. Father James [or John], was a Shipping Master, brother John also in the Steamship position. His Widow Mrs CORRY, 1985 Maddison Ave, New York

COX Joseph Thompson, left Liverpool for Melbourne on the METEOR 1858, Brother Walter, 9 Westminster Rd Liverpool

CREAN Timothy A. B, last heard April 1912 inquirer M. CREAN, Ram St, Wexford

CURRAN Frank, Who left Liverpool for New York several yrs ago, inquirer, Harry HALTON, 475 D Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

DAVIES, Will the relatives of John Herbert DAVIES late R. F. A 129th Battalion, who sailed for Canada, Aug 17th 1912, communicate with, Miss PERKINS, Sisters Quarters, Herbert Hospital, Woolwich.

DAVIS, Nee JEHAN, any information if Mrs John DAVIS, nee Kate JEHAN a native of Fethard Co Tipperary, Ireland, went to Melbourne 56yrs ago is still living, her husband was an Englishman, one daughter Maggie, her cousin, Uncle Denis's daughter, would like her or Sister Anne last heard 20yrs ago then kept in hotel in Melbourne, Mrs E. C. Jehan MURPHY, Fethard, Co Tipperary, Ireland

DAWSON Edwin, last heard working in the Tropical Fruit Trading Co ships in New Orleans 4yrs ago, father dead, Mother, 68 Cleveland St, Birkenhead.

DIESTER Carl Robert Albert, last heard April,1907, was working for Concordia Club Pittsburgh, Pa. U. S. A. Mrs DIESTER, 9 Norfolk St, Cardiff, South Wales, American papers copy.

DILLON John, farm labourer, last heard of in Wigan, started to go to Liverpool, Inquirer Mrs William ROBERTS, 14 Moores Lane, Standish, Wigan.

DONNELLY James, last heard Butt? City Montana 12 yrs ago, , niece, Ellen WHITE, 1 Trafford St, Oldfield Rd, Manchester, American papers copy.

DOOLY, Martin left Liverpool in the middle of June last year on S.S TEUTONIC as a fireman, has been seen since in Freemantle, West Australia. Inquirer his brother Joseph DOOLY, 21 Lou ? place, Tatlock St, Liverpool

DROHAN, Wanted information of DROHAN of Liverpool, last heard Dover 2 yrs ago- P.S c/o CRAWFORD, 28 Hairst St, Renfrew

DUNN James and John, left Birkenhead, now in Canada, Sister, Mrs MC GOWAN.

DUVIER / WEBER, Henry Duvier and A ? Weber who left Liverpool for U.S.A on the steamer CEDRIC last January, last heard Milwaukee, Inquirer R and ? THRELFALL, 126 Sandy Rd, Seaforth Liverpool

ECCLES, Joseph, went to Australia 70 yrs ago from Longridge, Preston, Lancs, grandson, W. H. ECCLES, 66 H ? ington, Rd, Preston, Lancs

EDSWORTH Thomas last heard Burnley 8 yrs ago, inquirer his sister Alice MAUDSLEY, 27 Lett ? stone St, Liverpool, Padiham and Burnley papers copy

FADER Alexander, 6400 Ingleside Ave, Chicago Ill, I am searching for the history of my genealogy, of my grandparent, John FADER, who came from England to America 1760/1775 and settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia, also a brother George who has not been heard of for 44 yrs. I would gladly pay for any information concerning relatives of the family of England, Ireland and Scotland.

FINLEY, Miss Minnie, last heard Liverpool 1907, inquirer George A. AIREY, Hotel Dalton, West End, Long Branch, New Jersey, U.S.A

FITZGERALD Richard, inguirer Joseph FRAZER, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada.

FITZSIMMONS Robert, left Liverpool for New York several years ago, inquirer, Harry HALTON, 475 D Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

FOLEY John, native of Drogheda Ireland, left for South Africa 3yrs ago and shipped on Huston boat, inquirer sister Mary A. FOLEY, 9 Blake St, Liverpool

FORD Cissie, last heard of a year ago in Douglas, I. O. M Her Brother, Tom, 64 Grierson St, Lodge Lane Liverpool.

FOX Harry, stonemason, and Mary FOX, If living, who left Barrow-in-Furness, 34yrs ago, last heard, Mossel Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, inquirer niece Emily SUSSON, daughter of Sarah Ann SIMPSON, 1 Church Rd, Stoneclough, nr Manchester [ S.A papers copy]

GILBERT Andrew Gordon, last heard on H.M.S. PROMETHEUS at Brisbane Australia, Aug 1910, Mother Annie, 9 Park St, Liverpool South.

GOODMAN Mrs Emma, nee WILLIAMS, used to live, Salisbury Rd, Oakfield Rd, also Mrs Jessie EDWARDS and Mary BLACKHURST, Inquirer their cousin Mrs Janet TAYLOR, Windsor St, Coventry

GOODWIN, Thomas Underdown, left Sussex 15 yrs ago to States, employed by railway company, last heard christmas 1910, sister Elizabeth GOODWIN, Oxford Rd, Reading Berkshire, American and Canadian papers copy

GREEHALGH Sarah, last heard, Charters Towers, Queensland Australia, 1905, sister, Lizzie PLANT, 62 Rake Lane, Bromsborough, Cheshire

GRIBBEN William last heard working for Carey Brothers Construction Co, in Salt Lake City, Utah, father and mother inquire Garfield.

HAGAN John, left St Georges, Catholic Industrial School, 7/8 yrs ago, 1909 at Tallowfield Castleton, Ontario, Canada, Father and 2 sisters, 96 Lamb St, Stanley Rd, Liverpool.

HARRISON William Charles, left Birmingham 1894, Sister Ada HARRISON, 47 Clarence Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.

HEAVERS Walter Richard under the name of Richard EDWARDS heard employed by Mr Conning? MUNDARING, Western Australia in Jan 1913, inquirer his father and sister J. T. HEAVERS, 20 Red? Cresent, Barry Island Glamorgan.

HODGSON Thomas, not seen of theses last 2 yrs, last heard N ? Terrace, Highfield, Rowland Gill, County Durham. Inquirer his mother HODGSON, Tithe Barn, Arlecdon, Cockermouth, Cumberland.

HOLLYWOOD. Whereabouts if still alive of Edward HOLLYWOOD when in Liverpool about 50 yrs ago and was heard of in the gold diggings in Australia about 35 yrs ago, inquirer his niece Margaret HOLLYWOOD now Mrs O'HARA, 372 Audley Range Blackb ? Lancs

ISAACS Albert Thomas, last heard Thames N.Z, 3yrs ago, Brother William c/o Mrs MORRIS, Grocer, Thomas St, St Thomas, Swansea

JAMES Evan Powell a native of Brechfa Nantgaredig South Wales last heard living, Holdenville Indian Territory U.S.A, 9 yrs ago, inquirer sister Jane JAMES, now Mrs HUMPHREYS, 60 Llantrissant St, Cathays Cardiff

JOHNSON Willie and his sister lived one time in, Essex St, Northumberland St, Park Lane, Liverpool, Mrs WAGGETTT, 3 Harrison St, Burnley Wood, Burnley, Lancashire

JONES, John Walter native of Ruthin, North Wales, last heard M?quette Manitoba 12 mths ago, communicate at once with Aunt Hannah JONES, 3 Alton Rd, Oxton, Birkenhead, she is anxious to let him know of serious news of his father, American papers copy

JONES, Cissie [Sarah], late of Caldine St, Spekeland Rd, Liverpool, inquirer, C.P LEBRASSE, 10 Lagrassa, 251 West 126th St, New York City, U.S.A

JONES Rhoda, last known in service as a nurse to a German family, living Orford Rd, Southport 10/12yrs ago, inquirer P.G, Woodlea, Rhus Rd, Colwyn Bay, N.Wales

JONES. Were abouts of William JONES of Brynfield Ruabon, last heard, Cefn Mawr, 12 mths ago, - his friend Francis ROBERTS, Llwyn View, Dolgelley, now residing, Cefn Mawr.

JOYCE Alec, a saddler, son of, Janet JOYCE, Malew, I.O.M, Last heard Melbourne Australia, Niece, Mrs LOWTHER [Nee Bessie GORRY], 68 Webster St, Litherland.

LANG Richard, last heard Maine U.S.A, June 1912, PARENTS, Mr and Mrs Joseph LANG, 63 Junction St, Every St, Ancoats Manchester, American papers copy.

LANGDON Herbert James, native of High Beech, Laughton Essex, last heard Strassburg, Saskatchevan, 12 mths ago, his mother anxiously inguires, Mrs LANGDON, High Beech, Laughton Essex, Canadian and American papers copy.

LAWSON, William and Henry Brothers, went to Canada from Buckley Hall, Rochdale, 13 yrs ago, Inquirer brother Jack and Grandma LAWSON, M. LAWSON, 36 Maitland St, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport

LIDDINGTON John, last heard 30 yrs ago, Sister Plumbers Hill, St George, Bristol, American papers copy.

LOGAN Jack, steward on steamer DUART supposed to have sailed from Cardiff, May 15th, inquirer Mary MC GORRY, 107 Marlborough Park, ? Mount, Londonderry

LORIMER Alex Douglas, went away 20 yrs ago, heard of 11 yrs ago in New York, Contact daughter Muriel he would hear something to his advantage, 497 Wigan Rd, Hart Common, Westhoughton.

MC EACHERN Hugh last seen St Domingo Vale in June 1911, may have shipped during Seaman's strike to Canada, his parents, 48 St Domingo Vale, Liverpool [American papers copy]

MC GREAVY Valentine, Farrell, left Manchester 20yrs ago, sister Mary and Catherine dead, Mother longing to see you, Sister, Ellen MC GRATH, 11 Garden St, Tame St, Ancoats Manchester

MC INTYRE Mrs Margaret, [or Mc Intagart] or any of my sisters and brother, Frank. Peter MC INTYRE, Socia Dad. Industrial del Dyson, Puerto Montt, Chile

MC KEE William George, last heard, Sydney 1911, Mother, 154 Selbourne St, Liverpool.

MC MANUS any descendants or relatives of the late Edward who was born in Scotland and raised in Liverpool, when quite young ran away to sea and made his way to America, then to the lakes until he was drowned in 1860, inquirer his daughter, Helen MC MANUS, 135 Spruce St, Buffallo, New York, U.S.A

MC VEIGH, Will Nicholas [painter], Myra FELT or his sister Sarah kindly communicate with sister who went to Victoria Australia 40yrs ago, Mrs BACKWELL, 65 Cobden St, Kew, nr Melbourne Aus [American and Queensland papers copy]

MAHON Catherine, last heard Dec 2nd 1899 in service as laundress, 402 Dearborn Ave,Chicago Illinois, Father Peter dead, niece, Kate now Mrs BRIDDLE, 14 King St, South Castle St, Liverpool.

MALLIS George, aged 30, of Jewish parentage, last heard Manchester, 8yrs ago, inquirer his father, E. MALLIS, 8 Bamber St, Crown St, Liverpool

MALLON James, Fireman, last heard in Hull 10 yrs ago, Mother, 7 Mount St, Liverpool.

MARTIN Info, on any relatives of the late Richard of Cook St, Dublin, a sawyer, whose son sailed to Australia in 1854, inquirer A. MC CORMICK, Denton's Green, St Helens

MASKEY, William last heard Liverpool Landing Stage, 8 yrs ago, Inquirer his sister, Jennie MASKEY, Richmond Grove, Windsor Rd, Douglas, I.O.M

MAY William Henry, Came to London on the ship BATES FAMILY 40 yrs ago, supposed to be in Port Adelaide Australia, Mother and brother John, Robert, 127 Radcliffe St. Everton

MEALEY Austin J, or Louis V, last heard Liverpool 7 yrs ago, when he was seen to book his passage to Montreal, inquirer sister Barbara ASHCROFT, 46 Chelmsford ? Liverpool

MILNE , Fathers three brothers natives of Liverpool, John, Robert and William, all married with children, Alex MILNE Jnr, 623 De Kalb Ave, Brooklyn, New York.

MOLLOY, Thomas and Patrick, sons of Patrick MOLLOY, left Liverpool 38yrs ago, last heard 20yrs ago in Galveston, U.S.A., Mothers brother, Thomas FEARNS 54 Maguire St, Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool

MORRISON Mrs, nee Annie Mary FOWLES, last heard Edge Lane, Liverpool, inquirer Aunt, Mary RANDLES, 27 Blessington Rd, Liverpool

MOTTRAM, Samuel and William and Elizabeth Ann before marriage, cousin, William MOTTRAM, 28 Elizabeth St, Castletown, Nr, Sunderland.

MULLEN Mary Alice, last heard Liverpool 15 yrs ago, supposed to have gone to Shrewsbury, inquirer her brother John James MULLEN, 10 Bottle yard, Witton Gilbert, Co Durham

MURPHY John, farm labourer, last heard Chorley, inquirer, Mrs William ROBERTS, 14 Moores Lane, Standish, Wigan

O'BRIAN Thomas last heard on ship SUNLIGHT in June 1912 inquirer father, George O'BRIAN, 17 River Lane, Arklow

PALMER Sydney, where are my friends? I was in the Old Country and taken away! 14/15 yrs ago when I was 2/3yrs old. I was put in a home called, Baby's Castle owned by Mr Ransome WALLIS he lives in London and is a friend of Mr J. W. C. FAGAN of London. I was in the home for a few years then went to Mr FAGAN'S Homes at Stoney Stratford, Buckinghamshire for 6yrs. Came to Canada 6 yrs ago.Were are my relations? Sydney PALMER, Avonmore House, 276 Jarvis St, Toronto, Canada.

PARRY Henry Lucas left Liverpool on the steamship LAKE MEGAN for Quebec in 1901 last heard, Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1904, inquirer his father George PARRY, 349 Walton Breck Rd, Liverpool

PATTERSON Alex, heard 12 yrs ago living 3? Ewing St, Bulmain Australia, Brother William, Spofforth Rd, Edge Hill, Liverpool.

PAYTON Christopher, last heard 9 yrs ago, Drayton Rd, Newtown, Toowoomba Queensland, supposed taken a position near Sydney. His wife is a native of Werribee, Victoria, Sister, Mrs T. B. COOKE [Nee Harriett SMITH] 84 Snaefell Ave, Tuebrook, Liverpool

PHAYRE Miss Eliza, domestic, aged 26, last heard Manchester, 9mths ago, to go to Sydney or Melbourne, inquirer brothers John and William, 35 Kirk St, Every St, Ancoats, Manchester

PLEVIN Thomas, son of William would like to communicate with his sister Marguerite, last in Liverpool 17yrs ago, 1502 7th St, Oakland, California.

PRENTICE Frederick A, Last heard Dean Brothers Flax Mill, Puke, Paloroa near Thames, Auckland N.Z, Grandmother died Oct 12th, cousin, H. HOYLE, Witton House, Arklow, Ireland , N.S.W papers copy

PRESTON Arthur of Birmingham and Liverpool, last heard Washington America, inquirer M.HUGHES, 2 Grey Rd, Walton, Liverpool

QUINE, Brothers John and Joseph in the milling and baking business, when last heard of, Mrs Jennie TYSON, Columbia City, British Columbia.

QUINN Henry, left London June 24th, 1912, on the steamer COMMONWEALTH for Australia, brother James QUINN, 165 Athol St, Liverpool.

ROBERTS David Robert, Shamokin, Northumberland County, U. S. A. Last heard Jan 31st 1878, niece, Catherine, 2 Grain St, Toxteth Park.

SCURRY / SCULLY John who left Upper Browns Lane, Edward St, Limerick, 13 yrs ago, last heard 16 Centre St, Glasgow, October 19?? His father dead some years, he worked as a labourer, dockworker, navvy, inquirer his mother Elizabeth SCURRY Myrtlevilla Thormondgate Limerick

SEALBY Abraham, for some years employed by American Line S. S. Company for Liverpool and Southampton, went back to Liverpool some yrs ago, last heard working on shore, inquirer his son J. SEALBY, 16 Trinity Terrace, Southampton

SHORT John or descendants, left Newport Monmouthshire for Wellington N.Z, 1852, Sister Fanny JACOBSEN, 248 Corporation Rd, Newport

SMITH Samuel sailed London to New York, April 1891, age now 56 yrs, brother William SMITH, 37 Denman St, Liverpool, American papers copy.

STREET Fred, [Elias] St, inquirer, Harry HALTON, 475 D Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

TAGGART, Edger of Castletown, last heard beginning of March in Rockferry, inquirer Mrs TAGGART, 125 Nale St, Castletown, I.O.M

TAYLOR, Mrs J. or Thomas, 34 South St, Toxteth Park, Mrs TAYLOR, Steelton. P.O. Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

THOMAS, John Robert Griffith, who left his home, Bryniog, Issaf, Llanwrst, Aunty, Margaret ROBERTS, St John's Place, Waterloo, Liverpool, American and Australian papers copy.

THOMASON Job last heard aboard Schooner MARGARET of Cornwall at Fogo, Newfoundland, Jul 1877, mother, Elizabeth c/o Mrs SMITH, 3 Willowbank Rd, New Ferry, Birkenhead

THORMAN Richard a printer, native of Carnarvon Wales, left England for Canada, 1910, lived for a time, 8th Ave, Winnepeg, working at his trade. Inquirer, Mr THORMAN, The Lodge, Rug, Corwen, North Wales, American and Canadian papers copy

TODD Mrs William [nee Margaret MORGAN] last heard of in 1889, inquirer her brothers Thomas and James MORGAN, P.O. Box 258, Juncan Alaska

TONER William, who went to America 20 yrs ago, last heard 8 yrs ago, is married and was living, 19th St, Rhode Island- Mrs BLACKBURN [Maggie TONER] Edgeware St, Edge Hill, Liverpool.

USHER Elijah of Sydney, N.S.W Sister Emma dead, inquirer his Nephew, William Usher TOOKEY, 16 Horton Rd, Moss Side, Manchester [Australian papers copy]

WALKER Frank, last heard 18yrs ago, 9th St, 5 th Ave, New York, when he was going up country, a native of Overton, Cheshire. Brother Peter, Sister Eliza living Runcorn, Peter WALKER, Flower Cottage, Overton.

WARBURTON Charles, last heard 1862, his sister Eliza, Mrs LORD, 61 Radnor St, Darwen, Lancashire

WEDGERY John James or George WEDGERY brothers of the late Edwin WEDGERY living in or around, Taunton, Tiverton or Wivelscomb, Somersetshire, Edward WEDGERY left England for Canada in 1867, inquirer Ruth WEDGERY 2nd daughter, 64 Emerald St, South Hamilton, Ontarion, Canada Somerset papers copy

WEST, Florence, age about 28, dau of William WEST, at one time Engineer in Fletcher's Spanish steamers, Inquirer, Auntie Jessie, Mrs HAYS, 38 Naseby St, Walton, formerly Rockhouse, nr St Helens.

WHITE John, last heard when the LUCANIA was burning, Mrs BRADBURY nee [Lily Ann ANDREWS] 32 Gerrard St, Kearsley, Manchester

WILLIAMS / GILBERT, Whereabouts of some of the family of John WILLIAMS and Ellen S. GILBERT, [nee WILLIAMS], left Liverpool 58yrs ago for California. Inquirer son of Ellen S. GILBERT, John Martin GILBERT, 26 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, California. U.S.A

WILLIAMS Jack, tailor, was at Liverpool 21yrs ago, inquirer his daughter Miss A. WILLIAMS, 7 Falconers Rd, Scarborough

WILLIAMSON James last heard in Eldon St, South Sheilds, 5yrs ago, inquirer his sister Mrs M. WILLIAMSON, Widows Home, Egremont, Cheshire

WILLIS Mary Ann last heard of 2 yrs ago last June after coming out of hospital at Victoria British Columbia, inquirer her daughter Louisa M. WILLIS 23A Mona-Terrace, Prince Edward St, Liverpool


Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913

Missing Liverpool official.

Not withstanding the most diligent search, no clue has yet been found to the mystery of the disappearance of Mr Thomas FORBER, of 16 Tunstall St, a water inspector, employed by the corporation. The missing man is 57 and was last seen near Walton Church on January 23rd. He was wearing his official uniform at the time.


Liverpool Daily Post 07 August 1916

Wanted to know the whereabouts of my sister or brother, William BEW, last heard from 6 years ago in Birkenhead or my uncle Frederick BEW, who used to work in the London and North Western Warehouse, St James Street, Liverpool. Richard BEW, D. Company, 194th, City of Regina Batt, Camp Hughes, Manitoba

Liverpool Daily Post 18 November 1916

Information Wanted

Whereabouts of Helen Margaret McDONALD, eldest daughter of Alexander McDONALD, on Liverpool Police Force in 1850. Write George TAYLOR, 17 South Street, New York




Personal column

Nov 4th 1939

SWANSON, Information is desired in regard to William SWANSON and his sister Catherine SWANSON, last heard in Liverpool in 1874. William and Catherine were children of John SWANSON, born Haddington, believed to have been lost at sea. Any information greatly acknowledged by Messers STIRING and BURNET, Solicitors, Haddington, Scotland.

Nov 8th

Margaret HAMILL, late of Oxford St and Queens Sq Liverpool, will she or any relative write to BANISTER c/o BREMNER and Sons and CORLETT, solicitors, 1 Crosshall St, Lpl 11

Will any solicitor, banker or other person having a will executed by Joseph Unsworth WIKELEY, late of Dingle, Liverpool, who died at Devonport, 23 Oct 1939, please communicate with H. W. POPLE, Incorporated accountant, 43 Castle St. Liverpool

Nov 23rd

Missing beneficiary

Will the brother or any relative of William John CHRISTIE, formerly of Everton Liverpool, later Auckland N.Z. please communicate with the District Public Trustee, Auckland, N.Z

Dec 11th

If Mrs Elsie Maud WILSON formerly of 12 Sandon St, Liverpool will communicate with the undersigned, she will learn something to her advantage. SIMPSON NORTH and Co, 1 Water St, Liverpool 2

Dec 16

Missing from his home, 5 Clifton Park Rd, Rhyl, since 11.30am Tuesday Dec 12th, George WRIGHT, aged 67, height 5ft 6ins, fresh complexion, hair white, dressed in dark brown suit with stripe, dark overcoat, black shoes, wearing horn-rimmed spectacles, dark suede gloves, no hat, may be suffering from loss of memory. Any information gratefully received at his home of Rhyl police station.


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