Misc passengers out of Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury, Oct 20th 1879

Departure for America

On Saturday last the Guion Company's United States Mail Steamer, "Arizona" left the Mersey for New York and amongst her passengers were the Right Rev W. P. REYNOLDS, Mr R. A. PROCTOR, the well known contributor to the, Contemporary, and other reviews on scientific subjects, and who is now on tour to the Rocky Mountains, accompanied by some of the staff from the Washington Observatory. There are also on board the Rev M. J. RAND, M. FENELON, Illinois, the Hon H. W. PIKE etc.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 6th 1882

Outward passengers by the ALASKA

On Saturday last the Guion mail steamer Alaska left Liverpool for New York, with, for the season of the year, an unprecedented number of passengers, there being about 200 in the saloon, and a full compliment in steerage.

Amongst the saloon passengers where, Mr A. B. FORWOOD, Mr E. SAMUELSON, Hon Mr and Mrs J. A. CHAPLEAN, Hon Mr and Mrs A. G. COCHRAN, Hon Mr LACOSTE, Mr Frank DANA, Dr R. M. GRIFFITHS, staff surgeon. R.N, wife and family, Mr James B. ENDS [Chief engineer of the New Orleans and Mississippi Improvement Works] and family, Major-General MANN and wife, Mr Robert LINCOLN, wife and family, Mr L. A. SENECAL, Hon G. W. PACK, wife and family and Mrs Montague WARD.

In connection with the extraordinary successive rapid passage of the Alaska and the Arizona, we may state that the Wyoming has just accomplished another very quick run from New York to Liverpool, and she and her sister ship the Wisconsin, as well as the Abyssinia, by the regularity of their passages are not only maintaining their reputation, but also keeping pace with the other first-class steamers in the Atlantic trade.


Liverpool Mercury, March 12th 1900

Passengers for the West Coast of Africa

Among the passengers by the Bakana which left the Mersey on Saturday morning for Grand Canary and the West African ports, were Captain J. J. BATCHELOR, Dr C. R. CHICHESTER, and Major C. H. BURROUGHS. The latter will land at Sierra Leone

Emigration to America and Canada

The Campania which sailed on Saturday morning, carried a large number of Jewish and Finnish emigrants, while the Beaver liner, Lake Megantic had a compliment of steerage passengers, who intend to settle in Canada. It was calculated about 1400 emigrants left the Mersey on Saturday on the above mentioned steamers

Sailing of the Campania

The Cunard mail steamer Campania left Liverpool for New York on Saturday afternoon, and among the 130 saloon passengers were the Rev Mr BEVAN, Captain G. C. BIGNELL, Mr E. W. BARRY, Mr Joseph CLIFF, Mr F. G. DAWSON, J.P, Judge Lambert TREE, and Mrs TREE, Dr L. A. TREXLEE, and Mrs TREXLEE, Colonel J. Stanley WATSON, Mr R. THOMAS, Mr and Mrs GRANT, Captain G. H. HEWETT. R.N, Mr G. B. C. HOGAN and Mrs HOGAN, Mr Walter W. LOW, Mr M. MANNSBERG, Mr Eugene O'SULLIVAN, the Rev George ROBSON. D.D, and Mrs ROBSON, Mr F. W. PRINGLE


Liverpool Mercury March 26th 1900

Movements of the Cunard steamers

The Royal mail Cunard steamship LUCANIA, commanded by Captain Horatio M'KAY, R.N.R, sailed from Liverpool on Saturday for New York, with about 160 saloon passengers, and a large complement in 2nd cabin and 3rd class voyagers.

Amongst the chief cabin travellers were :-

Mr R. W. BAKER, well known in railway circles, Mr Fed B. CARPENTER, Dr CROSS, Mr W. Mansell DAINTROY, the Rev J. Fairley DAVEY, Mr Ben DAVIES, Mr H. Townsend DAVIS, Mr Andrew DUNLOP, Captain J. F. FOULKES, Mr John HAWKES, Mr R. E. HERDMAN, Professor N. HOZUMI, Dr Robert LAWS, Rev W. PATRICK. D.D, Mr James ROSS, and Mr Harold S. VANDERBILT


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