Misc passenger lists June 1859


Yesterday morning, Screw Steamer bringing advices from Quebec and Montreal 21st May and New York 19th May

Miss S. J. WYLD, Miss FOWLER, Mrs YATES, Mr HAWKINS and Lady, Rev W. McKENZIE, D. FOWLER, H. SMITH, Mr IRELAND and Lady, G. A. SURGISON, Capt TORRENS, R. A. LEACH, Mr BURSTALL and Lady, E. BRIGGS and Lady, Mrs CARRUTHERS 3 Children and Infant, Miss CARRUTHERS, Mrs WARREN and Infant, Mr DAVISON, William WARREN, Hon H. AYLMER, Mr CHALMERS, T. IRVING, R. N. TAYLOR, Wife and 4 children


Liverpool Mercury June 16th, 1859

The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steam-ship Company's screw steamer City Of Baltimore, Captain Robert LEITCH, which left New York on the 4th inst, arrived in the Mersey yesterday, she brings 300 passengers, 185 of whom are steerage.

List of cabin passengers :-

Mr J. W. GRAYDON and son and daughter, Mr William GIDEON, Mr and Mrs MARTIN and two children, Mr S. EWING, infant and servant, Mr DRUEL, lady and servant, Mrs JINNIS, Mr R. M'DOWELL, Miss M. M'DOWELL, Mrs W. J. HOWELL son and infant, Mr SEARLE, Miss Mary SEARLE, Mrs HALL, Mr J. B. WALSH and lady, Miss Agnes WALSH, Miss M. A. WALSH, Mr P. J. PAGE and two children, Miss PAGE, Mr R. A. NEWALL, Miss Catherine NEWALL, Mrs HOKENHALL, Dr W. C. PALMER, lady and servant, Mr PALMER, Mr C. F. MARSH, Mr Edward M'DERMOTT and lady, Mrs M. A. WOOD, and child, Miss G. WOOD, Miss GOODWIN, Miss M. C. TATE, Mr J. W. CARDWELL and daughter, Miss M'DONALD, Mr J. TOURNODE, Mr H. MARTIN, Mr J. S. HENDERSON, Mr N. TANTI, Mr T. ESCOVAR, Mr J. M. GARCIA, Mr G. M'CARRON, Mr W. FLEMING, Mr J. V. ALLEN, Mr George M. REAY, Mr E. KEOUGH, Mr AHERN, Mr Maxwell SOMERVILLE, Mr Charles WYILY, Mr R. S. CAUGHEY, Mr W. H. VEDDER, Mr W. TURNER, Mr E. T. YOUNG, Mr C. CAMB, Mr James DOYLE, Mr B. G. WALTER, Mr Lee SIMPSON, Mr James WALTON, Mr Charles STUART, Mr George OLDMIROON, Mr VEARDON, Mr HARVEY, Mr J. A. CAROLIN, Mr W. GOODALL, Mr James GRAY and son, Mr David JARDINE, Mr NASKE, Mr Edward GWYNE, Mr SCOTT, Mr R. A. HARRISON, and lady, Mr BOND, lady and two children, Mr T. R. DAVIES, Miss M. J. DAVIES, Mr T. HIGGINS, Mr W. CONNERY, Mr R. J. TALBOT, Mr P. SCHARIDAN, Professor W. B. SMITH, Mr John CHRISTIE, Mr J. HIGGINS, Mr J. MOLLARD, Mr J. GALLAGHER, Mr WIGHTMAN and Miss WIGHTMAN

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