JAN 4th 1913


BARLOW – KELSALL, Dec 25th, Old Widcombe Church, Bath, Thomas Evans, 2nd son of Capt and Mrs BARLOW, Wellesley Rd, Princes Park, Liverpool to Sarah May eldest dau the late Thomas KELSALL of Rainhill and Mrs KELSALL, 48 Hartington Rd, Liverpool

BUCK – CLAGUE, Jan 1st, Canning St Presbyterian Ch, Lieut R. H. BUCK, R.N.R, Liverpool, son of Capt and Mrs James BUCK to Anne only dau of the late Capt John CLAGUE of Douglas and Liverpool, and Mrs CLAGUE of, 14 Wellington Ave, Wavertree.

DALEY – TOOMEY, Jan 1st, St Mathias Liverpool by Rev R. WILCOCK, Brother of the Bride. Assisted by Rev L. FOSTER Uncle of the Groom and Rev J. A. SHIEL, W. Allen DALEY. M.D son of the late Dr DALEY of Bootle to Mary dau of the late Edward and Mrs TOOMEY Liverpool.

DEANS – HIATT, Dec 25th, Cath, Perth Western Australia, George T. DEANS to Clara [Kit] HIATT both of Liverpool

HARDY – HOWSTON, Dec 28th, St Augustines Ch, North Shields, John March son of the late John March HARDY of Liverpool and Mrs Robin, Merton Grove, Bootle, to Lily youngest dau of the late Cuthbert and Mrs E. HOWSTAN, Park Terrace, North Sheilds.

HAZELHURST – HAZELHURST, Dec 30th, Holy Trinity Hoylake, Harry HAZELHURST of Thurstaton to May youngest dau of the late George HAZELHURST of Hoylake.

MITCHELL – MILNES Dec 28th at Alexandria, Laura [Pat] youngest dau of Charles MILNES of Liscard to John MITCHELL of Suez

WILLIAMS – WILLIAMS, Dec 30th at Craig Chapel nr Bangor, by Rev Isaac DAVIES assisted by Rev John HUGHES. M.A. Fitzgerald St, Liverpool, William WILLIAMS, 288 Anfield Rd, late 11 Perth St, to Jennie C. WILLIAMS youngest dau of Daniel WILLIAMS, Craig Cottage, and infant Mistress Wain fawr Council School.

Liverpool weekly mercury

Jan 11th 1913


BURTON / SWEENEY, Jan 6th, St Catherines, Higher Tranmere, William Henry youngest son of Mr and Mrs Thomas BURTON of Birkenhead to Martha [Mattie] dau of Mr and Mrs Thomas SWEENEY of Higher Tranmere.

COOPER / WARD, Dec 10th, Durban, Natal, Charles son of the late Dr COOPER, Wigram House, Wexford to Alice Ellen 2nd dau Richard WARD of St Asaph and Mrs WARD, Wavertree, Liverpool.

JAGER / LAIRD, Jan 8th, St Saviours, Oxton, Arthur Noel Richardson youngest son of the late George JAGER and Mrs JAGER, Park Rd, West Birkenhead to Winifrede Jean youngest dau the late William LAIRD and Mrs LAIRD, Noctorum, Birkenhead

JONES / DUFF, Jan 6th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, R. H. JONES eldest son of Robert JONES, of Cressington to Florence only dau James DUFF, 53 Arlington St.

KEY / COURTNEY, Jan 4th, St Thomas Ch, Seaforth, Horace. H. 2nd son Mrs KEY, Eltham Kent and Beatrice Jeffery 4th dau the late Richard B. COURTNEY, Pilot of this town.

LATIMER / KENWORTHY, Jan 6th, at Matlock, Sidney Thompson youngest son of the late John LATIMER of Liverpool to Mary Elizabeth eldest dau Henry KENWORTHY of Matlock.

MANLEY / CASEY, Jan 7th, St Annes Ch, Ormskirk, Michael MANLEY of Liscard to Louisa CASEY of The Eureka, Ormskirk

MOUAT / CHRISTIANSEN, Nov 13th, Kent Terrace Presbyterian Ch, Wellington, N. Z, William James MOUAT to Gertrude Alice CHRISTIANSEN

WHITNEY / HARDINGE, Jan 4th, St James, New Brighton, Arthur Cyril youngest son the late Col. WHITNEY. V.D, J. P of Fulwood Park, Liverpool to Ellen Maurine only dau of Mr and Mrs Frank H. HARDINGE of New Brighton, late of Detroit Michigan, U S A.


Jan 18th, 1913


ATKINSON / BOULTON, Jan 15th, Clifton Rd, Baptist Tabernacle, Birkenhead, Charles Hugh ATKINSON to Annie BOULTON

CAINE / HALL, Jan 14th, St Saviours Oxton, Howard Mckenzie youngest son of Nathaniel CAINE, of Spital Cheshire to Mabel Hignett youngest dau of Charlton R. HALL, Rhos, North Wales

CLOTHIER / ROBERTS, Jan 14th, Parish Ch, Chadwell Heath, Essex, Wilfred CLOTHIER. L.L.M, son of W. C. CLOTHIER, 8 St Domingo Grove Liverpool, to Ada Millward, 2nd dau of the late Edward ROBERTS and Mrs ROBERTS of 8, Trinity Rd, Bootle

FEENY / JOWETT, Jan 14th, St Agnes, Huyton, Nuptial mass by Rev T. B. FEENY .O.S.B, uncle of the groom, William Basil FEENY, son of Peter J. FEENY. J.P, of Blundellsands to Jessie JOWETT of Huyton

FITZPATRICK / COATES, Jan 14th, St Lukes, Formby, John Terence eldest son of Mr and Mrs P. FITZPATRICK, Las Palmas, Formby to Fanny dau of the late John COATES and Mrs COATES of Liverpool

LOWE / DAVIES, Jan 12th, St Michaels, Pitt St, John Charles LOWE, White House, Berry St, to S. J. [Sadie] youngest dau Gabriel Davies, 2 Brynaston Rd

MCLEOD / SYMONS, Jan 8th, Lahore India, W. Norman MCLEOD B.SC, P.W.D, eldest son of the late John MCLEOD, Liverpool and Glasgow and Mrs MCLEOD of Oxton Cheshire to Anna Ker only child of John SYMONS. J.P, West Laurceknowe Dumfries Scotland

PARKER / SOUTHWORTH, Jan 15th, St Domingo Grove Everton, William Herbert youngest son of Edward PARKER to Alice Maude youngest dau John SOUTHWORTH, both this city

SMITH / MANGRUM, Christmas day at Brides parents residence, Rutherford Tennesse, Alexander Veitch only son of A. V. SMITH, Valleyfield Heswall, to Dovie Earle dau of Mr and Mrs James Wiley MANGRUM

THOMAS / WILKIE, Jan 14th, St Johns Egremont, Richard John THOMAS, Waterloo to Dorothy dau of John WILKIE of Waterloo

WYATT / MILLINGTON, Jan 12th, St Johns Birkenhead, John Morries Cotterall youngest son of the late John WYATT and Mrs WYATT of Woodchurch to Elizabeth MILLINGTON 3rd dau of the late Francis and Mrs Sarah MILLINGTON Borough Rd, Birkenhead


25th January 1913


BARNES / BLEASDALE, Jan 21st, Edge Hill, Congregational Ch, Laurence Gardner BARNES, eldest son of Mr and Mrs BARNES, High Wycombe, to Elizabeth Henretta, 2nd dau James BLEASDALE of Liverpool.

BLOWER / PILLING, Jan 20th, St John’s Ch, Walton, Arthur H, son of Henry BLOWER to Louisa, 3rd dau of the late James PILLING, both this city.

CROOK / JONES, Jan 20th, Parish Ch, West Kirby, , Fred Waddington, 2nd son of Robert CROOK of Heaton Chapel to Dilys, only dau of W. R. JONES, West Kirby.

FLETCHER / LAWRENCE, Dec 11th, Sydney, Oscar FLETCHER of Southport to Jenny LAWRENCE of Liverpool, niece of Mr and Mrs J. KITCHEN

HOLDEN-SMITH / FOYL, Jan 22nd, Parish Ch, West Kirby, by Rev H. M. FOYL. M.A, Vicar of Ashled, Birmingham, Brother of the bride, Herbert HOLDEN-SMITH. R.N, of H. M. S, MAJESTIC, only son of James HOLDEN-SMITH of London to Eveleen Grace only dau of Henry I. FOYL of West Kirby.

PRYDIE / HEAP, Jan 20th, St Andrews, Aigburth, Richard Canfield PRYDIE, eldest son of John PRYDIE, Jesamine Villa, Langlands, Rd, Govan, N.B, to Amelia Ellen Dakin HEAP, dau of Thomas R. W. HEAP, Swadlincote, Bristol Rd, Wavertree.

RILEY / EVERITT, Jan 21st, St James, Piccadilly, London, Thomas James Colcott RILEY, eldest son of Thomas Henry RILEY, Edge Grove, Fairfield, Liverpool to Mary Elizabeth EVERITT dau of the late Rivers EVERITT, Wrens Pk, Harkstead Suffolk and Mrs Oliver MORTIMER of Northwick Rd, Ipswich.

WEBB / COATES, Jan 20th, St Michaels Ch, Birkenhead, Archie William WEBB, of St Petersburg, son of Mr and Mrs Charles WEBB of Hendon to Winifred Ann youngest dau Mr and Mrs W. H. COATES, 11 Eaton Rd, Birkenhead.

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st, 1913


ARMSTRONG / WALKER, Jan 17th, St Leonards, Cleator, by Rev C. Rome HALL, Brother-in-Law of the bride, Frank Iredale ARMSTRONG of Birkenhead son of the late Andrew and Mrs, Woodbine Villa, Whitehaven to Margaret, eldest dau of Mr and Mrs M. E. WALKER Croft End, Brigrigg, Cumberland

BUDD / HILL, Jan 25th, Balliol Rd, Wesleyan Ch, Bootle, Walter A. BUDD only son of the late Robert C, of Aldershot, to Jane [Cissie] HILL, 3rd dau of Mr and Mrs William HILL of Bank Rd, Bootle

FINEGAN / TURNER, Jan 29th, St Bridget’s R. C, Joseph son of the late John FINEGAN of Dublin, to Christine, 2nd dau of the late Thomas TURNER of Liverpool

LLOYD / CHUBB, Jan 11th, St John’s Ch, Calcutta, Reginald Lambert, 5th son of the late Dr Hugh James LLOYD. J.P, of Barmouth and Mrs Norman SINCLAIR of 35 Weatbourne Gardens, London, to Ethel Blanche, eldest dau Richard CHUBB, Rolleston Dr. Wallasey

LOUDON / FORRESTER, Jan 28th, Gt George St, Chapel, Liverpool, John LOUDON. M.B. Ch. B. youngest son of Capt A. LOUDON, Cheltenham Ave, to Hilda M. 3rd dau of W. FORRESTER , 83, Kingsley Rd, Liverpool

MC KOWEN / WALKER, Dec 7th 1912, St Annes, Belgravia, Johannesburg. S. A, to Francis Leslie, eldest son R. G. MC KOWEN late of Rosemount, Oxton, Cheshire, to Florence Irene, 2nd dau J. W. WALKER Johannesburg. S. A

PHILLIPS / TURNER, John son of William of Liverpool, to Nellie you dau of the late Thomas TURNER

PHILLIPS / COLE, Jan 29th, Bidston Parish Ch, William Mallam, only son of the late William Mallam and Mrs Mallam PHILLIPS of Lincoln, to Muriel only daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry A. COLE of Bidston, Cheshire

RICHARDSON / ACUTT, Jan 25th, Christ Ch, Beres, Johannesburg. S. A, George Creighton, 2nd son of S. H. RICHARDSON, Goodhope, Prenton to Lydia Coral, eldest dau of Courtenay ACUTT of Johannesburg. S. A and Natal.

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913


BELFIELD / JOHNSON, Jan 28th, Freemantle, Australia, James Spurr, eldest son of the late Rev James F. BELFIELD of Manchester to Amy, 2nd dau of the late William JOHNSON of Liverpool and Mrs BURNLEY, 4 Sandfield Rd, Liscard.

CHARTERS / NEWNS, Feb 1st, Union Presbyterian Ch, Ernest youngest son of A. CHARTERS, Orrell Pk, to M. E. [Cissie] only dau of the late W. H. and Mrs NEWNS of Bootle

DONNELLAN / O’CONNOR, Feb 4th, St Michaels, Moor St, Birmingham, John H. DONNELLAN. M.B, Ch B, eldest son of the late Dr DONNELLAN. J.P, St Helens, to Kathleen youngest dau of the late Edmund O’CONNOR, Cashel, Co Tipperary. Ireland.

JONES / BENBOW, Jan 15th, Cranbrook. B.C, John Arnold youngest son of Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS, Crosby, and the late Ebenezer JONES, to Margaret Gwladys only dau of Mr and Mrs BENBOW of Rhyl.

JONES / BLACKSTONE, Feb 3rd, Waterloo Congregational Ch, Mwyndeg son of Mr and Mrs G. J. JONES of Criccieth to Edith Nellie youngest dau of Mr and Mrs E. W. BLACKSTONE of Waterloo, late of Liverpool

KNOWLES / ACKERLEY, Feb 3rd, at St Alexanders, Benjamin James KNOWLES, 3rd son of the late William KNOWLES of Bootle to Frances Mary [Daisy] ACKERLEY 2nd dau of Benjamin ACKERLEY of Bootle

MARSTON / BLUNDELL, Feb 3rd, St Philips, Litherland, Frederick eldest son of James MARSTON of New Brighton and late Waterloo, to Ada 2nd dau of John BLUNDELL, Ince House, Litherland.

MITCHELL / CURTIS, Jan 2nd, Edson, Alberta, Canada, Alexander MITCHELL to Mary 2nd dau of the late William CURTIS and Mrs CURTIS of 36 Wellington Terrace, West Derby Rd, Liverpool.

PEARSON / PEARCE, Dec 31st, Colombo, Albert son of Mr and Mrs P. W. PEARSON. Liverpool to E. Florence dau of Mr G. Lyfe PEARCE. Plymouth.

SYKES / SWANSON, Feb 4th, St Pauls, Princes Pk, Henry Gordon youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Benjamin SYKES of Formby, to Gladys Elizabeth Adelaide eldest dau of Dr and Mrs A. Paul SWANSON, 36 Princes Rd, Liverpool

WILLIAMS / ARTHUR, Feb 1st, Mossley Hill Ch, Robert Owen of Bryn Dowd, Gyffin, Conway, to Sarah J. 2nd dau of the late Richard ARTHUR of Wagbeach, Shropshire

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