GRATTON/WILLIAMS, Dec 31st, 1907 Mossley Hill Ch, John Griffiths son of the late John Griffiths GRATTON The Voryd, Abergele, N.Wales, to Bertha Ermine eldest daughter Thomas WILLIAMS. F.C.S. Produce Exchange buildings

McLARTY/LOVEGROVE, Oct 30th 1907, St John's ch Pinjana W.A, by the Bishop of Perth, William Ernest Campbell McLARTY eldest son of Edward McLARTY Esq M.L.C, to Anna Catherine Helen LOVEGROVE, only daughter of Dr LOVEGROVE. PM. the above place.

WARLOW/CARTER, Dec 28th 1907, Trinity Pres Ch Claughton, George Picton WARLOW. L.D.S, of B'Head to Bella Robins youngest daughter of the late T. L. CATER and Mrs CATER , Claughton.

WILD/MANNING, Jan 1st 1908, B'Head Walter youngest son of Thomas WILD, of B'Head to Gertrude Mary daughter of Joseph MANNING of Rock Ferry.

WILSON/SMITH, Dec 28th 1907, Christ ch Mayfair, Samuel Barrow son of Walter H. WILSON Esq Waterloo to Charlotte Mary [Beryl] eldest daughter David SMITH Esq Stamford Hill, London.

WOOD/GARLAND, Dec 3rd 1907, St James Cathedral, Montreal, Joseph. W. WOOD son of the late Bower WOOD of Liverpool, to Gertrude Millicent Truda daughter of Arthur P. GARLAND, Moor View, Fullwood, Sheffield, late of Liverpool


ROGERS/JONES Jan 1st 1883 at Bidston Parish Ch, Alfred son of the late George ROGERS Esq Whitminster Gloucester, to Martha eldest daughter of Robert JONES Esq Cavendish Mount, B'Head, 273/277 Great Homer St.



JONES/HUGHES, Dec 3rd 1907, St Peters ch Columbo, John Phillips JONES of Cardiff to Myfanwy 4th daughter of the late David HUGHES Kimnel Gardens and the late Mrs HUGHES Chesterville, Abergele.

EARDLEY/FIRTH, Jan 5th, St Johns ch, Lytham, Frank EARDLEY of Lytham to Gertrude youngest daughter of the late Col. E. FIRTH of New Orleans.

LEE/JOHNSON, Jan 8th, Wesley Hall, Soho St, Edwin William 2nd son of the late Pastor J. A. LEE, Wesley Hall, to Jennie 2nd daughter of the late Thomas H. JOHNSON this city.

NIVIN/CRUSO, Jan 6th, St Lukes Ch, Rev, Dr E, Fielden NIVIN, of Nandgal or Wandgal [hard to read] South India to Florence Beaumont youngest daughter of H. B. CRUSO, Coburg, Ontario Canada

VICKERS/BRUNKER, Jan 4th, St Bridgets Ch, Wavertree, William Mark VICKERS Wavertree to Mary Catherine eldest daughter John BRUNKER of this city.

WYLIE/BROAD, Jan 8th, St Margarets, Princes Rd, William Ralph eldest son the late David WYLIE Mayo County Tyrone to Helen daughter of W. H. DROAD, 18 Princes Dr Liverpool.



Jan 14th, Our Lady of Victories Kensington, Arthur Edwards 2nd Son Henry H. HAMMOND of Valsparaiso House Sefton Park to Lilian eldest dau Herbert GRIFFIN, 29 Cornwall Gardens S W

Jan 14th, St Philomenas Toxteth Park, Harry youngest son of William JOYCE of Liverpool to Elsa Haydn eldest dau of Joseph Haydn MORRIS of Lisbon and Liverpool

Dec 17th last Presbyterian ch Bombay, David Garfield LOGIE of Dundee to Jennie 4th dau the late Alexander MUDIE and Mrs MUDIE Birkenhead

Jan 13th, St Cyprians Edge Lane, Alexander Oscar youngest son of the late Felix MEYER Melbourne Aus, to Lucy eldest dau James THOMPSON, 36 Tunnel Rd, Edge Hill

Jan 15th, Sefton Park, Presbyterian. John James MILLAR of Liverpool to Ellen youngest dau of the late Ewen CAMERON of Ness Park Inverness and niece of John JAPP Esq late Lord Mayor of Liverpool

Jan 15th, Oxton Rd, Congregational Ch, Herbert William eldest son G. B. THOMSON, Dundonald, Prenton, to Florence Sarah 3rd dau H. T. BURRELL, Franklin, Prenton



CRIPPS/BENNETT Jan 21st, Penzance, Edwyn Ashby CRIPPS son of George R CRIPPS, Prenton Hill BíHead to Gwendoline youngest dau J. H. BENNETT. J.P, Penzance

HUGHES/ROBERTS, Jan 22nd, Chatham St Welsh Presp Chapel, by Rev Griffith OWEN Rhosddu [uncle of the bride] assisted by Rev J. WILLIAMS, Corwen and Richard HUMPHREYS Chatham St, John P HUGHES eldest son of the late Capt HUGHES, 14 Kimberley St Liverpool to Lizzie eldest dau the late R. D. ROBERTS Bron-y-Graig Corwen

KNOWLES/McFADYEN Jan 18th, St Cuthberts Everton John James 2nd son of John KNOWLES, Walton to Ada Ethel youngest dau of Daniel McFADYEN of Everton

LOCKETT/RAMIREZ Dec 14th last St Michaels All Angels Church Iquique Republic of Chilli John LOCKETT 2nd son of the late Richard Robertson LOCKETT of Alexandria Drive Liverpool to Grimancea RAMIREZ widow of the late J.P REID Iquique

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st 1908


CROFT / CAPSTICK, Jan 29th St Annes Ch, Aigburth, Francis only son of the late John CROFT, Waterloo, East Witton, Yorkshire, to Mary eldest dau Mr and Mrs Edward CAPSTICK, Valleyfield, Aigburth

DUGDALE / CAPSTICK, Jan 29th St Annes Ch, Aigburth, John Creighton eldest son of the late Joshua DUGDALE and Mrs DUGDALE, Mossley Hill, to Margaret 2nd dau Mr and Mrs Edward CAPSTICK, Valleyfield, Aigburth

GRIFFITH / HUGHES, Jan 28th, Welsh C.M, Chapel Anfield Rd, G. R. GRIFFITH, 18 Pembroke Rd, Bootle to Mary J. HUGHES, Bryn Hyfryd Clawdd Newydd, Corwen

JOHNSON / BENNETT, Jan 28th, St Saviours, Oxton by Rev E. H. BEATTIE, Cousin of the bride, Leslie Darrell, 3rd son of S. Logan JOHNSON, to Elaine Hudson eldest dau of the late G. W. BENNETT and Mrs Benedict JONES, Oxton

Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908


DRY BURGH / TAYLOR, Feb 1st, St Columbas Pres Ch, Charles son of James B. DRYBURGH to Annie Nield dau of the late John TAYLOR both Liverpool

HILL / HAMILTON, Jan 1st, St Augustines, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Thomas George eldest son of Thomas HILL Esq, Glasgow to Elizabeth Ann widow of Robert HAMILTON, Master decorator, late of Birkenhead

IRWIN / MAHRENS, Feb 3rd, Birkenhead, Arthur 3rd son of J. IRWIN, 118 Borough Rd, to Georgina youngest dau of C. MAHRENS, 45 Park St, Birkenhead

JONES / GRIFFITHS, Feb 4th, Welsh Pres Chapel, Waterloo, John R, only son of Mr and Mrs JONES, Gladstone Rd, Seaforth and Plas Cemlyn, Anglesey to Margaret youngest dau of the late Griffith GRIFFITHS of Carnarvon, grand daughter of the late J. HUGHES, Bodhenlli, Anglesey.

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