Marriages 1907

Liverpool Mercury, January 5th, 1907


BARNETT / PATRICK, Dec 25th, St Margaretís, Princes Rd, Thomas T. BARNETT to Mary, dau of Samuel HIKINS and widow of the late Alexander PATRICK

DAVIES / HECKMANN, Jan 1st, St Lukes, Hamstead, London, Herbert E. DAVIES. M.A, [Cantab] BSc, son of Edward DAVIES. F.C.S, Liverpool and Birkenhead, to Sophie dau of the late Hans Christian HECKMANN of Rastatt, Baden, Germany

EVANS / JONES, Dec 31st, Welsh, Cal, Chapel, Liscard Rd, Seacombe, Daniel EVANS only son of Capt EVANS, Tynllys, Morfa, Nevin. To Mary Dorcas, younger dau of William JONES, Utica Mount, Egremont.

JOHNSTON / ERSKINE, Jan 1st, Cong Ch, Hoylake, Harrison, 3rd son of T. B. JOHNSTON, Lineluden, Prenton, to Gertrude Jessie, eldest dau of Samuel ERSKINE of Silverdale, Hoylake and formerly Singapore

MC KELVIE / WEIR, Dec 29th, Trnity Presbyterian Ch, Bootle, Thomas Russell MC KELVIE, 2nd son of Capt MC KELVIE of Ardrossan to Edith youngest dau of John WEIR, Bootle

Liverpool Mercury Jan 12th 1907


BAINES / FERGUSON, Jan 7th, Church of the Holy Name, Manchester, Richard BAINES eldest son of Richard BAINES of Morecambe, to Lina Lorn, youngest daughter of Hugh FERGUSON of Liverpool

DODD / CALLENDER, Jan 3rd, Sunnyside Ch, Pretonia, S.A, Herbert DODD. A.H.Q to Lilian Grayson, 3rd dau of J. R. CALLENDER, 7 Tithebarn St, Liverpool and Mrs CALLENDER, 16 Amberley St, granddaughter of the late John Stopford TAYLOR. M.D, M.O of Health, this city.

DUNN / SHORE, Jan 8th, Christ Ch, Linnet Lane, Thomas Bowman DUNN of Bardon Mill, Northumberland, 2nd son of John DUNN of Glasgow to Ellen Scott [Ellie] dau of the late John E. SHORE, this city.

GOUGH / ROGERS, Jan 8th, All Saints, Warlingham, Surrey, Francis John GOUGH, vicar of St Cuthberts, Everton to Beatrice youngest dau of James ROGERS of Warlingham.

KIRK / COATES Dec 17th 1906, Lashburn, Saskatchewen, Canada, Walter Colin, 3rd son of the late Alexander KIRK of Waterloo Liverpool to Mary only dau of John Samuel Broxup COATES of Lashburn

MANIACHI / ANDERSON, Jan 1st, by License, Garston Parish Ch, James youngest son of Mrs N. MANIACHI of Corfu to Ada Isabella only dau of Mrs ANDERSON, Garston


JARED / TAYLOR, Jan 7th 1882, St Pauls, North Shore, Kirkdale, by Rev Edward LESTER, John Matthew only son of the late George JARED, Governor of the boys orphanage Everton to Jane eldest dau of Joseph TAYLOR, Master Carter this town.

Liverpool Mercury 19th, Jan 1907


BONNER / ALEXANDER, Jan 16th, Cathedral Bombay, Thomas William BONNER of Ihansi to Margaret, 3rd dau of William ALEXANDER, Bebington House, New Ferry

CROSS / PENDLEBURY, Jan 16th, Parish Ch, West Kirby, Reginald Stanley eldest son of Reginald R. CROSS of West Kirby to Annie Campbell dau of the late Thomas PENDLEBURY, Brooklands, niece of Mrs GRUNDY, West Kirby.

METCALFE / BLACKWOOD, Jan 14th, St Maryís Parish Ch, Walton, Henry John, 6th son of the late John METCALFE of Walton to Janet Comrie eldest dau of the late John Duncan BLACKWOOD of Walton

MILLIKEN / DRYSDALE, Nov 19th 1906, Collegiate Ch of St Nicholas, 5th Ave, 46th St. N.Y, Andrew MILLIKEN of Liscard to Euphimia Cameron, elder dau of Mrs DRYSDALE, Keble Rd, Bootle and the late John Syme DRYSDALE of Liverpool.

SHIMMIN / MATTHEWS, Jan 12th, Tuebrook, Wesleyan Ch, William Henry eldest son of Harry SHIMMIN of Port Erin, I.O.M to Caroline only dau of Mr and Mrs P. MATTHEWS of Liverpool and formerly of St Just, Cornwall.

Silver Wedding

BROWN / MILLER, Jan 18th 1882 by license St Brides Ch, Percy St, George BROWN of the steamship RHYNLAND, Red Star Line, to Ada Ashbridge, youngest dau of the late Francis MILLER, coach and car proprietor, Falkner St

Liverpool Mercury Jan 26th, 1907


BROWN / MORRIS, Jan 22nd, Union Presbyterian Ch, Capt A. W. BROWN to Lily youngest dau of Margaret and the late Robert MORRIS of Bootle

CHAPMAN / ROCK, Jan 22nd, St Johnís Ch, Egremont, Walter Stephen youngest son of the late Squire CHAPMAN to Frances Lilian youngest dau of the late William ROCK and Mrs ROCK, 9 Marine Terrace, Liscard

FORGAN / WARRINGTON, Jan 15th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Thomas Henry FORGAN, 2nd son of Thomas Hungerford FORGAN, The Ley, Northwich, Cheshire, to Dora youngest dau John Thomas WARRINGTON. J.P, of Cheddleton House, Liverpool

HESLOP / FLANAGAN, Jan 22nd, St Albans Athol St, James HESLOP to Josephine FLANAGAN

JEANS / BARRY, Jan 24th, St Lukes, Liverpool by Rev C. K. WATSON. M.A vicar of Aberford, Leeds, assisted by Rev E. H. W. BARRY, Uncle of the bride, Frank Alexander Gallon JEANS. M.A, M.B, Cantab, 2nd son of A. G. JEANS, Bidston Rd, Birkenhead, to Eveline, 2nd dau of the late Garrett James BARRY, Architect this city and Mrs BARRY, Rock Ferry.

LUMBY / MAIR, Jan 23rd, Corpus Christi Ch, Stand London, Henry Percy eldest son of Henry LUMBY, Wavertree to Mabel May, 4th dau of Thomas MAIR, Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 2nd 1907


COLEMAN / CLARKE, Jan 30th, St Maryís Church, Bootle, James Herbert Vincent, 2nd son of the late James COLEMAN of Bootle, to Jesse eldest daughter of Thomas Alfred CLARKE.

MERCER / HALSALL, Jan 11th, Joseph MERCER of Bath to Mona Catherine eldest dau of William HALSALL, Holmhurst, Woodchurch Rd, Birkenhead.

THOMPSON / PRICE, Jan 26th, St John the Evangelist, Breck Rd, Ernest eldest son of Robert James and Sarah THOMPSON to Maud Mary only dau of Henry PRICE, both this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 9th 1907


DUNCAN / DOWLING, Feb 6th, Trinity Presbyterian, Bootle, William Henry son of Alderman John DUNCAN. J.P, Waterloo, to Janet daughter of the late Robert DOWLING of Liverpool.

PACKER / COOK, Feb 1st, Christ Ch, Eccleston, John Lewis eldest son of the late Lewis PACKER, Ridgeway, Barbados. W.I, to Florence Beatrice 5th daughter of Robert COOK, Solicitor, St Helens.

PETERSEN / GARDNER, St Peters Ch, High Park St, Andrew Berthel only son of Richard PETERSEN to Sarah youngest daughter of the late Joseph GARDNER, Late inspector Brunswick Police station.

THRELFALL / WILLIS, Feb 2nd St Catherines, Abercromby Square, John Thomas son of Quartermaster Sgt THRELFALL. R.A, deceased to Mary eldest daughter of John Samuel WILLIS ex - Chief Supt Liverpool Fire Brigade.

WALPOLE / MC WHINNIE, Dec 24th, 1906, Thackwood, Thorpedale, Victoria, Australia, Thomas H, youngest son of the late Joseph WALPOLE of Ashbrook, Queens County, Ireland, to Margaret Isabel, 2nd dau of Capt James G and Mrs MC WHINNIE late of Fairfield, Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury

16th Feb 1907


BERRY / GARDINER, Feb 12th, St James Ch, Lathom, James son of Thomas BERRY, Scarisbrick House, Scarisbrick, to Alice eldest dau Frederick W. M. GARDINER, Normanhurst, Ormskirk.

BROWN / HUBBACK, Feb 11th, St Peters Ch, Heswall, James Francis, Leadley BROWN, of Saskatchewan Canada, 2nd son of Leadley BROWN, Dawston, Heswall to Edith Charlotte 4th dau of John Henry HUBBACK of Heswall.

CAIN / LEWIN, Feb 12th, Cathedral Shangai, Robert J. eldest son of the late Robert C. CAIN of Douglas and Mrs CAIN of Aigburth to Emily E, 2nd dau of the late Capt LEWIN of Douglas

CORLESS / METCALFE, Feb 9th St Marys Liscard, Thomas CORLESS of Lancaster to Agnes METCALFE, late of New Brighton

HOLLANDER / MEYER, Feb 12th, before the registrar, Oscar HOLLANDER of Johannesburg, S.A. to Eva Mora youngest dau of the late Moritz MEYER and Mrs MEYER, 37 Parkfield Rd, Sefton Pk.

LEATHERBARROW / MCCABE, Feb 9th, St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo, John W, 3rd son of the late Thomas of the Esplanade, Waterloo to Jeanie 3rd dau of the late John S. MC CABE late of Formby

MC CUBBIN / TETLOW, Feb 9th, St James, Sea Point, Cape Town, S.A, Mitchell K. 6th, son of James T. MC CUBBIN, Merton Rd, Bootle, to Mary E, youngest dau of Mrs Elizabeth TETLOW, Waterloo, Liverpool

NEWBERRY / JOHNSTON, Feb 12th, St Barnabas Ch, Bromborough, by Rev William MANN. M.A, Bristol, cousin of the bride, Percy Edward NEWBERRY, BRUNNER, Prof of Egyptology, University of Liverpool, youngest son of the late Henry James NEWBERRY of Ealing to Essie Winifred youngest dau of William JOHNSTON, Woodslee, Bromborough

SHAW / GAMBLE, Feb 9th, St Georges, Hanover Sq, London, Percy A. SHAW of 18 Clarges St, London, to Dorothy Ethel only dau of the late William GAMBLE, Briars Hey, Rainhill.

SIMPSON / DUCAT, Feb 12th, Christ Ch, Booklyn U.S.A, Alexander M, 5th son of Capt R. P. J. SIMPSON of Liscard, to Alice J. DUCAT dau of the late Patrick SOUTAR of Dunfermline, N.B.


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