Marriages 1899

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th 1899


BROWN / NOBLE, Jan 5th, Sefon Park, Pres Ch, Oswald Emin, 2nd son of the late Rev Robert Grant BROWN, formerly of Aleppo to Maude dau of the late Robert NOBLE, this city

DENNIS / FOX, Dec 31st 1898, St Clements Ch, Hugh Victor, 4th son of W. S. DENNIS to Elizabeth Ann [Lily], eldest dau of John FOX, both this city.

GALVEZ / EMPSON, By cable, Jan 4th, British Legation, Lima, Peru, Inez, Angela GALVEZ, eldest dau of the late Jose de GALVEZ of Lima to Frederick C. EMPSON, eldest son of the late Frederick Thomas EMPSON, Manchester.

HAYTON / HOUSTON, Jan 4th, St Nicholas Ch, Blundellsands, John HAYTON of Liverpool to Catherine Hartfield, only dau of the late John HOUSTON of Nithsdale, Blundellsands.

HOUGHTON / BURT, Dec 31st, Halton Bapt Ch, Barry Dock, Cardiff, John George Kelsall, eldest son of George William HOUGHTON of Liverpool and Egremont to Mina Olive eldest dau of the late William John BURT of Cardiff

KEARSLEY / PRENTON, St Maryís Kirkdale, Robert KEARSLEY to Martha E. PRENTON, Kirkdale

LLOYD / ORTON, Jan 4th, Kensington Bapt Ch, John E. LLOYD son of the late Robert LLOYD, Llanrwst, to Ada eldest dau of George ORTON, late of Tuebrook and Fairfield

WAKLEY / GRANT, Jan 1st, St Philemonís Liverpool, Philip WAKLEY of Barnstable to Florence Edith only dau of John William and Maria GRANT of St Johnís New Brunswick

WHITE / CORRIN, on weds Jan 4th at St Georgeís Ch, Douglas. I.O.M, Herbert 2nd son of the late Richard WHITE of Widnes to Florence Ethel CORRIN, youngest dau of Daniel CORRIN of Douglas, I.O.M

Silver Weddings

HOUGHTON / KELSALL, Jan 6th 1874, St Johns Ch, Birkenhead, George William youngest son of the late John HOUGHTON to Sarah youngest dau of the late Thomas KELSALL, this city

BURCH / VALENTINE, Jan 1st 1874, Wavertree Ch, James Hunter son of the late Capt Thomas E. BURCH to Alice only dau of James VALENTINE of Heathfield, Wavertree. Cumberland and Devonshire papers copy.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 14th 1899


EDWARDS / FORSYTH, Jan 11th, St Andrews, Scotch Ch, Rodney St, Ellen youngest dau of the late William FORSYTH, Dentist of London to Ernest EDWARDS of this city

FLEMING / MERCER, Jan 10th, Seacombe Pres Ch, Thomas H. M. FLEMING of Liverpool to Emily MERCER of Liscard

HALL / KELLY, Jan 12th, Pres Ch, Egremont, Harry H. HALL, 2nd son of Thomas P. HALL, Bebington, to Elizabeth widow of the late Charles KELLY of Anfield

HENDRY / MC NIVEN, Jan 4th, St Matthews Bootle, James HENDRY to Agnes MC NIVEN, both Bootle

LONG / RIGBY, Jan 10th, St Johnís Wesleyan Ch, Princes Park, George Richard, son of Charles LONG, to Ada dau of James RIGBY

PEMBERTON-PRICE / DODDS, Jan 10th, St Johnís Ch, Waterloo, James Rigby PEMBERTONĖPRICE, to Elizabeth Harriet Louisa SMEDLEY, widow of the late William M. DODDS Esq of DODDS and MCNEILLY, 4 Hanover St, Liverpool

PLUNKETT / EVANS, Jan 9th, Holly Trinity, Warrington, Matthew Penson, 4th son of the late Merrick Shaw PLUNKETT, Pen-y-Don, Rhyl to Matilda Myfanwy EVANS, 2nd dau of the late Rev Samuel EVANS, rector of Llysfaen

QUIGGIN / COLEMAN, Tuesday Jan 10th, All Saints, Thornton Hough, Edward Stephen QUIGGIN of Liverpool, Solicitor to Ada only dau of Samuel COLEMAN of the Grove, Thornton Hough, Cheshire

WIGGINS / RYDER, Jan 9th, West Derby, Parish Ch,, Albert Edward, 2nd son of William WIGGINS of Middleton, nr Manchester, to Lizzie only dau of Mrs J. F. RYDER, the Post Office, Gorton Brook, Manchester

Silver Weddings

JACKSON / KIRBY, Jan 8th 1874, St Andrews Ch, Bradford, Capt William JACKSON of the Harrison Steamer STUDENT of Liverpool to Catherine Jane eldest dau of the late Frederick KIRBY Esq of Westbrooke Place, Bradford

REECE / CHRISTIAN, Jan 13th 1874, St Micheals-in-the-Hamlet, Samuel youngest son of the late John REECE of Kinerton to Annie eldest dau of the late Edward CHRISTIAN, both of this city, 88 Ponsonby St, Princes Park.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 21st 1899


ANTOINE / PERRY, Jan 17th, All Saints, Oakfield Liverpool, Alexander Orthley, only son of the late Alexander Orthley ANTOINE to Edith, 3rd dau of the late Robert John PERRY, both this city

DUNCAN / MCKAY, Jan 18th, Valparaiso Chili, Harold C, youngest son of the late David DUNCAN, M.P. to Alice B, only dau of the late R. MCKAY, of Lota Chili

HARRIS / WILLIAMS, Jan 19th, Victoria Chapel, Crosshall St, Ellen Jane, youngest dau of the late Hugh WILLIAMS Juvenal St, to David son of John HARRIS, Carnarvon

HEWITSON / BULMER, Jan 17th, Christ Ch, Southport, James, 2nd son of the late Thomas HEWITSON. C.C, of Fairfield, Liverpool to Mary Emeline [Cissie] only dau of the late Thomas BULMER of Riccoll Yorkshire and Grand-daughter of the late Ralph WEBSTER of Melling

MACKILLOP / PERRY, Jan 17th, St Saviour, Oxton, William eldest son of William MACKILLOP, Prenton Rd, West, to Lily Blanche 3rd dau of the late William PERRY, Both of Birkenhead

PEAK / HEDGEMAN, Jan 10th, Westminster Rd, Cong Chapel, Ellis PEAK to Julia HEDGEMAN, both this city

PRICE / JONES, Jan 19th, Welsh Weslyan Chapel, Shaw St, Arthur Richard son of Richard PRICE to Laura Ann dau of Richard JONES, both this city

THORNTON / BROOKS, Jan 16th, St Augustines Chapel, Shaw St, W. T. THORNTON, 2nd son of the late E. THORNTON, to Fanny L, youngest dau of the late John BROOKS, both this city

Golden wedding

KELLY / DAVENPORT, Jan 16th 1849, St Johnís Ch, Park Rd, John KELLY to Jane DAVENPORT, both this city

Silver Wedding

GRANT / MYLES, Jan 7th 1874, Synagogue, Singerís Hill, Birmingham, Jacob Rueben eldest son of Henry GRANT of Liverpool to Matilda youngest dau of Gabriel MYERS, 37 Gough Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham


Liverpool Mercury April 6th, 1899


BINGHAM / DICKINSON, April 5th, St James Ch, New Brighton, James BINGHAM of Liverpool to Ellen [Nellie] DICKINSON of New Brighton, late of Granby St, Liverpool and daughter of the late Richard DICKINSON of Liverpool

DEYES / BELLION, April 5th, St Marys Ch, Wavertree, Frederick Thomas Parke, 3rd son of William DEYES to Alice youngest daughter of Henry BELLION, both of Wavertree.

PRESTON / MOXHAM, April 5th, Holy Trinity Ch, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, William F. PRESTON son of William PRESTON of Newsham Park, to Mary Gertrude, 2nd daughter of the late Thomas MOXHAM, Sutton Coldfield.

TODD / ROYDEN, April 5th, Frankby Church, Rev R. M. A. Hadden, eldest son of Hadden W. TODD, Liverpool to Evelyn Mary daughter of T. B. ROYDEN, Frankby Hall, Cheshire.

WALMSLEY / GARRETT, April 4th, St Andrews Aldringham, Suffolk, Robert Ashley 2nd son of Mrs WALMSLEY, Allerton, Liverpool, to Elizabeth Mabel eldest daughter of Frank GARRETT, Saxmundham, Suffolk.


Liverpool Mercury June 16th, 1899


HILL / RILEY, June 15th, St Margarets, Anfield, Frederick William, youngest son of the late Ambrose HILL to Margaret Jennie, 3rd daughter of George John RILEY

JONES / DALLOW, June 15th, Norwood Congregational Ch, West Derby Rd, Harry youngest surviving son of H. Richmond JONES, Lancaster Ave, Sefton Park to Louisa [Louie] 4th daughter of H. E. DALLOW, Strathmore, Newsham Park.

MASON / HOUGHTON, June 12th, St Simons and St Judes, Anfield, James Edward son of W. O. MASON to Ada youngest daughter of the late J. HOUGHTON both this city.

MUNRO / PAGE, June 14th, Walton Parish Ch, John Douglas MUNRO. M.D, of Nantwich to Beatrice only daughter of the late George PAGE, Piercefield, Freshfields.

REID / THOMAS, June 15th, Sefton Park, Presbyterian Ch, Dayid son of David REID, Springburn, Glasgow, to Grace Adelaide, daughter of William THOMAS, Alwena, Cheltenham Ave, Liverpool

WILLIAMS / GRIFFITH, June 14th, Hyfoydle Chapel, Holyhead, William WILLIAMS, L.D.S, to Helens eldest daughter of William GRIFFITH, Druid House, Holyhead.


Liverpool Mercury, July 11th, 1899


CROWE / SMITH, July 10th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Henry eldest son of Richard CROWE, this city, to Mary Clementina [Minnie]2nd daughter of Francis Henry SMITH. H.M.C, also this city.

FOX / EATON, July 3rd, Holy Trinity, Walton Breck, William Charles FOX of Anfield, to Clara EATON, 3rd daughter of William EATON of Tuebrook

MATTHEWS / HENDERSON, July 10th, St Bernardís R.C Church, Kingsley Rd, Thomas only son of the late Robert MATTHEWS, this city to Margaret [Madge] only daughter of the late John HENDERSON of St Helens

WARD / CUNLIFFE, July 8th, Sefton Park, Presbyterian Church, William Fraser, eldest son of Capt W. H. WARD, this city and Charleston, U.S.A, to Ada youngest daughter of the late A. CUNLIFFE Esq of Newchurch, Rosendale. No cards, 56 Ramilies Rd, Sefton Park.


Liverpool Mercury, July 28th, 1899


ADAMSON / SMITH, July 26th, St Maryís Ch, West Derby, John George son of Joseph Isaiah ADAMSON to Alison Itha, eldest daughter of George Charles SMITH, both this city.

BARENDT / CROWE, July 27th, St Augustineís Ch, Liverpool, Frank Hugh BARENDT. M.D, London, F.R.C.S Eng of 65 Rodney St, Liverpool, eldest son of the late J. E. BARENDT of Liverpool, to Mary Burchall [May], eldest daughter of Mrs CROWE, 47 Bedford St North, Liverpool.

BELL / RUSSELL, July 27th, Sefton Park Ch, Douglas Wedderburn youngest son of David BELL, to Jessie, 4th daughter of the late Alfred H. RUSSELL. At home 10 Rutland Ave, 12th, 13th and 14th Sept.

DOUGLAS / POOLEY, July 25th, St Agnes Ch, Ullet Rd, William Galloway 2nd son of William M. DOUGLAS to Amy Penrose, youngest daughter of Henry POOLEY both this city.

EVANS / HOWARD, July 26th, Christ Ch, Southport, Charles Alfred EVANS son of the late Charles EVANS, Canonbury, London to Eliza [Lily] youngest daughter of the late Edwin HOWARD of Manchester.

OWEN / JONES, July 27th, at Liverpool by license, Owen William son of the late Edward OWEN of Bryngolen Tynygongl, Anglesey to Jane Elizabeth eldest daughter of James L. JONES Chemist, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey.

SIMPSON / BARBOUR, July 26th, St Albans Ch, Tattenhall, Cheshire, H. G. F. B. SIMPSON. M.B, Ch. B, 2nd son of Professor SIMPSON. M.D, Edinburgh to Caroline Elizabeth eldest daughter of George BARBOUR Esq, Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire

SMITH / JELLICO, July 27th, St Johnís Ch, Waterloo, Bernard son of T. J. SMITH of Liverpool to Annie daughter of the late N. C. JELLICO of Waterloo. At home, 33 Canning St, Liverpool, 19, 20 21 and 23rd Sept.

THOMASON / NEALE, July 26th, St Albans Ch, Limekiln Lane, J. Albert 2nd son of William THOMASON to Adelaide 2nd daughter of Alfred Rowland NEALE, both this city.


Liverpool Mercury, July 29th, 1899


BARENDT / CROWE as above

BELL / RUSSELL, as above

HARGREAVES / YEOWARD, July 27th, Mellor Chapel, William HARGREAVES of Blackburn to Helena youngest daughter of the late William Hughes YEOWARD of Fairfield Liverpool, at home Sept 7, 8, 9, Ivyville, Lathom Rd, Southport.

SMITH / JELLICO, as above

THOMAS / MASTERS, July 19th, Myrtle St, Baptist Chapel, Robert John THOMAS, eldest son of John THOMAS to Elizabeth Sawyer MASTERS, 2nd, daughter of William MASTERS this city.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 15th, 1899


CORLESS / CORNER, St John the Baptistís Toxteth, Thomas eldest son of M. T. CORLESS to Martha, eldest daughter of R. CORNER both this city.

KENYON / POSTLETHWAITE, Aug 14th, St Stephen-the-Martyrís Grove St, Thomas Bushnan, 4th son of G. R. KENYON this city, to Annie Elizabeth POSTLETHWAITE, niece of Mrs A. E. JONES of London.

KNOWLES / WILLIAMS, Aug 12th, All Saints Church, Princes Park, Walter John son of William KNOWLES to Emily, only surviving daughter of George WILLIAMS this city.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 6th, 1899


WHITTAKER / SWANSON, Oct 30th, St Philipís Church, Southport, Alfred WHITTAKER to Maria E. SWANSON, only daughter of E. CROWE, Amity St, Liverpool

WILKINSON / ROUTH, Nov 2nd, Walter James WILKINSON, 5th son of Arthur WILKINSON, 27 Derby Lane, Stoneycroft to Agnes Mary ROUTH, daughter of the late John ROUTH of Leeds and of Mary Agnes ROUTH, Geneva Rd, Fairfield.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 9th 1899


BYRNE / CAIN, Dec 6th, St Hildeberg's Hoylake, Arthur Laird St Claire, youngest son of St Clare. J. BYRNE of Normanhurst, Hoylake, to Gertrude Amy youngest daughter of Robert CAIN, of Hoylake

SMART / DAVIES, St Saviour's Breckfield Rd, Charles Morris 3rd son of James SMART Esq, this city, to Jessie DAVIES youngest daughter of the late J. [looks like Jesse, but unclear], TURNER, Cabbage Hall Hotel, Anfield.


Liverpool Mercury Dec 16th, 1899


HUMPHREYS / EVANS, Dec 14th, by license, Llanwenilwyfe Church, Amlwch, William HUMPHREYS, Chief engineer, ss pennant to Grace, 2nd daughter of the late Capt Hugh EVANS, Llandegfan, late of Barrow-in-Furness


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