The late Mr F. W. W. MASSEY

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 9th, 1907

The late Mr F. W. W. MASSEY

The funeral took place at Roby Church of Mr Frederick W. W. MASSEY, who was well known and highly respected in shipping circles, both in Liverpool and on the continent. The deceased was the manager and local director of the Johnston Line steamers. Some years ago he was connected to the Cunard Company, when he was brought into close relationship to Mr BOUMPHREY the former manager of the company. His remarkable business capacity secured for him a high reputation.

On leaving the Cunard he entered the services of the Johnston Line, where his business abilities secured him a promotion. He was an expert in the Mediterranean trade, and recently the King of Roumania conferred on him the distinction of Chevalier of the Order of the Crown of Roumania.

Towards the end of last year he had an attack of influenza and bronchitis and pleurisy supervened. He was making progress towards recovery, but, had a relapse and succumbed with startling suddenness.

He was 46 years of age and leaves three sons and four daughters, Mrs MASSEY having died over four years ago.

Much regret is expressed that a useful and brilliant career should have been brought to such an early close.

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