Medical staff awards 1940

Daily Post, 1940

Oct 9th



For initiative displayed for successfully evacuating wounded to safety during heavy aerial bombardment in Norway the King has awarded the M.B.E to Sister Nellie GOODWIN a former Asst Matron at the Women’s Hospital, Liverpool.

Sister GOODWIN whose home is in Leigh Staffordshire was called up for active service from the Women’s Hospital in 1939 and accompanied the expedition to Norway in charge of a military hospital. On the occasion referred to there was 148 wounded soldiers at her hospital, all were successfully evacuated to a basement during a heavy bombing raid.

Miss GOODWIN is now in charge of a military hospital in this country. Her association with Merseyside began at Wallasey where she was a night sister at the Victoria Central Hospital in 1932, she became Asst Matron at the Hospital for Women at Shaw St and assisted in the transfer to the new hospital in Catherine St, where she continued as Asst Matron.

Oct 23rd


Commended for gallantry and good service with the civil defence, Elsie Anna BURNS, M.D, M.B, Mch, principal resident medical officer Fazakerley Group of Infectious Hospitals.

Dr BURNS was asleep in her quarters one night last month when the building was struck by two bombs, she woke to find herself covered in debris, she knew others where asleep in the dormitories near her, struggling through the debris, in minutes she was helping to find the trapped and injured nurses and gave them medical attention.

Dr BURNS was too modest to discuss the commendation, but a doctor said, her actions were more commendable in view of the fact that the place was in total darkness and the debris caused considerable confusion.

Dr BURNS is Irish and after graduating at Trinity College Dublin with an M.D, for research into diphtheria and scarlet fever, 20yrs ago, she came to Liverpool.

She is the niece of Mr F. Strong HEANEY, Rodney St, Surgeon. Dr BURNS is also visiting physician at the city hospitals, Mill Lane and Netherfield Rd.

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